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Sobre mí


Promotion of my country as an host. Traveling orthodox world as a guest.


My education is a bit strange. I finished University of agriculture - fruits and wine section, got my master degree in tourism and now I am studding PhD tourism studies.

My hobby is working with computers. I am an power user at all fields of computer use - I do know a bit of everything as I own computer from my childhood. Main points of interest are hardware, internet technologies, VoIP, informational systems, networking, Linux, administration.

Other than that I have interest in photography, especially in macro photography. I have also interests in some aspects of agriculture such as bumblebee keeping, pollination methods, frost safety, irrigation systems, brandy making technology, bee beneficial plants, some fruit spices, pathogen based invasive plant destruction systems, charcoal production and use in soils and as an fuel etc.

Also I have huge interest in Orthodoxy, Byzantine history, church art and music. My music taste is very wide - from psychedelic 60s, punk, rock, reggae, electro ambiental, classic, blues, country, bull-grass, to electropop, dnb, dubstep, or some specific world music like Arabic goa, Slav weather songs, Greek music etc..

Other than that I am pretty much nerd occupied by my points of interest. My ideas are quite eccentrical so often I have some ideas that are unique on which I do my research and publish my works. I do not have huge amount of friends but rather an average size but very dedicated group.

As I am smoker, I am not into sports. I dont even watch games or have any interest in it. I do play table-football but I am one of those rare souls who does not care if I lose or win. If I lose, I think to my self that I played good game against better player and that my playing is improving by playing more with him. That is most probably because I dont bet ever. One of my life principles is not to gamble anything, even if its an table-football game for drink.

I like to see other people works that have some usable value rather than only art. I like mechanical designs, industrial designs, how stuff works etc. Just as an child taking a part its toy to see whats inside - that's all me.

As I am regular driver, I dont consume alcohol ever while I am driving. So I prefer sometimes to have one or two expensive beer at night, exceptional brandy or high quality wine glass. In very rare circumstances I do make a plan with some of my friends to get drunk and we make special occasion for that. I never in my life got drunk that I dont know what I am doing or I was unable to walk. I really dont understand people who do that...


Why do you live your life?

What a question - like that I have chosen to be born. Hope is the answer to that question. Every living organism is living on fuel called hope.

Now this question extends to several more questions like:

Whats the meaning of life?
Oh - can you answer this one? I like Monty Python interpretation of this question, or Douglas Adams point with flying whale.

Way are we here?
Religion answer is most convenient one. Otherwise we can assume that "we" DNA - "life on this planet" are an tool for transformation of planets or weapon of planet distraction of some more sophisticated life forms. Lol, I never tough of it, and I think I will not as I dont have enough of perception to make any answer that is not speculation.

Por qué estoy en Couchsurfing


As I said before, my point of interest here is self promotion of my country as an tourism destination.

My goal here is to educate other members to provide better logistics and therefore give more pleasure to potential guests visiting our country.

My logic is that even in this kind of very cheap tourism, potential guests will leave some of their money in the country which will make benefit for us living in it. Other than that, most of CS members are students which will be cream of society in their own countries and their nice experiences in our country will make long run benefit us living here.

Other than that, my second goal is to make strong GeoCaching community in CS Serbia, as that kind of activity is cheap to maintain and it provides an nice beacon to guests to explore wonderful places of our country.


I have none from this very portal, however in history of my computer use I have met with several people that have similar points of interest as I do. Some of them are my close friends today and I hear with them very often.


see things about me

  • arts
  • photography
  • education
  • cooking
  • wine
  • beer
  • running
  • drinking
  • flying
  • technology
  • traveling
  • music
  • blues
  • world music
  • sports
  • soccer
  • agriculture
  • teaching
  • history
  • logic
  • religion
  • tourism

Música, películas y libros

I already did partly answered to this question. I just would add that I enjoy movies from European festivals rather than Hollywood blockbusters. As far as books Dostoyevsky is very best I encountered so far.

Algo increíble que he hecho

I was witness of close encounter with NATO cruise missile in 1999.. I saw submarine rising in childhood at sea while I was in water from an distance about 2km away. In both encounters I was not afraid or panicked, but I do remember them as they happened today.

Enseña, aprende, comparte

Lol. already answered. I can add for example good tool for every traveler is NATO Crusader Cooking System - or similar [in Serbia we have better one called "manjerka" same thing but more compact and more easier to use]. Very nice set that can be handy in any situation. Also Gerber multi-tool or Leatherman is very nice to have always at a pack.

But seriously an traveler guide of must needed things and behavior guides for certain situations should be made at every destination main page - like every country main page.

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