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  • Fluent in English; learning Italian, Russian, Sign Language - American, Sign Language - International
  • 33, Female
  • Пользователь с 2008
  • Musician, Western Martial Arts Instructor & Fitness Coach
  • Universe City of Life
  • Из Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Обо мне


To continue to learn and grow and to help others do so as well! Living and leading by example.


Where to begin? Well, some people would call me a... Musician (http://www.thefigures.ca), Spoken Word Artist/ Poet, Hitchhiker, Western Martial Artist, Dancer, Artist, Gypsy Wanderer, Storyteller, Gardner, Community Activist, Teacher and Human Being, but I'll just call myself Kimmie! ;oP

I love to travel (duh)! I find I thrive in change and I love to put myself in new situations around new people and places. I find that the more I travel, the more solid my own inner foundations become. Change either shows you just how strong and solid you are, or it forces you to reconnect to the ever-growing you and find out what you need to keep going. Life is a beautiful journey if you allow it to be!

I have been all over Canada (though I still need to explore the Northern territories!) and have lived in the provinces of Ontario, New Brunswick and now live in beautiful British Columbia. In the Spring and Summer of 2008 I took off to Europe for a quarter of a year and I had the chance to meet some amazing people, play music gigs and perform fire shows across the continent! Upon my return to North America I embarked on a hitchhikking adventure from Vancouver BC all the way down to San Francisco in California. I've also hitchiked from Las Vegas to L.A. stopping in Phoenix to visit some relatives of mine I hadn't seen in about seven years. I have also had the privilege of going on tour with my band in the Summer of 2010 through Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The maritime provinces of canada will always hold a piece of my heart (perhaps the left ventricle lol)! In the Summer of 2009 after returning from yet more travels around the Atlantic Ocean I went to explore the islands of Haida Gwaii off the Northern Coast of BC... I highly recommend exploring those enchanted lands of old growth rainforest where the Eagle and Raven sing.

I have since been doing random little road trips, camping and hitchhikking adventures until I once again am able take off for another epic trip for at least a good chunk of a year! In between then and now, you can expect to find me re-visiting old favourite places or hitchhiking around the beautiful Gulf Islands here on the West Coast. Just look for the redhead with a huge smile on her face and her thumb in the air- coming soon to a highway near you! I guess my mother refers to me as her "Wandering, free-spirited, gypsy daughter" for a reason!

I think I would have to say that my greatest fear is to one day lead a mundane existence. I'd hate to just disappear into a ridged, banal shadow on some boring path. I am also one of those people who -needs- to be physically active! Long walks are glorious and I ride my bike everywhere. I swim a few kilometers each week and train in HEMA/ WMA 4-5 times a week (sometimes more).

I am very much into DIY culture. I make my own organic soap, brew my own beer and wine from home and also make most of the jewelry I wear. I also discovered painting a few years ago and have become seriously addicted to acrylics! I have been studying herbology and natural medicine and very much want an urban homestead in my future.

I am still very much in touch with my inner child as well. I love to climb trees, swing on swings, dance in the rain and I get a wicked sense of joy by running into a flock of birds grazing on the grass and watching them scatter. Sometimes I do these things when I am by myself, but it is always much more fun when there is someone else there to make you look more sane. However, if they are doing it with you it just makes you both look crazy but oh well- safety in numbers kiddos!

I love going camping and tree climbing, heading to outdoor music festivals, swimming, hiking, drum circles and getting dirty while digging fire pits! I am always up for dancing under the moonlight or taking out the swords and sparing in the morning sun! And then there is The Music: my soul's blood and the greatest light in my life! And I love to share it every chance I get! I perform in various musical projects as a singer and I also play the Irish tin whistle, harmonica, djembe and have started to learn the didgeridoo. I always love jammin' and love meeting other musicians along the road!

I keep my life very busy and because of this I am not always able to host surfers because I'm just not around. I also live with Lupus, Fibromyalgia and Reynauld's Phenomenon and these autoimmune diseases can make hosting difficult when they flare up. However, when I do have the time (and the health!) nothing makes me happier than offering my home to a fellow traveler and sharing tales!


I live my personal philosophy with everything I am and with everything I do.

Что привело меня на Couchsurfing


I am an avid couch surfing host. It is very rare that my home does not have some old friend or new couch surfer staying in our living room.

When I travel, couch surfing is the best way to do it! You get such a better feel for the places you visit and get right in there with the people who live in the city and make it what it is!

I am still enthusiastic about hosting people, so please keep sending your requests and so long as things aren't to busy I always look forward to meeting new people and bringing them into my home! :o)



However, I am getting a bit tired of random people sending me friend requests whom I have never met or even chatted to online. You shouldn't send friend requests or accept friend requests from people you have never met yet. That is NOT how this site works.

