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Migle Serelyte, Bath, GBR, 2 months ago

Heey lovely people!

I am intensively looking for the nice activity in KL! I am super interested in Volunteering, NGOs, Hospitality or some nice initiative or project! I would love to stay in KL until 5th of January, however, sometimes things don't work out as we plan and I ran out of my budget. Anyways, I don't give up and try to find the way to survive. I am positive, enthusiastic, hard working and have a plenty of skills which I gained while studying international communication and while volunteering and working in different countries. I already met amazing people through CS hence, I believe that this is s right place for this post. :) Any advice, tip or suggestion would be so much appreciated! Feel free to contact me via facebook as well: https://www.facebook.com/migle.serelyte

Cheers and greets!

Migle with sunny wishes.

Caicyn Y , Kuala Lumpur, MYS, 2 months ago

Are you interested volunteering NGO in KL?

Saqib Shabir , Kuala Lumpur, MYS, about 1 month ago

I can get you in touch with Many NGO's for volunteering. Message me if you need details :)

Hasan , Dubai, ARE, 2 months ago

hey nice to know that, i m arriving Kl on 16 dec and will stay 10 days. if u know something about that i m also interested, thanks in advance. also we can hangout and u can show me some part of KL if u have some spare time and can grab a beer.

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felicia yap, Tangerang, IDN, 2 months ago

Hi guys, I'm planning to go to Avillion Port Dickson by the end of this month, is that a good place to visit? any information about the beach and the interesting activity there?


Alfred Tan , Petaling Jaya, MYS, 2 months ago

Welcome to Malaysia CSer ^ ^
PD(Port Dickson) is just an ordinary natural beach being closest to KL in less than 2hrs drive. Not at all consider excellent but is good for some relaxing and cool dip eh. You can try the more popular "bread chicken" [baked chicken wrapped inside loaf of bread]{面包鸡}in "lokut" town {just after exit PD highway}.
A nicer sandy beach is at the East Coast of Kuantan, Cherating Beach where Club-Med is. Enjoy! :)

felicia yap , Tangerang, IDN, 2 months ago

Thank you for the info Alfred!! and I will try to find that bread chicken :))

Matthew Lai , Kuala Lumpur, MYS, 2 months ago

It is ramadan month in Malaysia now, pretty same as Indonesia. Walk around the bazaar to get food for dinner.

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Carolyn Choo, Singapore, SGP, 2 months ago

Hi guys! I am from Singapore - I've been to KL many times but I'm thinking of skipping the touristy attractions but go hiking. I am arriving tomorrow morning (April 9) and leaving on April 11 on an evening flight so I am thinking of going hiking on April 11 morning. Anyone has any advice or care to join?

Maaz Yagami , Kuala Lumpur, MYS, 2 months ago

Hi Caroly,

You can join Bukit Tabur Hiking this Sunday, for the details you can go to KL event page.

Been there 3 times, and I like it very much.

Mark Tan , Subang Jaya, MYS, 2 months ago

Carolyn Choo , Singapore, SGP, 2 months ago

Thanks Maaz - But I can't make it on Sunday because I will be heading to Sepang with my family. I am looking at Monday morning! thanks a lot.

Matt Mayovsky, Bursa, TUR, 2 months ago

Hi friends,

I'm looking to buy a train ticket from KL to Singapore online but I haven't found a working website to do so. Does anyone know how I can go about booking a train ticket online? We're looking to do the night train from KL to Singapore in late January.

Thank you!

Hilwani Razi , Kuala Lumpur, MYS, 2 months ago

hey Matt..
If not mistaken, there's no direct train to Singapore from KL..
However, you can book the train ticket via KTM Website from KL to JB Sentral , and there'll be transit train from JB Central to Woodlands Singapore.


Vanessa C. Yuan Teng , Kuala Lumpur, MYS, 2 months ago

Yes. no more direct train from KL to Singapore anymore. You still can buy the train ticket from KL to JB Sentral, KTMB offer shuttle train service between JB sentral and Woodland checkpoint (cost RM5 for one way only, 5 mins can reach Woodland !). You can also take shuttle bus from JB Sentral to Singapore. You can also get the train and bus ticket here : www. easybook.com

Quraish Shamim , Kuala Lumpur, MYS, 2 months ago

Have you considered taking a bus?

Victor Alarcon, Metepec, MEX, 24 days ago

  • night layover in kuala lumpur :d

Eva Farah , Kuala Lumpur, MYS, 24 days ago

Visit KLCC tower to snap some great photos and catch thousand of pokemons in front of the buildings :)

Ily Hanisah , Kuala Lumpur, MYS, 18 days ago

depends on at what time you arrived here. if at 7 pm you can still at least look around Putrajaya area (but make sure you have a ride back to the train station) you need less than 2 hours just to look around and have dinner by the lake if you want. But if you arrived after 9 pm, its tough unless you have friend here or chartered a taxi to move around if you dont mind the cost. happy travelling :)

Husam Mu , Puchong, MYS, 18 days ago

You can go to KL tower (menara kl) and have dinner up there, it's amazing!