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About Me

I'm From New Zealand / Maori Male
living in Sydney 9 years

Since the virus struck on Xmas 2019

Its obvious
all Hosting would cease for Sydney
effecting my responce to any request Its now 2021

my best Days of Hosting are behind me 2013 to 2019 I Stopped Hosting over 1000

I kept my profile alive of sorts
its like losing the biggest Connection I have left
to my remarkable journey

When the pandemic struck in 2019
id already prepared myself 2 years earlier 2019 was it

the pandemic comes out of no where
forever changing the World we once new

My only contacts have been threw Facebook
hundreds of Couch Surfers have been given a Sydney Home by me

its the result of My being Homeless for 2 years
challenging my ability to endure its full impact
instinct kicks in
I all ways felt id find my way out /
only I could Stabilize myself . when that came about

id say with confidence . I was truly suffering Trauma
Surviving Consumed me each day
I would not acknowledge this fact some 3 years later
because it still Haunts me to this day
when you are Homeless

thus ends that Chapter
standing in my 1st rental Home alone
with my car parked out front
fulltime employment
now independent

Desire Descends on me

that Manifests itself to Help
over whelms me to reach out
eats my Soul to the point Depression Sadness
to find the Solution

Destiny / Angels bring me to this platform
year is 2013
I would Host every day for the next 8 years

my Connection
my understanding
my role
will be that of Home Maker for all . I never made it personal
that's not possible
our paths are in line for this moment
My journey is not your journey

I'm but 1 gate keeper guide
whos humbled to except his role

that meant I now awaited your arrival / yet we haven't met
because I allready had the answers played out

if you landed at my door
it is automatically your home

Host is learning how to be one
how to manage daily routines
all facets / Dynamics then Simplify it

I am the Rock
this home gives you Stability 1st
now you have no reason . not to succeed for Sydney

I have x5 Sisters x5 Brothers
Naturally I relate to the Home being full

that's what made the Couch Surf experience all the better

Rules for 2013
u stay 1 week Free of Charge
u leave No exceptions

by 2014
I've learned enough to stay the course

some of the 2013 renewed there Visas to Work or Study
I've now had 400 Couch Surfers

x900 Couch Surfers
the Evolution

the promise I made to Help others

Dynamics for Sydney
are different for each In receiveing request
ill read it / many times what there asking for is to HELP

its not so straight forward or Clear cut

Home Safety time to achieve there Goal for Sydney
is the reason I lasted 8 years

If you arrived in less than negitive
For any reason
You were given the time to work your way out
Leaving with your bank account in positive

Perfect plan

I haveint decided if ill ever resume again

1 door closes
Another door opens

living with x10 plus Couch Surfers every day for 8 years
Weird the year i needed a break 2019 after 1000 Couch Surfers
Along comes the Virus

Makeing it permanent
As Sydney dealt with the shock of lockdown
Fortunately i did not lose my job

But rather looked for a new flat
To focus on my goals
This reality we live in

People are worried about the future
Im no different

So ive set myself goals
To acheive . Including finances . Nows the time to focus
Myself .

To the challange

Prioritize my finances asap .

Expectations for Sydney

My mind set to embrace Hosting for those who choose to read it
will get rare insight into true / Hosting in high numbers
of C Surfers

Hosting at this level for 8 years . leaves so many memories
When i can . Ill retype / make changes to this profile
Influenced by some event

Considering i lived amongest ×10 Couch Surfers
Daily for 8 years / passed 1000

imagine the dynamic taking place
Its truly unique .
My home is full of vibrant people exchanging information
Helping each other Discover Sydney
or acheiving the best outcomes

nutrlizeing my involvment to the bare minimum

The homes flow its importance to keep every thing Clean
from kitchen cooking to washing x 10 towels every day

How many times i got asked if i had this or that
by chance

I actually did
Most Couch Surfers would leave me stuff they didint need
Over time id have x5 Surfboards x7 skateboards untold cloths
Id pack it all into my garage

Basically to be recycled by new arrivals
saving on cost

COOKING together means we eat together
By evening 8pm the last have returned from there days event
Joining us

SLEEPING in shared rooms
each had there own bed / mates or couples had queen beds
Couples got there own room

I did not mix the sexes unless they arrived together

Theve bonded
Theve Connected
Theve Stabilized with in 1 week discovered Sydney
Acheived there goals

