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  • Fluent in Arabic, English, Persian (Farsi); learning German, Japanese, Romanian, Turkish, Urdu
  • 28, Male
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  • B.A in Persain language-Ain shams University
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About Me


1st drawing a smile on your face.
2nd A lot of curiosity to know a lot about other cultures
3rd being creative.

Hello every one
I'm an Egyptian as I'm born as I'll die!
I like to meet new people from other countries, because I get to see the world through them. Share a story or custom/tradition or maybe cook something from your countries kitchen. :-) Just a way to learn more about you and where you come from. :) :) :) :)
About myself: I'm a person who is positive in every aspect of life. There are many things I like to do, to see, to feel and to experience. I'm full of energy and ideas - sentimental and a dreamy boy:). I do like to drink suger can juice (traditional Egyptian drink), fresh mango juice. At the moment I personally feel like a child because of my current life situation. I'm spending time with my friends besides charity work is a huge part of my life - and writing€ poems. Also I enjoy spending time in a quiet atmosphere, talking and watching the flames, walking around city and looking at the rain, covering up with blanket and listening to romantic music with a glass of sugar juice or homs and enjoy the romance of Nile's waves.
I wanna learn something languages..away of way of life.
I like walking daily. I wish someday to have the chance to cross all the world on my feet, bicycle - after i learn how to ride it-:) P.S. I wish I can dance one day before going to the other world, other life "slow motion, salsa dance or maybe somehow break dance".
Muhammad Ahmed ZeinEddin | ijad neshanetan
About my field it's Iranian studies:


Everybody has a good person inside him/her. In other people's happiness I can see my own happiness. I respect any kind of ideas also if you didn't believe in anything. When I can forgive myself I can forgive others as well.
If I'm helping people, I'm not hurting them.
Live every single second like it's your last one during this life.
People come, people go. Freedom is the best of all!
You don't deserve somebody's feelings if you don't have the courage to tell him/her about your feelings.
Life without smile like hell!! I listen, I see, I think, I do, I gain know how! There is adventure everywhere and for everyone so don't miss yours!!
If you don't trust in anything please start with trusting yourself!!
Just let it go!!

Why I’m on Couchsurfing


help anybody need my help what ever it takes from me?!Like surfing my couch,Show people around Arabic,Persian tutor/translator for non Arabian people


What can i say i'll let the references people put talk more about my experience for sure it's for me
looks like it's too much to talk about it,I'll be so boring to say it,but really every time i meet some one from cs it's another taste of life,culture,& science.


Tourism is a huge part of the Egyptian economy and foreigners provide a important source of income, to many the only source. Unfortunately, this has also lead to a select group of people at tourist-frequented sites seeing foreigners as targets to take advantage of and extract money from. With the political and economic situation, people have become particularly desperate. It's rare to be stolen from, but many desperate vendors result to friendliness, deception, guilt, and pushiness to get you to agree to things that you don't want. These situations aren't dangerous, just very annoying.

As a CSer, you're probably more open-minded than most. Despite this, it pains me to say that some of my couchsurfers have even let this harassment ruin their trip and image of Egypt! But Egypt is a great country and it doesn't have to be that way. Here are some things to keep in mind when confronting abusive practices:

(1) These aggressive practices towards foreigners are not representative of Egyptians as a whole, but a select group of people that have crafted their art of using foreigners as ATM machines.

(2) Recognize the signs. The most important way to tell that someone on the street is trying to trick you is when they start asking you to do things. It can be as subtle as "Come here" or "Take this" but you could end up in some guy's store forced to helplessly sit and watch him pull out all these perfumes and have you smell each one as he tries to convince you that his great grandfather made a secret recipe that has been passed down through the generations! He will probably have a picture of his great grandfather on the wall but this is all bull! You'll usually hear, "I want to show you something." or "Come look at my factory." and the most common is, "Just come take my business card! It'll only be five minutes!" (This quickly turns into half an hour.) As a general rule, never take or give anything from people at the pyramids. They will tell you something is a gift or try to put something on your head. Don't let them!

(3) Don't feel bad saying "NO THANK YOU" or "LA SHOKRAN" in Arabic. Foreigners may feel awkward having souvenirs shoved in their face and will get angry when the vendor still presses them to buy.`If they keep pressing and pestering you to go somewhere or buy something, it helps to say something along the lines of, "That's so nice of you!" or "Thank you so much for offering!" Also, touch your palm to your heart, which is a thankful gesture. This gesture has worked wonders here!

