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Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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  • Fluent in English; learning Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese
  • 36, Male
  • Member since 2005
  • Writer, Dj, English Teacher, Poet, A...
  • Degree in Creative Writing & Writing...
  • From Bolton, its on the outskirts of Manchester by 12 miles.
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About Me


teaching my son how to smile everyday


Unique, Zolaesque, Atomic, Amiable, Ancestral, Ancient, Spiritual Stargazer, Standout, Caring, Unforgettable, Inspiring, Intelligent yet simple minded, Spontaneous, Adventurous, Psychedelic yet sane but one who embraces insanity as genius, yes I'm crazy which is no more than misled curiosity often landing me in trouble with those who only see with the eyes, big and loud who likes to sing with a crowd and if u don't like to play then please step out of my way, don't judge just appreciate an artist in bloom, oh and i give amazing cuddles especially in June. I am also very clean and tidy (an organized environment is an organized mind). If you host me i will leave everything as it was on arrival, i love to cook tasty mouthwatering delights so expect to have dinner ready if you come home from a busy day at work, i don't like to sit around wasting time (unless i'm shattered from years of traveling or there's a new series of Sopranos on tv.) so if you have any jobs need doing i don't mind helping out..I love sharing stories over late night conversations and good wines in the splendor of a quintessential surrounding.I hope to think i will be a memory lovingly remembered than willingly forgotten.

I will love you as much as you love me. Not You or I, only We.


* Give to the world what u wish to take

* Every negative has a positive.

* Step back, take a breather and reflect on what your about to say. The words you speak define you.

* Jealously will destroy u and only make me stronger.

* Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But Today is a gift, that's why its called the Present.

* Believe in your dream and it will no longer be a dream.

* Follow your heart and your head will follow.

* Smile always.

* Open your arms to everything and everyone at least once before making a judgment.

* Never Criticize.

* Who am I without you?

* Not You or Me only WE!

* Love and Be Loved.

New World Order

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Why I'm on Couchsurfing


I spent 1000 days of my life surfing over 100 couches in the Las Americas. I helped create new cs communities in each place i visited or strengthened existing communities by helping city ambassadors to organize grand meetings, contacting respectable media sources to attend the event and help capture a wider audience for the growth and expansion of cs around the world.

I am now living and teaching in Saigon and recently became a proud father. I plan to finish my book about my 1000 day couchsurfing the world at some point that not only highlights the places i visited but more importantly the people, and help discover and highlight the unique connection amongst this network we are part of, which in these days of war and terror still offers to open our doors to a stranger, offer them food and a drink and a warm place to stay.

I also work as a volunteer DJ for cs events, I've created a voluntary cs DJ agency, feel free to contact me if you want to be involved. Hopefully in the future we will have djs all around the world in every city on call for any upcoming cs parties THAT NEEDS MUSIC!!


I also have a great attitude towards cs, i embrace its philosophy to the max and respect what it stands for and I'm always searching for ways to make it better. I suggested the idea of creating an International Couchsurfing Day celebrating the birth of cs in every city around the world, finally its been made official as June 12th the day the cs website went online. 2008 will see the first of many celebrations to come!


Hosted in Manchester

1. Henry David Cohen. Paris,France 2. Russ Muscarella. Diamond Bar, La, USA 3. Brooke Seckinger. San Diego, USA 4. Ashlea Blake. Melbourne, Australia 5. Laura Gaschutz. Berlin, Germany 6. James Hurley. Moorpark, La, USA

