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There are 22 questions in Jakarta, Indonesia

Mega Fransisca, Jakarta, IDN, 2 months ago

My friend who is a founder of Yayasan Belantara Budaya Indonesia (YBBI), NGO based in Jakarta, will open new class to learn Indonesian music instruments (Gamelan and Angklung) on beginning of September in Museum Kebangkitan Nasional. This new class is open for everyone for free. Her NGO already opened free class traditional dance last March and many young children and adult came to learn and showed their hidden ability.

On preparation to open Gamelan and Angklung classes, YBBI is still looking for a volunteer(s) who is willing to spend his/her time and ability how to play those both instruments. If anyone here knows who to play gamelan and/or angklung, we need you now! :) Let´s help our young generation to know about our heritage and hopefully they will start to love it.

YBBI also invite everyone, both Indonesians and foreigners, who are willing to learn gamelan, angklung, or some dances to join the classes. It´s FREE.

For further information you can ask me or YBBI on their FB: Belantara Budaya Indonesia.

Many thanks!!


Uli Fitri , South Jakarta, IDN, 3 days ago

Dear Mega,

I've just read this, and also we (me and my pals) interested with this opportunity. Can we still joining this class? For further info, please contact me in ulifhandayani@gmail.com

Cheers. X

Ray Van , South Jakarta, IDN, about 2 months ago

interesting... i like to learn angklung and gamelan..

Jonathan Dio Sadewo , , IDN, 30 days ago

Hai Mega, i interest to join, I 've learned angklung and know little bit about the gamelan.
Maybe you can tell me more in jonathandiosdw@gmail.com

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Rock Star, Tauranga, NZL, 2 months ago

guys help me
Best night clubs in Jakarta

Chandra Agasi , Jakarta, IDN, about 2 months ago

alexis near ancol

Devi Maren Dua , , IDN, 29 days ago

Can not agree with ronaldo comment,X2 have good package;great crowd (people do dancing there),music depend on the DJ you should come on friday night when dimas playing(Dj)

Arif Setiawan , , IDN, about 2 months ago

KOIN Pangeran Jayakarta, 3 places in one complex. LA / ROYAL / MTR Club
ask the taxi driver, 100% know its location.

aditya Firman , Depok, IDN, 27 days ago

Ada 2 pelabuhan yg bisa kamu datangi untuk kepulau 1000 , pelabuhan marina di ancol dan oelabuhan muara angke/muara baru. Di marina ancol cuma ada kapal cepat yg harganya lumayan buat kantong traveler, terakhir itu harga tiket 150rb untuk dari pulau tidung/pramuka satu kali jalan,kalo di pelabuhan muara angke harga tiket terakhir 55rb sekali jalan ke pulau tidung.gak susah sih untuk ke 2 pelabuhan itu , apa lagi sekarang banyak angkutan online yg bisa anter kita dr stasiun jakarta kota,ojek atau pun mobil. Terakhir pake ojek online itu 18rb biaya nya dr stasiun jakarta kota. Sebaik nya tentukan dulu mau ke pulau apa biar gk bingung pas mau beli tiket kapalnya.kalo penginapaan sih banyak mulai yg murah 150rb sampe 500rb jg ada

Semoga bernanfaat

Diana Kharisma Putri , Jakarta, IDN, 27 days ago

bisa dr marina jam 7 pagi harga tiketnya 150rb si dermaga 16 waktu tempuh 1 jam..
yg lebih murah dr muara angke jam 6 pagi tiketnya 35rb waktu tempuh 3 jam

Bamz Indrajid , Central Jakarta, IDN, 17 days ago

Hi, Irene !

Sudah tau mau ke pulau mana di Kepulauan Seribu ?
Ada 3 jalur masuk ke Kepulauan Seribu; Pantai Marina Ancol (Jakarta), Muara Angke (Jakarta), dan Tanjung Pasir (Tangerang).

- Marina Ancol: Standby di sana jam 7 pagi, harga tiket +/- 150 rb langsung ke pulau tujuan.
- Muara Angke: Standby di sana jam 6 pagi, harga tiket +/- 30 s/d 35 rb ke Pulau Harapan (transit), lanjut ke pulau tujuan.
- Tanjung Pasir: Standby di sana jam 7 pagi, harga tiket +/- 25 rb ke Pulau Untung Jawa, nego ke pulau lainnya.

Contoh itin saya ke Pulau Perak untuk camping:
Muara Angke (30 rb | 3 jam) -> Pulau Harapan (600 rb / 10 org / PP | 1 jam) -> Pulau Perak
Kondisi pulau, lihat IG saya di https://www.instagram.com/p/BI1QfIKBm24/

Kalo butuh referensi kapal, nanti saya kasih kontaknya by PM.


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Sahla BEN MRAD, Paris, FRA, 2 months ago

I am planning to visit Bali and Lombok with my husband for our honey moon, we're arriving to Jakarta before taking the plane to Bali.
Do you recommand some place to visit in Jakarta or near Jakarta before we head to bali ?
We're planning to book a hotel in Jakarta for 2 nights.
Thank you for your help!

Caio Campos , South Jakarta, IDN, about 2 months ago

I have to be honest. Coming from abroad, I have been to most of the place above, and was disappointed in all of them. There is really nothing to be seen around jakarta. Thousand islands is beautiful, but it is extremely dirty. I would try to stay as little as possible in jakarta and head out somewhere else, as Indonesia has incredible places.

Yudisthira Maulana , Jakarta, IDN, 24 days ago

Hello Sahla,


Hope this site can help both of you.Enjoy Jakarta both of you!

Inbox me if you need a help,i'll help what i can do

Hester Pamela , Jakarta, IDN, about 1 month ago

You can head to Bogor famous for culinary & their old chinese temple (about 1.5 hr train ride) or Cirebon (famous for local cuisine n Batik).

If you prefer to stay in town, check out Jakarta Good Guide for their pay-as-you-wish 3-hour walking tour. Must visit museum : Museum Mandiri, Galeri Nasional. Plenty of food to try, but have diarrhea pill on stand by.

Enjoy Jakarta!

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Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos, Thessaloniki, GRC, 2 months ago

I'm a greek guy and I'm coming to Jakarta for an internship and staying in the city for 3 months in the area of Jakarta Pusat. I would like to ask if you happen to know a gym or a place where they do kickboxing close to that area.
Thank you :)

Patricia Diana , Kuta Utara, IDN, 2 months ago

Hi! Welcome to Jakarta!
I do kickboxing, boxing, Muaythai but in north Jkt http://www.maximum-mma.com
and south jkt https://m.facebook.com/indonesiantopteam?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Findonesiantopteam
Check this out 😉

Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos , Thessaloniki, GRC, 2 months ago

Thank you Patricia,

Ulul Azm , Jakarta, IDN, 2 months ago

If you are in central Jakarta area, I do recommend Jakarta Muaythai & MMA Training camp in Jl.Daksa, Senopati . They have great facilities and trainers , and also bootcamp that starting after office hour.