(4) Don't feel bad ignoring people. If you say "no thanks" and they haven't stopped pestering you, you have the right to ignore them. After all, you declined and they ignored you, so it's only fair you ignore them back! You are not required to respond to everyone. No one will be mad at you. In the US or Europe, it's very rude to ignore people, but this is Egypt and they are used to it and this is how locals deal with this behavior.

(5) Smile! Yes, people want to sell you things that you don't want. Or maybe you paid a little too much for the souvenir you wanted. So what? Don't let it stress you out and ruin your trip. It helps not letting it get to you. It also helps to be playful with them because it makes their boring jobs a little more enjoyable. Poke fun at them as they are probably already poking fun at you! Then continue on your way!

(6) Don't get upset! It's rare that any of my CSers have become so overwhelmed that they have a mental breakdown, but I've definitely seen other tourists have one and my friends have had them too. You can be firm, but obviously screaming, cursing and crying at people at a tourist site for trying to sell you things is a little inappropriate for the situation (it's different if you are being sexually harassed or believe your life is in danger). A freak-out like this will quickly become a subject of mockery and for the especially cruel vendors, they might step up their game to get an even bigger reaction out of you just for fun.

(7) Look around and know the prices. If there's something you want to buy, always get the best price out of the vendor and then leave. You won't know if it's a good price unless you've checked multiple places. You can always come back. This includes souvenirs, camel trips and cruises. Also, you can just ask me!

(8) Leave. Many feel socially awkward just leaving when they're in a bad situation but it will save you a lot of time and stress. This is especially the case if you're stuck in someone's lame shop. If you don't get what you want, you have to stand up for yourself. If a camel guide or souvenir doesn't give you a good price, threaten to leave. Often these people know you feel guilty and they are taking advantage of this, so don't fall for it. My favorite tactic is to say, "What's that?" as you point behind them, then run!!!

(9) Scammers tend to be focused in areas frequented heavily by tourists. The pyramids are known to be the worst so be prepared. In Luxor and Aswan, scammers are also aggressive and the prices are inflated almost everywhere. If you go to Islamic Cairo at the Khan al-Khalili market, you will be swarmed by vendors in certain parts, but you should learn to relish the attention ;) Also in Tahrir Square and Talaat Harb Square and in between there are some scammers that will sometimes follow you, but just walk right past them.

(10) Don't trust people just because they're a CSer and have a lot of vouches.(Vouches don't mean anything here because the CS community in Egypt generally passes vouches around like candy.) Although the vast majority of people on this site here are great and have good intentions, there are some who routinely take advantage of foreigners. Most recently, I still encourage you to go on the many great events the CS community here organizes, but just be aware when a fellow CSer asks you to pay to go on a trip, to a particular cafe or wants to be in charge of any other "transactions". Don't trust these guys!


charity works
having friends all over the world
having adventures, exploring new places
to know a lot about different cultures
improving my language skills
participating in conferences such as charity, human rights / development and related to tourism
playing chess
practicing critical thinking, creative thinking
trying new things as much as I can
learn how to cook (not good at the moment)
photography (I've Nikon D5200 with lens 18:55/55:300)
anything active.... come on, lets do something!

  • arts
  • culture
  • writing
  • poetry
  • folklore
  • photography
  • beauty
  • perfumes
  • dancing
  • human rights
  • dining
  • cooking
  • running
  • walking
  • drinking
  • shopping
  • chess
  • reading
  • traveling
  • socializing
  • blogging
  • drawing
  • music
  • hiking
  • surfing
  • muslim
  • business
  • teaching
  • engineering
  • languages
  • science
  • tourism
  • volunteering

Music, Movies, and Books

sci-Fi movies, war movies, e g Unthinkable Fair, Game, Body of Lies, Avatar Remember me, A Walk to Remember, Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, The Pursuit of Happyness, Slum dog Millionaire, 3 Idiots, My name is Khan

