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  • Fluent in English, Greek (modern), Spanish; learning Dutch, French
  • 44, Female
  • Miembro desde 2007
  • Singer-Songwriter, Burning Man regional (GR), Artist, Web...
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  • De Athens, Attica, Greece
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Sobre mí


To be the most of myself I can be in this life. To bring the Burn to Greece! (As in Burning Man). To enjoy the heck out of life while I'm watching our dear, controversial, amazing human species awaken to their true selves.
Oh, and to meet with aliens. :P


Hi :) my name is Marina -or Prema for some friends, and I am a spontaneous, passionate, considerate, progressive, artsy, independent, weird, contradictory, seeker, very particular about things, bitchy when annoyed, fun-loving, hedonist, truth-loving, fear-challenging woman.
But in case I have asked you to host me, also know that I am very polite, respectful, self-reliant, I cook well and don't mind washing dishes! (-:

I do believe in truth, beauty, freedom and love, and I do hope that the human species will eventually get an effing clue, but I also accept that people can do all sorts of negative things or just be plain stupid, all as a part of this wonderful learning process called life, and that everybody has a reason for doing what they are doing. No I don't think we're the scourge of the Earth, we're just playing an expansion game with a self-imposed forgetfulness of who we really are.

I am (as indicated by my ramblings above) very spiritually inclined. No cliches here, I don't sit cross-legged with incense sticks burning, chanting "Ohm" (though nothing wrong with that), I mean living my life with a couple of extra things in mind except what my two eyes only see. Spirituality aside, I also love a good party, and metal/rock clubs or sometimes fetish parties are a preference. I LOVE dancing and expressing my energy through motion, and Salsa is my favorite, and Tango Argentino, also some belly dance, but really, any kind of dance will do.

I'm a singer, play rhythm guitar (right now I'm between bands), and write my own songs. I love this with a passion, so I have an extra soft spot for musicians, singers, band members, rock & metalheads. If you are one, I'll probably never say no to your host request. But you MIGHT have to jam with me. :)

I've also been (in no particular order):
- a computer and a gaming geek
- a big aficionado of activities in nature: paragliding, rock climbing, mountaineering, scuba diving, horse riding, sailing etc.
- a meditator
- a mediator
- a party animal
- a priestess dancing ecstatically for the Goddess
- the sort of person that will call you at 3am and tell you "Let's leave NOW for a week long roadtrip!"
- a fetish performer
- a beekeeper
- a road tripper
- a kinky libertine
- a Rainbow Tribe hippy
- a dancer since the age of 5, ballet to salsa and tango
- a world wide traveler

I've been making handmade soap and cosmetics from all-natural materials, cause I didn't want to put on me, or in me, many questionable commercial products that are out there.

I love nature and I am as often as I can out in it. Mountains, forests, sea, anything will do, hence the considerate list of sports activities seen below. Actually I can't live for a long time without it.

I'm deeply into the concept of BURNING MAN. I'm not particularly into the big burn in Nevada, though its been an amazing experience. It's now happening all over the planet and each burn event holds the same awesome amazing concept. I'm very fond of NOWHERE which is the main Burn event in Spain, and where I had an even better time than BM! If you've been there TALK TO ME. I love burners, if you ask me, they're the humans of the future! If you don't know what I'm talking about, google 'Burning Man' images, and then GO THERE! See you in Nowhere, every July!

I love stories, therefore the cinema, and reading books.
I love talking with open people, people who are not rigid about their beliefs out of comfort, laziness or fear, who are not afraid to talk about authentic things (superficial conversations about the weather and whatnot bore me to death!) Show me that the way you live, what you seek, is what you have truly chosen because it really expresses you, not because you conform with what you were taught, and what other people have tried to condition you with, and I'll love'ya!

Above all I believe in magic in the world and that we create our own experience.


I believe in magic in the world.I'm not talking about fairy tale magic, but creation magic. Manifestation. I know that this magic is completely normal, nothing metaphysical about it at all, it's just that science hasn't found a way to explain it yet, the way that 2000 years ago a plane would have been considered magic.
But we're getting there.
We all totally create our own experience every day by the way we think and feel.
I also know that my subtle body is as real as my physical one.

I know I have been here before and I will be here again. I know that I create my own experience and that I am totally responsible for anything that comes to me and happens in my life. Because anything that happens to me can only do so if it's a vibrational match to me.

