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  • 314 Отзывs 188 Подтвержденные хостом и гостем
  • Fluent in English, Hungarian; learning English
  • 43, Male
  • Пользователь с 2009
  • investor,freelancer, dreamer
  • High school
  • Родной город не указан
  • Профиль заполнен на 100%

Обо мне


Reaching financial and spiritual freedom, make friends, have fun, enjoy life!


My hobby is travelling,I enjoy life,I like meeting people enjoy broad spectrum discussions with talented and skilled people all around the globe and clock.

I accept all types of people:

Young, old, hitchhiker, vegetarian,family and children,lesbian, gay, transgender, people of different religion and more :) I am a very liberal person. I treat people with empathy and kindness.

Что привело меня на Couchsurfing


I'm helping couchsurfers in my place with information and hospitality,and trying to answer questions via emails and personally regarding my English knowledge.

István AntalNévjegy létrehozása



2010 Jan. - Klara and Krisztina in Szeged /Hungary/
2010 Feb. - Rita in Budapest /Hungary/
2010 March. - Jakub in Prague /Czech Republic/
2010 May. - Sachito in Vienna /Austria/
2010 May. - Heinz in Vienna /Austria/
2010 June. - Meddy in Budapest /Hungary/
2010 Sept. - Kostas in Athens /Greece/
2010 Nov. - Gabriella in Budapest /Hungary/
2011 Feb. - Tanja in Berlin /Germany/
2011 May-June. -Tevi and Nati in Palma de Mallorca /Spain/
2011 June. -Dave in Palma de Mallorca /Spain/
2011 June. -Sonia in Palma de Mallorca /Spain/
2011 June. -Karol in Bratislava /Slovakia/
2011 Aug. -Massimo in Rome /Italy/
2012 Marc. -Nadia in Milano /Italy/
2012 Marc. -Marco in Pavia /Italy/
2012 Apr. -Andreea in Hans from Cluj Napoca /Transylvania/
2012 Apr. -Tamas in Targu Mures /Transylvania/
2012 May. -Ilde in Madrid /Spain/
2012 May-Jun. -Joan in La Bisbal /Spain/
2012 Jun. -Anihoa and Marc in Barcelona /Spain/
2012 Sept. -Alexander in Burgas /Bulgaria/
2012 Sept. -Ellie and Mitko in Sofia /Bulgaria/
2012 Oct. - Zsuzsanna in Budapest /Hungary/
2012 Dec. - Tamas in Budapest /Hungary/
2013 Apr. - Julia in Warsaw /Poland/
2013 Jun. - Valerio in Rome /Italy/
2013 Jun. - Enrico in Rome /Italy/
2013 Nov. - Szintia in Vienna /Austria/
2013 Dec. - Adam in Budapest /Hungary/
2014 Jan. - Balazs in Budapest /Hungary/
2014 Jan. - Andrew in Hong Kong/China/
2014 Jan. - Leila in Macau/China/
2014 Jan. - Toom in Bangkok/Thailand/
2014 Feb. - Anton in Pattaya/Thailand/
2014 Feb. - Ties in Pattaya/Thailand/
2014 Feb. - Vladimir and Kat in Bangkok/Thailand/
2014 Feb-Marc. - Fai Lee in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia/
2014 Marc. - Mark in Budapest/Hungary/
2014 Apr. - Gabor in Budapest/Hungary/
2014 Jun. - Laszlo in Budapest/Hungary/
2014 Aug. - Nail in Istanbul/Turkey/
2014 Sept. - Kemal in Istanbul/Turkey/
2014 Sept. - Arpad in Bucharest/Romania/
2015 Jun.- Balázs in Budapest/Hungary/
2016 Jun.- Hans in Rotterdam/Netherlands/
2016 Jun,- Ronnie in Den Haag/Netherlands/
2016 Jun,- Lourdes in Amsterdam/Netherlands/
2016 Sept,-Henri in Bruxelles/ Belgium/
2017 Marc,-Sascha in Berlin/Germany/
2017 Jun,-Kocho in Skopje/Macedonia/
2017 Jul,-Deniz in Trieste/Italy/
2017 Aug,-Darko in Ljubljana/Slovenia/
2017 Sept,-Daniel in Marseille/France/
2017 Sept,-Bero in Santo Domingo/Dominican Republic/

