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About Me


Finding my life partner


I am, to borrow Anne Frank, a bundle of contradictions: adventurous yet domesticated, easy-going & passionate, chatty yet a good listener, respectful & irreverent, God-fearing yet skeptical, idealistic & old-fashioned, optimistic yet cautious, lively & stoic, flexible yet uncompromising, inquisitive yet oddly incurious. People hold me in thrall, stimulating exchanges of ideas & insights with those who care, dare or both in any of my eight tongues. Night owl, bookworm, chameleon, crane & cat all call me kin. Causes swim inside me like fishes in the deep blue sea of lovely pearl-string islands I call home. This mélange makes me, if the mood catches, a Gauguinesque child of the tropics, a wondering nomad like Waugh, deconstructed intellectual with Sartrean leanings, uppercase Romantic in the best Pushkin tradition and glass-half-full fellow in Mandela mold.

My work and vocation may find me itching to travel to yet another country, but before anything, I am a Filipino who enjoys exploring his own country. This much I've done, this much is a part of me.

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My Lakbayan grade is B!How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!Created by Eugene Villar.


Ataraxia | ἀταραξία : By suspending judgment, by confining oneself to phenomena or objects as they appear, and by asserting nothing definite as to how they really are, one can escape the perplexities of life and attain an imperturbable peace of mind - Pyrrho

Vita brevis, ars longa

一生勉強一生青春 - 相田みつを/Mitsuo Aida

Weder erhabene Intelligenz noch Phantasie, noch alle beide zusammen vereint machen ein Genie aus. Liebe! Liebe! Liebe! Das ist die Seele des Genies. - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

L'amicizia è come un castello di sabbia: difficile da fare, facile da distruggere, bellissimo da ricostruire.

Those who were skillful in a thing vie in competition; those who have no skill, judge. - Diogenes Laertius

Anacharsis: I have traveled here from afar to make you my friend. Solon: It's better to make friends at home. Anacharsis: Then it is necessary for you, being at home, to make friends with me.

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

«Я религиозный православный человек и религию понимаю буквально, как re-ligio — восстановление связи между жизнью и высотой идеальных установок и абсолютных ценностей, постоянное воссоздавание legato жизни. Жизнь разрывает человека на части. Он должен восстанавливать свою целостность — это и есть религия. Помимо духовного восстановления нет никакой более серьёзной причины для сочинения музыки» (I am a religious person...and by 'religion' I mean re-ligio, the re-tying of a bond...restoring the legato of life. Life divides man into many pieces...There is no weightier occupation than the recomposition of spiritual integrity through the composition of music.) - Sofia Gubaidulina

The less said about life's sores the better. - Oscar Wilde

When you start to know someone, all their physical characteristics start to disappear. You begin to dwell in their energy, recognize the scent of their skin. You see only the essence of the person, not the shell. That’s why you can’t fall in love with beauty. You can lust after it, be infatuated by it, want to own it. You can love it with your eyes and your body but not your heart. And that’s why, when you really connect with a person’s inner self, any physical imperfections disappear, become irrelevant. - Lisa Unger, Beautiful Lies

Why I'm on Couchsurfing


I moderate the Russia Group and some 60+ subgroups.

I used to organise get-togethers in Moscow. Now I help set up or participate in events in Manila or whatever city I happen to be visiting.

Convince some HC members that CS is not that group's evil twin but its half-brother, meant to be welcomed and complemented.

I used to host guests from within and without Russia. Here is my guest list for 2006-2009:

GUESTS (Incomplete)

2006 (85) 31 Mar-03 Apr: *Jordi Riera/Barcelona, Spain 03-04 May: Milica Popovic/Belgrade, Serbia 03-07 May: *Gert Slettenhaar/Nijmegen, NL 03-07 May: *Francisca Westgeest/Leiden, NL 25-28 May: Tomasz Bączkowski/Warsaw, Poland 25-28 May: Łukasz Pałucki/Warsaw, Poland 31 May-3 Jun: *Patricia/Almería, Spain 31 May-3 Jun: *Tobias März/Erlangen, Germany 11-15 Jun: Dakota Gale/Portland, USA 11-15 Jun: Finn Gale/Moscow, USA 17-19 Jun: Loren Everly/Honokaa, USA 20-24 Jul: Sheena Pinder/Cambridge, Canada 24-25 Jul: *Sohrab Karimi/Tehran, Iran 22-25 Jul: *Markus Meyer/Oldenburg, Germany 22-25 Jul: *Lena Haug/Oldenburg, Germany 28-29 Jul: *Lina Mogenyte/Kaunas, Lithuania 30 Jul-01 Aug: *Anna Haas/Szczecin, Poland 30 Jul-01 Aug: *Laetitia Vimberg/Villeneuve-sur-Lot, FR 30 Jul-01 Aug: *Sebastien/Noisy-le-Grand, France 31 Jul-02 Aug: *Willemijn van Gastel/Utrecht, NL 31 Jul-02 Aug: *Arjan van Laarhoven/Utrecht, NL 31 Jul-06 Aug: *Katharina Schmidt/Halle (Saale), DE 31 Jul-06 Aug: *Marie-Therese Mäder/Berlin, Germany 01-03 Aug: Johanna Velo/Grenoble, France 01-04 Aug: *Gilta Jansen, Mareike Pöhling/Berlin, DE 02-03 Aug: Xavier LaCruz/Barcelona, Spain 03-05 Aug: *Mélinée Prochasson/Maisons-Alfort, FR 03-04 Aug: *Piret Avila, Laur Kiik/Tallinn, Estonia 04-06 Aug: *Audrey Morice/Nantes, France 04-06 Aug: Manon Naulin/La Rochelle, France 07-08 Aug: Kathrin Schwaiger/Tulln, Austria 07-10 Aug: *Leena Kotilainen/Turku, Finland 07-10 Aug: *Miina Karasti/Kuopio, Finland 07-12 Aug: *Alica Ute Noatsch/Leipzig, Germany 11-17 Aug: *Nina Volker/Göttingen, Germany 11-17 Aug: Markus Drew/Braunschweig, Germany 15 Aug: *Julie Laure Muscat/Paris, France 17-19 Aug: *Kampi Mubanga/Lusaka, Zambia 17-19 Aug: Caroline Cyr/ Montreal, Canada 17-19 Aug: Xavier LaCruz/Barcelona, Spain 17-19 Aug: Takahashi Miyako/Osaka, Japan 17-20 Aug: Zhandos Aitimov/Karaganda, Kazakhstan 17-20 Aug: *Mélinée Prochasson/Maisons-Alfort, FR 18-23 Aug: Mélanie Ceyssens/Ghent, Belgium 19-25 Aug: *Jean-Baptiste Brelière/Rully, France 21-23 Aug: *Dragan Jovanovski/Skopje, Macedonia 26-31 Aug: Mark Lodge/London, UK 26-31 Aug: *Katja Mackold/Cologne, Germany 28 Aug-01 Sep: Marie-Antonia Witzmann/Berlin 28 Aug-01 Sep: Juliette Rahn/Bremen, Germany 31 Aug-03 Sep: *Mélibée Forget/Lyon, France 31 Aug-03 Sep: Virginie Petit/La Rochelle, France 31 Aug-03 Sep: *Alexander & Katharina Riedel/Dresden 02-05 Sep: Régis Etienne/Bruxelles, Belgium 05-07 Sep: *Tobias Winter/Hohenstein-Ernstthal, DE 05-07 Sep: Ralf Bachmann/Hohenstein-Ernstthal, DE 09-13 Sep: Alain Bolomey, Laure Favre/Vaud, CH 09-13 Sep: Vincent /Lausanne, Switzerland 14-19 Sep: Sylvie Geiger/Strasbourg, France 29-31 Sep: Marie-Antonia Witzmann/Berlin 29-31 Sep: Juliette Rahn/Bremen, Germany 29-31 Sep: Ksenia Pilipenko, Verena Wiget/Bremen, DE 07-12 Oct: Leila Alexandra/Melbourne, Australia 09-17 Oct: *Marc & Myroon Halpern/Denver, USA 16-17 Oct: Maarten van Hardenbroek/Utrecht, NL 17-24 Oct: Julia Haba Osca/Valencia, Spain 17-24 Oct: Claudia Romero/Buenos Aires, AR 25-26 Oct: Luba Nosova/Nizhny Novgorod 28 Oct-01 Nov: Ryan West/Vancouver, Canada 29 Oct-03 Nov: Rennie Silva/Northampton, USA 31 Oct-03 Nov: *Ari Salinger/Brisbane, Australia 31 Oct-03 Nov: *Ekaterina Illarionova/Ufa, Russia 05-06 Nov: *Yuliya Shyshliayeva/Minsk, Belarus 05-06 Nov: Tamara Shahnazaryan/Minsk, Belarus 08-14 Nov: Rennie Silva/Northampton, USA 08-14 Nov: *Goh Chun Ping/Singapore 10-13 Nov: Christina Simon/St Petersburg, Russia 16-17 Dec: *Teemu Markkanen/Helsinki, Finland 16-17 Dec: *Alisa-Katia Shklyar/St Petersburg, Russia

