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About Me

What you Seek is Seeking you - Rumi
My life has been all about this ..

Hi my name Maanav and my friends call me Maany..
I'm Covid concious, taken my doses and booster..

Current Mission
Explore the different parts of the World and make as many friends as possible around the world and share stories with them ..
Try to be a better person every day..
To Spread Happiness, Smile and Joy ..

I am from Mumbai in India and I live with my family.
I am Filmmaker, Storyteller, Creative, Film director, Scriptwriter by profession. I work in Bollywood and media industry. I have worked on Bollywood films, Web shows, Commercial TV ads, intern on a Hollywood Film Edge of Tomorrow, production for British film and also worked as Creative for Universal Music, producing music videos. Currently working as Script Supervisors in movies and web shows in Mumbai. I have directed short films and also travel show. I am passionate about films and sharing my stories.
If you like I can show u the short films I have directed.
Very recently I got into restuarant business and have open a Frenchise of Pizza outlet.

I'm very active on social media so we can connect on insta and fb as well..

Would love to connect with other travelers..

I live for traveling. Traveling has changed my life. Been backpacking, solo traveling since 2014 and honestly there is no looking back..
For me traveling is exploring, learning and healing, also understanding life.
Rumi the Persian poet from 13th century has a very big influence on me, his poems and quotes influence and motivates me a lot in day to day life..
Travel and Rumi's poem for me go hand in hand. Traveling got me introduced to Rumi and now it's Rumi's words that makes me travel..
Traveling around the mountains got me spiritually inclined and I have learnt a lot about myself while exploring the world.
I am Young, Wild and Free soul..

I'm very passionate about Traveling and making movies .. I'm blessed to be doing both and enjoying the process..

I am a friendly, open minded, non judgemental, honest, soulful, dreamer, optimistic, free spirit, easy going, happy go lucky, have a very positive approach to life, capricorn (9th Jan), spontaneous, small things in life make me exited, spiritual outlook towards everything. I really enjoy organising and planning trips and holidays for me as well for my friends..
I'm a very simple person in nature and for me small gestures matter a lot.. most of the time I think from my heart and listen to my gut feelings and the vibes that I feel..

I beleive in Attitude of Gratitude
Very thankful to the universe for giving me the opportunity to see the world..

I always get along with everyone easily.
As I believe in "Accept everyone as they are"
It makes life easy and beautiful..
I love to make connection and connect with other people ...

I have a good sense of humour and I don't really take life too serious... My friends call me "funny one" and one with good vibes ..
I believe in making everyone around me smile, laugh and happy...
I really connect with the vibes of the person more then anything...
I am a people person but at the same time I like having some "me" time as well..

I believe in Karma and what goes around comes around .. so spread happiness and love .. We always need more reasons for laughter and joy..

I'm a very Karma concious person, I always make efforts to be a better person everyday.

I beleive in Compassion and Love for everyone. I don't have pets but I'm very fond of dogs and cats, also animals in general. Elephants are my favourite from Animal kingdom..
Though I'm fond of cats & dogs..
If I have put myself in a category it would be Dog person
I don't have pets but once I start living on my own I would surely have dogs and maybe a moody cat..
I always smile and laugh and believe in live life to the fullest as you only live once. Always up for new experiences.
I always believe whatever happens, happens for good and for a greater reason.

Good times or bad times they r to teach u something and every experience teaches u something beautiful. It's important to learn from it and also to let go...
"Wound is the place where Light enters" - Rumi
Also when in difficult situation I always beleive "This shall too Pass"

