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Esther and Fredrik, Heroica Veracruz, MEX, about 2 months ago

Hi Cs from Orlando :)
I need your advice! :D I will make a round trip with my bf , we will rent a car, someone knows agencies where they have low rates?? like in the airport is way too expensive

thanks :)

Debra , Orlando, USA, about 2 months ago

I suggest Sixt or Enterprise. I used enterprise when I was younger. More recently, my family has used Sixt and has been pleased with the rental.

Michael Plaza , San Juan, PRI, about 2 months ago

hello, how are you tonight? This is Michael from Lake Nona near airport MCO. Hoping you have a nice trip to Orlando. (407)658-0571 or text. Business guy, love to meet new people, networking, friendly and I do cash car rentals in Orlando and San Juan Puerto RIco just in case.

Ron , Cocoa, USA, about 2 months ago

What ever car rental company you use make sure you book online and not at the desk. It's cheaper that way.

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Alejandro Puyol, Guayaquil, ECU, about 2 months ago

Hi there!

I wanted to get advise from you guys. I'll be visiting Orlando next month and I'd like to take my GF out on a romantic date and I don't know what to do or where we can go.

Do you guys have any suggestions?

BTW - I have a VERY limited budget ;)

fanny delgado , Orlando, USA, 19 days ago

Orlando has this thing called magical dining for a three course meal $33. Many different restaurants, some romantic, look it up online.

Bradley Plummer , St Cloud, USA, 8 days ago

There's a small place called "Better-than sex" and it.is.awesome. Mostly sweets and desserts but a must.

Nelson Beltran Uribe , Las Vegas, USA, about 2 months ago

I don't as far a Romance goes, but I know Hawkers is really good and prices are fair.

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laurafrombush, Horsholm, DNK, 14 days ago

  • engineering
  • how to get to cocoa beach from orlando airport

Kaitlyn Vickers , Orlando, USA, 8 days ago

Yeah Florida public transport is awful. I'll be back in Orlando after October 6th and I'm in desperate need of a beach day after a long Sydney winter! If you arrive after I get home I'm more than happy to give you a ride there.

JimTheSoundman , Winter Park, USA, 9 days ago

There isn't really any public transit from the Orlando area to the Space Coast.

However, Orlando is home to some of the lowest rental car rates in the entire United States. So that might be an option.

Another option is UBER, and another option is getting on Craigslist rideshare category.

If you are determined to take the bus, then you will have to take Greyhound Bus (www.greyhound.com) to Melbourne, then take a local transit bus (www.ridescat.com) to Cocoa. This will be a long and painful process, I guarantee it.

Patsi Franklin , Maitland, USA, 9 days ago

From OIA, Orlando International Airport, there are busses to Port Canaveral. They cater to people boarding cruises;, however, it is just a few minutes from there to Cocoa Beach.. $20 to $36 one way depending on the bus/shuttle.

Johanna Al, Toronto, CAN, about 2 months ago

A friend and I will be staying in Lake of Wales for 6 days starting the 19th. I've never been, it seems quite small. Anyone know of anything fun to do around there?

Dan Griffith , Kissimmee, USA, about 2 months ago

Your a short hop from the west coast beaches and even attacrions area even if to walk around. Otherwise there are back road walks frim there to the wilderness preserve or even kyacking.

Walter "Tom" May , Kissimmee, USA, about 2 months ago

Bok tower is nice but costs perhaps 12 to 15 dollars for entrance fee.

I am an older guy - travels Europe and Africa much of the year. back now for a vacation from my travels to a home in Kissimmee.

If you would like company, I would enjoy joining you. I am free most days.


Alex Wales , Orlando, USA, about 2 months ago

Definitely Bok Tower, and it's worth reading up a little on its history, its grounds, and its carillon before or during your visit! It's a ridiculously nice space, especially this time of year, and really the only reason I find myself making the schlep to Lake Wales...

If you're mobile, it's strawberry season in Plant City (~45 minutes), and I agree with Dan Griffith that a little day trip to the west coast would be well worth your time... the Ca' d'Zan and the Ringling in Sarasota might tickle your art fancy, or St Pete has beaches on one end and Dali/Chihuly/the Vinoy on the other. Enjoy your stay!

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Ali Angulo, Mexico City, MEX, about 2 months ago


I will be staying for two weeks in the Orlando UCF area, and I would like to know how much would I spend having "cheap" meals just at cafeterias or lunch places near the University.


Debra , Orlando, USA, about 2 months ago

There are plenty of eating areas within the the school itself. If you are eating at the school, the cafeterias are all you can eat. There are a few fast food places near the school. American portion sizes are kind of huge, so you can buy a lunch and possibly save it for dinner.

Ali Angulo , Mexico City, MEX, about 2 months ago

Where can i find this "all you can eat" cafeterias? I am already in the UCF area. Name one and its location please. Thankyou for the reply