2007 (113) 05-06 Feb: Patrick Boys Smith/Seattle, USA 05-07 Feb: Isaiah Tuthill, Nicholas/Acworth, USA 13-15 Feb: *Jeff Hobert/Santa Barbara, USA 22-28 Apr: Thomas Bøndergaard/Copenhagen, Denmark 25-27 Apr: *Marta Jankowska/Warsaw, Poland 07-11 May: *Elina Koskinen/Helsinki, Finland 01-02 Jun: Paul Heggart/Oxford, UK 01-04 Jun: Xinying Ke/Singapore 01-04 Jun: Meeshell Koh/Singapore 03-05 Jun: Raquel Galeano/Asunción, Paraguay 03-05 Jun: Nora Tonkin/Watersmeet, USA 08-09 Jun: Steven E Schubert, Ania Spyra/Iowa, USA 08-12 Jun: Kin Yan Chew/Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 08-12 Jun: Andrew Lim/Singapore 08-12 Jun: Luke Pang/Singapore 11-16 Jun: Kristen Brewer/Vancouver, Canada 12-13 Jun: Raquel Galeano/Asunción, Paraguay 12-13 Jun: Nora Tonkin/Watersmeet, USA 12-13 Jun: Steven E Schubert/Iowa, USA 14-15 Jun: *Richard Tanner/Los Angeles, USA 14-19 Jun: Alex Flynn-Padick/Denver, USA 14-19 Jun: Milos Maricic/Belgrade, Serbia 16-20 Jun: Anne-Laure Dubois/Arles, France 16-20 Jun: Anna van Raaij/Breda, The Netherlands 16-20 Jun: Lisa Radtke/Berlin, Germany 16-20 Jun: Johannes Kasimir/Hamburg, Germany 19-21 Jun: Matt Smith/Melbourne, Australia 19-21 Jun: Dan Donaghey/Gold Coast, Australia 29 Jun-01 Jul: Sandra Dupuis/Lausanne, Switzerland 30 Jun-14 Jul: *Elena Baygoulova/Izhevsk, Russia 02-03 Jul: Milos Maricic/Belgrade, Serbia 02-03 Jul: Marta Derska/Warsaw, Poland 02-03 Jul: Katarzyna Dominikowska/Łódź, Poland 02-03 Jul: Paweł Grymuza/Łódź, Poland 02-03 Jul: Łukasz Kobza/Warsaw, Poland 02-03 Jul: Dorota Koper/Warsaw, Poland 02-05 Jul: Noraneath Phlek/Paris, France 03-05 Jul: Jacqueline van den Ende/Utrecht, Holland 21 Aug-02 Sep: Salwa Abdultawab/Cairo, Egypt 22-24 Aug: *Sarah Strick/Cologne, Germany 25-29 Aug: *Elena Baygoulova/Izhevsk, Russia 26 Aug-12 Oct: Maria Theresia Borlinghaus/Bayreuth 26 Aug-12 Oct: Johanna Pausch/Bayreuth, Germany 30 Aug-02 Sep: Maria Timofeeva/Glazov, Russia 30 Aug-02 Sep: Birgit Hoeft/Mannheim, Germany 30 Aug-02 Sep: Annett Hübener/Dohna, Germany 30 Aug-05 Sep: Sonya & Nigel Bates/New Plymouth, NZ 01-02 Sep: Tatiana Zaitseva/Lipetsk, Russia 01-04 Sep: Stamatis Kotouzas/Athens, Greece 02-04 Sep: Robert Schikowski/Munich, Germany 02-08 Sep: Jasmina Zaharieva/Ruse, Bulgaria 05-07 Sep: Anton Lastochkin/Perm, Russia 06-09 Sep: Denis Antipov/Dudinka, Russia 06-09 Sep: Mao Wenjing (Luca)/Shanghai, China 06-11 Sep: Li-Chen Yu/Hualien, Taiwan ROC 06-11 Sep: *Yu-shiuan Tseng/Hualien, Taiwan ROC 06-12 Sep: Sarah Bro Pedersen/Odense, Denmark 06-12 Sep: Maria Friis Jensen/Odense, Denmark 08-11 Sep: Céline Meyrat, Dirk/Bern, Switzerland 10-15 Sep: Sergey Klimenko/St Petersburg, Russia 12-13 Sep: Liubov Taran/Yaroslavl, Russia 13-15 Sep: Kim Yoonjung, Kim Yongtae/Seoul, S Korea 14-16 Sep: Annett Hübener/Dohna, Germany 15-17 Sep: Corina Heck, Gianluca Rossi/Zürich, CH 22-28 Sep: Veerle Pirson/Zemst, Belgium 22-28 Sep: Dave Forrester/London, UK 26-28 Sep: Tatyana Isayeva/Irkutsk, Russia 28 Sep: Joerg Puehrer & Agnes Peterseil/Vienna, Austria 28-30 Sep: *Fazliddin Kuziev/Tashkent, Uzbekistan 29 Sep-03 Oct: Peter Carney/Cowbride, Wales 30 Sep-01 Oct: Anton Lastochkin/Perm, Russia 06-11 Oct: Mark Tamura/Auckland, New Zealand 11-12 Oct: Alexis Chalot/Paris, France 11-12 Oct: François Picard, Thomas Grenier/Paris, France 11-19 Oct: Martin Trasmundi/Odense, Denmark 11-19 Oct: Sarah Bro Pedersen/Odense, Denmark 11-19 Oct: Kristine Rex/Odense, Denmark 12-15 Oct: Patrick & Jayne Michel/Geneva, Switzerland 15-21 Oct: Laetitia Cordier/Rouen, France 15-22 Oct: Su-Au Hwang/Munich, Germany 25 Oct-01 Nov: Frederic Cambus/Toulouse, France 27 Oct-01 Dec: Sarah Bro Pedersen/Odense, Denmark 27 Oct-1 Dec: Maria Friis Jensen/Odense, Denmark 28-29 Oct: Philipp Schließer/Passau, Germany 28-29 Oct: *Annegret Oette/Halle (Saale), Germany 08-10 Nov: Jenny Nilsson/Linkoping, Sweden 08-10 Nov: Eric Halling/Krokek, Sweden 08-10 Nov: Felix Weideryd/Malmo, Sweden 12-16 Nov: *Jonathan Stray/San Francisco, USA 22 Nov-06 Dec: Karlagash Iskakova/Astana, Kazakhstan 26 Nov-07 Dec: *Swetlana Romaniko/Akkol, KZ 11 Dec-19 Dec: *Elena Baygoulova/Izhevsk, Russia 13-16 Dec: Amber Taylor/Whangarei, New Zealand 14-16 Dec: *Olga Yastrebova/St Petersburg, Russia 17-28 Dec: *Swetlana Romaniko/Akkol, KZ 17 Dec-14 Jan: Su-Au Hwang/Munich, Germany

