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  • 102 Referenzas 90 Confermato e positivo
  • Fluent in English, French; learning German
  • 28, Male
  • Membro dal 2012
  • First officer (Airlines Pilot)
  • Aeronautics
  • Di Paris, Île-de-France, France
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Chi sono


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I'd describe myself as a smiling,friendly and quite talkative person. I'm not calm, I love moving around, doing many things in a day, although it is sometimes really good to just do nothing. I love travelling, discovering new people, get a chance to improve my level in some foreign languages... I like cooking, reading, going out til dawn, hiking, and as a typical french-boy, I love eating cheese and drinking vine with friends!


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18-08-14/31-08-14 Host Jenessa Andrea (M,USA)
21-05-14/22-05-14 Host Jenny Tung (Australia)
21-05-14/22-05-14 Host Amy Cryer (Australia)
28-12-13/01-01-14 Host Amelia Parkes (Australia)
28-12-13/03-01-14 Host Aude Allain (France)
22-11-13/25-11-13 Host Kate Simpson (australia)
11-10-13/12-10-13 Meet Yoann Pardoux (France)
22-07-13-26-07-13 Host danielle burrows (USA,CA)
09-07-13/10-07-13 Host Ines beaussart (France)
06-06-13/10-06-13 Host Anete Matvejeva (Latvia)
05-06-13/09-06-13 Host Victoria Shvydchenko (Ukraine)
01-06-13/03-06-13 Host Dace Grante (Latvia)
01-06-13/03-06-13 Host Vivian Stavrianakou (greece)
28-05-13/03-06-13 Host Amy Rudnick (USA,chicago)
28-05-13/03-06-13 Host Catherine Haberstroh (chicago)
26-05-13/27-05-13 Host Sofia (Germany)
08-05-13/09-05-13 Host Taylor Sorenson (USA, AZ)
21-05-13/25-05-13 Host Helena Matus (Estonia)
08-05-13/09-05-13 Meet Lucie colomb (USA, Ca SF)
08-05-13/09-05-13 Meet Brittany (USA, Ca SF)
08-05-13/09-05-13 Meet Victoria (USA, Ca SF)
30-04-13/02-04-13 Surf Julia dreilich (USA,Nv VEGAS)
29-04-13/30-04-13 Surf George Gallego (USA,Nv VEGAS)
28-04-13/29-04-13 Meet Kain (USA,CA)
28-04-13/29-04-13 Surf Alyssa greene (USA,CA)
27-04-13/28-04-13 Surf Daniela Adamo (USA,CA)
26-04-13/29-04-13 Surf Heather Williams (USA,CA)
09-04-13/13-04-13 Host Mara Kolassa (Allemagne)
09-04-13/13-04-13 Host Lisa Jungblut (Autriche)
24-03-13/25-03-13 Host Johanna Heil (Allemagne)
06-03-13/10-03-13 Host Marie koesnodihardjo (USA CA)
06-03-13/10-03-13 Host Emilia Kronsch (USA CA)
01-03-13/04-03-13 Host Lindsey Hill (USA)
01-03-13/04-03-13 Host Allyson Esades (USA)
20-02-13/22-03-13 Host Ekaterina Archibald (Allemagne)
20-02-13/22-02-13 Host Panele Ziedune (LT)
20-02-13/22-02-13 Host Julija Galkontaitė (LT)
12-02-13/13-02-13 Host Stefan Borghardt (Allemagne)
08-02-13/10-02-13 Host Carolina Tapp (Allemagne)
04-02-13/05-02-13 Host Michelle Ericksson (OZ)
03-02-13/05-02-13 Host Michael Sydes (Australie)
03-02-13/05-02-13 Host Keziah Radke(Australie)
03-02-13/05-02-13 Host Anastasiya Ryabushkina(Russie)
03-02-13/03-02-13 Meet Jöelle
02-02-13/04-02-13 Host Jonathan Standafer (L.A)
02-02-13/03-02-13 Host June Jo ((Corée du Sud)
23-01-13/25-01-13 Host Xenia Bovt (Lettonie)
18-01-13/19-01-13 Host Helena Redman (England)
09-01-13/10-01-13 Host angelique Eggenschwiler (CH)
07-01-13/08-01-13 Host Jade Junqua (France)
07-01-13/07-01-13 Meet Riccardo Storti (Australia)
07-01-13/07-01-13 Meet Helen Olds (California)
30-12-13/02-01-13 Host Noemie Hoffmann (Germany)
30-12-13/02-01-13 Host Laura Dieckwisch (Germany)
29-12-12/02-01-13 Host Selina Ackermann (Germany)
29-12-12/02-01-13 Host Franziska Bohn (Germany)
28-12-12/04-01-13 Host Missi (Turkia)
