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  • Sat, Oct 15 at 4:00 PM COT
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There are 40 questions in Medellin, Colombia

Yen, Cuernavaca, MEX, 2 months ago

Hey guys,
Unfortunately my Iphone just got stolen and I need a new one. I was wondering if you know any good places where to buy secondhand iphones? Prefereable 5s. Do you have something like Ebay? Amazon?
Would appreciate any help :)
Thank you <3

Felipe Mejía R. , Medellin, COL, 2 months ago

Hi Yen, sorry to hear about that.

Try .

You can also go to Monterrey (mall) next to Poblado Metro Station or to the down town (lot of places and may be cheaper).

Going to Monterrey is easy and safe; to the dt I suggest you to go with someone who knows the places and speaks the language.

Let me know if u need any help.

Ed C. Balbín , Medellin, COL, 2 months ago

Compra cultura también!

Santiago Ospina , Medellin, COL, 2 months ago

En la villa de aburrá hay un pequeño local donde he visto iPhones baratos de segunda.

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Janika Berries, Jersey City, USA, 2 months ago


I will be visiting your lovely city some time in the middle of July and have quite a bit of time for exploring. Are there any places a few hours outside of Medellin that you recommend visiting (besides Guatape)? Perhaps places where I can spend a few days ?

Thank you!

Luisa , Medellin, COL, 2 months ago

Santa Fe de Antioquia, San Jeronimo, Sopetran (West), San Antonio de pereira, Llanogrande, Rionegro (East)

JAIME ANDRES , Medellín, COL, 2 months ago

Janika, si vas a salento no pierdas la oportunidad de ir a Manizales y visitar el Nevado del Ruiz es algo hermoso.

Vincent Chen , Miami, USA, 28 days ago

Where did you end up going? I am going to Medellin with a party of 7 from September 16 to 21. We were thinking of staying in Parque Lleras, then going to El Penol, and then to Rio Claro. What do you think?

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Jonathan Doda, Pompano Beach, USA, 2 months ago


Estaba esperando, donde puedo encontrar el bar mas barato de Medellin?

Cheapest bar in Medellin? Or cheapest lunch/dinner places?

Feel free to comment your favorite local bar/restaurant/venue!


I'll be staying in Envigado from Feb 3-Feb 10. Feel free to message me if you want to make plans ^_^

Andrea Rojas Cartagena , Medellín, COL, 2 months ago

los bares mas baratos estarán en el centro de la ciudad, algunos de la 70, todo depende que tipo de bares quieres, en el centro hay de todos los generos musicales

Santiago Gomez Mejia , Envigado, COL, about 1 month ago

Te recomiendo Cervecería Libre, artesanal hay de la casa y otra variedad de cervezas nacionales e importadas! Van desde 6.000 pesos hasta los 13.000 no te arrepentiras!

Cervecería Libre

Luna Mar , Medellín, COL, 20 days ago

Cafe Ondas in La floresta, close to la 70 and stadium, is cheap and have very goood vibes, beers 3000! and is hostel too!!!

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Shannon West, Los Angeles, USA, 2 months ago

Can anyone recommend one? I've had no luck with the emergency room clinics and would love to speak to someone in English about my symptoms.

Thank you!!

Lizeth Duque , , COL, 2 months ago

Hello shannon west, how are you doing? so that symptoms have to know that specialist can fit what is happening you need , I'm nursing assistant , working here in Medellin in a clinic could help

Mauricio Toro-Bermudez , Medellin, COL, 2 months ago

Hi Shannon, my brother is an English speaking doctor. Write me in private. We can ask him for advice.

Adriana Gallego , Medellin, COL, 23 days ago

I live 5 blocks near to Ruta n