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  • Fluent in Japanese; learning English, Russian
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About Me


HITCHHIKE from VLADIVOSTOK (via MOSCOW) to ROME , 13,000km for 2 months (I've done it)


My unlimited World tour since 2007
was stopped by Croatian border police and court in Nov,2011.
So I was hitchhiking with a guitar in JAPAN, then finally the day I leave Japan has come again but my friends didn't believe it because it was "1st April" :)

--------- USHI' Hitchhike through Russia with a guitar ----------
TV-NEWS of it in Ulan-Ude (Click here)in Yekaterinburg 1 (click) Yekaterinburg 2 (click) Naberezhnye Chelny (click) ARTICLE in Irkutsk (clik here)

-------------------------scroll and see till Moscow-------------------
4,Thu,April.2013Vladivostok (click here)
7,Sun,April.Khabarovsk (click here)
Chita ,,Chnese-cafe "Mancyuria"
11,Thu.Ulan-Ude (click here)
13,Sat.Irkutsk (click here)
15,Mon.Krasnoyarsk (click here),,it was cancelled,instead,16,Tue. Krasnoyarsk (click)
18,Thu.Novosibirsk (click)
19,Fri.Omsk (click)
21,Sun. Tyumen (click)
22,Mon.Yekaterinburg (click)
23,Tue. Chelyabinsk (click)
24,Wed. Ufa (click)
25,Thu.Naberezhnye Chelny (click)
26,Fri. Kazan at "I&I hostel"
27,Sat. Nizhny Novgorod (click)
29,Mon. Moscow (click)
Scroll and Read this long profile → → → → → → → → →USHI BLOG (click and read)"USHI concert tour in JAPAN":"Globe Trotter"(←click)"FESTIVAL in Awano,in August"(←click)
--- some of MY CSing in Japan so far ---
in Hokkaido - Canadian host who speaks Japanese well.
in Iwate - American host who speaks Japanese well.
in Akita - Irish host who speaks Japanese well.
in Miyagi - Ukrainian host who speaks Japanese well.
in Ibaraki - Brazilian host who speaks Japanese well.
,,,so I still can't practise English.

