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  • Fluent in English, French; learning German, Russian, Spanish
  • 32, Male
  • Пользователь с 2011
  • Nomad, street artist/busker, piano tuner, sound tech/road...
  • Music, electricity, photography. I surf 2h per day on Wik...
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Обо мне


My mission is to become your pianist as you can have a driver or a gardener


I am just a dreamer, and I play piano.

I have been wandering since 5 years in Europe.

In the first months I rediscovered life. I learned my first english words; you don't need money but food and frienship to live, and you can travel for free just with a smile and an honest respect for everyone. There is no point to act like a hippie to get an alternative lifestyle, don't need to be anarchist to be against society.

Be yourself.

So I hitchhiked around and tried to find piano everywhere I could, because I love piano. I was told too often:

- Yeah I have a piano at home, but it's out of tune...

After 20 000km, I decided to answer something for the first time:

- I will tune it.

It took me 3 days. In pure DIY philosophy, I simply did it. Self-education.

And now when I'm travelling, I'm looking for pianos. If they are sick, I talk with them and listen their stories, I take my tools and I tune them, and they thanks me by a fascinating sound texture. Now when I'm moving, I feel the wind and thanks the sun, I accept the rain and love the snow, I walk and smile.

I hitchhike for no more reasons.

Like a contemplative guy, I'm shy, absent-minded, and I believe in respect. I always prefer to watch, listen and feel. I sometimes cry or laugh for no reasons, don't worry, I'm just alive.

125000 km later, I decided to settle, work hard at a stupid job, earn enough money to pay my study, and then I reached the Piano Tuner degree, making my biggest dream real. My goal is to tune all pianos of the world and teach to people how music should be important in our life. Impossible? Whatever, I will till the end of my life. Our world need more musicians.


- Learn, try, move, smile, talk, share, offer, enjoy...
- Accept the fails, you're human.
- Never wait, but never run.
- Have fun with everything, like a child.
- Feel the present.
- Respect everybody around me.
- Refuse the violence.
- Fight my fears.
- Never use planes, feel the distances...
- DIY (Do It Yourself): Freelance, Freegan, Freeride, Self-learning, Self-giving, Recycling.

Что привело меня на Couchsurfing


My food, my friendship, my tips and my skills are at your disposition with pleasure.


I'm now on the road since 100 000km, to discover Europe, the people, and myself.


On my road, I discovered awesome rules of life. People I met showed me their way of life and this is what I understood.

1. Don't have to live for your job. Earn simply the money you need, and have fun the rest of the time, you will see you will have lot of time.

2. Hitchhiking works. It works very well, because nice people still exist in the world, always, everywhere, every country, in big city or deep countryside, and they want to know you, as much as you want to discover them. The next driver can be your next best friend, trust me; or your big Love, who knows?. He also can be drunk and if you drive him, you will save maybe a life. Cars on the road look like fishes in a torrent. They are thousands, and you cannot stop them. Don't think about time, arriving, or ways. Keep on fishing, be patient and enjoy the sun with the smile. You will catch a interesting salmon or beautiful trout on your way.

3. There is not only waste in dumpsters. For people, waste, trash, dirty garbage and rotten stuff are the same things. Worst: touch a trash it's against dignity; but a trash or a dumpster it's only a box where people throw everything they no longer want. You can find fresh food, shoes, umbrellas, bags, clothes, furniture... I found a guitar in France and a bicycle in Sweden, and of course plenty of perfectly fresh food.

4. Money is not the most important thing. You don't need money to live. You need love, food, sleep, friendship, fun, sex, to laught, dreams, to give and to receive... On my road, I'm a friend, I help, i'm being a confident, making the dishes, driving for drunk hosts or hugging single people. I tell stories to children, and I'm a padawan for old people. I offer handmade gifts like origami, songs, drawings, pictures, meals, walks... I don't have to buy you anything. And nobody has to buy me anything.

5. Nothing is impossible. Even the most hardcore plan can be possible. I heard about people who biked across Siberia, hitchhiked planes, travelled with a fridge =D, walked 200 000km... This dreamers are not special, they just tried and believed in it. So you can do it too. And if nobody did it before, you're lucky: you will be the first one.

6. Realize your dreams, don't be afraid to do it. If I say you can travel around the world in just a few years, and visit it pretty decently, imagine who you can be at 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50... Where you can live, how many languages you can learn. Where is the limit? My grandfather just started to build a huge model train in his garage, a childhood dream.

7. Open your mind about the time: I hitchhiked from Gdansk (PL) to Bordeaux (F) in 36 hours. 2500 km ! Imagine what distance you can achieve this next days...

8. If you have to wait for something/somebody/some whatever, and you're bored, read a book. There are books that can change your life for ever. Because they are deeply written, or simply beautiful.