Surfed around the world 1. Carlos Rodriguez. San Francisco, California, USA 2. Russ Muscarella. Los Angeles, California, USA 3. Jeremiah Gomez. San Diego, California, USA 4. Daniel Kleet. Las Vegas, California, USA 5. Josh Cash. St George, Utah, USA 6. Brian Laudico, Moab, Utah, USA - Deleted Profile 7. Scott Clair. Boulder, Colorado, USA 8. Adele Frances. Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA 9. Andrea Kraus. Austin, Texas, USA 10. Benjamin Lynn. San Antonio, New Mexico, USA 11. Benjamin Harlow. New Orleans, Louisianna, USA 12. Brian Buchanan. Memphis, Tennessee, USA 13. Mike Gunnuscio. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 14. Avishay Artsy. Lincoln, Nebraska, USA 15. Ashlie Saffire. Cininnatti, Ohio, USA 16. Shane K, Washington Dc, District Of Columbia, USA 17. Lauren Nitti, Alexandria, Virginia, USA 18. Lauren W, Baltimore, Maryland, USA 19. Stephen Tupper, New York, USA 20. Sarah Shapiro, Boston, USA 21. Graham Giovagnoli, Chicago, Illinois, USA 22. Eric Krantz. Rapid City, South Dakota USA 23. David. Bozeman, Montana, USA 24. Glenn, Kris Hill. Seattle, Washington, USA 25. Sarah Havens, Portland, Oregon, USA 26. Lee Fouste. Eugene, Oregon, USA 27. Aaron Antrim, Arcata, California, USA 28. Cora Heeg. Bishop, California, USA 29. Adrian Montfort. Monterrey, MEXICO - Deleted Profile 30. Octavio Pescina. Zacatecas, MEXICO 31. Lenin Cazarez. Guadalajara, MEXICO 32. Felix Vergara, Queretero. MEXICO 33. Rick Schmidt. South Mexico City, MEXICO 34. Barbara Lazcano. North Mexico City, MEXICO 35. Salomon Morales. Veracruz, MEXICO - Deleted Profile 36. Javier Bravo. Boca Del Rio, MEXICO 37. Jorge Castelan. Cholula, Puebla, MEXICO 38. Oliver Villegas. Cholula, MEXICO 39. Luis Vazquez. Tuxla, Chiapas, MEXICO 40. Eduardo Alday. Tabasco, Villamosa, MEXICO 41. Ricardo. Campeche, MEXICO 42. Armando Molina, Cancun, Yucatan, MEXICO 43. Paul Schrank. Playa Del Carmen, MEXICO 44. Ruben Pineda. Belize City, BELIZE 45. Juan Carlos. Guatemala City, GUATEMALA 46. Cynthia Doren. Antigua, GUATEMALA 47. Jeff, Mike. San Pedro, GUATEMALA 48. Amado Espino. San Salvador, EL SALVADOR 49. Luis Golcher. San Salvador, EL SALVADOR 50. Jobshissell Fuentes. Tegucigalpa, HONDURAS 51. Carlos Roman. San Pedro Sula, HONDURAS 52. Yamil Ortiz. Utila, HONDURAS 53. Matthieu Schmitt. San Pedro Sula, HONDURAS 54. Allen Areano. Tegucigalpa, HONDURAS 55. Luis Alberto Vargas. Managua, NICARAGUA 56. Anna Russell. San Jose, COSTA RICA 57. Cyril Graze. San Jose, COSTA RICA 58. Joe Gouldby. San Jose, COSTA RICA 59. Ken Chen. Panama City, PANAMA 60. Rosa Camargo. Cartengena, COLOMBIA 61. Raul Toro. Medellin, COLOMBIA 