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  • 136 Referenzs 113 Bestätigt & positiv
  • Fluent in Dutch, English, German, Spanish
  • 35, Male
  • Mitglied seit 2009
  • Traveling IT Entrepreneur
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Aus Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands
  • Profil zu 100 % vollständig

Über mich

Hallo, Hello y Hola!

Please write in the begin of your request why you want to meet me/us (so I know you read my profile). I decline copy paste requests. Guys and couples also welcome. Make sure you have some money to spend (for example food, club entrance, drinks and a taxi (so you pay your own part)).

My couch in Edinburgh. I share a flat with Italian/Brazilian Mauricio We both have our own room and there is a nice cosy living room. We have a conformable steady 2 person raised airbed for our guests.

I'm Dutch, I started hosting in my hometown Rotterdam in 2009. After hosting more than a hundred people it was time to discover! My first Couch Surfing trip was mainly in Spain. 132 days of Couch surfing in a row; working as programmer and traveling at the same time with Couch Surfers. 45 hosts and 25 different cities. After that, stranded in Barcelona for 2,5 years where I met the love of my life. She made me recently move to Scotland :-)

Couch surfing changed my life. I had the greatest times with many different experiences (hosting and surfing). So give me a good reason why you want to meet me! All general information about your trip in not so very interesting for a host that doesn't know you yet.


Curious, energetic, enthusiastic, open-minded (and LGBT friendly), sensitive and outgoing person. Like all kinds of (Erasmus) parties, have friends around me, hug, dance, drive motor and play music instruments, enjoy to live like a student! (and the drinks and the parties :P ) Guess other people describe me the best, so just read my references.

So you read my profile till here? You are crazy ;-) Write me your favourite food or drink in your request and you'll receive bonus points!

May 2016 - Miami, Medellin, Bogota & Rio de Janeiro - My introduction to Latin America - I expect the feeling of the sun lovin people in Miami, curious about Colombia and finally Ill and the Journey in dancing nation Brasil!

Jan 2016 - Road trip over France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria and Germany

My new road trip starts in Barcelona. That's where I stayed for a while. I want to discover Milan, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna. After that I wanna stay a bit at a winter sport resort in Austria to go for some skiing!

Starting Dec 2012 - my France-Spain road trip!
He viajado por mucho tiempo. He ido de ciudad en ciudad. Trabajo mientras viajo porque soy programador y sólo necesito internet para trabajar.
(yes I already learned some Spanish!! )

While Im traveling I would like a combination, I need to work at office hours.. around it I would love to see the city. A drink and dance sometime and in the weekends :-) For work I need a small desk or table and an internet connection. It would be great if someone can help me with that!
Road trip Europe: Rotterdam - Brugge - Paris - Rennes - Bordeaux - San Sebastian - Bilbao - Madrid - Salamanca - Porto - Lisboa - Gran Canaria - Sevilla - Cadiz - Jerez - El Puerto - Gibraltar - Malaga - Córdoba - Granada - Valencia - Zaragoza - Reus - Tarragona - Barcelona where I have a room for a while, buutttt,... to be continued...


I really try to explore everything what's in my scope and capabilities. Being happy and proud of what you like to do is more important than what other think. Always be ownest and do what you like to do, that will give the best result in the end! Greed is bad, you can never buy love with money (and I'm happy about that! )

23-11-2012 while im traveling the challenge is to enjoy life as much as possible. If I succeed doing my work, enjoy life and make some other people happy while Im traveling.. I wont return.. Or get stuck in the city I enjoy the most.. ** AMBIENT SONG STARTS IN *** "So, lets spread my wings and discover the world!" *** OUCH! *** seems like I can't fly...

Warum ich bei Couchsurfing bin


At first hand, I like to meet other people and help them with a place to sleep. At the other hand, I'm thinking about a challenge. Explore the world (starting in Europe) without taking any day off. There is one very big advantage about having an own company, that's the possibility of travelling.
At the moment I'm thinking about combining couch surfing, viewing cities, having great times and party-ing with working. There are some problems to solve, but the first thing what's necessary is a internet connection and a desk to work at daytime. Please send me a message if you can and like to help me with this new age ambition!


Can write books and books and books about all the nice people I hosted and met during traveling :) It's so nice to meet all those different people :) My experience is from sporting together, crazy electro parties, just chilling, relaxing and even going with my host to a gay bar and just 2 weeks before I was going to a musk... Couch surfing is about everything.. Experiences are there.. Just grab them and enjoy! Couch Surfing <3

Hosted for years.. Lost count but, Im sure that it will be more than a hundred people. Also I surfed 132 days in a row, 45 hosts, 25 cities and thousands of kilometers by car through Belgium, France, Potugal and Spain. Went for ski holiday with couch surfing and I visited many other cities in other countries.

