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About Me

Please you don’t need to read my whole profile, is so long 🤪 just read something to get the vibe and my home section if you want to stay at my home.

🛋 SURFERS: You are so welcome in wherever I live now, I will do my best for you, even if I can not host you. I will try to help you as much as I can.

🏠 Hosts: I live a bit day by day as this a lifestyle for me, but I will adapt to your needs and rules if you have any. Thanks for your hospitality!


🌎 I’m traveling the whole world nomad, as a missionary. I’m m in love with life, I see everyone as a brother or a sister since the beginning of the relationship, I perceive your energy and if you live with an opened heart we will connect in the very first minutes. Making friends is great💙.

🌍 My mission is to spread Love and Peace through my life, and make better this world. I’ve been part of a lot of miracles during the last 3 years that I’ve been traveling the world, so I feel this is how it was meant to be, I feel that my mission is a gift from God.

🌎 Every day I see great things happening around me, as I said, a lot of miracles, or magic or just, I can’t find words to describe it. I just go with the flow, living day by day, and trusting life to provide me with all my needs, as allow me to provide others with their needs.

🌍 The most important for me is to find peace in my heart so I’m able to give it to the people around me. I’m also a writer, writing a book of poetry of the world tour.

🌎 I studied Industrial management engineering but now I graduated and after 3 years dreaming with the world tour, finally I’m doing it. No fear, just a heart full of love, eyes of a child seeking for new connections and beautiful/ pure experiences in the world.

🌍I had a girlfriend whose break-up was the reason why I started traveling. I was devastated, At the beginning it was just running away, but thanks to a man who lives on the streets of Valencia I woke up of a nightmare slowly. I visited him every day during months, I saw life from his eyes, and he gave me the faith I have. This is a story that I can definitely tell you calmly. There was a moment that I decided to start traveling wild (without paying for hosting neither transportation) because of a strong spiritual experience when I lost fear. I will also tell you if you are interested.



🏄If you are into poetry here you can find one poem dedicated to you, dear couchsurfer. Most of my poetry is in Spanish but I can give it to you in English.

My name is Nacho, and I define myself
as a continuously learning being,
learning to love, learning to live,
learning from you, and learning from me,
Life is becoming for me,
this paradoxical teacher,
Who is always teaching us how to life.
Their best assistant? Suffering and peace,
One without the other, can not coexist.

But how Beautiful is it!
That always that we suffer,
there are two ways to pick,
The first one? Put new Lawyers on your heart
to see the life like a film,
Where nothing will affect us,
And sufferings are illusions,
That we imagine in a dream.

The other daring way, is only for those fearless beings,
those who may wonder of suffering,
as long as they can learn from it.
It consists on opening your heart,
until you find in yourself,
a better human being,
then suffering find a sense,
the sense of learning to live.

You will never be the same after this.
But is staying the same in any case the option for me?
Perhaps now I will appreciate happiness in another way,
opening my heart to those,
who live the suffering as I did,
and find the real way to be happy,
Live for others, and not for me.

Share my life, and give my being.
Nothing better than my love, time, happiness is this,
to give others,
the opportunity to see,
And find this hidden way,
of trusting in life and in humanity.

Choosing the way of being yourself, in spite of society, and seek for your real mean,
The meaning of life which is,
Maybe living for love,
opening your heart to the stranger,
Despite all your wounds,
find the hope in the heart,
of every human being.

Because no one can teach us to live,
But learning together, is the way that Life presented to me,
So welcome to Couchsurfing,
My great brother or sis,
this daring and genuine adventure,
For sharing the mean,
Sharing your life, your time and destiny,
Helping the others,
maybe we all came to this.
And maybe it’s is better together,
To find the mission we all seek,
The meaning of our lifes,
the meaning of our beings.

By Nacho Agüera, thanks for your time!


💚💚💚💚 Here my way of see the life 💙💙💙💙

🌚The world plays a song continuously but only those who can stop their lifes and trust on something different than themselves, keeping in total silence, will listen to it.

🧑🏻‍🚒I believe in humanity. Our capacity to change the heart of the most mistreated person. Not judging others but giving them the opportunity to start from the beginning, seeing them with child eyes, loving them freely.

👼🏻Simplicity takes people to change their heart, to see a small light in their life’s even when everything seem to be finished.

🦉Pronoia: state of mind that is the opposite of paranoia, the belief that universe or God is conspiring in your favor, everything happens for a reason, even the “bad” things are happening to appreciate the “good” ones, learn, grow up, and have a more open heart every day.

