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About Me

I guess the closest that I can get to discribing myself is to say something like "I'm an artist". I'm not really sure about what that means exactly, but this is usually the only thing to say that will get me a simple "Aha" reply from people and no confused looks ;-)
I am an autodidact, selfemployed and working on different artistic educational projects, mainly as an art therapist and circus pedagogue, and mainly with kids. This is my main partner (a children circus in Berlin) for now: ... But I do a lot of different stuff and I will also not say no to a graphic design job or [add in your idea], haha :-D

For this reason (of having tons of different construction sites in my life) I can be totally relaxed and open to visitors in one month, but in the next I can be superbusy and just ignore your message completely - all depending on when you ask me and if you catch me in a working or in a hippie mood

I am very intested in political/social issues and all topics related to alternative lifestyles (mainly ecology, alternative education and communal living, racism, gender, adultism, anarchism... ) and I will never be lazy about discussions on these topics. But dont worry, even though I am propably pretty radical in my positions I am not a missionary on any positions and very tolerant ;-)

I am very easygoing and relaxed person, that doesnt tend to have conflicts with anyone and about anything ... and ahja, that usually doesnt ever get bored!

Please include the codeword "gaestehochbett" into your message to show me you have actually read in my profile at least a bit!
I dont anser any messages that dont include this word


This will say the most about me:
Some projects I have been involved in the last years... :
the travelling school of life was a network for skillsharing similar to couchsurfing but with focus on free education (the collective broke up so it never actually happened :-( I was active there from 2007-2010)
(A new project that kind of goes along the lines (but that I am not part of) is this one: ) - a selforganised tour through ecocommunities, farms and free schools to learn about alternative ways of living
(happened 2008/2009 - we still have some copies of the evaluation booklets available that you can order for free, just send me a message!)
Crazy artist house in Munich (2006-2008)

brueckenschlaeger agency
was a collective and media agency trying to connect political change with the idea of cooperation in freelancer networks. I was involved in doing graphic design and fairtrade promotion (2008-2010)
Now my friends run a "normal" web agency

Ah ja, and this is very typical for me, haha - sorry, but I will have to use this space to promote some interesting stuff ;-))))-
soooooo --->have a look at:
wiki for DIY appropriate technologies / building low tech stuff

ecocommunities guides:
GEN network:
in german:

freecyle network
get stuff for free and recycle! --> alternative to the big bad couchsurfing ;-)
some sharing culture websites

longtime friends project I support:
supersmall and really "family"based project for street kids in kenia




some interesting places/projects I visited in the last years

- Canmasdeu, Barcelona, Spain:
great ecocommunity

- Alte Muehle Goemnigk, Germany
ecocommunity near Berlin

- Karlshof, Templin, Germany
interesting cooperative project producing potatoes and other stuff based on solidar exchange not money)

- Balmeggberg, Suisse
most beautiful permaculture farm I know

Tribodar Learning centre, Portugal, ecocommunity

- Centro de Convergencia, Alentejo, Portugal
centro social by gaia network (environmental organisation of Portugal)

- Los Molinos de rio Aguas, Spain
cute little ecovillage

- tamera, Alentejo, portugal
ecovillage, very interesting concepts, tends to be a bit too dogmatic for me personally but superinspiring anyhow

- Matavenero, nothern Spain
ecovillage of Rainbow movement

- larzac, Millau, south france
interesting area with many small farmers cooperatives and alternative people, with networks for exchange of food and services, all resulting in resistance against military camp in the 70s

seminary centre for art and ecology in southern Spain

- Longo Mai network
network of anarchist farms in different countries(dating back to the 70s)

Why I’m on Couchsurfing

I am on couchsurfing since 2005, when it was a pretty small and unknown thing to do. I met a lot of inspiring people through it, soulbrothers and soulsisters from all over, people who touched me deeply and changed my perceptionand my life a lot. Beautiful inspirations! To be honest, I have not used much in the last years. It has changed a lot, and I have changed a lot too. I get more and more requests on couchsurfing that dont match with me very well. Nevertheless, dont hesitate to try, if you think that it will fit and that we have something to share!
I have hosted a lot in the past. Travelling myself I rarely used couchsurfing because I am too spontaneous, but I have nevertheless stayed in many many peoples places in my life and love hospitality exchange a lot. Towards a sharing culture, yeah! :-D

Please include the codeword "gaestehochbett" into your message to show me you have actually read in my profile at least a bit!