62. Bibi Euse. Medellin, COLOMBIA 63. Lupe Dupe. Medellin, COLOMBIA 64. Vivian Rodriguez. Bogota, COLOMBIA 65. Sadira Delgado. Quito, ECUADOR 66. Wladimir Ortiz. Rio Bamba, ECUADOR 67. Andres Alarcon Aguiar. Guayaquil - ECUADOR 68. Paulo Bohórquez Chang. Guayaquil - ECUADOR 69. Kattya Tamayo. Guayaquil - ECUADOR 70. Villacres Family. Guayaquil - ECUADOR 71. Rafael Venegas. Lima. PERU 72. Lucia Bazan. Lima. PERU 73. Paola Portilla. Arequipa - PERU 74. Carlos Zevallos - Cusco - PERU 75. Carla Alejandra Rada Andia - La Paz - BOLIVIA 76. Cecelia Gonzalez - La Paz - BOLIVIA 77. Lucia Arraya - La Paz - BOLIVIA 78. Ayrton Viera - Santa Cruz - BOLIVIA 79. Hugo Chaparro - Asunsion - PARAGUAY 80. Sergio Morales G. - Asuncion - PARAGUAY 81. Danny Milessi - Asuncion - PARAGUAY 82. Klaus Joachim Doemel & Sandra - Aregua - PARAGUAY 83. Andrea Rivas - Ciudad Del Este - PARAGUAY 84. Pam Heks - Cordoba -ARGENTINA 85. Juan Ortiz - Cordoba -ARGENTINA 86. Simon Etaby - Mendoza -ARGENTINA 87. Marcus Cortez - Buenos Aires -ARGENTINA 88. Alvaro De Diego - Buenos Aires -ARGENTINA 89. Luciano Elizalde - Puerto Madryn - ARGENTINA 90. EZEQUIEL - Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA 91. Martin Martinez - Montevideo - URUGUAY 92. Magela Pribaz - Punta Del Este - URUGUAY 93. Conrado de Sousa Santos - Florianopolis - BRAZIL 94.. Eddy Ervin Eltermann - Camboriu - BRAZIL 95.. Vicente Tristão - Sao Paulo - BRAZIL 95.. Andre Sales - Sao Paulo - BRAZIL 96.. Antonio Queiroz Junior - Rio - BRAZIL 97.. Laura And Marcio - Rio - BRAZIL 98.. Fausto Matos - Salvador - BRAZIL 99..Ernest Bowes Junior -Salvador - BRAZIL 100.. Juliana Kalid Coelho - Salvador - BRAZIL 101.. Almir G Castro Jr - Recife - BRAZIL 102.. Maria Fernanda Menezes - Sao Paulo - BRAZIL 103..Dianne Francis - Kingston - JAMAICA 104..Annabella Proudlock - Ocho Rios - JAMAICA 105. Jose Duran - Santo Domingo - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 106. Alejandro Franch - Santo Domingo - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 107. Jose A. Gonzalez Robles - San Juan - PUERTO RICO 108. Tania Silva. San Juan - PUERTO RICO 109. Homar Sosa. San Juan - PUERTO RICO 110. Roy Abraham. Toronto - CANADA 111. Michelle Laporte. Toronto. CANADA 112. Sai Win Myint Oo. Toronto. CANADA 113. Stephanie Muise. Toronto. CANADA 114. Yan Gourves. Montreal. CANADA 115. Darren Grant. Montreal, CANADA 115.Jorge Rodriguez. Montreal, CANADA 116. Martin Duffy - Vancouver. CANADA 117. Ashley Blake - Whistler. CANADA 118.Natasha Stalker. Saigon. VIETNAM 119.RBEAULAC. Nha Trang. VIETNAM 120.Randy Slocum. Hoi An. VIETNAM 121.Bernard Saliba. Hanoi. VIETNAM

