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Pieter Jossa

Gent, East-Flanders, Belgium

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About Me


Learn, evolve, meet people, discover


I find it hard to describe myself because I'm in a continual change and I don't want or can pin down my personality. There are to much interest, sometimes to much to cope with them all. I like to think about most things and I have a strong philosophy about life, I know where I want to go and what I want to do. I am a free spirit and intent to stay that way while traveling throughout this life and the world.

Also I don't drink, smoke anymore and I prefer not to eat meat but if there is no other option I would not make a big deal of it.


I think all of us should be doing what we really want to be doing, following your uttermost excitement. It would be a pity if you don't because those things are the only things you should be doing and bring you the most success in life.

Nothing is fixed or static, everything is an continual change, so there is no use for radicalism. I think everyone creates their own reality and view it from a different side, which should be a good thing. We should embrace individualism and individuation, it's a creative manifestation of your true self. There is never one way or one solution, it's always "and" and never "or". For that reason I can say I believe in something because I believe in it and not necessary because it "is" that way, fixed in an external reality.

I'm living a life of travel and going with the natural flow, I trust in Carl Jung and Synchronicity (it proved itself to me). If you listen to your heart (sub-conscious, deeper self...) things will come to you at the right moment in your life, don't work against yourself and what you want, but go with it.

Why I'm on Couchsurfing


I'm always up for meeting people. I host when I have a place somewhere.


I never had any bad experiences, only really good ones. All where nice people, relaxed and easy. The host I got where all very helpful and made my traveling a lot easier.


I have a lot of interests:

I Like to read a lot. I'm traveling the world and learning more about interest that excite me, which are:

Yoga (studied for a couple of months, will do a teacher training in india), Meditation (All is), Detox (been doing it for most of my life, especially after partying), Running, Alternative lifestyle (Never fitted in the "normal"), Natural building (Will do dome building in Thailand), Healing/Reiki (currently level one, will get my next level in India), Massage therapy (I'm good at massage already haha, done a course at some point, will do more), Carl Jung/Psychotherapy/Synchronicity (huge interest), Reality/philosophy, Memetics (Egregore, cool word), Occultism (Goes deep, lifelong student), Esoteric teachings (Thanks), QI-gong (Studied a couple of months), Cooking (been doing it for a long time), Nei kung (Magus of java, dynamo jack got me into it), Psycho-cybernetics (Changing the self image), Permaculture (Will study it in thailand), Chi (For me it's a system, product of the mind like all), Personal development (Lifelong), Kundalini (Feel in the dantian), Art (Make it), Life(exciting times to be alive), Culture, Fitness (Sometimes I go, sometimes not at all) Asian philosophy/reality, Chinese medicine (The whole of the body and mind, not separation, prevention), Alternative views (I need those), Shamanism (Like to study with one), Ritualism (Positive ones), Consciousness, Death (better look at it before it's to late),Memory training, Webdesign, Awakening, Telic and para-telic (East/West), Transformational psychology, Ego self (Unification),Feelings/emotions (finging the source), Freud, Cosmos (We live in it or maybe it lives in you), Collective unconscious ->, Morphic field (Evolutionary support), Frequencies, 3D development (done some projects), Eco villages (Going to help at some), Pre verbal development (emotion, intuition), Linguistical problems (All we say is), reality/illusion, Programming digital/biological (I can do some), Biofeedback, Manipulation (It's all in some way), Religio (Better then religion), Mysticism, Algorithms (some run on it), Archetypes, Suppressed memories (Trying to find them all), Self actualization (The goal), Individuation (Lifelong process), Food (I'm a sous chef), Machines/technology (Used in a good way), Utopia/distopia, Health, Curcumine/active charcoal (I use it daily), Aquaphonics, Flower of life, Symbolism, Lucid dreaming (been exploring that realm for a long time), OBE (had some, although I have my own explanation for it), The Tao (the flow, go with it), Astral travel, Placebo effect, Sound (White/pink noise, healing/meditation), Psychosis (interesting topic), Books, Chaos/order, NLP (Can work), Golden rule of one, House (sometimes I like to dance all night), Abstract thinking (I can go really far sometimes), Psychedelic research (Therapeutic/psychotherapy possibilities), Dimensions, Parallel universes, Herbalism, Nirvana (A choice not a goal), Prana (There are so many names for the same), Orgone (Wilhelm Reich), I-ching, Weirdness/unexplored territory, Transmutation (All fear needs to), Crystallization (Otherwise it's suppression), Post-modernism-structuralism-religion-materialism-monism (All is post at some point), 3D printing, Truth (there is no absolute one), Believe systems/occult systems (all is), Ancient knowledge, Motivations behind motivations (find the first motivation and your out), Omnipotence (impossible but interesting), Higher self (as high as possible), Cold reading , Body language, Animals (try to talk to them), Cultural indoctrination (or any other), Freedom (looking for it), Music/movies (I like to make digital music sometimes), Sexuality, Constructions (I like making things), buddhism, Tantra, The void (A system in it), Dream (they explain me a lot), Tummo (Wim Hof technique for health), Volunteering (Would love to work with children at some point), Psychosomatics (I believe most, if not all isseus are), Altered states of consciousness (experienced some, very intense), Love (The rest is ignorance), Trances (Dancing, focus, de-focus), Enlightenment (Full understanding of the situation, full balance), Travel (Will be living a nomadic lifestyle), Being alone (Listening to myself), Nature/wilderness (Reconnect), Alchemy (Polishing the pearl), Hindu Brahma/Buddha mind (non-locality)... and so on.