2008 (242) 02-12 Jan: *Elena Baygoulova/Izhevsk, Russia 07 Jan-01 Feb: *Swetlana Romaniko/Akkol, KZ 12 Jan-03 Feb: Liubov Taran/Yaroslavl, Russia 22-27 Jan: Christine van Haaren/Kalkar, Germany 23-26 Jan: *Zivile Viteikaite/Vilnius, Lithuania 24-26 Jan: Kathrin Böker/Hannover, Germany 25-31 Jan: Celik Karakas/Istanbul, Turkey 25-28 Jan: Anna Karpushova/Saratov, Russia 27-28 Jan: Katharina Stehr/Cologne, Germany 27-28 Jan: Lisa von Wahl/Cologne, Germany 01-03 Feb: Tom Hancock/Oxford, UK 03-06 Feb: Denis Zuyev/Krasnoyarsk, Russia 05-08 Feb: *Hanna Rabushka/Minsk, Belarus 05-08 Feb: Aliaksei Kamushenka/Minsk, Belarus 07-10 Feb: Aino Sutinen/Espoo, Finland 10-11 Feb: Liubov Taran/Yaroslavl, Russia 11-12 Feb: Celik Karakas/Istanbul, Turkey 11-13 Feb: Lisbeth Frost/Pandrup, Denmark 11-13 Feb: Keld Christensen/Pandrup, Denmark 12-13 Feb: Aino Sutinen/Espoo, Finland 16-18 Feb: *Pierre Picart/Nancy, France 16-20 Feb: *Thibault Demange/Nancy, France 17-19 Feb: Justine Hochart/Bordeaux, France 17-19 Feb: Marine Rozès/Bordeaux, France 17-20 Feb: Lisbeth Frost/Pandrup, Denmark 17-20 Feb: Keld Christensen/Pandrup, Denmark 18-19 Feb: Celik Karakas/Istanbul, Turkey 20-27 Feb: Larisa Lysyakova/Ufa, Russia 20 Feb-14 Mar: Enzo Striano/Ercolano, Italy 21-28 Feb: Elizabeth Nelson/Wilmington, USA 25-27 Feb: Irina Starostina/Ufa, Russia 25 Feb-02 Mar: Celik Karakas/Istanbul, Turkey 29 Feb-02 Mar: Polina Klishova/St Petersburg, Russia 29 Feb-02 Mar: Dmitry Leshchev/St Petersburg, Russia 29 Feb-02 Mar: Lada Shalyt/St Petersburg, Russia 29 Feb-02 Mar: Katherine Bobrova/St Petersburg, Russia 02-12 Mar: Edith Dumon, Bram de Backer/Leuven, BE 10-11 Mar: Elizabeth Nelson/Wilmington, USA 14-18 Mar: Anna Karpushova/Saratov, Russia 14-23 Mar: Milka Zehlike/Dresden, Germany 15-16 Mar: Maxim Drachinsky/Moscow, Russia 18 Mar: Olga Alimova/St Petersburg, Russia 18-19 Mar: *Maria Krüger/Trier, Germany 18-20 Mar: Andrea Schulze/Trier, Germany 18-21 Mar: Thierry Baud, Sophie Dabrowski/Ancelle, FR 18-30 Mar: Polina Isaeva/St Petersburg, Russia 25-30 Mar: Lyn Egen/Magdeburg, Germany 26-27 Mar: Tilman Speer/Bielefeld, Germany 26-27 Mar: Karolina Wasikowska/Łódź, Poland 26-27 Mar: Aneta Kacprzak/Łódź, Poland 26-27 Mar: Wanda Budzyn/Łódź, Poland 27-29 Mar: Justine Hochart/Bordeaux, France 27-29 Mar: Marine Rozès/Bordeaux, France 29-30 Mar: *Olga Shimyakova/Nizhny Novgorod, RU 29-30 Mar: Katya Mordvina/St Petersburg, Russia 29-30 Mar: Asya Solodova/St Petersburg, Russia 29-30 Mar: Irina Venediktova/St Petersburg, Russia 01 Apr: Cecile Pompei/Sceaux, France 05-06 Apr: *Olga Shimyakova/Nizhny Novgorod, RU 05-08 Apr: Elise Laker, Alex Hoban/Nottingham, UK 08-09 Apr: Sascha Deutsch/Hamburg, Germany 10-13 Apr: Liubov Taran/Yaroslavl, Russia 10-12 Apr: Peter Tempfli/Budapest, Hungary 10-15 Apr: *Fazliddin Kuziev/Tashkent, Uzbekistan 11-17 Apr: Fabienne Fabaraka/Paris, France 12 Apr: Monika Komenda/Budapest, Hungary 12-13 Apr: Niguina Rakhmatova/Nizhny Novgorod 12-15 Apr: Ivan Bezborody/Nizhny Novgorod, Russia 14-17 Apr: Matthew Rocklin/Berkeley, USA 15-17 Apr: Michelle Ono/Los Angeles, USA 16-17 Apr: Peter Tempfli/Budapest, Hungary 16-17 Apr: Monika Komenda/Budapest, Hungary 16-17 Apr: Fanny Stroh/Berlin, Germany 16-25 Apr: Liubov Taran/Yaroslavl, Russia 17-18 Apr: Carlos Rau/Santiago, Chile 19-24 Apr: Antonio Hedilla/Madrid, Spain 19-24 Apr: Aurora Perez-Seoane/Madrid, Spain 22-23 Apr: Vyacheslav Zhmakin/Moscow, Russia 27 April-05 May: Liubov Taran/Yaroslavl, Russia 06-07 May: Svetlana Aniskina/Moscow, Russia 06-07 May: Irina Danilkina/Pushkino, Russia 10-12 May: Celik Karakas/Istanbul, Turkey 12-14 May: Aivars Andersons/Rīga, Latvia 12-14 May: Giovanni Merzari/Verona, Italy 12-14 May: Thibaud Lhomer/St-Malo, France 12-15 May: Roberto Quaglia/Genova, Italy 12-16 May: Liubov Taran/Yaroslavl, Russia 15-18 May: Tiago Oliviera/Lisbon, Portugal 15-18 May: Carlos Ramos/Lisbon, Portugal 16-19 May: Erwin Dwi Saputra/Jakarta, Indonesia 16-19 May: Isaac Ng/Hong Kong, China 16-21 May: Marie-Antonia Witzmann/Berlin, Germany 16-21 May: Jair Mariano Jr/Sao Paolo, Brazil 17-19 May: Nuno Cerca/Aveiro, Portugal 19-23 May: Shannon Branock, Yasuo Ichikawa/Brisbane 21-22 May: Delphine Frecaut/Nancy, France 21-23 May: Amaury de France/Paris, France 21-23 May: Maud Heran/Paris, France 21-24 May: *Nicole Oude Oosterik/Nijmegen, NL 21-24 May: *Amy Mulder/Heumen, The Netherlands 23-25 May: Irina Borisova/St Petersburg, Russia 23-25 May: John Tilden King/Freestone, USA 24-27 May: Irina Fedina/Rīga, Latvia 24-27 May: Ināra Tjurjapina/Rīga, Latvia 24-27 May: Wolfgang Kaller/Dortmund, Germany 24-27 May: Eeva Maria/Kotka, Finland 26-29 May: Liubov Taran/Yaroslavl, Russia 26 May-02 Jun: Marco Morza/Luxembourg City, LU 27-30 May: Pascal Dumont/Montréal, Canada 28-31 May: Sylvain Raucy, Julie Balay/Paris, France 30 May-03 Jun: Guy Lamiche/Carmignano, Italy 02-04 Jun: Myriam Fink/Münster, Germany 02-04 Jun: Jan Flasche/Bonn, Germany 02-11 Jun: Liubov Taran/Yaroslavl, Russia 03-06 Jun: Josh Sanders/Buderim, Australia 05-09 Jun: Alexa Furphy/Brisbane, Australia 06-13 