------ GAME OVER ------READ! 6,Nov. newspaper "VEČERNJI LIST" (click)WATCH! 9,Nov. TV "HRT" (click),,from 57:00 aroundand NEWS on 4,Nov. (click) andanother NEWS (click) and(click)------____________________________________________________,,,YOU CAN CLICK ALL OF BLUE COLOR LETTERS ON THIS PROFILE27,Sep. article about my CSing in CROATIA (click),,,Oops,it was by Hospitality Club :pUshi "The Songbook" (click and listen)___________________________________________________I DON'T HAVE A MOBILE.
,,,so if you sent me mail "Just call me",we wouldn't be able to meet..I am 牛山すすむ USHI YAMA SUSUMU, Japanese, rock musician, pilgrim, hitchhiker.Desparately closed,conservative,prejudiced,depressed person based on ignorance and nothingness..I started travel from Tokyo on 26th July 2007,then,China,Mongolia,Kazakhstan,Kyrgyzstan,Tajikistan,Uzbekistan,Azerbaijan,Georgia,Armenia,Turkey,Syria,Lebanon,Jordan,Israel,Egypt,Libya,Tunisia,Morocco,Spain,Portugal,then,I became CS-addict from December 2008 in Germany,thenDenmark,Sweden,Norway,Finland,Estonia,Latvia,for 7 months I was just "Lithuania-traveler"Interview video in Vilnius(February,2010),,then,Belarus,Ukraine,Moldova,Romania,Bulgaria,Greece,Austria,Slovenia,Croatia,UAE( and also Tibet,Nagorno-Karabakh,Palestine,Transnistria,,,but WHY ARE THEY NOT RECOGNIZED "COUNTRY" ?? ),and then JAPAN.Ushi Sushi (click here) by visualUshi is not sushi (click here) by sound____________________________________________________My interview with BBC in Kiev, UKRINE.(June,2010)"Why did you decide to travel ?" ,,because I like travel. so I already answered your question before we meet,OK? "I like great country,Japan.So I'm glad to meet you." Thanks but personally I haven't done nothing great job there,Don't expect much from me,I'm a traveler.
Hello everyone,excuse me I can't reply e-mail soon.Can you apppoint "until which day I must reply to your e-mail" ?? :)
,,Some people send me mail "Hey,how are you?" or "You can stay with me anytime"(with just mobile number) Yes,it's easy and enough to contact BUT I CAN'T DO LIKE THEM. ,,Sometimes I feel I'm like old times' Japanese who is planting rice plant to the ground(not by big aglicultural machine but)by hand one by one,,but I can only this way,and at least it's much easier than writing letter and going to post office like as everybody did in old times..You can write me anything by CS-mail ormy gmail account (my yahoo address has too many SPAM,so I won't use it.)NOTICE:even if you read my e-mail after 1 year I sent or more later,my travel has no plan so I might be in your city NOW, try to send me anytime anywhere!?.When I was child,I was always facing TV-screen for playing this.,,,And now everyday I'm facing computer-screen for CSing,,,
How I Participate in CS
Surfed over 20 CSers of Turku(Finland) for over 1 month.Surfed over 55 CSers of Riga(Latvia) for over 2 months.Surfed over 20 CSers of Kaunas(Lithuania) for over 1 month.Surfed over 70 CSers of Vilnius(Lithuania) for over 3 months.Surfed over 25 CSers of Kiev(Ukraine) for over 1 month.Before I surf all of invites from 20 CSers of Zagreb,I was expelled Croatia by police.No CSers hosted me in Libya.
CouchSurfing Experience
.Surfed 20 hosts in Armenia (without CS,by knocking doors)---like their episode 1 (,,,although my self-introduction "I'm Ushi,too" couldn't move hearts of people in Ushi-village,,,but somehow I've done it..Surfed 14 hosts in Georgia in same way..Surfed 7 hosts by asking on the street in Transnistria..and I have been bench-Surfing in the night in many cities so far,like Beijing,Cairo,Kiev,,.One day when I arrived to my host's big apartment building in Riga,I noticed that I forgot to write down room number and mobile number from host's e-mail,,,so I tried to knock random doors and ask to borrow Internet with introducing CS to residents..Actually,when I was living in Tokyo,sometimes I tried to find traveler in center city because I wanted to host someone,but everytime they doubted me and ran away ,,,Unfortunately I didn't know CSing website..I like Lithuanian people so I don't want to say they're closed but,Why they needed to discuss about me like this?they could send me mail,or even some of them met me directly though!?"Ushi fenomenas"