During the on going journey of Spirituality I have done yoga teacher training course (but don't really practice) and Reiki, Pranic Healing, Ayurvedic Panchkarma, Buddhism course Tushita which is teachings of Buddhism of Tibet by Dalai Lama, Buddha chanting, Vipasana course, got my readings done from tarot card readers and angel card readers, also consulted numerology (MaAnav) added an extra A.
Very recently I got into Vedic Astrology and did a basic course and still learning about it but not from religious point of view but understanding planets and signs and how they affect our lives.
I'm very curious about other spritual practices from different cultures and traditions and always up for experiencing it or learning it... I actually follow some really good astrologers and I post a lot about astrology on my insta story if your interested you can check the highlights that I have made about it ..
I don't follow any Guru as such but I do like to read and listen to Osho, Sat Guru and Shri Shri Ravi Shankar and Dalai Lama.. sometimes they really talk to your soul...
I won't call myself a religious person but I do believe that there is some energy that is protecting us and looking out for us. I respect all the religions, Gods and believes of different cultures... I respect everything and always curious to know about it ..
I do like going to every religious place like temple, gurudwara, mosque and church, monastery and been to some very beautiful religious places around the world and what really attracts towards these places it's the positive energy and purity of it..
All the devotees and believers who visit these places are there with best of intentions and they have strong beleive and faith in something which is beautiful.
I always look for positive and good vibes..
When it comes to something like this I beleive that ignorance is bliss .. and if ur aware u need to know strength to bear the weight of that knowledge ..
I really love Full Moon .. It's very energising..

I beleive in Magic and have faith in Universe .. I know whatever will happen it would be for good and I would be fine and Universe is looking out for me..
I have been in some situations where my faith and believe in Universe only got stronger .. and when ur a good person only good things happen with you..

When I am traveling, I like to make a lot of friends, get to know them about their lives, their stories , their experiences about life and everyone has beautiful stories to share..
For me on all my trips I have made some really good friends for life and the company makes the journey all the more special. More then the places it's the people I remember. This is one of the reason I'm on Couch surfing. I wanna make new friends, know about their lives and their stories.

I love history, enjoy exploring the old architecture, castles, palaces, I also like to know about Kings and Queens, museums, history related to ww2, culture curious, different traditions.. I would like to know as much as I can, I love to take lots of pictures and capture the moments to create memories. If I can attend a local festival and be part of it would be amazing..

I'm a total foodie from trying vegan to vegetarian to trying different type of meats (just limiting to chicken, lamb, pork & fish) but I do like to taste new cuisines, different dishes..
I'm surely a coffee and chai (tea) person ..
I do have a sweet tooth, deserts r my fav..
Ice creams I can't resist..

I love nature, mountains, sea, beaches, parks, lakes, rivers, forest, snow, rain, sunny days..
Snow is my favourite... I really love when it snows..

I love adventures from hiking to going on treks to doing summit of mountains, to staying in tent or camps, to cycling in mountains, climbing mountain summit and peak, to doing scuba diving in sea to paragliding to parasailing to going in amusement parks. I love seeking the thrill...
I'm yet to do snowboarding, sky diving, Sking and few other adventures...

I do love taking lot of photographs on my phone of the places I visit, of monuments and of nature, mountains, lakes and streets and also my pics and selfies and pics with friends.. it's for the memories ... Some of my pics do turn out really good.. so after my trip I can always look and remember those days...

I'm an Mountain person...
Himalayas have a huge impact on my life. Himalayas is where I have found my God, I have experienced Heaven and I have seen some of the most beautiful sights. Mountains is where your upper chakras get activated which makes u spiritually inclined .. that's also the reason y so many spiritual discourses happen in Himalayas and also u meet a lot of travelers with interest in spirituality.

My dream is to have my own homestay or guest house in a nice town of Himalayas in few years where I can host travelers from around the world 🏔️🏞️⛰️

I do enjoy beaches as well to just relax and laid back and I can be a beach bum at times..
I enjoy swimming though I can't really swim but pools are my fav

I like exploring different cities and small towns. I am always curious to know about it's history, culture and traditions... I would love to attend theater or plays.. I would like to know more about art and the artist...

I love going to different cafe and coffee shops, local shops..

I'm a very friendly and social person. I do like going out for drinks at a pub or a bar, try new drinks as well..
Sometimes I like going to night clubs, lounge bars and sometimes even rave parties or events..
Once a while I love to party and let my hair down.. I love to dance a lot .. and dance as if nobody is watching...
Just be myself free and happy soul.. I used to do that very often when I was in my 20's...