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

Changing people's minds with Egyptian revolution. Everybody have good person inside him/her.
this message from my country for all the world:Love,Peace
اللي بني بني مصر كان في الاصل حلواني
عشان كدة مصر يا ولاد مصر يا ولاد حلوة الحلوات اللي بني بني مصر كان في الاصل حلواني
وعشان كدة مصر يا ولاد مصر حلوة الحلوات بندق ندق بوابه الحياة للايدين قومي
قومي افتحي لولادك الطيبين قومياللي بني مصر كان في الاصل حلوانيوعشان كدة مصر يا ولاد حلوة الحلواتوادي وبوادي وبحور وجسور وموانيتوحيد وفكر وصلاه تراتيل غنا وابتهالاتوكل دا في مصر ياولادمصر يا ولاد حلوة الحلواتاللي بني مصر كان في الاصل حلوانيوعشان كدة مصر يا ولاد حلوة الحلواتاللي بني مصر كان حلواني ياولاد حلوانياسمه علي بوابتها لا زال ولا زايلساعه الهوايل يقوم قايل يا بلداهويجي شايل هيلاهوب شايل حمولها ويعدل المايلوعشان كدة مصر يا ولاد حلوة الحلواتاللي بني مصر كان حلواني ياولاد حلوانيوعشان كدة مصر يا ولاد حلوة الحلواتباحلم يا صاحبي وانا لسه باحبيبدنيا تانيه ومصر جنه يا صاحبيواجي احقق الحلم القى موج عالي طاح بيونعود سوا نطوي الانين بالحنينوعشان كدة مصر يا ولاد حلوة الحلواتاللي بني مصر كان حلواني ياولاد حلوانيوعشان كدة مصر يا ولاد حلوة الحلوات

دايما مع بعض
عشان لازم نكون مع بعض
عشان شايلانا نفس الارض
عشان بكره اللى مستنى
ومش عايز يفرق حد
نوبه اوييه
اي وايتونري
ونوبه ونس انجري

معنى الجزء النوبي

انا النوبة القديمة ما احلى تجمعات
أولادي تحت ظلال النخيل
على ضفاف النيل يحلى السمر
صاحبى اللى كتفه فكتفى بيخلينى متطمن
عارفه هايفضل جنبى مهما لقانى بتجنن
ومش من دمى
لا اخويا ولا عمى
لكنه أختار يكون جنبي
هيله هيله يا مركب
قوم شد القلوع
وتكالنا على الله ياله ماحدش
فيناهايموت مالجوع
واحد ماشى مانعرفهوش
ومد اديه
سحب شبكه وخد سمكه وسلم وراح
القمح اللى فدار الجار
والفرح اللى فجار الدار
عمك ياد
راقد تعبان
قوم وارويله ارضه
مين غيرك هايراعى الزرعه
ويحاجى على عرضه
عشان لازم نكون مع بعض
عشان شايلانا نفس الارض
عشان بكره اللى مستنى
ومش عايز يفرق حد
من جدعنه صحابى فى الوظيفه أقدمولى
اتقبلت وهما لا هنونى وقالولى
كلنا فمركب صغير من ورق والبحر ساحبه
واللى يركب النهارده يبقى يجر صاحبه
بكرة نصحى بدرى هنعدى ونخدك اصله اول يوم واحنا لازم نبقا جنبك
فرحانين بجد مالقلب بضمير ومفيش جواهم لياالا كل خير
على مدد الشوف
من ورث جدود
رجاله شداد
وهلايله ياواد
وكان ياما كان
قعدة حكاوى زما
لما عم الحاج يعدى
كله يوقف لعب يهدى
البلى فجيبى
والسن التؤيبى
والسبع بلطات واللمه فى الحارت
من بوى ومن قبلى جدى
عقيد القوم يراعى ارضى
والدحيا على الشفقان
وهادى عوايدنا من زمان
مانخذل يوم عشيرتنا تلاقينا رجال وفرسان
يا مقوى عشقى لخويي ولخويتى كراما العربان

معنى الجزء البدوي

من ايام ابوى وجدى وشيخ القبيله بيرعى ناسها
ودايما جلسات السمر بتجمعنا فى الغنا عن العشاق
مابنخذلش بعض ابدا لو حصلت مشكله مع راجل او ست
لان العرب دايما عايشين بقلب واحد
عشان لازم نكون مع بعض
عشان شايلانا نفس الارض
عشان بكره اللى مستنى
ومش عايز يفرق حد

Teach, Learn, Share

I can show you how to shoot nice photos, some Arabic and Persian.
I want to learn anything about our culture, background.
We can share meal, tour, & trip

What I Can Share with Hosts

Stories,Food,Experience , life, nice chat ,
Hitch hike together to another place

Countries I’ve Visited

Egypt, Greece, Russian Federation

Countries I’ve Lived In

Egypt, Romania

Old School Badges

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