Por qué estoy en Couchsurfing


I've lived and traveled extensively the CS way (starting with another similar website) for more than 12 years, hosting, being hosted and participating in (and rarely organizing) CS meetings, and I try to spread the word and the philosophy of it as much as possible to people who are not aware it exists.


I have had host exchange experiences since 2000, first with Globalfreeloader (which is the same with CS only a different website) and afterwards with CS.
I have both been hosted abroad (all over Europe, America and Asia) and in Greece, and hosted people from all over in Greece - even elsewhere, like in a hotel room in France :). All experiences were wonderful, as meeting other people, especially travelers, is. And I love showing people beautiful things.

*My CS experience in Istanbul has been a roller coaster of incredible experiences, one after the other, more and more magnificent! The welcome I have received is incredible and I would never have believed it. This is so much more than just traveling. This is really living, connecting, knowing. I was blissed out!*


Nature, Spirituality, Photography, Music, Guitar, Singing, Metal, Alternative lifestyle, Metaphysics, Indigo Children, Cats, Long-haired men, Salsa, Tango, Traveling Out there (the world) and In here (my mind), Holistic healing, Tantra, Cinema, BDSM, Paragliding, Sailing, Trekking, Hiking, Endless conversations over coffee in cute little Cafes, Dancing, Long Haired men, Scuba diving, Free diving, Rock climbing, Snowboarding, Mountaineering, Horse riding, Crafting.

  • cats
  • singing
  • dancing
  • partying
  • movies
  • traveling
  • magic
  • music
  • guitar
  • hiking
  • sailing
  • forests
  • spirituality
  • sea
  • law of attraction
  • salsa

Música, películas y libros

Movies:Star Wars (1st three), Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Matrix (I), Bladerunner, Shortbus, Star Wars, Fight Club, Underground, Until sunrise/Before sunset, What the bleep do we know, The Secretary, The Fountain, Million Dollar Hotel, all Monty Pythons movies, etc
(Adventures, Fantasy, and many more...)

Music: Rock and again ROCK (classic, hard, indie, folk, acoustic, really, all kinds!), METAL \m/ (heavy, power, old school, thrash, some death, some symphonic, folk and epic), Goth, EBM, the Blues, oh yes the Blues, Acoustic, Irish, Greek, Latin, Ethnic and many more...

Books: All by Terry Pratchett, most Tom Robins books especially Skinny legs & all and Even cowgirls get the blues, Neil Gaiman, Re-member by Steve Rother, all J.R.R. Tolkien books, The Beauty trilogy by Ann Rice, books by some wackos like Froyd and Lacan, Bukowski's poetry, and so many more I can't remember...

Algo increíble que he hecho

I've seen a UFO. For real.
I met a dolphin, by chance, in an open greek beach, and I played with it for 3 hours!
I saw plankton shining and dancing like a thousand wil'o whisps around my body, in pitch black total darkness, 10 feet under, while free-diving at night in a beach out of this world.
I've seen my own house in the mountains, 2000 meters above it, flying by myself with my paraglider, with nothing beneath me but the air and my two feet dangling.
I've climbed a mountain in 6 hours, seen a sea of white peaks all around, and gone down from it in half an hour by sliding on my butt in the snow!
I've gotten a high by nitrogen 50 meters under water among the most incredible red corals.
I've totally given my heart to someone that totally gave me his.
I've astrally projected together with my partner, while making love.

I've been to BURNING MAN & NOWHERE!!!!!!!!

And of course all my amazing travels and all the amazing people I have met through them.

visited 30 states (13.3%)Create your own visited map of The World or Like this? try: Google Position

Enseña, aprende, comparte

I can explain how the law of attraction works, and its many fine nuances.
Salsa dance, tango dance, guitar
Japanese bondage (shibari)
Teach you how to play backgammon... ALL 3 different games of it!
I can teach you how to make soap!
I can teach you all the basic stuff about Photography.
Oh and cooking tons of things too :)

Qué puedo ofrecer a los anfitriones

Greek cooking, Manifestation insights, Guitar playing

Países que he visitado

Austria, Bahrain, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Israel, Italy, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Vatican City State, Venezuela

Países en los que he vivido

Greece, India, Netherlands, United States, Venezuela

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