I love Music from Sufi to Mainstream to 80's to Electronic to Punjabi to Rege to Trance to EDM to Latino to Regethon..
Please don't ask me names because I'm really bad at remembering most but all the popular music in these genres I have heard and are my favourite..
I really enjoy attending music festivals though I haven't attended as many as I would like to and hoping to do it soon.
Some that I would like to attend is Tomorrowland, Burning Man and Boom these r the 3 I hope to attend at some point
in life..
But when I travel I also like to hear the local music playlist of different culture.. I already have a few fav Spanish songs and Italian songs that my friends used to play often.. I really like when they make me hear their music and then translate the meaning for me...

When I'm traveling I wanna "live" every second of the travel just because I don't know if I would ever ever have that experience ever again ... And I'm grateful every second for that...

Be a child as I believe.. live every moment .. enjoy and laugh and don't judge and don't care what others think.. every breath is a gift use it wisely ..

And I can talk.. Trust me I can talk.. Lol
Talk about anything under the sun. I like people who have a perception and prospective and who have view point, honestly I never get offended so it's easy for someone to open up to me and just be honest and put their point across.. Over the years I have had some of the best discussion and got to know so much just by sharing idea and stories.
Because every person knows something that I don't know ...
For me everyone has a story to say and to share and as a filmmaker and as a storyteller I would like to hear more stories.. Sharing experiences is something I really enjoy.. Everyone lives different life and different culture, country and to know about them makes me enrich..
My travel friend once told me "Your Vibes attract your Tribe" and since then I'm looking for my Tribe also here for that .. and it's true u meet and connect with people u vibe with the most ❤️😁

I beleive in the power of Love..
Love is the most strongest emotion that we have .. I'm a very romantic person by heart and I fall in love easily with people, places, mountains, animals or even in love with experiences..
Love is way to the God ..
Love is so beautiful that it doesn't see the barrier of Language, difference of age or gender .. it seeps through it all ...
Love is so strong that it has strength to move mountains..
Love is the only thing that can Heal us and heal the world ..
Because when u have love u have Compassion, Empathy & u feel Sympathy and that can change the World for good!
I beleive in giving as much as love as I can ..
And love is such a thing the more u give the more u get ..
And all I need and look out for is Love..

For me I am always seeking something beyond materialistic world.. I have a tattoo of that as well on my back .. Mumukshu which is a Sanskrit word for Seeking beyond Materialistic world but respecting your body and mind.. it's a phase of life I'm in.

I believe in power of Manifestation..
And that has always been my thing..
most of my Solo travel and trips has happened as I manifested it...
When I miss the mountains and I think about it and want it to happen.. things work around such a way that it happens on it own...
I wanted to celebrate my New Years in Himalayas and then I was there at the peak of Himalayas on 1st morning 2022...
My recent trip to London was because of that .. I really wanted to go London after 7 years and I wanted to meet my Uni friends and friends whom I hadn't seen for 7 years..
And I also wanted to work in UK and shoot for a Bollywood film there as I have never worked on an Indian film shot abroad..
Finally this year I got to work on a movie that was shot in London and also the post I wanted to work as and I got to meet my very close friends and reconnect with them..

So yes I believe that Universe listens to u..
What You Seek is Seeking you 😁🙏🙏

A photo speaks 1000 words
My Albums do speak a lot about me and my travel stories.

Why I’m on Couchsurfing

I am on Couchsurfing because
Well I have been on Couchsurfing for a long time and also met some amazing people and got hosted and made some friends...
I have some very fond memories of being hosted by some of the most genuine, honest and beautiful Canadians while I was backpacking solo trip in Quebec Canada.. It was the best trip of my life... and meeting lots of travellers in Toronto.
For me Couchsurfing is sharing and making friends and learning, I like to make more friends, get to know them, to know the stories about their life, it's like getting to know the people around the world more, making more connections, connecting with them, and love for travel..
I have met a lot of travellers around the world and some travellers who have travelled the world and when they share thei experience it's just so amazing. Exploring different places and experiencing them is an important part of traveling but the most important part is meeting people, the locals, experiencing culture, getting to know them and their city and their homes and learning and observing and understanding more things about life.. and Couchsurfing helps in that.. it brings the people of the world closer..
So Couchsurfing is helping me meet some amazing and awesome people and making me connected to them.
Couchsurfing is helping travellers and motivating travellers to see and explore the world more..
I would like to meet as many travellers as I can, and share and learn..
I really wish I can host but I stay with family in Mumbai and its difficult to host but I am always there to help and be there for my travel buddies, but if I am not living in Mumbai and somewhere else would really like to host and give back to the community. I did host some of my friends from UK when they visited India and had great experience.
As a filmmaker I like stories and there are so many stories yet untold and meeting friends sharing experiences new stories are said..

