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Matt Goode, Newcastle upon Tyne, GBR, 2 months ago

Heyyy everyone, hace mucho no usaba couchsurfing pero tengo unas preguntas con que alguien me puede ayudar.

Voy a estar en Córdoba unos meses (al menos) y quiero saber cuál es un buen lugar para quedarme? Pienso quedarme en un hostal en Nueva Córdoba una semana para explorar la ciudad y tratar de encontrar los lugares en donde la gente tiene Acro Yoga Jams (alguien tiene alguna información?) Me encanta el Acro Yoga y una buena razón para ir a Córdoba es para practicarlo.

Soy profe de Yoga y también sería bueno para conocer gente que le gusta yoga, o le gusta hacer cosas activas e interesantes... O alguien que tiene ganas de conocerme!

Gracias por leer, abrazos.

Isis del Mar Morillas , Córdoba, ARG, 2 months ago

En córdoba sii hay ACROYOGA, yo voy a la casa Acroyoga Córdoba, y todos los dias de la semana hay actividades. Si te interesa escribime y te paso más info!
Esta es la página


Eliana Verduro , Córdoba, ARG, 2 months ago

Hola que tal? te recomiendo RIVERA HOSTEL CORDOBA esta en nueva cba, muy linda zona y muy buena onda el lugar.

Cualquier cosa que necesites avisa nomas y organizamos juntada! bienvenido a cba!

Sonia Ferreyra , Rio Segundo, ARG, 2 months ago

Si hay Acro Yoga. !!!Voy a averiguar donde creo que es en La Burbuja

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Bart Van Welzenis, Den Haag, NLD, 2 months ago

Hi all,
My travel companion has it's birthday in a week. I would like to give him a book by an argentinian author in English. Where in cordoba could I buy this?
Best, Bart

constanzaantonella , Córdoba, ARG, 2 months ago

Hey Bart!
There's a bookstore called 'El Mundo del Libro' where I've seen what you're looking for. The address is Obispo Trejo and Dean Funes (it's a corner). There's also another called Black Pool which sells books in English but I dunno the address.
Good luck ;)

marcos miguel Rodriguez , Córdoba, ARG, 2 months ago

I only know two directions of blackpoll library
One is in the center, street Dean Funes 395 Pb

and the other on the Cerro de las Rosas Street Manuel Pizarro 2095, Cordoba
0351 481-5403

Luckily, hug!

Pablo Ramos , Cordoba, ARG, 2 months ago

in black pool u might get lucky if not behind "el mundo del libro there is a small street with a library called "ruben libros" if not there may in some used store books have fun looking

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Cara Heathcote, Sydney, AUS, 2 months ago

Hola Cordoba,

Does anyone know if there is still a passenger train from Buenos Aires via Rosario to Cordoba? I found some references saying that there is one departing Retiro on Mondays and Thursdays and arriving the next day, but also that it might not run anymore.

Alina Stiefel , Villa Carlos Paz, ARG, 2 months ago

Hello. I does run, and it is reaaally cheap (but quite slow). The train departs from Mitre Station (right next to Retiro Station) and arrives at Maipu Station in Córdoba, quite near downtown area.
You usually have to buy your ticket in advance because they sell out quickly. Check these two sites
Hope it helps. Cheers!

Cara Heathcote , Sydney, AUS, 2 months ago

Thanks Alina! I will try at Mitre tomorrow and see if I can get something this week, having some issues booking online. Have you taken the train before?

Jorge Etchevarne , Villa Carlos Paz, ARG, 2 months ago

Hello Cara! that's right, there is this service, you must purchase your ticket at the terminal Retiro (Gral. Mitre), Luck! Jorge

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Rick Reuther, Vienna, AUT, 2 months ago

hello! i wanted to ask if you know what a bus ticket from cordoba (cheapest option) should cost?
the andesmar company cheapest offer is 800 ar pesos - is that the best price to get?

saludos, rick

Pablo Fuenzalida , Córdoba, ARG, about 1 month ago

Hey, i'm from Salta (but living here, so i travel often) and the price was almost 1200 (the lowest). Try looking for a plane on Sometimes there are tickets more cheaper than by bus.

Natalia Rivera , Cordoba, ARG, 2 months ago

si, es lo mas económico!


Maitu Arrigone , Córdoba, ARG, 2 months ago

Hi! Doy you know how cost the bus from buenos aires to Córdoba? There are buses round trip about 650$ there name is TDH

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Ryan James Heinz, Bangkok, THA, 2 months ago

Hola Todos. Im Ryan from Florida but living in Bogota, Rio and now Buenos Aires. I am traveling with my girlfriend Martina (Argentine) In rosario, Cordoba and Mendoza. Our host has to visit her mother a day early so we are without a couch for 2 days. if anyone can help tonight and tomorrow night it would be super appreciated!!!

Mucho Gracias

Ryan y Martina

Ryan James Heinz , Bangkok, THA, 2 months ago

mi numero 541169249672