9. I trust in Creative Commons, in free stuff, in exchange and sharing without money or swaping. Take an apple in a store is theft, but if you can copy it, where is the problem!? Now, even the Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech is copyrighted! Share it anyway. Copy the best of humanity, sharing the most beautiful messages, and educate people around you by love and smiles, by generosity. I play music in the street, not in forbidden-camera capitalists clubs, and you can download my piano for free. People share, dance to and use my music, it means they love it, I'm proud to live simply for that.

10. A ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

11. I decided to sue my boss into court because he didn't paid me. People was actually not that supportive, asking "and what if you loose?" Building up tons of stress in me. But actually if I loose, nothing happens. Therefore I have nothing to loose ! To loose at court cannot kill you, cannot make you a worst human being. I discover that I could answer "I might fail, but I want to try." And if you loose you actually earn things still: How it works. And what happenned thanks by those motivational videos on internet: I simply shared my values to the judge, instead of fighting for my very specifics rights. How could I be embarassed after having simply following my personnal strongest values?


I have many dreams, this is the reason why i like to sleep.

Interets? Let's start by... Hitchhiking, dumpster-diving, recycling, couchsurfing, nomadism !

That would be awesome to visit all the countries and micronations of the world, meet crazy and nice hardcore people, walk thousands of km, speak sign languages, travel naked feet...

I love artists, people that can create with theirs hands from everything, by instruments/tools, or by recycling stuff. I'm always impressed how these amazing people can be so creative ! I'm looking for the kind of wanderers who love more arts than food.

Videogames was my first english teachers so I will be always a big passionate of oldschool consoles and boardgames =D You get it: I believe in ludism. To find a game in everything, to play with whatever I can. That should be the main rule to learn the world and to meet people!

In the way to find myself, I self-study through people and Wikipedia every topic I can, around history, philosophy and science. So: teach me everything you want !

I just love to feel my soul grow up, when my body climb trees or approach a cliff.

  • arts
  • books
  • photography
  • diy
  • dancing
  • education
  • dining
  • beer
  • running
  • modeling
  • clubbing
  • clothing
  • flowers
  • traveling
  • cars
  • socializing
  • dumpster diving
  • origami
  • music
  • guitar
  • piano
  • fishing
  • scuba diving
  • boxing
  • teaching
  • freelancing
  • history
  • languages
  • science
  • sign language
  • hitchhiking

Музыка, кино и книги

Music: Sigur ros, GY!BE, Ludovico Einaudi, Trentemøller, Caspian, Cocorosie, This Will Destroy You, Converge...

Post-rock, Slow-core, Sludge, Post-HxC, Drone, Ambient, Trip-hop, Illbient, True Emocore, Doom, Shoegaze, Noise, Downtempo, Movie Soundtrack, Minimalism Techno...

I love Movies: Sunshine, Into the Wild, American Beauty, Elephant, 127 hours, Leon, The Pianist, Ink, Slumdog Millionaire, A Beautiful Mind, Virgin Suicide, Garden State, The Truman Show, Postman, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Dances with Wolves, Wonderful Days, August Rush, Miyazaki, Arizona Dream, Lost in Translation, Mr Nobody, My name is Khan, Black snake moan, Modern times... And anything about geology, science, nature, physics, philosophy.

Writers: Still beginner, just starting to read stuff like Paulo Coelho, Alessandro Baricco, Jack Kerouac, Saint-Exupéry, Tolkien, Descartes, Georges Orwell... History of geography, philosophy and others basic self-educations.

Классная вещь, которую я сделал(-а)

Eat cooked grass, leaves, nettles, and flowers
Meet a very old deaf-mute guy
Spend a day with a wild ape
Sleep in a church, a mosquee, a cemetery
Walk through a creepy burned forest
Run on roofs in the middle of the night
This fucking very rare green flash during a sunset
Run in circles like a jerk with my travelmate to not die of the cold (-25°)
Blocked on the border, between two countries
Crying, shaking, explosing by the sound of amazing gigs
Hitchhiking since 80 000km, between +45° and -25°
5 hours of sunset over the arctic polar circle

Play piano in a church, a studio, in a university, in a museum, in a squat, in a landfill, in streets, in 30 countries, for a movie...

Учу, учусь, делюсь опытом и информацией

Teach: french, photography, countries, origami, music... I play several strings, keyboards and percussions. I can explain you the world of the music, the tunes who loves each other, the process to build a wall of sound...

Share: I already learned lot of tips about hitchhiking and dumpster diving. Music jam session, warm tea, cold beer, awesome stories or nice walk are welcome !

I want to learn more about how to travel without money, to climb a mountain, to live in nature for a while... I need to meet, to learn, to discover, and open my vision of the world... I wish to improve my english, my spanish, my german and my russian. And I need friendships, smiles, hugs and humanity in this pessimist world.

Где я побывал(-а)

Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom

Где я жил(-а)

France, Latvia, Montenegro, Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom

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