While traveling in mountains I met a lot of travelers who were solo traveling and traveling in groups. Couchsurfing isn't big in Himalayas so mostly met them in guest house and hostels and I have made some
amazing friends for life..

A travel friend once told me "In Life you always meet Twice"
And I have actually met some of my friends twice and even more..
The friend who told me this quote I actually met her 2nd time when she was getting married to someone she met while traveling..
And I always beleive when you travel "Your Vibes attract your Tribe" and I always find my Tribe ..

Hoping through Couchsurfing in Europe to make new friends ..


I have range of interest that I have mentioned in about me section but will write it here as well

Backpack, Solo Travel, Family, Exploring Holidays, trip with friends

Himalayas, Beaches, Cities, Towns, Villages, Islands, Rivers, Lakes, Forest

I have writting in detail about my love for mountains in about me section

Adventures - Trekking, Hiking, Snow Treks, climbing mountain summit and peak, cycling in city and cycling in mountains, Paragliding, Parasailing, Jet Ski, Snorkeling,
Scuba diving, rides at amusement park,
to cycling in mountains

Yet to do snowboarding, sky diving, Sking and few other adventures...

Back home I like being fit so like physical activites like cycling and long walks, gym, running and doing different diets..

Music, Dance, EDM, Trance, Sufi, Gazals, Music festivals, Regethon, Latino Music, Hindi songs, Punjabi music, Rege, Old songs, R&D, Filmy songs, Electronic

I like listening and reading poems and quote and there r many that really resonate with me from time to time..

Movies, Plays, Theatre, Web Shows, poetry, Net Flix and chill, WWE (that's the only sport I follow .. but I know about others but not a big fan) and yes wwe is fake but I enjoy the storytelling ..
The list of movies and web shows and tv show is super long but let's just say my all time fav is FRIENDS 😁

Mythology Books, Harry Potter, Shiva Trilogy, and I like to write as well stories ..

I am foodie.. Love trying different cuisines and I have sweet tooth... I can cook very basic
I love deserts - ice cream are my fav
I'm a coffee and chai (tea) person ..
I like going to coffee shops and cafes ..

I do love photography and take as many pics as possible to remember it as memories... U can see my albums they r full of my travel pics..

I do smoke ciggerate but not much only when I drink and I respect if others don't so I avoid it...
I rarely smoke sheesha and once a while I do like smoking grass but only if I have company as I really cannot roll a joint ..

Photography of street, nature, mountains and lots of selfies and photos to create memories

I enjoy Long walks, Cycling on mountains and around the cities and town, Long drives (I can't drive)

I enjoy pools and like going for swimming though I can't really swim much..

I like shopping from local markets and sometimes with brands but mostly local and something to remember the place...
I enjoying visiting local shops ..

Yoga, Meditation (but don't really practice),
Chakras, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Astrology
Most of these I can talk about but not confident to practice or teach .. I was always interested in the theory part then the practical of it...
I also believe in canting.. it gives me peace and calmness..
While there r many from Hinduism & Sikhism that I know and I do sometimes but also Buddhist chanting like
Nam Yo Ho Rengekyun &
Om Mani Padme Hum
Chanting is very beautiful & devine 😇

I love to talk about Politics, religion (if the person is comfortable or can avoid this subject) but would love to talk about anything under the sun, about travel, world matters, about their city, culture, traditions and their believes, spirituality and stories that they have... I really like if someone has a different point of view and perception because I like to hear the other side and have a healthy discussion.. I'm not rigid with my believes and I like when it's challenged and make me think the otherwise... I love having interesting conversations..

