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About Me


I enjoy reading the Economist megazine that publish from Briton. Calm,enjoying reading the Economist, if possible, I want to go world tour. In some senses, I already have finished world tour. People often tell that I am friendly, sociable, talkative and fun to hang out with. Well I am usually genuinely interested in meeting new people, have fun talking to them and enjoy getting to know them without being so shy, so I dont consider myself as an introvert, but more of an extrovert. So when traveling, I am more interested in talking to local people or people that live there and learning about their every day life than, say, going around all the tourist places with a guide book and taking pics of them:-) Thats my traveling style.


What is life? It is not that great. Love each other and understand each other.

Trying to find a small happiness. To live is the rarest thing in the world.

Most people exist, that is all.€ - Oscar Wilde

Life is a "do-it-yourself" project - Anonymous

It is quite simple and straight. Never take life too seriously, no matter what we do, we are not going to get out of it alive!

We just have this one life.
Only one life. Every day that passes by, is gone forever.

So this one life, why not make it as colourful, exciting and beautiful as we can and "live it" without any regrets?

An interesting quote I saw on a road sign: "Study like you are going to live forever, live as if you were to die tomorrow". I say, live as if you were to die today!

Live that one day, wisely, graciously, with dignity, adding value to the lives of people / animals around you and not just for your petty self!

Philosophy, meeting people and enjoying discussion. Reading a book, Studying foreign languages, Learning about foreign cultures, Watching movies, Trying out a new cafe & restaurant, Listening to music, Rumba, Meeting new people, Traveling

Following is the reference that you understand me. It is the application letter for Harvard MBA. I was not accepted.

1. choose a recent experience in which you acted as a leader. Brief outline the situation then describe your leadership, how you were effective and what you learned.(300-word limit)

After graduating from Pusan National University in 1991, I entered the Navy as a Naval officer for an obligatory 3-year duty. When I became a junior grade lieutenant, I was assigned as the XO (Executive Officer) of a small warship. I was second in command behind the captain with a crew of 27. Managing the affairs of the ship was not easy. Half of the crew was older than me, and they had more experience than I had. That made the task of giving orders a bit hard to begin with. To overcome my lack of experience, I made it clear that I wanted to learn from everyone as fast as I could. I spent time talking with them, siphoning out the vital information, and formed a knowledge base with which I could lead from. In time, my leadership was well received. In fact, due to the community we made on board, we were recognized several times for our training, discipline and preparedness for war. My military experience taught me many valuable things. The first and foremost was that teamwork is most important. Powerful fighting doesn’t come from one man moving alone, it comes from a team of men communicating and moving in unison. Secondly, the capability of the group is at its peak when under good leadership. Despite great skill, with a poor leader, the potential of the group will never be realized. Thirdly, I realized that all of the members of a team are equally important. From the captain down the seaman, they all have their unique functions; performance of the team depends on the performances of its members.

2. Identify someone you regard as a hero, a leader or role model whom you admire. Describe how this person has influenced your development.(300-word limit)

Karl Marx has definitely had some impact on me. He wore many hats including that of a philosopher, an economist, a historian, and a politician. He influenced many fields like political science, economics, art, history, philosophy and law. Most people in today’s society know his name, and some regard him as a hero regardless of evaluation of our capitalist countries. Mastering one field is difficult. If one manages to master one field, to apply oneself to that field and add further creativity is even more difficult. But Karl Marx did just that. And in not only one field, but many. That kind of action and ability is not from simple intention or trial. His great abilities came from his capability to analyze the time he lived in, understand the situation and practice to solve what he perceived as problems. I believe it is important to have a general understanding of various fields. My belief has led me to study several areas in detail. I have three bachelor’s degrees and one master’s degree. I have BAs in Political Science and Diplomacy, Informative Statistics and English Language and Literature. My master’s degree is an MBA from Korea University. I am also interested in painting and computer graphics. When conditions permit, I hope to study those fields, too. After studying in my various fields, I recognized that they were all related to each other. They were simply divided by man for the convenience of study. But, to understand one field thoroughly, it is necessary to have an understanding of the other fields. Our society spends its whole life in pursuit of more productive and more efficient ways to accomplish the contents of the large mass of the people. Under certain guidelines and rules, we compete against each other with good intentions. People strive to magnify their own ability. To accomplish their goals and/or to find the shortest route to accomplishing their goals, they study areas like technology, society and organization. At Harvard University, I want to find the top point of view.