Hosted in Saigon as from September 2009

1.Cait Mooney. Saskatchewan, CANADA 2.Kat Tuite. Canberra - AUSTRALIA 3. Michael Barnes. Minnesota. USA 4. Andrea Vazquez. Rio - BRAZIL 5. Don Gordon. Melbourne - AUSTRALIA 6. Anne Oxenstand - Stockholm. SWEDEN 7. Sree Kanth - Kuala Lumpur. MALAYSIA 8. Laura Dinstell - San Francisco. SA 9. Benjamin Noury - Lille. FRANCE 10. Mark Marek - Edmonton. CANADA 11. Beppie Merwe - Transvaal. SOUTH AFRICA 12. Nitesh Parwanam - Copenhagen. DENMARK 13. Rony Margalit - Tel Aviv. ISRAEL 14. Alice Yu - Ohio. USA 15. Victor Aspidov - Moscow. RUSSIA 16. Gary Weir - New York. USA 17. Vanick Der Bedrossian - San Francisco. USA 18. Welmer van de Noord - Nijmegen. HOLLAND 19. Laura Desmaras - Buenos Aires. ARGENTINA 20. Olivier Wyart - Paris. FRANCE 21. Rowan M Davie - Gold Coast. AUSTRALIA 22. Joey Lateo - Manila. PHILIPPINES 23. Shane Russell - Toronto. CANADA 24. Mark Harvey - Toronto. CANADA 25. Michaela Sailer - Augsburg. GERMANY 26. Maaike and Coen - Amsterdam. HOLLAND 27. Saâdi et Miguel Ladjenef-Durao- Joigny. FRANCE 28. Kim & Nathaniel. San Francisco. USA 29. Isabella Steger - Hong Kong. CHINA 30. Aaron Andrews - Vancouver. CANADA 31. Ahadiat Fahmy - Jakarta. INDONESIA /a> 32. Johanna Hamrén - Stockholm. SWEDEN /a> 33. Urska Doler - Celje. SLOVENIA /a> 34. Eva Kocunova - Poprad. SLOVAKIA /a> 35. Michal Makovnik - Poprad. SLOVAKIA /a> 36. MINAMI - Tokyo. JAPAN /a> 37. Carrie Ginnane - New York. USA /a> 38. Jack Chen - Taichung. TAIWAN. /a> 39. Lise and Nikola - FRANCE & CANADA. /a> 40. Gareth Taylor - Geneva. SWITZERLAND /a> 41. Jared Wiedmer - Kansas. USA /a> 42. Cesia Valenzuela Velazquez - Mexico City. MEXICO/a> 43. Scott and Ian - Reno. USA/a> 44. Chris Corby - Birmingham. USA/a> 45. Vishnu Ramalingam - Singapore. CHINA /a> 46. Daniel Norris - London. UK /a> 47. Tiberius Ologi - Dallas. USA /a> 48. Christopher Ngoi - Singapore. CHINA /a> 49. Gian and Sharon Choi - San Francisco. USA /a> 50. JIDDAHMOON - Boulder. USA /a> 51. Sébastien Cuvelier - Arlon. BELGIUM /a> 52. Laura Fortin - Montreal. CANADA /a> 53. Marlyn Zhao - Jakarta. INDONESIA /a> 54. Andrea Tellez - Mexico City. MEXICO /a> 55. Paula Ordonez - Cali. COLOMBIA /a> 56. Mike Brumm - Fredonia. USA /a> 57. Sandy Lui - Hong Kong. CHINA /a> 58. Lea Oswald - Le Chaux De Fonds. SWITZERLAND /a> 59. Emmi Wegener - Frankfurt. GERMANY /a> 60. Lea Oswald - Le Chaux De Fonds. SWITZERLAND /a> 61. Lys Johnson - North Carolina. USA /a> 62. Amy Widmer - BC. CANADA /a> 63. Thera Paramehta - Jakarta. INDONESIA /a> 64. Peeter Nieler - Hiiumaa island. ESTONIA /a> 65. Ana e Julio Carlos Bezerra - Rio. BRAZIL /a> 66. Val Pishchal - Kharkiv. UKRAINE /a> 