Jun: Elena Gorshkova/Irkutsk, Russia 09-16 Jun: Lina Johansson/Bureå, Sweden 09-16 Jun: Cecilia Truedsson/Malmo, Sweden 10-11 Jun: Sergey Klimenko/St Petersburg, Russia 13-16 Jun: Catherine Moureau/Sprimont, Belgium 13-16 Jun: Zoé François/Remouchamps, Belgium 15 Jun-05 Jul: Liubov Taran/Yaroslavl, Russia 16-17 Jun: Anita Michalkiewicz/Quebec, Canada 16-17 Jun: Julie & Dan Baas/Sacramento, USA 16-20 Jun: Charlotte Debunne & Pascal Lessard/Montréal 17-22 Jun: Amélie Le Cam, Anouck Manzoni/Paris, France 18-19 Jun: Diana Dragomir/Montréal, Canada 18-19 Jun: Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine/Montréal, Canada 18-20 Jun: Ekaterina Baranova/St Petersburg, Russia 19 Jun-07 Jul: *Elena Baygoulova/Izhevsk, Russia 20-22 Jun: *Elena Nedozhogina/Voronezh, Russia 20-23 Jun: Francesco Piccinini/Suzzara, Italy 23-26 Jun: *Raul Muñoz/Santiago, Chile 24-25 Jun: Irina Danilkina/Pushkino, Russia 24-26 Jun: Donnacadh O'Briain/Dublin, Ireland 25-28 Jun: Audra Lambert/Jersey City, USA 26-28 Jun: Francesco Piccinini/Suzzara, Italy 28 Jun-02 Jul: Val Yeong/Singapore 29-30 Jun: Alex Parkyn-Smith/Manchester, UK 01-03 Jul: Lisa Lotte Damm/Berlin, Germany 02-05 Jul: Peter Norris/Norwich, UK 03-04 Jul: *Raul Muñoz/Santiago, Chile 03-05 Jul: Nicole Justin/Chicago, USA 06-09 Jul: Florian Kröll, Lena Dell/Graz, Austria 07-08 Jul: Jennifer Kungsman/Umeå, Sweden 07-08 Jul: Josef Lilljegren/Umeå, Sweden 07-10 Jul: Florian Pageaud/Nantes, France 07-10 Jul: Grégory Monnier/Nantes, France 07-10 Jul: Ulrich Allais/Nantes, France 07-19 Jul: Liubov Taran/Yaroslavl, Russia 10-12 Jul: *Elena Baygoulova/Izhevsk, Russia 13-15 Jul: Florian Reischauer/Vienna, Austria 13-15 Jul: Katharina Roßboth, Manuel Fröschl/Vienna 16-24 Jul: *Marita Goth/Detmold, Germany 16-24 Jul: *Valentin Stroh/Detmold, Germany 17-18 Jul: Neil West/Huddersfield, UK 17-18 Jul: Michael Canizares/Manchester, UK 17-19 Jul: *Marta Tarridas/Calella de la costa, Spain 19-20 Jul: Natalia Gudimova/St Petersburg, Russia 19-20 Jul: Robert Heijtel/Rijsenhout, The Netherlands 18-20 Jul: Olia Makshanova/St Petersburg, Russia 20-21 Jul: *Natalia Kalicińska/Zielona Góra, Poland 20-21 Jul: Yulia Ivanova/Vladimir, Russia 20-22 Jul: Xavier Lavry/Couthin-Wanze-Huy, Belgium 20-23 Jul: Fanny Stroh/Berlin, Germany 21-22 Jul: Irina Borisova/St Petersburg, Russia 21-27 Jul: Kyoungsuk Cho/Seoul, Korea 21 Jul-04 Aug: Liubov Taran/Yaroslavl, Russia 04-05 Aug: Mart van Amerongen/Utrecht, Netherlands 04-05 Aug: Ram Eisenberg/Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel 05-07 Aug: Amelia Childress/Monterey, USA 05-08 Aug: Andrea Neuhaus/Bern, Switzerland 05-10 Aug: Virginie Fraisse/Toulouse, France 05-10 Aug: Jérémie Bethmont/Toulouse, France 10-22 Aug: Liubov Taran/Yaroslavl, Russia 17-31 Aug: *Elena Baygoulova/Izhevsk, Russia 25-27 Aug: Tatiana Isaeva/Irkutsk, Russia 26-27 Aug: Ville Kantola/Tampere, Finland 26-27 Aug: Sanna Tukia/Pietarsaari, Finland 28-30 Aug: *Manuela Pohl/Potsdam, Germany 28-30 Aug: Katharina Maria Heymann/Heidelberg, DE 28-29 Aug: Fanny Stroh/Berlin, Germany 04-06 Sep: Marina & Sofia Syomina/Chukotka,Russia 04-06 Sep: Leo Mourzenko/St Petersburg, Russia 05-10 Sep: Alex Henri/Houston, USA 05-12 Sep: Rubén Alba Aguilera/Málaga, Spain 05-15 Sep: *Leire Orduna/Pamplona, Spain 06-07 Sep: Anna Nekrasova/Moscow, Russia 07-08 Sep: Fábio Vaccaro da Rocha/São Paulo, Brazil 08-11 Sep: Jan Harnisch/Hamburg, Germany 10-13 Sep: Maxime & Stéphane Cornu/Orléans, France 11-13 Sep: Liubov Taran/Yaroslavl, Russia 15-18 Sep: Paulin Brossard/Bayonne, France 16 Sep-02 Oct: Shawn Ligocki/Pasadena, USA 16 Sep-02 Oct: Cecilia Yu/The Woodlands, USA 22-26 Sep: Anna Karpushova, Vera Maltseva/Saratov, RU 23-26 Sep: Ingrid & Terje Eckhoff/Oslo, Norway 23-26 Sep: Martin & Ingvild Eckhoff/Oslo, Norway 25-29 Sep: Christophe Meneboeuf/Vincennes, France 25-29 Sep: Sindy Carpentier/Vincennes, France 01-03 Oct: Barbara Puehringer, Heinz Grünwald/Vienna 09-12 Oct: Jimena Niño/Bogotá, Colombia 09-12 Oct: Aura Lucia Nivia/Bogotá, Colombia 13-14 Oct: Anna Nekrasova/Odintsevo, Russia 13-14 Oct: Alidyar Autalipov/Almaty, KZ 13-24 Oct: Mareiki Aden/Hamburg, Germany 14-15 Oct: Irina Danilkina/Pushkino, Russia 21-22 Oct: Irina Danilkina/Pushkino, Russia 21-22 Oct: Irina Koblents/Ivanteevka, Russia 25-28 Oct: Julia Akhmetshina/Ekaterinburg, Russia 25-28 Oct: Liya Nizamova/Ekaterinburg, Russia 09-10 Nov: Gulsum Nabiullina/Ufa, Russia 09-10 Nov: Irina Danilkina/Pushkino, Russia 16 Nov-2 Dec: Fábio Vaccaro da Rocha/São Paulo, Brazil 17-18 Nov: Melissa Levacic/Cannes, France 21-22 Nov: Irina Koblents/Ivanteevka, Russia 22-24 Nov: Irina Danilkina/Pushkino, Russia 27 Nov-2 Dec: Chris Adam/Calgary, Canada 27-28 Nov: Irina Danilkina/Pushkino, Russia 07-08 Dec: Maria Yefremova/Ufa, Russia 07-08 Dec: Svetlana Yakovleva/Ryazan, Russia 11-12 Dec: Steffen Jung/Buehl, Germany 11-12 Dec: Mikhail Dorofeev/Toronto, Canada 11-14 Dec: *Elena Baygoulova/Izhevsk, Russia 12-13 Dec: Heather Zueff/Beausejour, Canada 12-13 Dec: Matthew Mangold/Baltimore, USA 22-23 Dec: Liya Nizamova/Ekaterinburg, Russia