  • writing
  • books
  • poetry
  • theater
  • photography
  • film making
  • acting
  • dancing
  • cooking
  • coffee
  • yoga
  • running
  • meditation
  • walking
  • partying
  • drinking
  • movies
  • traveling
  • socializing
  • music
  • outdoor activities
  • cycling
  • hiking
  • backpacking
  • sports
  • paragliding
  • history
  • solo travel
  • long-term travel
  • beaches
  • mountains
  • youtube
  • eating
  • films
  • nature
  • tea
  • trekking
  • adventures
  • buddhism
  • exploring
  • astrology
  • spirtuality
  • foodie
  • mountain climbing
  • reiki
  • directing
  • cafe
  • entertainment
  • filmmaker
  • rumi
  • pranic healing

Music, Movies, and Books

I have discussed this in detail in About me and About my interest section ...

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

Well there are few ..
Year 2022
For the New Year of 2022 I climbed my first ever Summit of Himalayas
It was Kedarkantha Peak - 3200m / 12500ft, 5 days of Trek and on new year night I did first ever Night Trek on Snow and what an experience.
There was a moment I wanted to give up but then I saw the crisent of the moon and first sun rays of 2022 coming. Reaching at the peak I experienced a morning that is difficult to explain in words.. it was devine experience.
While in London I did cycling around the city which was an amazing experience..

Year 2021
I had got Covid in second wave and was really exhausted with being quarantine & as I got negative I went for one of the most beautiful trip to mountains.
Seeing the white mountains to Spiti to doing Paragliding in Bir Billing -
The experience of flying over Himalayas really was one of the best experience.

Year 2018 - Himalayas and Spirituality

I have been traveling Himalayas for the last 9 years from 2014 and my these trips have been like a blessing. Every trip has been so adventurous and so spiritual that I don't have words to describe it.
Each of the trips I have been combination of temples and holiday destinations and small towns and hippy towns.
Himalaya for me is where I have found My God.
Himalayas for me is where I have connected with my inner self.
Himalayas is where my soul has felt free.
Himalayas is where I have found my peace.
So many hill stations and temples I have visited and each has been an enriching experience.
2018 is when I got into Spirituality as I did Yoga Teacher Training course and did Tushita which is Buddhism course taught by Monk from Tibet.
Also the trek to Valley of Flowers was a beautiful experience.

Tatoo in 2016
My tattoo is the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life ..
It's Himalayas and Mumukshu written under it..
So on my 3rd trip in 2016 while finishing my trip and being in Manali I wanted to take Himalayas with me.. So I have tattoo of Himalayas on my back.. So from now on Himalayas is part of me, it's going to be with me till the day I die.. It's very special to me..
Mumukshu written below it is a Sanskrit word for a Seeker ..
It means a Seeker seeking Liberation.. It's when you feel beyond the material universe but it still identifies with his body and mind.. I am a Seeker.. And it's in Himalayas that I started to find true meaning of life.. my true self... Started to understand life.. It's where I truly understood what God is.. I am still seeking and will be for the rest of my life..
So I believe and I know I am a Mumukshu ..
And with this tattoo I have imprinted something that is so special and something very meaningful for me..
And to be very honest.. I never used to like tattoos and used to be scared and I was the one who always said that I am never gonna get a tatoo.. But slowly I was getting around to getting one and wanted something meaningful something special.. And Himalayas changed me.. On this trip I just felt it right.. And got it..
So I learnt in life Never Say Never.... Life has its own ways I guess..

Canada 2016 - Trusting the Universe
While staying in Toronto, Canada few months I went on a backpacking solo trip all over Quebec. I trusted the Universe and the trip was the most memorable trip of my life. I stayed with all the beautiful and very humble couchsurfers, they were so kind and so awesome.. From Ottawa to Montreal to Quebec City to Chicotumi to Mont Sutton to Mont Orford and back to Montreal.. I had time of my life and made some friends for life.. I trusted the Universe more then I have ever done and the trip was the most memorable of my life...