.Your couch. and Your driving..Kankuro Kudo's play script(theater or TV drama).Unique music and musician, unique beautiful woman, unique taste's food, and unique CS profile..I always miss China more than Japan..We can play this map by UN.My favorite cities---Lhasa, Bishikek, Bhara, Aqtau, Tbilisi, Yerevan, Trabson, Aleppo, Tripoli, Saida, Jerusalem, Cairo, Fes, Sevilla, Malmo, Gothenburg, Tromso, Turku, Tartu, Riga, Kaunas, Daugavpils, Vilnius, Minsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Tiraspol, Chisinau, Cluj-Napoca, Veliko Tarnovo, Thessaloniki, Osijek,,
."Phil Colins" is not Philosophy..Try anything,anyway.And Do repeat regret.Do more,Feel more,Enjoy even negative happening.."I understood." is almost same as "I misunderstood.".When I feel I nearly die is the most moment I can feel I'm alive..Any saint does vice,any criminal does good deed.I can't trust anybody,but I do believe humanity.
Music, Movies, Books
忌野清志郎 Kiyoshiro Imawano('51-'09)1970, 1980, 1981, 1983, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991, 2006,Kankuro Kudo (Movies,Music,Books,Punk,Actor,Scriptwriter,gag)Movies: Alfred Hitchcock, Charlie Chaplin, or,,"La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc" Carl Theodor Dreyer('28)"La Strada" Federico Fellini ('54)"Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate" Yuzo Kawashima('57)"The Human Condition" Masaki Kobayashi('59)"À bout de souffle" Jean-Luc Godard ('60)"Le Trou" Jacques Becker('60)"Splendor in the Grass" Elia Kazanan ('61)"Profondo Rosso" Dario Argento('75)"The Castle of Cagliostro" Hayao Miyazaki('79)"Evil Dead 2" Sam Raimi ('87)"Buffalo ’66" Vincent Gallo('98)"Being John Malkovich" Spike Jones('00)"The Midnight Pilgrims" Kankuro Kudo ('05)"Latcho Drom" Tony Gatlif( even if I haven't seen yet)"Into the Wild"(,,I haven't seen yet and not interested in,but people recommend it to me,,)"Silence" Martin Scorsese ( not released yet,but it's from my favorite Japanese novel about persecuted Christian)Music: Stevie Wonder, Southern All Stars, or,,"Magical Mystery Tour" The Beatles('67)"Fragile" Yes ('71)"Ziggy Stardaust" David Bowie ('72)"Marquee Moon" Television ('77)"The Dream of the Blue Turtles" Sting ('85)"Bang!" Blankey Jet City ('92)"Honkin’ on Bobo" Aerosmith ('04)Books:Any kinds of the World's ATLAS, or,,"The Legend of Kamui" Sanpei Shirato ('64,Japan)"Tomorrow's Joe" Ikki Kajiwara,Tetsuya Chiba ('68,Japan)"The Stories of Three Adolfs" Osamu Tezuka ('85,Japan) of interestingest CSer published!"Gegege no Kitaro" by Shigeru MizukiHaruki Murakami's speech in "Jerusalem Prize"(Feb.09)
Types of People I enjoy
.Religious people..Impressive Georgian or Latvian.Too much friendly Pakistanee or Egyptian.Tough Vietnamese or Lebanese.Cheerful Turkish or Romanian.Delicate Swedish like me..Old people who can tell me their experiences of war..People who don't lock their door-key..people who don't rely on wikipedia..CSer who has Negative reference.
Teach, Learn, Share
.I teach Sushi is not main food of Japan.Japanese people don't eat Sushi in everyday(good Sushi costs 100 euro)..I teach Jackie Chan is Chinese,not Japanese..I want to learn how to teach Japanese language.. Everybody Japanese learn English for 6 years in school but then,most of people can't speak it anything. .I can't share hard life' memories with any country's people because I grew up in the richest Japan..I can't teach how to travel,but maybe I can teach how to get lost in the world.It means you don't need to learn from me..Why I'm a kind of Japanese negative ambassador,just because of big difference between people's images and real Japan..Interesting documentary film about Japan:(You can download and watch it,somehow).Almost of my world was only for the Rolling Stones
One Amazing Thing I've Seen or Done
In my last travel 2000 to 2001----in India, I was stolen whole of my luggage in train,then next day in New Delhi I was stolen my wallet----in Trabzon of Turkey,in Sunday'mass at church,when a poor-looking woman began to sing with shabby guitar, suddenly tears flooded from my eyes----in Veliko Tarnobo of Bulgaria, I just asked him to take me to B&B but he hosted me for a week and became best friend----in Croatian coast,most beautiful woman in the world picked me up car then next month I crashed her house in Switzerland and stayed for a week----in Moscow, no matter how I try to go out from city,every bus or metro took me back to Red square again and again.While I'm traveling,,'09)My most beloved person died in Japan.'10)All of videos of my music performance since I was 20 were thrown away by my ex-girlfriend in Japan.'11)By earthquake and tunami of Japan, the town where I lived before was disappeared..I have traveled about 65 countries,but I still haven't seen bigger city than Tokyo..In every year,35,000 people commit suicide in Japan,I never can accept its fact..Mick Jagger (more he gets old,more he gets to be young).China and Chinese people.Indian food, Korean food.Kankuro Kudo's movie.There's nothing more Amazing thing than childbirth,,,but male can't do it,instead I had to start travel.My unforgettable moments:.When I watched this on TV('88).In my 1st travel to abroad,When I arrived to New Delhi.('97)
