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  • Fluent in English, German; learning French, Sanskrit (Saṁskṛta), Spanish
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About Me


"...to do the best i can "


♥ hi family ♥

my name is felix. people seem to like me, cause i love everyone...! please help us creating heaven on earth...!

... some time ago, i discovered a deep-rooted, subconscious fear… the fear not to be loved. i must have developed it at some point back in school. once i became aware, it was very easy to overcome, because i realized how so many out there even have so much more fear than me! i could see through the masks of the pictures in my head and cried, because it became so obvious how we are all the same. we just become so worried, ashamed and afraid that we try to appear strong, but

“The ultimate truth is: We all just want to be loved”

so that needed to be cleared and as soon as i dropped my appear-strong-pattern, a feeling of love, understanding and compassion even for the worst people overwhealmed me, because ultimately they are the ones with the most fear, and their stories must be so tragic that i honestly just want to help them! love is the cure! please spread the love, it feels so good though there goes some pain with it that makes me cry! i think that pain only comes from not being used to honestly love. you can still decide if you want to be my friend, but i don’t care who you are and what you think of me: i am your friend! i am there for you whenever i can! i love you all right now, i truly do!

let's make sure to leave the past behind and forgive everyone! we all always do the best we can if we know it or not! thats why we all deserve peace! all is one, LOVE!


My Character:

an absolute idealist + lucid dreamer + simple things lover + natural mystic + aspiring adventurer + absolute music fanatic + insane artist + manic visionary + megalomaniacal fantast + excessive freedom lover + travel junkie + pseudo frutarian + rainbow warrior + indigo child + creator of morphic fields + astral ambassador + pensive sky watcher + caricature of a wannabe writer = a hopeless romantic fool ^^

i guess, i have a quite weird sense of humor, so when i seem a bit strange to you, please always keep in mind that i’m probably just desperately trying to be funny... ^^

i am a normal random character. however, i believe that every single one of us is just as multilayered, mysterious and wonderful as life itself. My personality is highly variable. though i have a tendency to be an extremely logical person, acting serious often doesn’t feel right to me. whatsoever, for you i might possibly be just another lunatic longing for freedom, and rambling about nothing really. anyways, i’ve always wondered a lot what this miracle called “life” is really all about. at one point, i discovered my own consciousness as the key element in the game. ever since, dreams are the most fascinating to me. the ultimate world of infinite possibility may truly be within our reach. maybe i don’t understand all of the things i see, and some i might not even like, but then i just try to let it flow. to me, life is very much about emotion and my goal is nothing less than ultimate joy for each and everyone! i guess that’s all we want, right? so let’s just leave our egos behind and share something wonderful together ! ! !

in the end – it’s all there, just for you… that’s all, i care about.


My Horoscope:

zodiac: leo; mayan: red serpent; chinese: dragon; celtic: lotetree; indian: salmon; aztec: jaguar



"I’m having a dream! a dream about a worldwide lovevolution… a fully amazing, incredibly sympathic, super creative, global social movement of all colours in harmony, making the earth nice and green again! a movement of dignity, compassion, courage, understanding, freedom, self-responsibility and justice, that is shining so bright from incredible love, truth and dedication that it can no longer be ignored by anyone! … The birth of a new unified global spiritual culture of love and wisdom! … a GREAT AWAKENING of humanity into paradise! … So, basically – what is happening right now! ~~ "

"Nothing is as powerful as an idea, thats time has come"

"We are living in paradise. Crisis exists just within human minds..."

"i can not save the world all by myself - but guess what: together we can"

"Courage is looking fear right in the eye and say get the hell out of my way, i got stuff to do"

“The ultimate truth is: We all just want to be loved”



Love Life & Live Love!

99,9% of the information we get – is wrong... ^^ Well, I guess nobody knows what he don't knows, but just maybe truth can only be found within oneself...Be wise, idle & brave: Choose love! There is nothing to fear, nothing to lose, nothing to be done and no where to go. You are already there. Just think positive! Altogether I'm pretty sure everything is already absolute and ideal. We don't always have to understand everything, but everything is connected, everything is alive, everything is ONE. Don't act out of fear but out of love and trust in the good. Not that I'm saying I would always be able to do that, but when I have a negative thought for example, I try to replace it with a positive one or just forget about it. We all do the best we can, wether we know it or not. We are waking up from a nightmare these days, realizing that it may be be a nice idea to live all together and care for each other in love and joy just like the cells of our bodys do... Our generation has the chance to establish world peace! Let's celebrate!! The law of Karma is so simple and true: If we make others sad, we will be sad, but if we make others happy, we will be happy. And that's what it's all about as we all know...