Hosted /Only in Budapest/ 215 guests

2010 Sept. - Meddy from Budapest /Hungary/
2010 Sept. - Paul from Minsk /Belarus/
2010 Sept. - Punnet from Jaipur /India/
2010 Sept. - Quentin from Rennes /France/
2010 Okt. - Artti from Haapsalu /Estonia/
2010 Okt. -Mario and Zuzana from Prague/Czech Republic/
2010 Okt. -David from Cork /Republic of Ireland/
2010 Nov. -Victor from Paris /France/
2010 Nov. -Elisa from Cuernavaca /Mexico/
2010 Dec. -Yosuke from Tokyo /Japan/
2010 Dec. -Vincenzo from New Orleans /United States/
2010 Dec. -Eve from Singapore /Singapore/
2010 Dec. -Sally from Adelaide /Australia/
2011 Jan. -Roger from Oslo /Norway/
2011 Jan. -Steffen from Sula /Norway/
2011 Jan. -Patrice from Melbourne /Australia/
2011 Jan. -André from Moscow /Russia/
2011 Feb. -Thomas and Cindy from Istanbul /Turkey/
2011 Feb. -Michal from Poznan /Poland/
2011 Mar. -Enrique from Buenos Aires /Argentina/
2011 Mar. -Evgenia from Madrid /Spain/
2011 Mar. -Zhenya from Murmansk /Russia/
2011 Mar. -Diane from Guagua /Philippines/
2011 Mar. -Ryan from Kettering /England/
2011 Mar. -Balazs from Budapest /Hungary/
2011 Apr. -Maria from Diakovce /Slovakia/
2011 Apr. -Ales from Brno /Czech Republic/
2011 Apr. -Adel from Budapest /Hungary/
2011 Apr. -Sacha from Paris /France/
2011 Apr. -Souli from Ramallah /Palestine/
2011 Apr. -Dalia and Lina Vilnius /Lithuania/
2011 Apr. -Vedran from Zagreb /Croatia/
2011 Apr. -Brian from Lancaster /United States/
2011 May. -Dinis from Lisbon /Portugal/
2011 May. -Kiril from Sofia /Bulgaria/
2011 May. -Mustafa and Jelda from Iskenderun /Turkey/
2011 May. -Simo from Tampere /Finland/
2011 May. -Sarka from Brno /Czech Republic/
2011 May. -Esmaeil and Bakhtiar from Tabriz /Iran/
2011 May. -Lea from Seoul /South Korea/
2011 May. -Endre from Budapest /Hungary/
2011 May. -Fergus from Crieff /Scotland/
2011 May. -Orcun from Istanbul /Turkey/
2011 May. -Pamela and Marko from Zagreb /Croatia/
2011 May. -Chi-hyun from Seoul /South Korea/
2011 June. -Roman from Toulouse /France/
2011 June. -Denis from Limoges /France/
2011 June. -Shawi from Bantay /Philippines/
2011 June. -Cal from Munich /Germany/
2011 June. -Fernanda from Mexico City /Mexico/
2011 June. -Vidam from Murmansk /Russia/
2011 June. -Zaki from Singapore /Singapore/
2011 June. -Beata from Szekelykeresztur /Transylvania/
2011 June. -Erik from Sollentuna /Sweden/
2011 June. -Aleksandar,Stefan and Marko from Belgrade /Serbia/
2011 Jul. -Paul from Sonderborg /Denmark/
2011 Jul. -Lyuboslav from Biala /Bulgaria/
2011 Jul. -Carlos and Marcelina from Barcelona /Spain/
2011 Jul. -Tobias from Frankfurt am Main /Germany/
2011 Jul. -Gustavo from Rio de Janeiro /Brazil/
2011 Jul. -Miljana from Belgrade /Serbia/
2011 Jul. -Marco from Pavia /Italy/
2011 Jul. -Yuthistran from Ipoh /Malaysia/
2011 Jul. -Miroslaw from Poznan /Poland/
2011 Jul. -Hope from Dublin /Republic of Ireland/
2011 Jul. -Alejandra from Cadiz /Spain/
2011 Jul. -Samai and Aninda from Dhaka /Bangladesh/
2011 Aug. -Christine from Hong Kong /China/
2011 Aug. -Yin from Hong Kong /China/
2011 Aug. -Hannah from London /England/
2011 Aug. -Paula and Marcin from Lublin /Poland/
2011 Aug. -Liz from Bergen /Norway/
2011 Aug. -Fatih from Izmir /Turkey/
2011 Aug. -Melody from Hong Kong /China/
2011 Sept. -Naiana from Christchurch /New Zealand/
2011 Sept. -Angelika from Székesfehérvár / Hungary/
2011 Sept. -Zosia and Jacek from Krakow /Poland/
2011 Sept. -Andreea and Hans from Cluj Napoca /Romania /
2011 Sept. -Robin from New Orleans /United States/
2011 Sept. -Paul and Tillie from New Castle /Australia/
2011 Sept. -Phillip from Bellingham /United States/
2011 Sept. -Siok and Harshil from Singapore /Singapore/
2011 Sept. -Kaspars from Orge /Latvia/
2011 Sept. -Michal from Szczecin /Poland/
2011 Oct. -Michael from Chicago /United States/
2011 Oct. -MunKyung and Yunmi from Seoul /South Korea/
2011 Oct. -Kurumi from Kumagaya /Japan/
2011 Oct. -Rina from Fukuyama /Japan/
2011 Oct. -Leila from Hong Kong /China/
2011 Nov. -Wancy and Jason from Hong Kong /China/
2011 Nov. -Mayumi from Osaka /Japan/
2011 Nov. -Nicolas from Quebec /Canada/
2011 Nov. -Ling from Hong Kong /China/