Preparing for departure or arriving

The Home
its impotants meant for Couch Surfers
Becomes there Stabilizer

Your request
Ive always presumed your plans for Sydney are based on
An agreed time frame with your Host

So What happens when you discover the Hosting enviroment
You just arrived at . feeling nervous

Your pleasantly greeted by x10 Couch Surfers
not me
Im off on some errand/ no surprise there

Your suddenly normalized beyound beleif

That 1st experience sets in your mind
It alone /confirms your trust in others
threw your love of adventure

There will be times youll experiance hardship or sickness
Traverling on the go can leave you very tired lack of food
I learned to fine tune myself enough to allow 1 week
No matter what
you left in better condition than you arrived

its no wonder they would return again

Ive not hosted anyone for 1 year

2020 now
insight into the years leading to the present day

There are many reasons request come in
Costing is very important /
Some find there budget is low .so would like to find work
To top up

My advice when looking for the right Hosting
Any one can put up there profile saying what ever

Explain exactly what you want to acheive 1st
Be honest . Avoid conflict with your Host 1st up

If the Host profile your reading
Like to party
Is Sporty
Social butterfly
Bla bla bla

You then send your request . Understanding the situation

Most Host are partime
Do Short stays
Is Based on there own life style . You either relate to or find interesting
Youd like to try

There limitations means
x2 Couch Surfers is the Maximum
Based around there work . Minimum stay

For most Host its x1 on 1

i could not do / i dont want to be personalizing myself
With anyone .unless i no you well enough
I dont feel the need to figure out your Charictor

Some dont arrive with one
I use the others to break down barriers

If that doseint work
By end of week i explain plainly to said Couch Surfer
Male or Female

I want to no who you are b4 you leave
Your shyness or insecuritys are no longer be valid
Ive placed you in my home amongest x10 of the brightest
most are your age 18 / 22

Connecting is important to me
Its then they apologize . Ill always reply
Dont ever say that . U dont no unless your told

If you dont no or werent told dont say sorry
Now ive told you . We can move forward

I dont seperate anyone out
It defeats the whole purpose of Hosting

If there activly engaged with there Surfers
That also means they prefer certain types
Be that based on . Commonality plus charictor
Plus physical

99 percent of Males react to that
Your now in that orbit

Gay want males to Host
Str8 want females to Host
Neutral dont care

That word at the end ....... Host
Should be thee best experiance for you
No matter what the label the Host is

Young people may be nieve to a degree
I no that there absorbing information
Very bright .Very trusting Very excited about life
there traverling the World

I there n

No means no / find the exit door asap

Some Males will try to groom there guest
step to far

Leaving is the only option left
Just do it
Ive had to many young boys / girls explain the last expriance
With there Male Host

Any sexual advances must be avoided
Ive said this many times
Once the Host starts down that path
Hes not going to change the habbit
Even if the young person excepts or agrees its ok

Its not
as long as you use this Hosting platform .

Its very dangerous /
Predatory behavior

Useing the Word Host to groom the young
Some Males are idiots seriously idiots
At 20 or 50

We all no right from wrong
How brave you are to look for another Host . Another Male Host

When youve suffered trauma from your last encounter

Dont lose hope


8 year journey Hosting
1000 Couch Surfers 2013 to 2019 yes its been documented
Won awards for best

This profile is part of it
Since the day i started Hosting

Overwhelming desire to reach out 2013
Course of action begins thus starts my diary / day 1 / 1st Couch Surfer is recorded in book of Hearts

its evolution profound impacting conective

Sharing the Home together is the Central Connector
It equalizes every one together
Brings Stabilty

Freedom to set your plans
Or to just rest peacefully .regaining much needed energy
Let your body clock . Catch up
Kick start plans
To resume traverling Sydney being to start point
Or finishing destination

normalizing each New arrival
is easyer
With other Couch Surfers in house 99 percent were Single male

Undertsanding 1st / boys are easyer to handel
X 10 not complicated

Testing my ability to Host is Critical
How to keep the home funtionality normalized
Single Females were excluded

Why exclude females
X9 males typicaly aged 18 to 22
Im very clear what my role is

Ill avoid any conflict mixing females with males
All Single all requesting stays

Is it bias NO its not
Im the Host
Your request is not based on how i structure Hosting x10

Your request is soley based on Sydney

If i felt the female was capable of dealing with x9 boys
From many countrys
No problem at all