67. Doug - Whangarei. NEW ZEALAND /a> 68. Anastasiya Yevets - Grodno, BELARUS /a> 69. Sharif Morad - Berlin. GERMANY /a> 70. Brooke Brandt - Los Angeles. USA /a> 71. Jen - Rhineland. GERMANY /a> 72. Michael Tang - Vancouver. CANADA /a> 73. Katie Conry - San Francisco. USA /a> 74. Catalina Perez - Santiago. CHILE /a> 75. Michael Winkelmann - Mönchengladbach. GERMANY /a> 76. Sebastian Keil - GERMANY /a> 77. Manny Cohen - Jerusalem - ISRAEL /a> 78. Janny Le - Toronto - CANADA /a> 79. Charlie Durrant - Norwich - UK /a> 80. Annika Magnasco - Segeberg - HOLLAND /a> 81. Matthew Tooth - Chichester - UK /a> 82. Mauricio Horta - Sao Paulo - BRAZIL /a> 83. Daniel Chanisheff - Adelaide - AUSTRALIA /a> 84. Phuong Le - Adelaide - AUSTRALIA /a> 85. Mhe-anne Ojeda - Quezon City - PHILIPPINES/a> 86. Krisitie & Alex - Sydney - AUSTRALIA/a> 87. Brad Snape - Brisbane - AUSTRALIA/a> 88. Rafael Campos - San Andre - BRAZIL/a> 89. Ana VILLACRES - Guayaquil - ECUADOR/a> 90. Maou Villaflores - Cebu - PHILIPPINES/a> 91. Kirin Bhalla - Auckland - NEW ZEALAND/a> 92. Steffen Poulsen - Thisted - DENMARK/a> 93. Jacob Nyrup - Allerod- DENMARK/a> 94. Celine Mielcarek - Lille - FRANCE/a> 95. Jane & Sunny - Bristol - UK/a> 96. Lam Hoang - Gothenburg - SWEDEN/a> 97. Nyx Martinez - Paranaque - PHILIPPINES/a> 98. Julia Bloch - New York - USA/a> 99. Susan - Sydney - AUSTRALIA/a> 100. Manny Cohen - New York - USA/a> 101. Kevin Shiuan - Berkeley - USA/a> 102. Janny Le - Sydney - AUSTRALIA/a> 103. Lisa Morris - Herefordshire - UK/a> 104. Angela Dowdy - Colorado - USA/a> 105. Francesca Marcolini - Udine - ITALY/a> 106. Erica Diamant - Oakland - USA/a> 107. Meredith Sim - Saskatoon - CANADA/a> 108. Emilee Hanson - California - USA/a> 109. Fatima - Madrid - SPAIN/a> 110. Niels Hansen - Copenhagen - DENMARK/a> 111. Janna Isaeva - Moscow - RUSSIA/a> 112. Matthew Siegel- New York - USA/a> 113. Marko Markusson - Omagh, IRELAND - /a> 115. Iida-Maria Järvi - Pirkanmaa, FINLAND a> 116. Asia & Wojtek - Silesian, POLAND a> 117. Jean Van Bourgondien - East Hampton, USA a> 118. Michelle OMalley - Singapore, CHINA a> 119. Jamie G - Halifax, UK a> 120. Superyami- Calais, FRANCE a> 121. Jenius- New South Wales, AUSTRALIA a> 122. Jeff Bond- Tupelo, USA a> 123. Arya Anwar - Jakarta, INDONESIA a> 124. Marco Peralta - Sicily, ITALY a> 125. Gianni Peralta - Sicily, ITALY a> 126. AURORA AUSTRALIS - Ile de france, FRANCE a> 127. Walter Heck - Limburg, HOLLAND a> 128. Karen Tichopad - Devon, UK a> 129. Olivia - Sydney, AUSTRALIA a> 130. Jazmin Music - Culver City, USA a> 131. Shane Leftridge - Kansasa City, USA a> 132. Torey Julian - Kansasa City, USA a> 133. Gero Heeschen - Nortorf, GERMANY a>