If I am not involved in some workshops or project weeks then you will most likely find me in a park training (juggling with poi, balls, contact ball, staff, fire, ...) or in the same park sitting in a tree and watching clouds. If the weather is bad or it is evening I might be in a dance studio ( for oriental dance class, contact improvisation jam, physical theatre/dance theatre workshop, ...). Or I might just be hanging out with friends and talking talking talking, massaging and cuddling or singing and jamming. All the stuff that hippies usually do, you know ;-)
I dont usually stay much at home, except for the rare cases in which I am reading something most likely related to psychology, therapy or (eastern) philosophy.
I am really into everything that has to do with artistic expression. I love to work on the edge of art and bodywork, which is why I prefer performance, circus, contemporary dance, physical theatre, music to other types of art usually. I love to dance contact improvisation and can talk about the cultural meaning of this phenomenom for hours (but I am also good at not talking, so dont worry) ;-)

I participate in CSA (community supported agriculture) cooperatives since several years and find it the by far best concept to "change the world" that I have come across so far. I was dumpsterdiving and upcycling a lot for many years, now I got a bit lazy about this, but I still support this idea a lot, too.
I live vegan at home since many years, whereas I eat everything when I am out.
I am very intested in free schools and unschooling, popular education (Paulo Freire), autodidactic learning and skillsharing. I visited a lot of eco-communities and ecovillages in the past years and feel very inspired by the ways of living that I experienced there. Ahja, for example I am the biggest fan of compost toilets ever! :-D
I am searching for ways to live more sustainable in an ecological and social sense and for ways to integrate our modern lifestyles with permacultural and traditional approaches. I love ecological architecture. I hitchhike a lot and since many many years. I collect methods of group communication and organisation. I appreciate ideas that connect artistic tools with political change like street art or theatre of the oppressed (Augusto Boal). I can spend many hours discussing about feminist struggles, better ways to live relationships and community structures and so on... But lets not get deeper into politics for now.

Ah by the way I consider myself to be a spiritual person and seeking for change within myself at first. I appreciate meditation, mantras and some techniques of self reflection, but I usually dont talk much about this and dont make a big deal of it.

Ah ja, and what everyone seems to write as the first sentence in this website: of course I love travelling, who doesnt. In the summer I am usually out of home for months, working in circus project weeks, jumping around at festivals and juggling conventions or woofing and spending time in farms and countryside communities. And sitting on gas stations for many hours trying to catch a ride... :-)

I believe in oneness. I believe in diversity. I believe in cooperation.
And that is all I have to say for now I guess :-)

Please include the codeword "gaestehochbett" into your message to show me you have actually read in my profile at least a bit!
I dont anser any messages that dont include this word

  • arts
  • culture
  • books
  • singing
  • performing arts
  • architecture
  • design
  • graphic design
  • street art
  • photography
  • diy
  • festivals
  • dancing
  • education
  • dining
  • vegan
  • running
  • meditation
  • crafts
  • gardening
  • politics
  • technology
  • movies
  • reading
  • traveling
  • billiards
  • juggling
  • dumpster diving
  • painting
  • drawing
  • music
  • guitar
  • camping
  • scuba diving
  • agriculture
  • art history
  • communications
  • ecology
  • teaching
  • freelancing
  • history
  • languages
  • medicine
  • psychology
  • science
  • software
  • hitchhiking

Music, Movies, and Books

some political stuff:

"schooling the world", the white mans last burden (great great movie on the imperialistic and capitalist structure of "helping" so called "third world" countries by building schools there) - watch it here

"we feed the world" ( a film about food destruction and all the crazyness of our production and distribution system)