I hosted

Surfed: 1. Ieva Snikersproge, 2. Veronika Ticha, 3. Sara Alho, 4. Ela Cerovská, 5. Julia Vegh, 6. Thomas Schmalzl, 7.Tamara Sumi, 8. Mory Devischer, 9. Jeroen vandenDriesche, 10. Fernande Brand, 11. Kongbay Moua, 12. Camille Vissouarn, 13. Anaïs Giacinti, 14. Omar Mamad, 15. Marta Kavala, 16. Usoa Martínez, 17. Alexandra Sagan, 18. Giovanni Cervantes & Christian Castañeda, 19. Gonzalo Arceo, 21. Krihste Rhodes, 22. Nele Van de Walle & Charlotte Boey, 23. Cássio Kendi, Ricardo Dias, Ricardo Dias, Giovanna Botelho, 25. Luciana Tasse, 26. Celia Chávez & Jorge Aguinaga, 27. Carlos Melo, 28. Geert Bok, 29. Maria Martins, 30. João Pinheiro, 31. Magdalena Potrawiak, 32. Rebecca Haase, 33. Michele Collu, 34. Carlos Helder Gracía, 35. Sunny Bartholomew, 36. Tomas From, 37. Nicky Carreras, 38. violeta Castro, 39. Bas Baltrons, 40. Luis Martinez Insfran, 41. Mustafa Najia, 42. Ana Barrera, 43. Maya Memolo, 44. Nagai Gonzalez, 45. Raquel Moreno, 46. Leah Williams, 47. Marçal Virgili, 48. Carlos García, 49. Albert Salvat. 50. Bernat Feliu, 51. Albert Lorenzo Hernandez, 52. Jeronimo De Vargas-Machuca Gabande, 30+ more..

Hosted: 1.Max Stilz, 2.Peter Lyall, 2.Martin Burri, 3.Karin Puls, 3.Tiziana Flavia Mazzara, 4.Jana Sernukova, 5.Guillaume Dufournet, 6.Jesco Puluj, 7.Giammy Lenti, 8.Sabine van Nes, 9.Vivien Malzfeldt, 9.Leonie Nebhuth, 9.Dina Hildebrandt, 10.Lindsey, 11.LUCIENE APARECIDA, 11.Mariana Souza, 11.Luiza de Souza, 11.Monize Novaes, 11.Karlanbb Brandenburg, 12.Kitzia Garcia, 13.Blanca Martin, 14.Lisa Schlittler, 15.Edward Barr-Sim, 16.Laura Hofmann, 17.Elisabeth Schwarz, 18.Kasia Baszak, 19.Dorota Waszak, 20. Laura Bernhard, 21. Isabelle Dumont, 22. Özgül Basaran, 22. Müberra ümre, 22. Emrullah Yasin Çiftçi 23. Luuk Steenge 23. Lilita Zelca, 24. Miriam, Anne Marie, Charlotte, 25. Holly and Lindsay, 26. Kaja Hrastar, Vladimir balukcic, Katja Oblak and Dejan Petelin, 27. Amrei Smekal and Carina, 28. Iolani Donadiom, 29. Clementine Kunzler, 30. Maria Butkeviciute, Auguste Kasiliauskyte & Vilma Norvilyte, 31. Anna Kristensen, 32. Callum and Benita, 33. Bianca Abrahams, 34. David Mungay, 35. Alex Lopez, 36. Darina Kuznetsova, 36. Anna Pikulyk, 37. Bojan Bajic & Tihana, 38. Sari Peltonen, 39. Vicky Lolas, 39. Laura Lugaresi, 40. Mari and Kaisa-Piia, 41. Lukas Birr & Mira, 42. Marjolaine Grenier & Pascale, 43. Asia Rudzińska & Lena Śniadała, 44 Teele Rossi, 45. Sebastian Torhorst, 46. Leonie Fliess, 47. Jamie Soong, 48. Henni Myllykangas, 49. Anastasiia Moscheva, 150+ more..


People, having a drink, (ballroom)dancing, guitar, piano or sax, entrepreneurship, motor cycling.

Musik, Filme und Bücher

Dance, trance, (classic) rock, pop, and The number 1 couch surfing movie: into the wild!

Eine tolle Erfahrung, die ich gemacht habe

Skydive, Thailand, Indonesia.. And a lot of other days of my life having a good time with great people around me!

Lehren, lernen, teilen

Would be great to improve my Spanish! I can teach you to play instruments, dance (ballroom) or maybe help you with your computer or website ;)

Was ich mit Gastgebern teilen kann

I can make your computer faster

Länder, die ich besucht habe

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States

Länder, in denen ich gelebt habe

Netherlands, Scotland, Spain

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