Opinion on the Project
.When someone CSer had several negative references,its profile will be deleted by force,,,TERRIBLE!.Some CSers writes ngative reference of looong report that host(or guest) didn't show up,but it's just a bad luck,not interesting to read. When we go to travel from home,nothing isn't sure,anything happens,Don't trust Internet too much!Do estimate in worst case in anytime! .To be honest,CS references don't make sense for me. Even if someone has many good references,he or she might be bad for me,vice versa. Because there are no good or bad people,I'm just interested in human being..Many of my memorable hosts were from "Coffee or a drink" or "No" or "Traveling at the moment"..I don't want to read big long CS-profile like mine..Opinion of Tingting is nice(from her article,page 9)-------------------------------------------------------,,By the way,sometimes I can't reply to some CSer's mail of "OK,Let's meet when you arrived my city!" because he or she already has been deleted their profile,,,WHY !?!?-------------------------------------------------------By the way,my poor eye sight got even more worse while I've been CS-addict for 2 years because I'm often online for CS in the darkness through the night,,,like NOW._______________________________________________________My opinion except about CS :.Why I've been in EU for such long time?because I became CS-addict,and EU is too comfortable,like he said he got sick!Best Asian country is Pakistan.Most delicious foods are in Azerbaijan.Iranian women are extremely beautiful.I haven't seen any beautiful woman in Cairo.(,,,to be continued)___________________________________________My future blog:(summer,2011) I expired staying EU again?(end of 2012) Maybe I started African trip? (around 2050) Maybe I got back to Japan? if I was still alive. -------------------------------------------------------MY COMIC BLOG (episodes until before entering to EU) ______________________________________________________ My name USHI means " doors " by Romanian.Romanian paper' and TV' articles about me,,,in Odorheiu Secuiesc,in Cluj-Napoca,by my CS-host,in Piatra-Neamt : 1. workshop at college 2. its blog 3. and also this,,4. by national paper from Piatra-Neamt5. by same correspondentin Sceava :1. corrspondent found me accidentally 2. We sent mail to newspaper,so 3. its TV version -----------------------------------------------------Chisinau' newspaper Jurnal de Chisinau (22,Oct)clickor,by Google Translate(click)Chisinau' TV at Art-LabyrinthJurnal TV (25,Oct)clickCTC TV (25,Oct)click------------------------------------------------------
USHI on TV of Transnistria (in Sep.)(click here!)
Newspaper' article about USHIby Salon ( Donetsk,Ukraine )


eat or sleep than think

Why I’m on Couchsurfing


I send CS-requests to hosts then don't get any answer. I reply to CS-requests from travelers then they get disappointed.


knocking doors at random in any country without


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Music, Movies, and Books

Whole my lifetime is spent only for watching Movies or traveling. I don't need Musical playing devices or instruments,it's always playing in my head. I have been drowned by sea of printing types of Books.

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

I spent a night with an alchemist (in Syria).
I hitchhiked a fairy of forest (in Sweden).
Bono of U2 made a song for me (in Ukraine).

Teach, Learn, Share

Although you Learned "Japanese people eat sushi everyday", I Teach you "It's wrong", so we can Share the feeling "How much we're misunderstanding commonly!?"

Countries I’ve Visited

Libya, Russian Federation, Syrian Arab Republic

Countries I’ve Lived In

Japan, Lithuania

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