"a tornallom" (inspiring and great documentary about the resistance against a harbour company of inhabitants of la punta, a village near valencia, spain, against their desapropritation and distruction of their village),

surplus (great movie on our waste society too)

Some others:
"Slam" with Saul Williams is simply beautiful film,
"La belle verte" (french movie by Colline Serreau) really made me laugh and cry,
"Hair" - Aaaaaaaahhh, Hippies!!:-) ...anti war classic!
"Life is beautiful" just sadly beautiful,
"waking life" - animated crazy shit about lucid dreaming,

" soylent green", "Clockwork Orange" and "Dr Strange, how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb", (science Fiction films from the 70s/80s)

"Good Bye Lenin" and "Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei ("the educators")", (great German movies) ,
"V for vendetta",
"Yamakasi" fun french film on parcours

some authors I like
Haruki Murakami,
Aldous Huxley (one that no one knows is "Island", great book),
Tom Robbins,
paulho coelho,
marshall b. rosenberg (nonviolent communication)

some books I love:
Ismael" by David Quinn,
"The Kin of Ata are waiting for you" Dorothy Bryant,
M. Gilliland "The free",
"Otherland " by Tad Williams,
Ivan Illich, "Deschooling society",
Paulo Freire "Pedagogy of he oppressed",
Erich Fromm "to have or to be",
Bolo Bolo, by P.M,
Collectivo Situaciones: Que se vayan todos!
Ken Wilber "Wege zum Selbst" (German title),
David Gribble: "Real education: varities of freedom"

and many permaculture books (sepp holzer, Patrick Whitefield, Fukuoka)

Sorry guys, but no, I really dont start with music now ;-)))-

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

living almost 4 years without private space changed my view onto our capitalist society completely

Teach, Learn, Share

-> i added stars from 0 and * to *****
to show how good i am at something
(something I learned in travelling school of life days ;-) )

art therapy ****
psychopathology **
art history *
painting (abstract crazy stuff) ****
drawing ***
improvising doing random art stuff **** ;-)

do makrame (bracelets) ***
make recycling arts and crafts: like making little books, carpets, etc ***

DESIGN (with open source software)
design processes and methods **
graphic design and photo editing on ubuntu ***
GIMP ***
Inkscape ***
cutting films with premiere (not opensource) *

photography *
(i dont know anything but I can usually take good pictures anyway ;-) )

how to work with linux/open source programs * or **

balls **
poi ****
contact ball **
Hulahoop **
staff **
fire security ****

contact improvisation dance *** - ****
impro theatre and group games ***
circus training (for kids) ***
physical theatre and performance **
oriental dance **
stage presence **
building scenes ***

massage ***
tai chi *
progressive muscle relaxation **

guitar *
djembe/percussions **

portuguese * (understand a bit but never learned it)
turkish 0 (want to learn!)

communication science / linguistics *

mediation **
non-violent communication **
art therapy ****
trauma therapy ***

skillsharing techniques **
popular education (paulo freire) *

tools for non-hierarchical structures in communities and groups **
groups communcation methods ***
group games ****

fundraising **
milestones planning **
using project management software (redmine) **
open space technology (harrison owen) **

networking, public relations, marketing **

alternative economy structures ** - ***

I can tell you basics about how to organise a:
- foodcoops **
- community supported agriculture **

I know a bit about (/have a very little experiences with)
- finance collectives, self organised health insurances, local exchange trade systems, pool economy concepts, open source and free licenses

hitchhiking ****
dumpster diving ***
life in big flatshares and communities ****

permaculture (theory) **
medicine+healing plants 0-* (want to learn!!!!)
gardening 0-* (want to learn!!!!)

make recycling arts and crafts: like making little books, carpets, etc ***
building platforms etc with wood **

how to build things (tables or huts or whatever... everything) *
solar shower**
solar cooker**
compost toilet**
repair bikes * (should learn more)

What I Can Share with Hosts

still wondering, really? :-D

Countries I’ve Visited

Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom

Countries I’ve Lived In


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