My veiw is
Im not the dating service
During your stay

2 years later 2015
The single females were mixed in
Im now comfortable with my Hosting capabiltys
Will contiue into the future

Couples / familys
were never excluded
Nor if the boy i had . Requested his g/f join the home

Im family based
I have 10 siblings

If i excepted your request . I not always felt the need to explain
My home was fully funtional
X 10 Couch Surfers

My absolute responsiblity in its funtionality
x10 Couch Surfers / 99 percent
each given 1 week stay Only / No exceptions were made

All costings were my responsibilty
As with cleaning dutys

for all Couch Surfers Simplicity
Based on the 1 week to see Sydney

Its Not personal
In that seance i felt id helped each person

Because id never Hosted

I was learning on the go
Its Natrual for me to have high numbers
I have x10 brothers / sisters to refrance from

Never ending story
It continues for 8 years unabaited

It becomes personalized

By the Couch Surfers who bonded with the Family
Type structure created

So begins long term stays
For the returns

6 months or 1 year becomes the norm

Its now 2016
3 years has now passed

Ive never planned nor thought id no when its time to stop
Untill 2017

New reality requires changes
Ending my Hosting 2019
Relocating to a new part of Sydney

It is now 2020

I feel if i take request from newbies
Im starting allover again

It cant compare
To the many who Kept returning
For 5 years
I literally watched them grow to be young adults
There relationship with me is built on trust in each other

Understanding the role i played
Hosting comes with duty of care for others
never to be abused

The profile pics
Snap shots threw those years most were taken at
the home .
i decided in 2013 x10 Couch Surfers at any given time
High for most host
I considerd normal

Thats not the case today
. Sydneys dealing with the Virus
All the kids have flown out

I recently moved into this new pad
Relocating to be closer to my job

Id kinda thought i was burning out
Coze id not had a break in 8 years . I realize i did

living in a bubble world . Meant i was normalized
To x10
They werent newbies
They were the returns

For them i became the stabilzer in there lives
there goals for sydney became attainable
Isint that the ultimite for those traverling the world
To have a home to return to
Back to a house full of couch surfers

8 years on it would not have stopped
But for this virus

Home alone
Actually enjoying myself
Sorta feels like i can throw my cloths to the floor
Not wash up after dinner
Not the best role model behaiver

Oh i forgot
Im home alone

Do i miss the kids
Always being around me

Face book or messanger


No one is special
We are all equal
In the home we share


your goal for Sydney number 1
Freedom to acheive

Duty of care
privacy / room

Couch Surfer
common seance helps
Homes are not backpackers

Dynamic s

Changing Worlds

this Virus . Its impact . The isolation effecting every one
in NSW Sydney

1000 couchers

The returns

From 2017 18 19
Wave after wave of returns

Why I’m on Couchsurfing

Hosting is Something you learn
any 1 can host some1
but when you have Commited your self to become a Host
you have to learn how to be 1


Collecting stuff

Music, Movies, and Books

I am an 80s boy
so I love 8os / 90s music

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

after experianceing 2 years as a Homeliss person
liveing and sleeping on the streets of Brisbane Australia

it would take another 2 years to regain full independance
a car a full time job i love
and a Home .

and once acheived i would spend the next 8 years
helping many

so i am in tune with this Concept
and the reality of what it means to have a safe home

Teach, Learn, Share

its been 8 years of Continual

to Commit myself to something i beleived in
Sets the pathway I'd follow
For the next 8years

based on that
I call myself a Host

What I Can Share with Hosts

the Connection to the CONCEPT
is Broad & its tied in to the Host life Style .
each Host offers Couch Surfers a personal experience & gives Couch Surfers a chance to no them on a personal level .
Host learn how to Manage & balance there time .
& they learn how to be a Host . this Concept is a living experience .
when you reach Numbers in the hundreds & your still Hosting .
you have learnt that generally all things flow .
you have learnt what to do in situations that arise
that was not on your Radar . you have learnt how to fine tune your self .
to get the best results .
you have understanding that you will see your Couch Surfers leave .
& you will repeat the same thing over again .
all these things & more

with every Surfer who arrives
a Story will start
i have a lot of true Storys
that will have u amazed

i have a true love Story
this couple are still together 4 year later

Countries I’ve Lived In

Australia, New Zealand

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