28-12-12/31-12-12 Host Catherine Lux (USA)
28-12-12/02-01-13 Host Jessica Mel (Germany)
28-12-12/02-01-13 Host Monica Mahser (Mexico)
23-12-12/23-12-12 Meet Nath Baillon (France, Strasbourg)
26-12-12/28-12-12 Host Dasha Brysgalowa (Germany)
24-12-12/26-12-12 Host Brittany Pate (Germany)
24-12-12/26-12-12 Host Renana Wulkan (Israël)
22-11-12/22-11-12 Meet Anne So Lelaidier (France,Paris)
20-11-12/21-11-12 Host Paulina Siejek (Pologne)
07-11-12/10-11-12 Surf Rex Baay (Thaïlande,Bangkok)
05-11-12/07-11-12 Surf Diah Munawir (Indonésie,Jakarta)
03-11-12/03-11-12 Meet Gwendoline Descamps (France)
02-11-12/05-11-12 Host Hilkka Haapala (Finland)
31-10-12/01-11-12 Host Hannah pb (Germany)
17-09-12/20-09-12 Surf Lise Venaut (France,Quimper)
16-09-12/17-09-12 Surf gladys lemaire (France,Nantes)
15-09-12/16-09-12 Host Ken Charn (Irland,Dublin)
09-09-12/10-09-12 Host Jean C bruno (France,rennes)
09-09-12/10-09-12 Host Benoit (France,rennes)
09-09-12/12-09-12 Host Jacqueline Rad (Germany)
09-09-12/12-09-12 Host Annabelle Morinz (Germany)
22-08-12/25-08-12 Host Lis Sheludko (Russia,SP)
06-08-12/10-08-12 Host Anya N (Russia,SP)
16-07-12/18-07-12 Host Kate Arch (Germany)
16-07-12/18-07-12 Host Asya Zolotova (Russia,SP)
07-07-12/10-07-12 Host Charlotte Koehler (germany)
07-07-12/07-07-12 Meet Marie Buchet (France,Lille)
27-06-12/30-06-12 Host özlem üstünkaya (Turkia, Istabul)
26-06-12/02-06-12 Host Mary Sargent (Angleterre)
26-06-12/30-06-12 Host Marta Kawecka (Pologne)
26-06-12/30-06-12 Host Paweł Burniak (Pologne)
26-06-12/30-06-12 Host Agata Tabisz (Pologne)
26-06-12/30-06-12 Host Marion Rozier (France, Bordeaux)
20-06-12/27-06-12 Host Victoria Schäfer (Germany)
18-06-12/19-06-12 Meet Ricarda Prost (Germany)
18-06-12/22-06-12 Host Migle Seikyte (Lituanie)
18-06-12/22-06-12 Host Vilmante Lokcikaite (Lituanie)
17-06-12/19-06-12 Host Iryna Bogdan (Ukraine)
15-06-12/18-06-12 Host Alexandra Paramonova
09-06-12/10-06-12 Travel Estefania Gallego (USA)
25-05-12/28-05-12 Host Stephanie Birlof (Germany)
21-05-12/21-05-12 Host Caroline Becker (Germany)
20-05-12/22-05-12 Host Virginia Iribarren (Spain,Granada)
20-05-12/22-05-12 Host Sarah Gonzalez (France, Poitier)
19-05-12/25-05-12 Host Anna Woods (USA)


Have a lot of different interest :)
books of history,documentary books ,teas, cars news, hightech,the interactions between men and women, nature, animal and human behavior, spending time with good people, traveling, laughing, taking pictures of stuff.

  • animals
  • books
  • documentaries
  • cooking
  • cheese
  • drinking
  • aviation
  • news
  • movies
  • reading
  • traveling
  • cars
  • music
  • cycling
  • hiking
  • history
  • languages

Musica, film e libri

I prefer to say that I see only good movies and it depend my mood.

Una cosa incredibile che ho fatto

I already did a lot of things so I would be happy to share all of this with you and share your stories also :)

Insegna, impara, condividi

Teach: I can teach you about aeronautics , French, and cycling.

Learn: I want to learn to speak new languages​​. Basically, I'm sure I could learn something from you. I'm like a sponge.

Share: I promise to share my books and movies with you. And my off-beat love of music and made ​​occasional random stuff totally random.

Paesi che ho visitato

Belgium, Burkina Faso, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Mali, Morocco, Netherlands, Senegal, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, United States

Paesi in cui ho vissuto


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