When you friend someone on couch surfing you are letting people who potentially want to surf or host with you know that this is a person that you include in your life and enjoy having there. When you write a reference it lets the world know just what you think of that person and what they mean to the CSing community.

If you wish to chat or say hello send me a message- thats fine but, please do NOT send friend requests to people you have never even met, let alone chatted to. There is nothing wrong with sending out an email to a fellow CSer you may not have met but who is active in mutual communities that you are also active in here on the site. That is part of what connects people and helps this community grow. However remember, this is not an online dating site, so please stop sending me messages saying that I'm cute and should "holla back."

That being said, I did meet my Former partner (and still amazing friend!) Harper Stone through couch surfing LOL! But, to get back to the point...

The Couch Surfing project site means a LOT to many people and we all work hard and put a lot of time and energy to making it what it is. Please respect that. It states very clearly that when joining you should not send friend links to people you don't know. Please read over some of the rules and guidelines that way you can help work with what this community is trying to build.

Thank you.


Sword fighting
Beer brewing
Horseback Riding
Quantum Physics
Soap Making
Western Martial Arts
String theory
Slam Poetry

  • birds
  • arts
  • culture
  • poetry
  • singing
  • performing arts
  • diy
  • music festivals
  • festivals
  • dancing
  • wine
  • beer
  • yoga
  • running
  • walking
  • traveling
  • painting
  • homesteading
  • music
  • spoken word
  • outdoor activities
  • cycling
  • equestrian
  • hiking
  • camping
  • surfing
  • fencing
  • martial arts
  • rock climbing
  • swimming
  • astronomy
  • teaching
  • history
  • medicine
  • neuroscience
  • physics
  • science
  • hitchhiking
  • road trips
  • lakes
  • rivers
  • mountains

Музыка, кино и книги

The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, The Dark Crystal, The Wind That Shakes the Barley, Titus, Gettysburg, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Longest Day, Princess Mononoke, City Of Lost Children, Muppets from Space, Apocalypse Now, Ghost in the Shell, Pan's Labyrinth, Waking Life, The Princess Bride, Koyaanisqatsi, The Last Temptation of Christ, How To Train Your Dragon, All the President's Men, Oldboy, Network, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, Django Unchained

"The Living Energy Universe" by Gary E. Ph.D. Schwartz & Linda G. S. Russek Ph.D. , "The Dreaming Universe" by Fread Alan Wolf Ph.D. , "The Lord of the Rings Trilogy" by J.R.R. Tolkien, "Where The Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak, "Omens Oghams & Oracles" by Richard Webster, "The Dragon and the Unicorn" by A. A. Attanasio, "Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah" by Richard Bach, "I Claudius" & "Claudius The God" by Robert Graves, "A Song of Ice & Fire Series" by George R.R. Martin, "1916" by Morgan Llwelyn, "Riel" by Chester Brown, "Andersonville" by MacKinley Kanter,

Классная вещь, которую я сделал(-а)

I have hosted up to twelve people before on more than one occasion. My friends in the Victoria Slam Poetry team crashed on my couches, floor, yoga matts, mattress AND shared my bed (which slept four of us!) when they were on their way to the National Poetry competition in Calgary and again on the way back.

... I would do it all again in a heartbeat, :o)

Учу, учусь, делюсь опытом и информацией

Autumn asked me
to go out walking with her one evening
so I did
And as my feet tread upon the crisp cold
pavement of urban streets
ripe with the reds and burnt gold of Her Season
I was given words written along the backs of quills
on sleek, black feathers found upon the ground

As I bent down to pluck each one off the cement
I stared off into the sunset burning
violet and crimson against the grey of dusk
and I heard them speak to me in my own voice
Each one gave me a new part of the message
the words sang inside my head

and they told me
That you are a song that sounds better
when played slightly off key
howled at the moon
because perfect pitch is for those who do not love
the imperfect balance of nature

I plant my feet in the Land of Crows
nestled in the oceans of the West
but the corvids’ wings are of my heart
which tends to migrate East

The blood in my veins
and the marrow in my bones
hold the salt of the Atlantic

But the dirt under my thumb nail
and the dust engraved inside the fibers of my shoe laces
hold the Coastal mountains where I stand

Though I hold these things to me
they have no hold over me
for I am like water
I hold no single form or place

You can find me in the stream
trickling down the mountain
only to evaporate into the clouds and travel
far away to rain upon valleys, meadows and dales

I become the lakes that freeze over in Winter
that come Spring melt
and whose waters are carried by rivers
to the ocean once again

I am of every place and of no place
The only home I know
is my own heart
that rests between the walls of my rib cage

and if you want you can find me here
for I welcome the company
and will let you in...

--AlKemy Roseblade 2010

Чем я могу поделиться с хостами

Free swordfighting lessons (I'm serious!)
Home-cooked meals
My homemade soap and/or beer
My infectious smile

Где я побывал(-а)

Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Vatican City State

Где я жил(-а)


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