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  • 24 Referenzas 20 Confermato e positivo
  • Fluent in Chinese, English, Yue (Cantonese); learning German, Japanese
  • 30, Male
  • Membro dal 2005
  • Student
  • To puke out and unlearn whatever learnt
  • Di Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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Chi sono


Relax - why so serious?


I do "professional modeling" on some runways - in psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence. :P

Some clarifications about my hometown Hong Kong:
- Hong Kong was part of the Chinese Qing Dynasty ceased away due to the Opium War
- Hong Kong is a former British Colony, and now part of China (PRC) 'again'
- there is no single child policy in Hong Kong
- it's very densely populated (hold some world records)
- it is a location with least corruption in Asia (#2, after Singapore)
- it is a location with lowest crime rate in Asia (#2, after Japan)
- housing there has an average USD700 per sq.ft, up to more than USD10000 per sq.ft
- Hong Kong has the world's lowest birth rate
- it has been practising universal ("free") health care for decades, but still quite far from perfect...
- maybe that's why people there have world #2 longest life expectancy (both male and female second to one other independent region)
- children there enjoy basically free education for 9 to 12 years until senior high school
- the universities there (mysteriously) rank #1 to top-5 in Asia
- Hong Kong's airport has been awarded as world's best airport for a few times - to encourage travelling?


"The only thing that really matters is how you perceive the world through your eyes."
My CS philosophy:
There exists kind people on earth who are super nice and helpful and hospitable to you even when they don't initially know you, and even when they know that they may encounter you only this one single time during their lifetime; and these kind people have no particular incentive, and they expect absolutely nothing from you in return, perhaps just to see you look happy (again) and a smile to show your heartful gratitude.
I am always grateful to these kind people during some of my trips - and through CS, I want myself to be one of them.

Perché sono iscritto su Couchsurfing


I have hosted interesting CS members, and I was hosted by some other brilliant CS members also. :)
I have met many CS members and made new friends, providing the feeling of warmth and hospitality to each other when we CS members are away from home for adventures.
Please contact me so that I can clean my couch for you :P


In a Friday afternoon during my trip in the middle east, I cabbed to the border of Jordan & Israel - but the border happened to be closed due to the Jumu'ah (salat). At that time, I used up my cash and had to stay there (amidst the desert) until Saturday afternoon.
Randomly, I walked a bit further away from the border in order to find a place that has better shelter. However, I became so thirsty on the way that I might be a bit dehydrated. And there I discovered two nomads with their flock of sheep. Immediately, I ran towards them - asking for water using all my body languages. I poured 2 litres down my throat with ease. Getting enough water, I played with the younger child of this nomad and gave him my crystal bracelet that enchanted him.
Without any choice, I eventually went to stay under a bush and prepared for the night. However, as I leaned towards it, I found there were lots of thorns sticking out... and also, I started to feel a bit itchy - and that turned out to be many tiny white baby spiders crawling up my body...!
With spiders crawling up my body and thorns poking my back, I began to shiver after the sun has set... when I was busy brushing those spiders off my skin and clothes, all of a sudden, an old truck arrived and here came an old man. He waved to me insisting that I should come with him instead of staying in the desert for the night. Then he brought me to his camp in the middle of the desert.
He and his family honored me as a guest: treat me with goat milk, sweet red tea, freshly baked bread, and chicken... and helped me set up a warm and soft bed! I felt indebt to them who treated this weary wanderer as a real guest... In that night, I slept cosily under the great blue sky free from any light pollution... counting the stars...
Ended up they were the famous desert dwellers who are well-known for their hospitality - the Bedouin! Even more so than the Lebaneses and the Iranians, they are the most hospitable and kind people I met in the middle east - and hereafter I have a strong believe that majority of Muslims are in fact very kind and peaceful people.


Learning how to cook in the XYZ way (XYZ=your hometown)
Listen to your music and let you listen to mine
Shooting random people on the street using my film cams
Listen to those most unprobable hilarious stories
Talking to computer using their languages
Miyazaki Hayao
Pretending to be a poet and a martial artist at the same time
Tango dancing

  • dancing
  • tango
  • education
  • cooking
  • modeling
  • clothing
  • traveling
  • music
  • camping
  • hunting
  • teaching
  • languages
  • neuroscience
  • psychology
  • science

Musica, film e libri

Things that stimulate but do not hurt my eyes, my ears, and my brain too much.

Una cosa incredibile che ho fatto

I've eaten scorpions and eye-balls, I mean by mistakes...

Paesi che ho visitato

Austria, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Monaco, Nepal, Netherlands, Pakistan, Palestine, Syrian Arab Republic, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States

Paesi in cui ho vissuto

China, Germany, United States

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