3.We all experience “defining moments,” significant events that can have major impact on our lives. Briefly describe such an event and how it affected you.(300-word limit)

I entered Pusan National University in 1987. Those were hard times in South Korea. The military regime was trying to sustain its power, which meant not allowing the freedom of speech among other things. However, there was a great struggle to construct a democratic regime. Many people began to demand an end to the dictatorship and the right to directly elect the president. I didn’t know all of the truth behind the situation, but I asked myself what kinds of elements would be necessary for a good society and a better future. What should be done now (1987!)? What is the true shape of a a highbrow. I realized that our society had an inefficient organization under the military regime. A lack of organization in the government causes its people to suffer. When a government provides efficient services and takes appropriate measures to handle affairs, people can bear through any difficulties. In the process of attaining democracy, many Koreans died and were injured. Others kept themselves out of the struggle and concerned themselves only with their lives. I was in the middle. I realized that the world does not suggest the same life for all people, rather, each person must choose his or her own life. I decided to devote myself to the correction of inefficient organizations and systems, despite all the hardships. I decided I’d meet the standard of an intellectual. To accomplish my goal, I would first have to be a man with broad knowledge and insight into the future. To control a difficult situation, one must understand all things affecting it. What might seem like a small start would become great in the end. Korea finally got rid of its military regime and made the peaceful change of political power. But there are many things left to be organized—especially in business and in the government. The economic crisis of the late 1990s was a regional disaster in Asia, but Koreans failed to recognize what was to come. To build a more powerful country, the roles of people like myself are very important. I daringly to say that I like to be the main group member of the Korea.

4. Describe you three most substantial accomplishments and explain why you view them as such.(600-word)

My first happened in college. I spent everyday at my college campus. There were many changes going at that time. Most of the Korean people had begun to demand democracy and to abolish the authoritarian regime and behavior. I was a student in political science and diplomacy and a member of the department of the Student Association. In 1989, there were many changes in curriculum, too. Most notably, the Politics of the North Korea was the hot issue. However, our campus did not a very knowledgeable person to teach the new subject on the politics of North Korea. We had a professor who didn't major in that area, and according to a survey, the degree of satisfaction was very low. I took it upon myself to look for an able lecture who majored in the politics of the North Korea. Finally, I found the right person, but lived in Seoul. I traveled to the Seoul and explained our situation in Pusan. He was touched by my effort and promised to lecture on the Politics of North Korea in Pusan National University. The Student Association ask permission for this lecture from the department professor and the professor approved. The cost of a lecturer was 12,000 Korean won(US10 dallar) per hour. It was a lecture of three hours. It took 7 hours from Seoul to Pusan by bus and after lecture he returned to his home in Seoul. Because of the lecture, he spent the whole day and couldn't do any of this regular schedule on that day. 320 students registered for that first lecture. During the first semester, he used a bus and covered expenses by himself. For the second semester, he took an airplane and his expenses were covered by big senior. Actually, I provided the additional money- I donated half of my fellowship in the name of help of big senior. He still doesn't know who sponsored him for those lectures. The name of lecturer was Jong-suk Lee, who has now became a specialist on North Korea. He went to North Korea as a specialist with President Kim Dae-jung in 2000, the historical first meeting of South and North Korean leaders. I want to say in the first case, I was able to prepare flawlessly under poor conditions and realized results that were beneficial to my fellow students. Secondly, I've acquired three bachelor's degrees and an MBA. I finished my bachelor's degree of political science and diplomacy in 1991. After the military service, I got a job at the Korean-Amrican Bank as a banker in 1994 and have been working there till now. During my 6 years at the bank, I have been able to finish two bachelor's degrees and one part-time MBA. I was admitted into the third year class of the Korea Open National University(KNOU) in March of 1995 where I majored in Informative Statistics and graduated in February of 1997. That March I was readmitted and majored in English Language and Literature and graduated in February of 2000. I alse entered a part-time MBA program at Korea Univerciry in September of 1997 and finished the course in February of 2000. I want to say in the second case, I made ceaseless efforts to develop myself under strict conditions. Without failure, I made it. Thirdly, my true-born passion--an indomitable will. Though the struggle for life, in most of cases many people quickly get tired of living. They forget their own pure passions. But I am different from those ordinary people. Once I confirm the justice and know what is right, I keep at it to the end. Even though there are many seducing things, I do not follow injustice. If the members of each follow the rules, our society would have more power and productive systems. I want to say in the third case, I have ture-born passion-- an indomitable will

