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  • Fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish; learning German, Italian
  • 35, Male
  • Miembro desde 2013
  • Artist
  • Keylontic Science Expert / EDM Live Act
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Sobre mí


Consciousness / Love / Respect / Feelings /Spirituality


Paulo Saraiva aka Dj Spirit Hood joined the psychedelic European music scene in the mid 90's devoting his time to producing psychedelic raves, parties & festivals. Soon after he discovered the art of Deejaying, by 2006 he became enamored with the pysbient, psydub & psychill music genres. His influences of the past 16 years include the likes of Adham Shaikh, Aes Dana Asura, Bluetech, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Celtic Cross, Doof, Eat Static, Entheogenic, Galaxy, Healer, H.U.V.A. Network, Ishq, Kekal, Kick Bong, Liquid Stranger, Makyo, Mystical Sun, Ott, Pitch Black, Puff Dragon, Shpongle, Shulman, Solar Fields, The Infinity Project, Vibrasphere and Younger Brother. HIs most important inspiration is Johnny Blue with the (Psylent Harmony).

In the prophetic year of 2012, Dj Spirit Hood entranced dancers across Europe at such festivals as Freqs of Nature Festival, Fusion Festival, Antaris Projekt, Utopia - After Boom Festival, Chaotic Madness Festival, VuuV Festival, Hadra Festival, Indian Spirt, Trance Odysee, Rumsommer Festival.

During the past decade Dj Spirit Hood has performed on many stages across Europe including the countries of Portugal, Austria, Germany, UK, Greece, Slovenia, Itally, Netherlands, France, Spain & Switzerland.

Skype: Zwischen-Zwei-Zeiten


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Música, películas y libros


Algo increíble que he hecho

Free Download Mixtapes:

Mantra Dub

The Iluminum Bicycle

Deja Vu

Keep Calling The Summer OM

The Time When The Stones Could Talk

The Ea Enki Dream

The Intellectual Mood Of An Undefined Lifestyle

The Shadow Of A Cur Creature

The Secrets Never Come Randomly

Enseña, aprende, comparte

People are conditioned to work for a living. Your working label is used to define who you are – how much value you have, your worth, your level of importance.

People become dependent upon something outside of themselves. They give up their power to define themselves and dictate their own level of relevance, importance, and value. They allow job titles, certain models of car, and a myriad of expensive material objects to represent how much purpose or relevance they have in life.

The problem is, when a high-powered job is lost, a title is given up, and the ability to surround yourself with expensive material objects is depleted, your sense of importance, relevance, and value is depleted as well. This is the danger of allowing yourself to be defined by your outer world. This is the danger of giving your power to things outside of you.

When you realise that all measurements of worth, relevance, and value come from within, you free yourself of the ties to your outer environment. You take back your power and control.

When you gain knowledge of how our reality is structured, and how the various physical and biological elements contained within are influenced by mental focus, thoughts, and intentions to direct force, you realise that mental power is far superior to physical power.

You understand the role of influence, and how systems of resonance and coherence shape our personal experiences of reality.

It’s much harder to sit and focus your mind on one specific intention for even just five minutes than it is to get out of bed every morning on autopilot and work in a nine-to-five job every week.

It’s much easier to live your life reacting to your environment and the things contained within than it is to break away from established lines of thinking and acting, exerting the mental energy necessary to change your experience of reality.

The thoughts you have, your mental focus, and the way in which you use your imagination are the causes of everything that you experience in your outer world. Although you may not realise it, you are constantly shaping and altering not just your experience of reality, but other people’s experience of reality also via coherent systems of similar energy.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer because each group influences and exchanges energy with themselves. If you consider yourself poor, and use outer values to define yourself as such, you will experience more of the same, and will be adding to other people’s experience of the same.

If you watch news reports on the failing economy, and listen to people who complain about not having money or not being able to pay bills, you will ensure that their influence touches you and colours your experience of life.

The rich stay rich because they see themselves in a certain way. They mix with people who they aspire to be like. They never talk of lack or need, instead they talk of making even more money, or their plans to make even more expensive purchases.

Your friends and family are influencing you, and you in turn are influencing them. Your peer groups are either lifting you upward toward continued success, or keeping you grounded in suffering, poverty, and illness.

The television programs you watch on a daly basis, the magazines and newspapers you read are all reflections of the systems of coherence and influence you are currently entangled in.

Are your friends and peer groups, the media you pay attention to, and the job you currently have all lifting you upward to continued success, or are they keeping you grounded in suffering, poverty or illness?

Everything around you is an illusion. All of the things that your senses detect are nothing more than effects which can be traced back to one cause: intentions to direct force born from conscious awareness.

We all live in a ‘physical dream’, not knowing that we are the ones who are dreaming our reality into existence. There lies within every human being a force that is more powerful than any physical phenomena existing in physical reality.

The force that lies within you is the power of intention, the power of choice.

Most of the inhabitants of planet Earth use this power unconsciously. They stumble through life, blindly reacting to events and situations, not realising that they were the ones responsible for generating those events and situations in the first place.

You are either acting with purpose and self-direction, or you are reacting through fear and confusion, directed by others. When you make the mistake of blindly accepting the world around you as the cause, you will forever be bound by an illusion, imprisoned by the rules and laws of blind individuals caught up in a make-believe world dominated by fear, anger, and disillusionment.

Shatter the illusion. Break free of the bonds that rob you of your freedom and power.

The knowledge that thoughts and imagination are the things responsible for reality will set you free. Take your power back from the things of your outer physical environments. Reclaim your right to define who you are and what you’re capable of.

Strip away the labels that others use to define you. Tune out the negative media that you allow to invade your mind on a daily basis. Strengthen your defences and take a stand against those who would seek to oppress and control you.

Have the courage to step away from the world that everyone else takes for granted, and begin today to familiarise yourself with the world of endless possibility and unlimited power that lies hidden within you.

The sooner you begin your search, the sooner your experience of outer reality will alter.

The reason why the world is like it is today is because people have become disillusioned. They have stopped believing in ‘magic’. Don’t be like everyone else. If you want to see a change in your outer world, you must first make a change within.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world because without you, the world would not exist.

Países que he visitado

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom

Países en los que he vivido

Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom

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