2011 Dec. - Alex from Rostock /Germany/
2011 Dec. - Margarete from Engter/Germany/
2011 Dec. - Byeongil from Incheon /South Korea/
2011 Dec. - Hayan from Seoul /South Korea/
2011 Dec. - Chang from Wuhu /China/
2011 Dec. - Li from Nanjing /China/
2011 Dec. - Sanjay from Kolkata /India/
2011 Dec. - Meng Foong from Cameron Highlands /Malaysia/
2011 Dec. -Stephanie from Buffalo /United States/
2012 Jan. -Karen from Portland /United States/
2012 Jan. -Ungai from Macau /China/
2012 Jan. -Nello from Milano /Italy/
2012 Jan. - Quentin from Cachan /France/
2012 Jan. - Jeanne from Toulouse /France/
2012 Feb. - Pivoine from Taverny /France/
2012 feb. -Victoria from Toronto /Canada/
2012 March.-Guido from Salo /Italy/
2012 March.-Davide from Casto /Italy/
2012 March. - Kewen from Jilin /China/
2012 March. - Yasir from Islamabad /Pakistan/
2012 March. - Adriana from Sydney /Australia/
2012 March. - Emese from Baja/Hungary/
2012 Apr. - Fah from Nakhon Phanom/Thailand/
2012 Apr. - Asia from Poznan /Poland/
2012 Apr. -Elizabeth from Boulder /United States/
2012 Apr. -Ákos from Targu Mures /Transylvania/
2012 Apr. -Anto from Bucharest /Romania/
2012 May. -Kate from Christchurch /New Zealand/
2012 May. - Jagoda from Opole /Poland/
2012 May. - Bartosz from Leba /Poland/
2012 May. - Filipp from Oslo /Norway/
2012 May. -Katie from Hong Kong /China/
2012 June. -Jolie and Jill from Santa Cruz /United States/
2012 June. -Anna from Nagykanizsa /Hungary/
2012 June. - Sadhvika from Chennai /India/
2012 June. -Cecilia from Salvador /Brazil/
2012 June. -Vatroslav from Zagreb /Croatia/
2012 June. -Heeryung from Seoul /South Korea/
2012 Jul. -Neli from Mexico City /Mexico/
2012 Jul. - Madli from Tallinn /Estonia/
2012 Jul. - Sylwia and Katarzyna from Warsaw /Poland/
2012 Jul. -Mami and Shin from Tokyo /Japan/
2012 Jul. -Ellie and Mitko from Sofia /Bulgaria/
2012 Jul. -Ai from Yokkaichi/Japan/
2012 Aug. -Jade from Taipei /Taiwan/
2012 Aug. -Julio from Quito /Ecuador/
2012 Aug. -Maluda from Edmontom /Canada/
2012 Aug. -Liset from Guayaquil /Ecuador/
2012 Aug. -Taro and Miki from Tokyo/Japan/
2012 Aug. -Orsi from Melbourne /Australia/
2012 Sept. -Alejandrina from Guanajuato /Mexico/
2012 Oct. - Aziz from Paris /France/
2012 Oct. -Chiyimg from Hong Kong /China/
2012 Oct. -Tianyang from Beijing /China/
2012 Oct. -Supin from Seoul /South Korea/
2012 Oct. - Victor from Athens /Greece/
2012 Nov. - Mostafa from Montreal /Canada/
2012 Nov. - Tamas from Budapest /Hungary/
2012 Dec. - DT from Ho Chi Minh /Vietnam/
2013 Feb. - Andrzej and Asia from Bydgoszcz /Poland/
2013 Feb. - Adrien from Saint-Girons /France/
2013 Feb. - Jacqueline and Wanghei from Hong Kong /China/
2013 May. -Christine from Singapore /Singapore/
2013 May. -Maecel from Manila /Philippines/
2013 Jun. -James from Kuala Belait /Brunei/
2013 Jun. -Vroni from Taichung /Taiwan/
2013 Jun-Jul -Jessica from Lima /Peru/
2013 Jul -Matthias from Gent /Belgium/
2013 Jul -Aura from Bucaramanga /Colombia/
2013 Jul. - Maria from Moscow /Russia/
2013 Aug. - Narmina from Baku /Azerbaijan/
2013 Sept. -Eric Temple City /United States/
2013 Sept. -Marion from Reinheim /Germany/
2013 Sept. - Askr from Baku /Azerbaijan/
2014 Jun. - Kelly from Hong Kong /China/
2014 Jul. - Mario and Carlos from Santiago /Chile/
2014 Jul. - Daisy from Tangerang /Indonesia/
2014 Jul. - Priyanka from Barcelona /Spain/
2014 Jul. - Fabian from Montevideo /Uruguay/
2014 Aug. - Zeke from Baja California /Mexico/
2014 Aug. - Mario from Split /Croatia/
2014 Aug. -Beah from Auckland/New Zealand/
2014 Aug. -Himmet and Alperen from Istanbul /Turkey/
2014 Aug. -Julie from Lviv /Ukraine/
2014 Aug. -Larissa from Moscow /Russia/
2014 Sept. -Katya from Chiang Rai /Thailand/
2014 Sept. -Luis from Chiang Rai /Thailand/
2014 Oct. -Ahmet from Istanbul /Turkey/
2014 Oct. -Pegah from Tehran /Iran/
2014 Oct. -Jasmin from Sarajevo /Bosnia and Herzegovina/
2014 Oct. -Nastja from Murska Sobota /Slovenia/
2014 Oct. -Vyte from Kaunas /Lithuania/
2014 Oct. -Katy from Detroit /United States/
2014 Nov. -Pavlo from Donetsk /Ukraine/
2016 Aug. -Juan Pablo from Buenos Aires/Argentina/
2016 Sept. -Daniela from Bogotá/Colombia/