2009 20-23 Feb: Mariel Stringer-Fehlow/London, UK 20-23 Feb: Kari Foster/Denver, USA 20-23 Feb: Spencer Gourley/Salt Lake City, USA 26 Feb-14 Mar: Akin Duru/Istanbul, Turkey 27 Feb-01 Mar: Christoph Deschka/Vienna, Austria 27 Feb-01 Mar: Reza Khorsand/Terheijden, NL 03-08 Mar: Çelik Karakaş/Istanbul, Turkey 04-05 Mar: Marina Tengery/Ulan-Ude, Russia 12-16 Mar: Andrea Zefferer/Vienna, Austria 12-16 Mar: Verena Randolf/Vienna, Austria 14-22 Mar: Kathi Möller/Fulda, Germany 14-22 Mar: Elena Barth/Fulda, Germany 19-20 Mar: Sarah Shireen/Ipoh, Malaysia 22 Mar-02 Apr: Mariel Stringer-Fehlow/London, UK 23-24 Mar: Çelik Karakaş/Istanbul, Turkey 24-28 Mar: Anna Chulkova/Samara, Russia 25-26 Mar: Lisa Zenker/Magdeburg, Germany 25-26 Mar: Richard Müller/Magdeburg, Germany 25-27 Mar: Max Stockmann/Magdeburg, Germany 26-27 Mar: Justine Hochart/Bordeaux, France 26-27 Mar: Liubov Taran/Yaroslavl, Russia 26-29 Mar: Anna Dontsova/St Petersburg, Russia 26-29 Mar: Olya Bolshakova/St Petersburg, Russia 27-29 Mar: Lada Shalyt/St Petersburg, Russia 27-29 Mar: Dmitry Leshchev/St Petersburg, Russia 27-29 Mar: Valentina Domenjuk/St Petersburg, Russia 27-29 Mar: Elena Silkina/St Petersburg, Russia 29 Mar-01 Apr: Piotr Sobczak/Wrocław, Poland 30 Mar-03 Apr: Jakob Höber/Munich, Germany 01-02 Apr: Akin Duru/Istanbul, Turkey 04-11 Apr: *Elena Baygoulova/Izhevsk, Russia 11-17 Apr: Katarina Ludrovska/Bratislava, Slovakia 16-18 Apr: Lara Echávarri Fontecha /Madrid, Spain 16-18 Apr: Oscar Navarro/Mexico City, Mexico 16-18 Apr: Camilo García Alba/Bogotá, Colombia 18-20 Apr: Mélyssa Vachon/Québec, Canada 18-20 Apr: Catherine Plasse/Québec, Canada 18-21 Apr: Joannie Savard/Québec, Canada 19-21 Apr: Louise Lakeb/Québec, Canada 19-26 Apr: *Elena Baygoulova/Izhevsk, Russia 26-28 Apr: Anna Magyar/Budapest, Hungary 26-29 Apr: Josefin Lindgren/Uppsala, Sweden 28-30 Apr: Michael Singer/Radolfzell, Germany 29 Apr-1 May: Camila Bauer/Porto Alegre, Brazil 29 Apr-1 May: Marta Canabal/Madrid, Spain 29 Apr-1 May: Sebastian Todt, Nikolaus Weihe/Halle, DE 02-05 May: Tine Dessein, Marieke Huysmans/Bruges, Belgium 02-05 May: Katrien Callewaert/Bruges, Belgium 04-06 May: Luuk Mulling, Zayde Salvador/Barcelona, Spain 05-06 May: Anna Mayorova/Chelyabinsk, Russia 05-06 May: Liya Nizamova/Ekaterinburg, Russia 08-09 May: Katrien Callewaert/Bruges, Belgium 08-11 May: Tine Dessein, Marieke Huysmans/Bruges, Belgium 08-17 May: Shira Bezalel/Jerusalem, Israel 08-17 May: Esther Draakje/Dordrecht, NL 10-13 May: Tina Braden, Eva Peter/Graz, Austria 12-15 May: Maxwell Chernoff/Vancouver, Canada 14-16 May: Yulia Ivanova/Vladimir, Russia 14-19 May: Masha Smirnova/Vienna, Austria 16-17 May: Elisabeth Wilamowitz/Freiberg, Germany 16-17 May: Svetlana Romaniko/Akkau, Kazakhstan 17-22 May: *Julia Killet/Düsseldorf, Germany 17-30 May: Liubov Taran/Yaroslavl, Russia 19-22 May: Maxwell Chernoff/Vancouver, Canada 23-24 May: Gulsum Nabiullina/Ufa, Russia 24-26 May: Ariella Bar-Nissim/Brooklyn, New York 24-27 May: Alena Odnopleskova/Novosibirsk, Russia 26-27 May: Anastassia Mikhaylova/Samara, Russia 26-27 May: Elena Tatarinova/Samara, Russia 26-27 May: Katya Shishchenko/Novosibirsk, Russia 26-28 May: Joanna Baxter/Brighton, UK 28-31 May: Anna Chulkova/Samara, Russia 28 May-28 Jun: Liya Nizamova/Ekaterinburg, Russia 30-31 May: Elisabeth Wilamowitz/Freiberg, Germany 30-31 May: Maxwell Chernoff/Vancouver, Canada 01-02 Jun: Katya Shishchenko/Novosibirsk, Russia 01-04 Jun: Denis Beriau/Quebec City, Canada 01-09 Jun: Konstantin Gorshkov/Moscow, Russia 03-04 Jun: Katya Shishchenko/Novosibirsk, Russia 05-06 Jun: Alberto Fornasier/Milano, Italy 12-14 Jun: Ekaterina Bubnova/St Petersburg 12-14 Jun: Sergey Dulin, Alexander Grigoruk/SPb, Russia 16-18 Jun: Elisabeth Wilamowitz/Freiberg, Germany 18-20 Jun: Sally Brooking, Simon Grove-White/Oxford, UK 18-21 Jun: Liubov Taran/Yaroslavl, Russia 19-22 Jun: Kristoffer Olsson, Henrik Lundahl/Gothenburg, Sweden 19-24 Jun: François Aubin, Hélène Katz/Paris, France 20-21 Jun: Katya Shishchenko/Novosibirsk, Russia 20-22 Jun: Anna Yarmolenko, Alexandra Bogdanova/Vladivostok 22-26 Jun: *Josue & Silvia Partida/Mexico City, Mexico 23-28 Jun: Ewan Kingston/Wellington, NZ 25-27 Jun: Marie Köller/Hamburg, Germany 25-27 Jun: Johan Saarela/Vaasa, Finland 27 Jun-13 Jul: Elena Baygoulova/Izhevsk, Russia 28-29 Jun: Peter Naderer/Innsbruck, Austria 28-30 Jun: Bérénice Dartevelle, Sandrine Zicot//Bruxelles, Belgium 29 Jun-01 Jul: Camille Sage, Nicolas Racana/Clermont-Ferrand, France 01-03 Jul: Ricardo Cabeços, Pedro Cabeços/Faro, Portugal 01-03 Jul: Aude Friren/Lyon, France 02-03 Jul: Katya Shishchenko/Novosibirsk, Russia