🌎I love people who makes me feel as if world is my home, and absolutely nothing separate us. Neither race, nor our beliefs, nor our cultures, They only enrich us. World is a place for everyone, it doesn't matter where you were born, just how far is your heart willing to arrive.

🌍 “Not all those who wonder are lost” (JRR Tolkien) Sometimes wondering with no direction let you discover what was inside you.

👶🏼Travel as a CHILDREN who cannot control anything, trusting on everyone. Wondering or everything we see.

🔥 Leave a little sparkle wherever you go, sometimes a smile or a loving gesture, can be fair enough to brighten someone's life.

😮 Expect nothing and appreciate everything.

😁 Laughter is the best medicine.

🚪Always stay true to yourself.

✌🏻 Worry less and smile more!

☔️ When life gives you rainy days, play in puddles.

💪🏽Trust on life, everything happens for a reason.

🙏🏻 Forgiveness and Forget and never close your heart to the beauty of human beings.

🥀 The whole life is a paradox, the same thing can be good and bad at the same time, we can not judge anything and even less anyone.

————————🌝MY PERSONALITY🙃————————

🤗Well, I consider myself as a happy man, who loves to be always smiling. But it is very boring to talk about my adjectives, so you can read the references that people write on my profile.

Why I’m on Couchsurfing


If I have to count my best friends with two hands I’m proud to say that I don’t have enough fingers, and yes, they are TRUE friends…. Anyway, from these 10 fingers, 8 of them were thanks to CS, the other 2 I introduced them in CS. In CS there are really extraordinary people that can enrich a lot your life and open your heart and mind. That’s great to travel the world in a local way.


  • poetry
  • singing
  • photography
  • dancing
  • human rights
  • running
  • walking
  • traveling
  • music
  • camping
  • volleyball
  • engineering
  • geography
  • philosophy
  • volunteering
  • beaches
  • mountains
  • cinema
  • nature
  • playing guitar
  • exploring
  • padel
  • peace
  • world history
  • world cultures
  • voleyball
  • debating
  • praying
  • filosophy
  • motivation
  • united nations
  • woods

Music, Movies, and Books


🎵 Musicals, Pop music, Latin music, classical rock... Everything that can be danced, singed, played, felt... I love every kind of music.

Movies 🎥: Really a lot.

🏰 DISNEY Films and songs. I feel like a child, and they raise my soul.

💃🏻 I like dancing every kind of dances. I am very opened to learn all about dancing, and teach the few things that I know.

🎤I LOVE singing, and if you are brave enough? With you dear reader 😉.

🎥 Serie: LOST.

📖 HARRY POTTER (J.K. Rowling)
📖 The alchemist (Paulo Coelho) and others of Coelho…
Henry Thoreau, Walt Whitman
Around the world on 50 bucks (Cristopher Schacht)
Rich without money, Into the wild and a lot a lot more…

One Amazing Thing I’ve Done

🇫🇷 I stayed 3 days in silence in a small village called Taizè in the French Alps, and it was the strongest spiritual experience of my life, I discovered a lot of myself and LOST fear to suffering. Since this moment I started to hear more my heart than my head.

🧡 🏄 I organized an international CS crush (official meeting of CS) in my city Valencia, we were more than 100 people from different nationalities with a lot of amazing couchsurfers.

🇪🇬 Go to Egypt for one week (as a backpacker) with no reservations made in any hotel neither apartments. I visited all the country with no plans, living life as an Egyptian, taking their public transportations from north to south of the country, even sleeping in night buses, and poor villages, and knowing all kind of people there. As I did not have any reservations done... I could enjoy of all the plans that Egyptian peoples presented me.

🇨🇴 I traveled to the Amazonas and saw more than 20 creatures at night that could have killed me, but they were very chill, so don’t worry.
I also went to a zone in war related to 2 drug quartels all by my own, without identification, so I couldn’t stay at any hostel or anything similar. I had to find a miracle to arrive to the other coast (1 hour away by boat) where there was the Pacific Ocean and the jungle in a humble and special paradise. I took the boat and a beautiful woman told me to stay at her hostel for free, I crossed the jungle and stayed meditating in front of the Pacific feeling so many things. All the peace of the world and gratitude because this place had more beauty than the beauty I could assimilate. I became a local in a couple of days in this recóndito place in the jungle of the Pacific, and next day I saw the whales and had a bath in the deep of the jungle.