2010 Jan. - Olga from Moscow /Russia/ We met in Budapest
2010 March.-Alvaro from Santiago /Chile/ We met in Prague
2010 Apr.-Minhua from Guangzhou /China/We met in Budapest
2010 Okt.-Maya from Banda Aceh/Indonesia/We met in Budapest
2010 Okt.-Cara from Phoenicia/United States/ We met in Budapest
2011 May.-Helene from Paris/France/ We met in Budapest
2011 Jun.-Christian from Lima/Peru/ We met in Palma de Mallorca
2011 Nov.-Andy from Hail/Saudi Arabia/ We met in Budapest
2012 Marc.-Laura from Kansas/United States/ We met in Milano
2012 Marc.- Jian from Jiangsu/China/We met in Pavia
2012 May. -Zurine from Madrid/Spain/ We met in Madrid
2012 June. -Kimuli from London/England/ We met in Budapest
2012 Jul. -Magda from Warsaw/Poland/ We met in Budapest
2012 Sept. -Dete from Sofia/Bulgaria/ We met in Sofia
2013 Jan. - Elena from Minsk /Belarus/We met in Budapest
2013 Feb. -Nannette from Ontario/United States/We met in Budapest
2013 Jul. - Janice from Hong Kong /China/We met in Budapest
2013 Dec. - Leela from Krabi /Thailand/We met in Budapest
2014 Feb. - Pec from Bangkok /Thailand/We met in Bangkok
2009 Sept . to.....forever more many many people )


Cooking,Asian food and Italian food .Meet new people .Adventures .Economy, History, Politics. A like good films.Reading .Walking. And more .more. more.......