PROTO-COUCHSURFING - If a tree falls in the forest & there was no one to witness it, how can we know the tree actually fell? If I was couchsurfing but no one told me what it was, how can we be sure I really was doing it? From way back in 1984, without knowing it I was already a proto-CouchSurfer. Back then, a Rotary Club student from WI stayed at our home. Since then, from Japanese and Korean students to two French choir boys from Les Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de Bois, my family has been lending its "couch" to travelers and students from different parts of the world. By the time I left my country to live in Japan in 1994, I had become a committed CouchSurfer/Surfee.

HOSPITALITY CLUB - After becoming a member of CS precursor Hospitality Club in February 2005, I started to learn about meeting complete strangers. It took a while before I finally was able to ask for accommodation while travling alone in a strange city but the warm & hospitable people of the Baltics helped me break into the whole HC ethic.

EXPERIENCE - Since April 2006 I've hosted some 850 people from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Macedonia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Paraguay, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States. In turn I've been hosted in Baku, Bali (Seminyak), Berlin, Bratislava, Caen, Dresden, Halle-Saale, Inari, Kaunas, Leipzig, Minsk, Paris, Prague, Riga, St Petersburg, Tallinn, Tartu, Tbilisi, Vilnius, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Yerevan.

HOSTS (Incomplete)

2005 20-21 Dec: Kristina Skaburskyte/Kaunas, Lithuania 21-22 Dec: *Paule Zaksauskiene/Kaunas, LT 21-22 Dec: *Mindaugas Zaksauskas/Kaunas, LT 22-23 Dec: Aushrine Kersanskaite/Vilnius, Lithuania 23-24 Dec: *Inga Dievulyte/Vilnius, Lithuania 24-25 Dec: Aija Stikane/Bajari, Latvia 25-27 Dec: Kristine Ciirule/Rīga, Latvia 27-29 Dec: *Kristina Argel/Tartu, Estonia 29-31 Dec: *Kristel Kask/Tallinn, Estonia

2006 02-06 Jan: *Suvi Kivelä/Inari, Finland 10-12 Apr: *Frédérique Laffont/Paris, France 13-14 Apr: *Renaud La Joie/Caen, France 24-26 Jun: *Mina Dos Santos/St Petersburg, Russia 18-20 Nov: *Antoine Bernard/Baku, Azerbaijan 23-25 Nov: George Machtidze/Tbilisi, Georgia 26-30 Nov: *Mihran Sahakyan/Yerevan, Armenia 26-30 Nov: *Hasmik Hovhannisyan/Yerevan, Armenia 09 Dec: *Ekaterina Salinger/Ufa, Russia 27 Dec: *Regina Nasyrova, Anton Babovnik/Vitebsk, BY 27-28 Dec: *Lilija Bojka/Minsk, Belarus 29 Dec: Iza Gralla/Torun, Poland 29-30 Dec: Sylwia Kolodziejczyk/Warsaw, Poland 30 Dec-1 Jan: *Anastasia Khaustova/Warsaw, Poland

2007 01-03 Jan: *Maria Smolarek/Wrocław, Poland 03-04 Jan: *Zuzana Gavulova/Bratislava, Slovakia 04-06 Jan: *Zuzana Klackova/Prague, Czech Republic 04-06 Jan: *Jindřich Beneš/Prague, Czech Republic 06-07 Jan: *Jana Aurig/Dresden, Germany 07-08 Jan: *Janna/Leipzig, Germany 08-09 Jan: *Markus Nowatzki/Halle (Saale), Germany 08-09 Jan: *Katharina Schmidt/Halle (Saale), Germany 09-10 Jan: Marie-Antonia Witzmann/Berlin, Germany 15-17 Mar: Hanna Stoff/Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia 01-04 Aug: Monolita Chatterjee/Cochin, India 07-08 Aug: Aparna Roy/Mumbai, India 11-13 Aug: Saazid Singha/Delhi, India 15-16 Sep: Olga Alimova/St Petersburg, Russia 01-02 Nov: Adi Yaniv/Jerusalem, Israel 03-04 Nov: *Yasser Alhaj/Deheishe Camp, West Bank 05-06 Nov: Sarit Hashkes/Jerusalem, Israel 06-07 Nov: *Oded Mordechay/Kibbutz Yiro'n, Israel 24-25 Nov: *Olga Shimyakova/Nizhny Novgorod, RU 22-25 Dec: Agnes Peterseil/Vienna, Austria 25-27 Dec: Sarina Kriechbaum-Ikhine/Graz, Austria 27-30 Dec: Ines Kočar/Ljubljana, Slovenia 30-31 Dec: Ivana Pripuzović/Zagreb, Croatia 2008 01 Jan: Ivana Pripuzović/Zagreb, Croatia 01-03 Jan: Neubacher Rudolf/Pécs, Hungary 03-04 Jan: *Danko Delač/Osijek, Croatia 04-05 Jan: David Myers/Novi Sad, Serbia 05-07 Jan: Milica Popovic/Belgrade, Serbia 08-11 Jan: Lisa Steele/Budapest, Hungary 11-12 Jan: *Zuzana Holla/Bratislava, Slovakia 12-13 Jan: Agnes Peterseil/Vienna, Austria 08-11 Mar: Olga Alimova/St Petersburg, Russia 20-22 Mar: Olga Shimyakova/Nizhny Novgorod, Russia 26-27 Apr: Marina Reingold/Vladimir, Russia 28-30 Apr: Su-Au Hwang/Munich, Germany 30 Apr-01 May: Stephanie Haneberg/Augsburg, DE 30 Apr-01 May: Alex Wimmer/Augsburg, Germany 01-02 May: Lu Gabel/Stuttgart, Germany 02-03 May: Nahia Galar/Tübingen, Germany 03-04 May: Charlotte Morel/Strasbourg, France 04-05 May: Anika Grübel/Karlsruhe, Germany 05-06 May: Enite Murswiek/Stuttgart, Germany 31 May: Nikolay Lazitsky/Novgorod, Russia 31 May-01 Jun: Olga Petrova/St Petersburg, Russia 20-21 Jun: Vladas and Inga Sapranavicius/Vilnius, LT 21-22 Jun: Reda Ketleriute/Klaipeda, Lithuania 22-23 Jun: Aija Stikane/Bajari, Latvia 05 Jul: Elena Lavrenova/Vyborg, Russia 05-06 Jul: Irina Borisova/St Petersburg, Russia 02-03 Aug: *Olga Maximova/Barnaul, Russia 08-10 Aug: Paul Olai-Olssen/Oslo, Norway 11-13 Aug: Kati Indrefjord/Bergen, Norway 15-16 Aug: Claude Goffeney/Tromsø, Norway 22-23 Aug: Deborah & Akihiro Ogawa/Stockholm, Sweden 24-25 Aug: Polina Isaeva/St Petersburg, Russia 14-15 Nov: Chrissy Klemens/Amsterdam, NL 15-18 Nov: Faizal Chery Sidharta/Den Haag, NL

