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Igor Moroz, Kyiv, UKR, 2 months ago

Hello guys!!!
I'm Igor from Ukraine. I like your language very much!And during the last 3-4 years I dreamed about learning brazilian portuguese. However, here there are not so many chances to do it.
I look for someone who can teach me some basic things using Skype, Viber or Facebook.
I can teach you Russian, Ukrainian, English or Spanish.
If anyone is interested, please write me!
Best regards,
Igor Moroz

Edylene Massolin de Castro , Curitiba, BRA, about 2 months ago

Hi Igor, I can help you with the classes, send me a message so we can talk, ok?

Luiz Vidolin , Curitiba, BRA, 2 months ago

Hello Igor, how are you?
I'm not a teacher, but of course I can help you to improve and learn some portuguese.

Cristiene Scherch , Curitiba, BRA, 2 months ago

Hello Igor! How are you? I am not a teacher but I may help you learning Portuguese. I speak English and I would like to learn another language, as Russian. Please, send me a message if you are interested. See you...

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Dima Karmeljuk, Lviv, UKR, 2 months ago

Olá !

I am from Ukraine in Eastern Europe. In early March me and mi girl will be in Sao Paulo and we'd like to visit Parana state. Can somebody recommend wonderful places within a radius of 200 km from Curitiba?

Unfortunately we don't speak Portuguese. How difficult is to travel around the country without knowing the Portuguese language?

Obrigado :)

Eddie Nazareth , Curitiba, BRA, 2 months ago

Hello, Dima!

Maybe it's easier to help you if you tell us the what kind of places you have interest. I don't know too much places outside Curitiba, but here you gonna find wonderful places. You also could check Morretes and Ilha do Mel that are in a 200km radius like you want.

About language, in São Paulo and Curitiba you will find many english speakers, so I think you will not have any problems. In smaller cities maybe will be a little difficult but I guess you will find one or another person who can help you.

If you need help while in Paraná, I will be glad helping you guys. Just let me know!

I hope you have a great trip! :)

Carlos Gemba , , BRA, 2 months ago

Hi go to Ilha do mel(110km) (go by train too morretes, xplore there then next day go to Ilha do Mel), or climb Paraná Pick (pico parana), maybe you can go to Balneario Camboriu (220kM), and explore near beaches like "Praia do Pinho", do some paragliding on "Morro do Careca", or swim to "Ilha das Cabras" an Island near Camboriu(800meters swim).
Contact me maybe I will go to the beach!

Cheers ! ;)

Dima Karmeljuk , Lviv, UKR, 2 months ago

Thank you guys. I forgot to clarify - I am interested in natural places without a lot of tourists

As I see Ilha do Mel is a great place. I read that the ticket for the boat is 100 USD. Is it normal price?

I liked Balneario Camboriu, very beautiful place. I think we can visit this city


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Olga Gurevich, Lindau (Bodensee), DEU, 2 months ago

Hi dear people,
my boyfriend and me will come to Brasil (our first time), and would love to climb. I have read that Curitiba has good places. Can you give us maybe some advices where to go..are there some local climbing groups that we can join? We will be there end of December...
It is better to bring equipment with us, right?
Or maybe some climber could host us? we would be very happy!
Thank you a lot in advance!

Rafael Empinotti , Curitiba, BRA, 2 months ago

Hey Olga.
Yes, there are many places for climbing. I think the most popular and easiest to reach is "Morro do Anhangava". A lot of people go there either to hike or climb. On saturdays there are a lot of climbers there so I believe it could be safer.

Check out this page on facebook:

Andre Praxedes , Curitiba, BRA, 2 months ago

Campo Base Ginásio de Escalada - Rock Climbing Gym - there you can find some more people to climb with


Mikeil Abi-Abib , Curitiba, BRA, 2 months ago

If you are truly focused in climbing, you should go to "Marumbi". It is near and you can get there by train. It is good camping there to enjoy all the mountais. Now, if you are radical there is an ancient trail (4 or 5 hrs walk, mostly downhill) where the destination is the same train station located in the Marumbi base.

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Alejandro T., Buenos Aires, ARG, 2 months ago

hi i am venezuelan and i am planing a trip arriving to curitiba on january 2 and i want to know which is the cheapest way to go to sao paulo and safety , i would have to be in sao paulo on january 3 because i have to take another flight 3 days later but i want to visit curitiba and sao paulo .

Alceu Jose Belinoski Jagas , , BRA, 2 months ago

Se você comprar passagens aéreas com antecedência você consegue bem barato, tem um app bla bla car você consegue valores bem barato também

Reinaldo Brito , Curitiba, BRA, 23 days ago

Bonsoir à tous. Je bien le pratiquer aussi. Si vous voulez, on peut choisir quelque manière pour le faire.
Cordialement, Reinaldo.

Flavio De Paula , Curitiba, BRA, 26 days ago

Bonjours. Je voudrais, mais précise rapeller la connaissance élémentaire de la langue française...Avez- vous patience? MDR

Edison Jr , Curitiba, BRA, 23 days ago

Salut les gars!

J'aimerais aussi rejoindre le groupe
Tenez moi au courant!

À bientôt!