5. How would a Harvard Business School education help you to reach your professional goal?(300 –word limit)

In Korea, I feel that our society and companies lack basic things. Very vital things. The experience our country went through during the economic crisis taught me a lesson—the need for change. Following rules and maintaining transparent management is a very important point in our economy. I do my best to be conscience of the times. I was said to be the conscience of times. It is a result of my efforts. I strove for that image. Our times need that kind of hard will and integrity. Although my personal existence is quite small, a collective effort’s impact is great. I anticipate that Harvard University would provide an environment of people like me, striving for similar goals. With your schools authority, my impact would grow. I want to devote myself to improving the shape and form of our country and our companies. I want to start in the private sector, then move towards the public sector. There are many people who have good will, but they have not been able to accomplish their goals. They only have will. They do not know the true way of solving problems. I daringly to say, I would be that kind of person. If Harvard provides me the chance to train myself and become an able person, I would be a person who finished his course successfully. I believe I would be able to apply the knowledge I learn from Harvard Business School more successfully than most. I highly require the Admission Board to permit me to grow, you’d be selecting a man of infinite possibilities.

6.(Optional) Is there any other information that you believe would be helpful to the Admission Board in understanding you better? Please be concise.

I was born poor. My grandfather was a farmer in the country. Early on, my father immigrated from the country to more urban communities. Our family struggled many times. When I was admitted to Pusan National University, my father was unable to pay for the tuition not to mention a book bag! Fortunately, I was awarded a scholarship. I was very thankful for the chance to study despite our inability to pay. Education is the only way and hope to improve a person and make his or her dreams come true. I’m a living example! Despite the times, I grew into a decent man. In college, I spent my extra time with the campus English newspaper as a reporter and as a member of the Student Association. After graduation, I spent my military service as a Naval Officer for three years. After the service, I became a banker and spent my free time acquiring two more bachelor’s degrees and an MBA. No matter the difficulty, I believed in improving myself for my country and I knew the right way and did take compromising attitude to injustice. Now I want to be the world leader. I believe that Harvard Business School would pay attention to a humble Korean guy. Even if I did not have very high TOEFL and GMAT score. I have the ability to finish the course successfully and spread the influence of Harvard Business School all over the world. Consider the possibility of the future. Not in a brilliant surface.

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Meet a lot of people


  • philosophy
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  • life
  • life coaching

Music, Movies, and Books

The Lexus and Olive tree.
The world is flat.
The Economist weekly magazine.

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

I have 4 undergraduate degree(Political Science and Diplomacy,Law, Applied Statistics. English languages and literature) and 1 master degree(MBA:Part time)

Teach, Learn, Share

I want to talk about various topic theme. And exchange their idea.

What I Can Share with Hosts

I want to talk about various topic theme. And exchange their idea.

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Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Comoros, Georgia, Japan, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Zimbabwe

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