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Monique Wuttunee, Saskatoon, CAN, 2 months ago

Hola! Hay festivales, actuaciones de baile o eventos de musica este mes? I am from Canada and want to know about fun things to do during my visit! :D

Aldo Osorio , Zapopan, MEX, about 2 months ago

Te dejo este link donde viene la información de Guadalajara free walking tour.

Puedes ir A la las clases de Salsa en Chapu los Lunes, o ir a la Via Recreativa nocturna o los Domingos en la Tarde, O bien tomar un pulque (bebida caracteristica de Mexico) en Lopez Cotilla,

Robert González Domínguez , Guadalajara, MEX, 2 months ago

Está el festival del Mariachi que es la última semana de Agosto, muy tradicional....!

Y algo no tan tradicional es el 212 con bandas de rock mexicanas contemporáneas. Este festival no tiene costo y se realiza en la Avenida principal de Chapu y este año será a principios de Septiembre....

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Kostas Mantidis, Athens, GRC, 2 months ago

Hello Mexican CSers!I'd like to ask anyone that has visited the archaelogical site of Tulum information about the place!I am interested in any information about it ,when is the best season to see it,entrance fees,how big it is to explore it,can you get inside the temples of Maya ,any information will be valuable.Thanks in advance!Greetings from Athens,Greece!

Julian Perez , Guadalajara, MEX, about 2 months ago

Tulum as my point of view was a ceremonial place also maybe marine port . the main structure ( is not alow to enter ) has two funcions as a ceremonial place and very clever visual mark point of entrance, all the coast of Tulum has a coral barrier and is very dangerus for a Ship to try to reach the beach so in the sea side of the estructure they make two windows, inside of each one is a ligth chamber, here is only a part or the coral barrier that has an entry point but is narrow so in order to not mising de spot you must to enter from the sea only if you can see the two ligts at the same time.
Tulum has a stone wall all around it is not very tall so the pupose is not defence the city as many ting, You can notice the wall has a irregular pattern form and looks like a random construction but if you see it from above the hole wall ( use google) the shape of the wall is a very precise mirror shape of a hole stars constelation ( I can´t remember now I think is Sirius) and Im preaty sure that the small scale stone houses you will see inside de complex has someting related whit that constelation.
Tulum is not a big site but has a lot of secrets to reveal.( and the beach is great for a swim)
If you want to see IMO the most amazing Maya city go to Calakmul is like 6 hours from tulum in that trip you can visit Bacalar the most beatiful place in Q.Roo. ( i have pics on my profile calakmul also)
I use to go there evey six months, next will be in september. If you need info please feel free to ask.
Feliz Viaje!!

Omar Ochoa , Guadalajara, MEX, 2 months ago

If you want to avoid hot weather and rain season go during the autum, winter or the spring you cannot get inside into the pyramids and it's not really a big place to explore, you will need couple of hours to see it all. entrance fee must be not more than 8 euros and if you lucky enought perhaps with a student card could be free

Kostas Mantidis , Athens, GRC, 2 months ago

Many thanks Omar for your thorough answer!!

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Carlos Veloz, Zapopan, MEX, 2 months ago

Que tal amigos tapatios,

¿Hay algún grupo para buscar lugar de último minuto?
Es para una amiga que esta en Gdl pero de momento no tiene donde quedarse, les puedo decir que no tendrán ningún problema con ella. Es muy amable.
Si me pudieran ayudarla se los agradecería mucho.


Ramsés Alejandro Lopez , Guadalajara, MEX, about 2 months ago

Omar Ochoa , Guadalajara, MEX, 2 months ago

hay un grupo de last minute couch de guadalajara que ponga post ahi

Abraham Rico , Guadalajara, MEX, 2 months ago

Aqui mandame Inbox hay lugar donde vivo.


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Werner Flaschberger, Salzburg, AUT, 2 months ago

Hi to all locals in Guadalajara

We are coming to your city on the 30th of October and we are planning to take a 2 week language course to pick up a little bit spanish before we go on with travelling Mexico and South America for some more months.

Does anyone have a good advice which school, if possible quite close to the center, would be best to choose? If anyone wants to meet us and help us improving our spanish this way we would be happy as well.

Thanks in advance

Werner and Günay

acandujor , Guadalajara, MEX, 2 months ago


you can look in this websites:
the 2nd school have one in downtown, is the main.

Tara Caverly , Guadalajara, MEX, about 1 month ago

I know some people who have taken courses at IMAC (the second link posted by acandujor and they really enjoyed it. I think they take you to do sightseeing each Friday so you get to learn a bit about the city as well.

This is another school that I've heard recommended as well:
Although it isn't right in the middle of downtown it is still walking distance.

Kasho Zambrano , Guadalajara, MEX, 2 months ago

Hi Werner, there is a group called "Polyglot" maybe you want to ask there. Search for it on facebook. I think I will not be in town around 30th. All the best.

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Nikita and Anastasia, Irkutsk, RUS, 2 months ago

I need old phone just for calling and sms. Cheap and easy :) <100 peso
may be somebody have old phone and dont need it to keep?

p.s.: i need because my phone is doesnt work here, another gsm frequency

Adrian , Zapopan, MEX, 2 months ago

I have one... if you want it just come, hehe i live near to the basilica in zapopan or near to the mercado del mar, it is working perfectly and as a plus has FM radio :P