Hosted in new house as from October 2011

134. Shameless Heather - San Francisco, USA a> 135. Justin Barker - San Francisco, USA a>


I still plan to finish my global trip to surf the world someday with my family however i have recently found a new love for teaching in the schools of Saigon with an urge to give back to the world all the beautiful energy and insights she has given me on my journey so far. Surrounding myself with the innocence of joy and happiness is a blessing i cherish after such a hectic trip of a lifetime. I'm a new man, with a rekindled flame for ambition and the passion to help others beyond my own needs. Saigon will be my base for the next decade of my life at least as i nurture my son into an adult and ready him for the adventure of a lifetime.

Its time to reflect and share my space with you. Welcome.

I also love Djing, Break dancing, playing the saxophone under a full moon, magic tricks, late nights over beer split tables and crazy parties in random places, filming short Movie's for cs, Movie's and books, jumping into water with a hangover, new experiences, traveling obviously, seeking out the metaphors that have not yet been discovered, writing, writing and did i mention writing, love it, like crawling into bed with a loved one at night and calling in sick at work the next day to stay wrapped together, hand on keyboard, face to monitor, coffee to lips, the power to switch off when ever i GOD DAM please!

Music, Movies & Books

I'm open minded and respect anything that inspires and travels through you enough to awaken the mind and soul..

Books - Anything arguing history cause most of its a big lie, the great children stories such as Enid Blytons Folk Of The Faraway Tree, The Wishing Chair, Tolkien, Bukoski, Chuck Palahniuks Collection, Ishmael, The Beach, Mr Nice, Marching Powder, Damage Done Siddhartha, Orwell,Celestine Prophercy, Alchemist, PerFume, Fingerprints of the Gods and anything else that stops you from doing everything else cause you can't put it down.

Currently Reading -

Economic Hitman - John Perkins

Recent reads -

Shantaram - Gregory David Roberts Slaughterhouse 5 - Kurt Vonnegut The South American Diaries - John Hopkins Thus Spake Zarathustra - Nietzsche Life Of Pi - Yann Martel The Warrior Of The Light - Paulo Coelho David Blaine Biography Fifth Mountain - Paulo Coelho In Patagonia - Bruce Chatwin Are you experienced - William Sutcliffe (Amazing) One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel García Márquez The Time Travelers Wife - Audrey Niffenegger The Dice Man - Luke Rhinehart

Films (I live for Movies) These are a must for any collection (im still building my knowledge of world cinema as i travel so please excuse me if I´ve missed any crackers, email me with the titles please)

Argentina - Kamchatka, Valentin, El Polaquito, Nine Queens, Cautiva, El Hijo De La Novia, Motorcycle Diaries.

Italian - Gomorra, La Vita E Bella

English -Slumdog Millionaire, Dr Strangelove, Following, Control, Death at a Funeral, All James Bonds, This is England, Atonement, Eastern Promises, Cashback, Dead Mans Shoes, American Werewolf In London, A Clockwork Orange, Amazing Grace, Lord of the rings (trilogy), Time Bandits, Life Of Brian, Holy Grail, Labyrinth, Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Hot Fuzz, Lawrence Of Arabia

USA - District 9, North by Northwest, 12 Angry Men, The Hurt Locker, Up, Doubt, Milk, The Wrestler, The Visitor, Broken Flowers, Human Nature, Frost/Nixon, Harold and Maude, Burn After Reading, Martian Child, The Notebook, The Graduate, Into the wild, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Squid And The Whale, Pay it forward, American Beauty, Of Mice and Men, Zeitgeist, No Country for old men, Matrix, Good Morning Vietnam, Psycho, Little Children, The Champ, Jacobs Ladder, ET, Goonies, Sling Blade, Colour Purple, Schindler´s List, Go, Rounders, Good Will Hunting, Scarface, Heat, Serpico, Scent Of A Woman, The Fly 1 & 2,Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, October Sky, Adaptation, PS I Love You, Robocop, Terminator, Gone With The Wind, Casanova, Citizen Cane, A Bronx Tale, Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, Nightmare On Elm Street Collection, The Thing, Se7en, Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind, Apocalypse Now, Godfather (trilogy), Officer And A Gentleman, Memento, Breakdance, Beatstreet, Flashdance, Footloose, Ferris Buellers day off, Jerry Maguire, Deja Vu, Die Hard 1 & 2, Platoon, Star Wars (first trilogy), Indiana Jones trilogy, Aliens trilogy, Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, True Romance, Four Rooms, Reservoir Dogs, Explorers, Top Gun, Untamed Heart, The Dark Crystal, Half Baked, Blue Lagoon, The Doors, The Rules Of Attraction, Saving Private Ryan, Cigarettes And Alcohol, 300, Hamburger Hill, Born on the 4th of July, Casualties Of War