2009 06-07 Jan: Nicolien Kegels, Walid Houri/Beirut, Lebanon 07-08 Jan: Jesse Wessan/Tyre, Lebanon 03-04 Apr: Arianna Isotti/Rome, Italy 04-06 Apr: Silvia Cannella/Palermo, Italy 08-09 Apr: Jamie Small/Siracusa, Italy 10-11 Apr: Filippo Occhipinti/Palermo, Italy 11-12 Apr: Arianna Isotti/Rome, Italy 18-19 Apr: Natalia Bayurova/Yaroslavl, Russia 02-03 May: *Shamil Sokolov/Pyatigorsk, Russia 11-12 Jun: Renat Pretsinieks/Makhachkala, RU 12-13 Jun: *Anna Lysenko/Pyatigorsk, RU 01-02 Aug: /Pskov, Russia 08-11 Aug: Breena Xie/Beijing, China 16-18 Aug: Breena Xie/Beijing, China 24-25 Oct: Julie Krøier, Pablo Kolbe/Copenhagen, DK 25-26 Oct: Natasja Liv Hansen/Copenhagen, DK 31 Oct-01 Nov: Alex Hoban/London, UK 01-02 Nov: Gavin Haynes/London, UK 14-15 Nov: Natasha Krasnova/St Petersburg, Russia 22-23 Nov: Teodora Lascu/Bucharest, Romania 23-24 Nov: Bogdan Micu/Braşov, Romania 24-25 Nov: Elisa Heuser/Sibiu, Romania 25-27 Nov: Adina Silvaş/Timişoara, Romania 27-28 Nov: Andrea Ewing/Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 04-05 Dec: Jon Stokes/Tirana, Albania 07-08 Dec: Jan Tomesek, Bea Ferenci/Prishtina, Kosovo 08-09 Dec: Dragan Jovanovski/Skopje, Macedonia 10-11 Dec: Elitsa Staneva/Sofia, Bulgaria 11-12 Dec: Shtiliana Andonova/Plovdiv, Bulgaria


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Music, Movies & Books

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FILMS : Amadeus, 羅生門 (Rashômon), Jeux interdits, Amores perros, The Pianist, Slumdog Millionaire, Dilber'in sekiz günü, Fight Club, Nuovo cinema paradiso, My Life Without Me, Before Sunset, Ladri di biciclette, Fucking Åmål, Est-Ouest, 七人の侍 (Seven Samurai), Before Sunset, Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain, 공동경비구역 JSA (Joint Security Area), Hable con ella, À la verticale de l'été (Mùa hè chiều thẳng đứng), When Harry Met Sally, Mala Moskwa (Малая Москва), Броненосец «Потёмкин» (Battleship Potemkin), となりのトトロ (My Neighbor Totoro), Braveheart, 天国と地獄 (High and Low), Festen, L'odeur de la papaye verte, 8월의 크리스마스 (Christimas in August), Das Leben der Anderen, La stanza del figlio, Jean de Florette, 乱 (Ran), La femme du boulanger, The Darjeeling Limited, Shrek, Being John Malkovich, 12 Angry Men, Green Card, Bound, Groundhog Day, Memento, Sixth Sense, Dor, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Il Mare, In Bruges, Notting Hill, Wanted, Je vais bien, ne t'en fais pas, Léon, Fa yeung nin wa LAST SEEN : डोर (DorㅣThread) by Nagesh Kukunoor

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LAST-SONG-SYNDROME TUNE: Yeh Honsla by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan from the OST of Dor (2007)

One Amazing Thing I've Done

Travel to all continents save Antarctica in one year. (2003)

Witness the Arirang Mass Games, featuring over 100,000 participants in a 90min display of gymnastics, dance, acrobatics, and dramatic performance, at Pyongyang's May Day Stadium. (2009)

Experience an 18-degree drop in air temperature in just one hour of travel from Ljubljana to Izola on Slovenia's abbreviated Adriatic coast. (2007)

Survived being swept away by the rising tide on Pulau Manukan in Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park near Kota Kinabalu. (2011)

Ride in front of the train on the Circum-Baikal Railway in the face of freezing autumn breezes for almost 2 hours. (2006)

Meet and ask questions to such world leaders as Eduard Shevardnadze, Mikhail Gorbachev, Mary Robinson and Angela Merkel. (1997-2001)

Visit the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on the South Korean side (Panmunjeom in 2001; Daeseong-dong in 2013) and the North Korean side (2009).