The trick is, there is no trick

He who has no question doesn't have no need for an answer

It's not about adopting some weird kind of believe system, but a state of consciousness

Dream your life to live your dream

Our only Goal is to find bliss

One becomes as what one observes

As you think so you become

Life itself always remaines to be a big mystery; Thats the fascinating thing about it ^^


Why I’m on Couchsurfing


What is your contribution to general welfare?

i love to share and expand my knowledge and experience in free workshops. my primary dream-team-archetype is the visionary. i see the qualities of the visionary mainly in coming up with new ideas as well as inspiring, unifying, holding together, and empowering the rest of the team. i can not save the world all by myself, but guess what: Together we can! i found my purpose in helping to plant the seeds for a new, unified global spiritual culture of love and wisdom. we are currently working on creating a free, sustainable garden eden for everyone on this planet. all we really need to do is reconnect to mother nature and change our behavior! In order to spread the new way of life we are working on an open source social network to connect awakening people, sacred places and communities worldwide...


All of this is happening right now! i do whatever i can, to support this necessary change in human consciousness and i am also trying to help making a calendar for that culture. And last not least: Smiling! ^^ i look very much forward to find more people who share these visions to collaborate with!

What is your vision?

I’m having a dream! a dream about a worldwide lovevolution… a fully amazing, incredibly sympathic, super creative, global social movement of all colours in harmony, making the earth nice and green again! a movement of dignity, compassion, courage, understanding, freedom, self-responsibility and justice, that is shining so bright from incredible love, truth and dedication that it can no longer be ignored by anyone! … The birth of a new unified global spiritual culture of love and wisdom! … a GREAT AWAKENING of humanity into paradise! … So, basically – what is happening right now! ^^

i offer:

free workshops

dream team – / community balancing

lucid dreaming / astral travel

yoga / meditation

i also love sharing books, clothes, crystals, seeds, herbs, massages and what not, as well as knowledge about wild plants, permaculture, games, and so on...

i need:

natural clean water, healthy food, comfortable shelter

i believe the less we depend on the banksters money the better for us. i also still have to use it, mainly on things like fuel, and this and that here and there just like anyone. thats because i allow myself to have a decent life style and this society still makes that very difficult for people not willing to participate in the deception. but i try to work as far as possible "outside the babylon system" and always look for conscious people willing to participate in the P2P open source network...


here is a list of things i would love to get if possible without money involved:

-recording equipment
-empty dream diarys
-a small harmonium i can take traveling
-aerobie frisbees (i have a few of them now but cant seem to get enough)
-another book about astral travel
-outdoor/hippie clothing (i'm 1,85)

i live in the present, spontaneously following my intuition, always looking for fun, and nice people to spent time with...

Want to know more?













if i can do anything for you, you want to support me in what i do or something, feel friendly encouraged to contact me any time!

blizzful vibez, y'all!

Felix Koschar

+49176 38863941


I owe so much to CS! Wonderful! =)


consciousness, energy, art in every form, relationships, sexuality, singing, making music, dancing, nature lucid dreaming, astral travel, wondering about the dream-like nature of reality, health, meditation, yoga, philosophy, outdoor, permaculture, literature, i love playing ultimate frisbee/indiaka/jugger/and such… shamanism, math, sacred geometry, martial arts, culture, spirituality, loving, learning, sharing, traveling, dreaming… ^^


  • arts
  • culture
  • writing
  • books
  • literature
  • singing
  • acting
  • dancing
  • dining
  • yoga
  • meditation
  • gardening
  • clothing
  • traveling
  • blogging
  • survival
  • music
  • outdoor activities
  • adventure races
  • martial arts
  • law
  • mathematics

Music, Movies, and Books

Visionary spiritual stuff... Check it out!


Dopewalker - Fluss Des Lebens (Teil II)
Bhajan Jai Shiva Shankara
Gayatri Mantra
Ooze - Random Wondrous Things
Ooze - Random Wondrous Things (Blue States RMX)
Martin - Sun Pan
Dopewalker - Hier & Jetzt Intro
Sneaker Pimps - Low Place Like Home
Akasha Project - Venus Fly:
Youth vs. Abakus - Spiritual Being:
Ooze - What's up
Nightmares On Wax - You Wish
Chilly Gonzales
Käpnt Peng - Wer bist ich
Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Tristesse/Fantasia
Minilogue - Let Live Dance Thru You
Aphex Twin - Windowlicker






Waking Life(!!!):
Rainbow Documentary:
The Global Brain:
Globale Verfassung:
Geld und Macht:
Vice TV:
Wayseer Manifesto:



POLITIK (mainly German):





One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

Once I had to laugh so much that I could't breath no more. I started making weird noises and had to laugh even harder until I thought I'd have to die. Sheer panic cured me... To me that was one of my "big moments"


Teach, Learn, Share

lucid dreaming, astral travel, mystizism, shamanism, meditation, yoga, music production, sacred geometry, wild plants, survival, martial arts, ...

Check out my blog:


...our project:


... my music:


... my book:


... my pictures:


If I can do anything for you, please just let me know. Feel friendly encouraged to contact me any time.

+49 176 38863941

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