Scottish - Braveheart, Trainspotting

Irish - The Wind That Shakes The Barley

Denmark - Dancer In The Dark

Hungarian - Kontroll

German - The Lives Of Others, Edukators

French - The Diving Bell and Butterfly, Science of Sleep, L'Appartment, Amelie, The Chorus, Leon, Perfume

Romanian - 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days

Columbian - La Vendedorade De Rosa, Maria Full Of Grace, The Colombian dream, Buscando a Miguel

South Korean - Sympathy for Mr Vengence, Oldboy, Lady Vengence, I'm a Cyborg But Thats Okay., Chaser, Thirst (bakjwi)

Japan - Violent Cop, Seventh Samurai, Hidden Fortress, Boiling Point, Sonatine

Hong Kong - Enter The Dragon, Fist Of Fury, Game Of Death

Brazil - Tropa De Elite, City Of God, Blindness, Central Do Brazil, Carandiru.

Ecuador - Ratas, Ratones, Rateros, Que Tal Lejos

Mexico - Amores Peros, Y Tu Mama Tambien

Uruguay - Whiskey, El Bano Del Papa

you get the idea.

Tv Series

Sopranos, Shameless, Entourage, True Blood, Heroes,Fringe, 24, Equalizer, Benny Hill, CSI Las Vegas, Lost,Chris Everett, Two Ronnies, Only Fools and Horses (OMG), Dexter, House, Greys Anatomy, Weeds, Scrubs, From the Earth to the Moon, Rome, Terminator, Band of Brothers, Friends, Twin Peaks, A- Team, Streethawk, Supergran, Nightrider, Fall Guy, Dukes of Hazard, TJ Hooker, Baywatch (study of masturbation), Airwolf, Red Dwarf, Blackadder, My Name Is Earl, Monty Python, Prison Break, First Born, Sex And The City, Twilight Zone, V, Quantum Leap, Michael Palin, David Attenborough - Planet Earth

Music - I LOVE MUSIC, almost anything goes in my book, the more the merrier.

Jazz and live music by heart

I play the alto Saxophone, my Granddad was an excellent Jazz singer and also my mum used to sing in the 70's whilst my cousin Matt Schofield plays the electric Guitar, he's set to become the next Eric Clapton, one of the best of his generation and voted top ten blues musician of all time.


I dj House, Electro, Techno, Breaks and Minimal, R n B, Hiphop, Jungle, West Coast, Tribal and Broken Beats.

I love to bust some moves on the dance floor to original break dance music and classic 80's, like Depeche Mode, Joy Division, New Order, Phil Collins,

Beatles, Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, Doors, Bob Marley, Jimmy Hendrix, Oasis, Incubus, Cranberries, and on and on

I also have a great love for chill out music, Cafe Del mar especially.

I try to listen to all types of music available and love to collect music from cs members as i travel, i'd be very interested in swapping music with you so have some recommendations ready please, i'm open to all.

Country and Western should be banned and anyone who can play the washboard kicks ass.

One Amazing Thing I've Done

Sold everything i own including my house to couch surf the world. Djied in front of 17000 at Brighton Beach, Took my niece for her 14 birthday into the Pyramids of Egypt, Watched my cat walk through snow for the first time..Traveled more than 1000 days. Became a father which tops them all.

Teach, Learn, Share

I can teach u the basics of Djing and playing the saxophone. I can give u some tips on playing poker to win, haha. I can share my poetry with u. I can help you learn how to edit video using Adobe premier pro, or simply show u how to laugh when your down and smile when your up!!

If you wanna go deep, lets discuss Quantum Physics, other dimensions, what is reality, philosophy, i can even persuade you to follow your dreams.

Countries I've Visited

Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Plurinational State of, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, France, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Japan, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Viet Nam

Countries I've Lived In

Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Viet Nam

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