2016 - Jordan Travel Show
As I am a film director and I love to travel in 2016 I got an opportunity to Direct an international travel show Desi Explorer Jordan it's on YouTube.. promo of the travel show ..
It was such an awesome experience being in Middle East Jordan.. A very beautiful country.. getting to see Lost City of Petra the new wonder of the Word and deserts of Wadi Rum and beautiful historic city of Amman.. I was working as director which I am really passionate about and traveling.. It was experience I will cherish always..

2015 - London Paris New Year
Another amazing travel experience that I had in 2015 was while living in London going on a solo trip to Scotland during month of Aug and attending Fringe festival and traveling in beautiful highlands, and then heading New York City being in Big Apple traveling alone for a week is an experience to cherish and also doing Paris with dad which is just so awesome.
A wish got fulfilled last year as I got to do London, Paris and New York in one trip.. These are three most beautiful and romantic and amazing cities in the world and got to do them together is like a dream come true.. And also a bit filmy.. Lol ..
And while I was living in London my housemates were from Italy Stefano, Federico and Franchesco and they could hardly speak English and I used to help them.. So when I returned to India they visited me for a month and we went traveling together and it was a trip of lifetime.. We went to Himalayas and that was my 2nd trip to the holy mountains, Rishikesh, Agra, Delhi.. This trip was just amazing with my 3 Italian housemates and their friend Matia.. So 4 Italian guys on a trip to India.. They had big communication gap as they spoke less English and my cousins from rural part of India as well.. For me personally I learnt a lot about my own country as I could travel India with a different perception.. They asked me questions about Gods, religion and believes and reasons which made me understand so much what India is about and this trip was very funny and adventurous.. But when they left they took a part of India with them.. 3 of them actually got a tatoo something related to India.. And I got to see India in a different way..

2015 - Andaman Nicobar Island
Scooba Diving in the sea and I don't know how to swim. An experience to cherish

2014 - Himalayas where it all began
My first ever solo trip to Himalayas. This is the experience that made me fall in love. From treking to climbing mountains. It started from here..

Teach, Learn, Share

So while I have been traveling it's all been about sharing...
I learn so much, I share and then I teach..
I can share my knowledge about travel experiences, astrology, cinema, about life, about travel, stories, culture that I have been part of.. I can teach Hindi, Punjabi and English language, acting, dancing.
I can't really cook but I can recommend good Indian dishes.
I have read a lot of books about the Hindu mythology Mahabharata and Ramayana and can speak about it ..
I can share about Indian culture and traditions.and about Himalayas
I really enjoy planning and organising trips for me and my friends... Because of my previous experience in Himalayas I can always give good suggestions about places to visit and things to do.. so if the host is planning a trip to India then I'm surely your guy 😁
I can share about Bollywood as I work for it I can teach a bit of Bollywood dance and introduce bollywood music and movies.. and speak about movies..
And I always curious to learn whether it's a new language, new culture or a new sport or anything.. I believe I am a student for life.

I would love to learn about different cultures, believes and also cooking or any new skills that would be added bonus. I'm always up for new and different experiences.

Getting hosted by a couchsurfer really helps as most of the time solo traveling and backpacking is on budget but for me it's not about just getting a place to sleep... I would like to spend time with my host if and when they r free, share experiences, maybe go around the city if the time permits.. I would like to know them, interact with them, get to know their travel stories and about their lives and experience how it feels to be with someone who lives there then be a tourist living in hotel.. I'm all for the real experiences and these experiences teach you so much..
I always respect my host and their house rules and be clean and tidy... I will be more then happy if they would give me their valueable time and with every experience I would learn something.. for me it's all about creating memories.. I know a lot about. French Canadians while I was hosted by some of the amazing souls when I was traveling in Quebec.. For me it's about seeing their city and town from their prospective and sharing my stories... Because at the end of the day what we all have r these human stories which we share and live different lives through them... And this is a community of the travelers of the world who are sharing their stories.. 🙏

What I Can Share with Hosts

Sharing my stories
Selfless Friendship
My experience of travel and stories
Some laughter and joys
And hopefully make memories..
memories for life time..

Countries I’ve Visited

Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Jordan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States

Countries I’ve Lived In

Canada, India, United Kingdom

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