I can go on forever. But my main interest would be "spiritual" development and expressing yourself creatively.

I was in art school and I like to make a lot digital things: http://pieterjossa.tumblr.com/ but I also make non digital stuff like paintings and statues. I'm mostly concerned in making kitsch and assimilating the time I feel we live in. Digital is just a medium of expressing, like painting or writing, which for me fit these times, I can express myself in another reality/dimension which tends to replace the current reality we live in, that does not mean that I support it, I'm just here to point my own experiences out.

I grew up and worked in the kitchen for most of my life so I like to cook also. I've also done some graphic/programming/web/3d design.

Music, Movies & Books

Again I like a lot of things, I'll list some of them:

Movies: Holy mountain, Underground 1995, Blow up, David Linch, Lars von trier: favorite movie: Idiots, Zardoz, Wings of desire, El topo, Festen, Upstream color, Holy motors, Groundhog day, Tree of life, American born killers, Paprika, Akira, Dogtooth, El topo, Bjork movies, Under the skin (to sad but good), Nymphomaniac, Dogville, The grand Budapest hotel, Bananas, Vertigo, Dead poet society (oh man)...

Music: Elliot Smith, Ricardo Villalobos, Minilogue, Nirvana, Richi Hawtin, Andy Stott, Mozart, Forest Swords, Ohm, Ravi Shankar, Caribou, Immortal technique, Ravi Shankar, Joy Division, Sonic Youth, Lou reed, MGMT, Lebanon Hanover, Blaze, Linea Aspera - Malarone (such a good song), Lusine - By this sound, Connan Mockasin - Forever dolphin love...

Books: Hermann Hesse, Robert Anton Wilson, Bhagavad Gita, The art of memetics, Occult books, Esoteric books, Quantum Physics, Programming the humand computer (what a book), A lot of Carl Jung, Mantak Chia, The magus of java, NLP, Transformational Psychology, Tony buzan, Nietsche, Carl Saga, Amit Goswami, George Orwell, Timothy Leary, Terence Mckenna, Allan Watts, Osho, Einstein, Nikola Tesla...

One Amazing Thing I've Done

Synchronicity and synchronized with other people. Made some really good friends in a short amount of time.Had some lucid dreams, and talked with some people in it. Surprised myself with the idea that i was alive, the most obvious and the biggest surprise of them all. Felt the very deep emotions. Had the most crazy parties with the most crazy people, dancing until sunset with strangers. Spoken to death relatives in a lucid dream. Been saved by a street dog from other hostile dogs. Being lost in Bangkok.

Teach, Learn, Share

I would really like to learn from people who are still close to nature and go with the natural flow. There are lot's of things i would like to learn and hope I'll find people who can use me and i can learn from them. I think these kind of exchanges should be the new model for school and life, I never liked traditional schools very much. I learn a lot more and a lot faster in a positive environment where I'm working for a cause that feels beneficial and actually goes somewhere by seeing results.

What I Can Share With Hosts

Love, peace and manifestation

Countries I've Visited

Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, India, Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom

Countries I've Lived In

Belgium, India

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