🇲🇦 I Made a 48 hours trip, and I visited three cities in that time: Burdeos, Marsella, and Ouarzazate (in Sáhara Desert). I could do that because I slept like 2 hours in the airports, saving as much money as possible.

🇯🇴 In Jordan I slept in Wadi Rum desert, in an amazing night camp, and the beduin who hosted us in the camp carried us in his car by the desert at night (3 am), at the same time he was drinking a bottle of vodka. It has been one of the most funny experience I have ever lived.

🇮🇪 I stayed hitchhiking alone with one degree, when it was raining and windy for 2 HOURS. But the best experience was that every children of this village (Cobh) who saw me stopped and asked me if I was okey, if I needed some food, and all these children opened my heart as I couldn’t imagine.

🇪🇸 I knew a 70 years old man on the street who was asking for money... and visiting him every day during a month, we became practically best friends, even We celebrated his birthday together. This man taught me more than every book I have ever readen.

🇹🇷 I have traveled some hours in hot air balloon.

🇲🇽 I saw a violinist spider in the Maya jungle just watching me.

🇪🇸 I organized a party of more thaN 2 hundreds people in a garden.

🇳🇴 I traveled close to the North Pole with a friend of Couchsurfing that I hosted in my house, his girlfriend, my sister, and my best friend. We did 20 hours traveling Lapland by car, got to see the northern lights, and still live several experiences with local people.

🇮🇹 I traveled alone for 45 days to Italy not taking any appartment nor Hostel. There were days that I didn’t even know where I was spending this same night, but trusting on live, and people’s kindness I was provided with the best possible experiences ever imagined, and I had host in every place I was, all of them now I consider like my family. I started the trip with 200€ I Finnish with 50€ so in balance I spent 150€ in more than a month traveling in Europe.

🇧🇪 I organized a CS meeting in the private island of another couchsurfer in the middle of a lake. We all made kayaking at night and opened our hearts as brothers and sisters til the point that next we were going to Germany in one day trip. Next night we stayed back together and I was fired of my job in Belgium, then I saw myself as a homeless for one minute, until all my FRIENDS told me, where are we traveling next? Then we had one of the best caravan trips in my life, which ended up in the middle of the black jungle in Germany, while raining, but totally covered by the super high trees at the same time that we were singing & playing the guitar, and making a fire not only in the wood, but also in our hearts.

🇳🇱 I improvised a 7-days trip in caravan with two friends (now brothers) from Couchsurfing. We stayed in one of the North Frisian islands with wild seals in the coasts, but sleeping between paper boards because we lost the last ferry... hehe😅. It was funny because we were having I kind of psicodelic experience (something really punctual) so we were sure we wanted to stay at the island, and predicted the future three hours ago. “We are going to lose the last ferry because the island is calling us”. Also I stayed alone with the CS ambassador of Amsterdam, the most interesting person I’ve ever met on CS, with part of his past in prision, war, homeless periods, and the wisdom of a person who decided to open all his heart to this crazy world, I keep him in my heart, and grew up thanks to him more than I could ever imagine. (Thanks Kevin).

🇮🇨 I traveled the 8 islands wild camping + 2 isolated islands La Graciosa and Isla de Lobos, and also climbed Teide at night to see the sunrise. 2000 m of Ascension in 6 hours without oxygen until arrive to the +_ 3800 m.

Teach, Learn, Share

🏞🎑———— LEARN, TEACH, SHARE ————🌆🏞

Everything I know, Everything I am.

What I Can Share with Hosts


📝I can inspire you to follow your dreams, even the craziest thing I can help you to make it happen.

📝I can share all that I carry with me, it is not too much, but It is nice because is everything :D

📝Start a cs group and make something incredible.

📝Sing with you, I love singing.

📝All my Traveling experiences.

📝My best quality time.

📝All my Love and passion for life.

📝An opened heart to grow up with you, and learn from you.

📝My full availability to know new places with you and make the plans that you always wanted to do, it can be the most random thing in the world.

📝Spanish culture, try to teach you a bit of Spanish.

📝I am always open to try new things (nothing related with sex).

📝I am opened to know your friends or more couchsurfers, or just go with you, everything is perfect to me, I adapt my plans to your plans, the best plan is NOT HAVING PLANS AT ALL🎊.

Countries I’ve Visited

Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Colombia, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vatican City State

Countries I’ve Lived In

Belgium, Italy, Spain

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