  • dining
  • italian food
  • cooking
  • vegetarian
  • walking
  • politics
  • movies
  • reading
  • traveling
  • socializing
  • bouldering
  • hiking
  • history
  • religion
  • tourism
  • hitchhiking

Музыка, кино и книги

MoviesMy favourite director is Steven Spielberg. Schindler's List,Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,The Terminal,Duel,Munich.
Clint Eastwood: Mystic River good film!I like Slumdog Millionaire!
The best French comedy is: Les anges gardiens, very funny Gerard Depardieu and
Christian Clavier)))))) The bests are classic French comedies, they live forever: Louis de Funes, Pierre Richard. These are the bests on the world!
Con air,8 mm,Gone in 60 seconds,Matchstick Men
My favorite romantic comedy: Pretty Woman
My favorite actors: Sean Penn, Nicolas Cage, George Clooney,Gerard Depardieu,Christian Clavier,Clint Eastwood,Tom Hanks,Richard Gere,Kevin Bacon
My favorite actress:Cate Blanchett,Alison Lohman.Julia Roberts,Jennifer Lopez
My favorite Hungarian actors and actress: Eperjes Karoly ,Koltai Robert,Kecskes Karina,Kaszas Attila

MusicQueen,U2,Madonna,George Michael,Shakira,Beyonce
My Hungarian favorite singers:Tabani Istvan,Sebestyen Marta,Monika Henter/she living now Brighton and talented/

BooksI chollect old books.
My favorite Hungarian writers: Molnar Ferenc:Pal utcai fiuk. Mikszath Kalman: Szent Peter esernyoje.

Классная вещь, которую я сделал(-а)

This is a true story which happened with me in 1996.It was summer, end of August, I left from Baja to Budapest by hitch-hiking at 5 a.m. Quite soon stoped a BMW, there was only the driver in the car. I said, I d like to go to Pest, and his said, he just driving. I asked, then could you take me to the city? The answer was 'yes'. I sat to his car, and he told me his story about that, he just divorced, and he is tired and a little bit hangover. We started our way, and he said, I shoul use the seatbelt. I used it. He started to drive by 120 km/hs, and we crossed a village by this speed too. After this, he drove by 250km/hs, which was the limit of the car. I said, 'hey hey, slower, relax. He drove with the normal speed. He asked me: do you want to see my gun? He showed me, and I tought it. It was a nice Colt, but I gave it back, and he took it under the seat. The car started to sliding, he tried to do his best, but the car started to spin and we crashed with a tree. Both of us fainted, the luck was that, we used the seatbelt. When I was ok again, my back hurted a lot, and I stayed in the car. There were a lot of people while we waited for the ambulancy. They asked, where is the driver, (he got out from the car before) and he came out from the crown, and said, 'he isn t here yet'. They took me to the hospital. I felt dizzy. Some hours later in the hospital two men woke up me, and the wanted to listen me as a witness. They said: we found a gun. A gun?- I asked. I realized, I tought it, and I told the true. The wanted to search in my home. I gave my address. The policemen went to search my mother, and they asked her: Do you know where is your son? -Sure, he is at Pest. - Not really, he is in the hospital at Kalocsa. Poor my mother! They checked my home, and they realized, the gun wasn t mine, I was just a hitch-hiker. I spent 4 days in the hospital. I travelled back by hitch-hiking and told the story to the driver. He was surprised. Two weeks later I met with the "crazy" driver, but he didn t really remember me, only that, someone was next to him on that day. We were glad, cause we are healthy. I think, this story was instructive, and I had luck.

Учу, учусь, делюсь опытом и информацией

Teach : Stock Market ,investments,economy,saving

Learn : Cooking, English,Spanish,Italian ​​languages

Где я побывал(-а)

Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Macao, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, Vatican City State

Где я жил(-а)


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