Party hard with war crimes tribunal officials to music played by DJ Mata Hari from Barcelona at the Balkan Caffe club in the Old Town of Sarajevo on the 2nd day of Eid al-Adha/Kurban bajram. (2009)

Hiked around Horton Plains National Park (stood at the top of the precipice on World's End) and up Sigiriya (Lion Rock) in Sri Lanka. (2013)

Take part as civilian observer in six-day joint US-Philippine military exercises in the South China Sea onboard the corvette BRP Artemio Ricarte (PS-37), formerly known as the HMS Starling (P241) during her service with the Royal Navy. (2000)

Successfully conspired to win a yearlong grant from the China Scholarship Council (国家留学基金委) to study intensive Mandarin at the Beijing Foreign Studies University (北京外国语大学), thus effectively saving myself from being inexplicably put in the freezer for nine months at the Department of Foreign Affairs. (2010)

Go dog sledding on a frozen lake in Lapland. (2006)

Cruise down the Mekong River in Laos by slow boat over two days from Huay Xai near the Thai border through Pakbeng up to Luang Prabang. (2011)

Hear the whole 3-hr Orthodox Easter service (the works: matins, liturgy) at Novodevichy Monastery in Moscow. (2007)

Go on a 125km, five-day horse-riding trek in the Altai Mountains in Russia. (2008)

Experience snow in Ifrane in the Middle Atlas in the morning, ride through rock desert in Ziz Valley through the day and see the sun set in a Berber camp in the Sahara 50 km from the Algerian border. (2002)

Take epic train rides from Cochin to Goa on the Konkan Railway; Pyongyang to Beijing on the Chinese Railway; Bangkok to Penang on the International Express (Ekspress Antarabangsa); and Perm to Beijing on the Transsiberian railway (broken up with stops at Tomsk, Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, Ulan-Ude and Ulanbaatar). (2007, 2009, 2011)

Do the merengue while sipping a mojito in Castro's Cuba. Witness the Easter procession in Trinidad, the only place in Cuba allowed to mark a Christian holiday apart from Christmas. (2005)

Observe the laying and hatching of eggs by masses of nesting Green Sea Turtles on Baguan Island in the Philippines' Turtle Islands. (2011)

Hitch a ride going to and coming back from Selim Caravanseray between Aghavnadzor and Martuni in the the mountains of Vayots Dzor in southern Armenia - my first real HH experience. (2006)

Host more than 1,000 guests & be honored by 1,300 connections in my Friends' List in CouchSurfing. (2013)

Witness the signing of the Kyoto Protocol and scoop all news agencies in getting the Annex A percentage reductions in greenhouse gases. (1997)

Travel to Birobidzhan, capital of the Jewish Autonomous Region in the Russian Far East. (2007)

Take a train from Beijing through Harbin and the Chinese border city of Heihe and on a hovercraft over the frozen Heilongjiang or Amur River to go visit a friend in Blagoveshchensk on her birthday on Christmas Eve 2010. (2010)

Join a bloodless peaceful revolt to topple a dictator. (1986)

Catch an average of one sprat every seven minutes -24 in three hours of fishing- in the Black Sea. (2004)

Spend back-to-back nights in one of the oldest Palestinian refugee camps, Dheishe, as well as one of the most successful remaining kibbutzim, Kibbutz Yir'on, to get a fuller picture of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from within. (2007)

Witness the signing of the historic PH-MILF Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro at Rizal Hall of Malacañan Palace. (2012)

Went cross-country skiing at Losiny Ostrov National Park and then, not having any time to go home and change, went to see an opera at Moscow's prestigious Bolshoi Theatre garbed in red ski wear. (2004)

Interview Miyazaki Hayao, the world's greatest anime master. (1997)

Go ice-hole swimming during Epiphany (Kreshchenie) in the Moscow Region. (2008)

Cover the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano as a reporter. (1998)

Stand astride with feet on both banks of the Volga at the river's source in Volgaverkhnye village in the Valdai Hills. (2006)

Snowboard in the Arctic Circle. (2005, 2008)

Pilot a riverboat on the Shannon River. (2002)

Serve as guide to Akutagawa Prize laureate Henmi Yo (辺見庸)in pursuing the historical trail of a cannibalistic Japanese postwar unit in northern Mindanao, which made up Chapter 6 “The Tragedy of Food in Mindanao Island” 「ミンダナオ島の食の 悲劇」 in his 16th Kodansha Non-Fiction Prize winning work, “People Who Eat”(もの食う人々). (1992)

Curate and/or host 51 film-screening sessions at my apartment in Moscow from July 2008 until December 2009 under the rubric "World Cinema Club", which had an average attendance of 30 people. (2008-2009)

Get sloshed before the bulls run in Pamplona. (2002)

Go on a wine road trip and degustation to Bordeaux and Alsace (France), Crimea (Ukraine), Kvareli and Tsinandali (Georgia), Upper Galilee and Golan Heights (Israel), Kuban (Russia), Pfalz (Germany) and Breshtovitsa (Bulgaria). (2002-2009)

Survive a snowstorm in Kazbegi in early winter and get back to Tbilisi in time for my train back to Baku. (2006)

Swam alongside a whale shark in Donsol, Sorsogon in eastern Philippines, and saw right whales in Mirissa, Sri Lanka. (2010, 2014)

Ride a local train for six hours return between Rome & Naples just to eat la vera pizza neapolitana at Trianon (Da Michele was being renovated). (2002)

Ate at the original Mongkok branch of dimsum specialists Tim Ho Wan, the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in Hong Kong. (2010)

Witness my first total solar eclipse at the Castles of the Mountain Spirits, near Bagatash Pass in the Iolgo Range of the Altai Mountains, 2,300m above sea level on 01 Aug 2008. (2008)

Take active part in the drafting of a common public statement against the excess of an incompetent regime in the face of widespread protests and come close to getting fired for it. (2001)

Visited tea plantations in Japan (Uji, 1996); Indonesia (Bogor, 2001); China (Longjing, 2011); Taiwan (Maokong, 2012); Korea (Boseong, 2013; Sulloc, 2014); and Sri Lanka (Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Haputale, 2013).

Okay, that's more than one. This is as much as for me to remember as for you to know. :-P

Teach, Learn, Share

TEACH - Do a Noam Chomsky & tell you about my inchoate theories on language-learning mixed with the state of the world.

LEARN - Humility, patience, respect, understanding & sincerity. On a more practical level I'd like to know more about automotive mechanics, especially how to fix car engines.

SHARE - I wish to share a passage from the visionary work Jihad vs McWorld penned by Prof. Benjamin R. Barber in 1996 that refers to the perils of globalization (of which CS is both a beneficiary & active agent) and the ways each of us should respond. It must be remembered that Jihad here refers not to Islam but to "forces of disintegral tribalism and reactionary fundamentalism"; nor does McWorld refer to America but rather to the "forces of integrative modernization and aggressive economic and cultural globalization."

Only the globalization of civic and democratic institutions is likely to offer a way out of the global war between modernity and its aggrieved critics, for democracy responds both to Jihad and to McWorld. It responds directly to the resentments and spiritual unease of those for whom the trivialization and homogenization of values is an affront to cultural diversity and spiritual and moral seriousness. But it also answers the complaints of those mired in poverty and despair as a consequence of unregulated global markets and of a capitalism run wild because it has been uprooted from the humanizing constraints of the democratic nation-state. By extending the compass of democracy to the global market sector, civic globalization can promise opportunities for accountability, participation, and governance to those wishing to join the modern world and take advantage of its economic blessings; by securing cultural diversity and a place for worship and faith insulated from the shallow orthodoxies of McWorld's cultural monism, it can address the anxieties of those who fear secularist materialism and are fiercely committed to preserving their cultural and religious distinctiveness. The outcome of the cruel battle between Jihad and McWorld will depend on the capacity of the moderns to make the world safe for women and men in the search of both justice and faith, and can be won only if democracy is the victor.

What I Can Share With Hosts

Food culture of the many countries I've lived in.

Countries I've Visited

Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Chile, China, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Democratic People's Republic of, Korea, Republic of, Kosovo, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Latvia, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macao, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Myanmar, Netherlands, Norway, Palestine, State of, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Sweden, Switzerland, Syrian Arab Republic, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Vatican City State, Viet Nam

Countries I've Lived In

China, Japan, Korea, Republic of, Philippines, Russian Federation, Spain

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