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Kik Kaq, Bangkok, THA, 2 months ago

I will go to Singapore from 23 - 26 June, 2016. I am planing for a morning run. Anyone can suggest me about running route in the morning?

Thank you

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felicia yap, Tangerang, IDN, 2 months ago

Hi guys, I will arrive at Singapore on 3-5 July ,could you inform me what is the newest and interesting place in Singapore?(restaurant, cafe, club, garden,etc) and just curious, can I use Uber at Singapore?
Thanks :)

Glenn Chua , Singapore, SGP, about 2 months ago

If you are looking for cheap options, go to hawker centre for local cuisine.

Clement Leong , Singapore, SGP, 2 months ago

Hi Fel, Yes uber, grab car and plenty taxi around. In fact this place is so small that bus and train might bring you more interest.

felicia yap , Tangerang, IDN, 2 months ago

Thanks for the info Clement!

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Seung Jin Shin, Seoul, KOR, 2 months ago

I really like good food and I want to try some nice Singaporean food. I've searched some Korean forums and found couple restaurants like Song Fa Bak Kut teh or the dimsum brunch from the Fullerton hotel. I don't like mild and flavorful food. Please give me some ideas about the food. I also want to try a decent chicken rice. (I heard the one in Chatterbox is good but it's a bit over my budget). I can help with some nice Korean food ideas if you are planning to visit Korea anytime soon.

Celestine , Singapore, SGP, 20 days ago

Hi Guys, I have friends that love spicy food but would like to makan in places with air con. What do you recommend. I am not that good anyway in makan suggestions. :(

Anthony Poppe , Singapore, SGP, about 2 months ago

Check out the Michelin guide for a couple of hawker centre stalls and very reasonably priced dishes - 138 Katong Laksa is amazing! and Yelp is a great site to check out.

Junaidah Mohamed , Singapore, SGP, 2 months ago

You can find Good chicken rice alots of places in S'pore no need to go Chatterbox e. g you can go around ChinaTown (Chicken rice, duck rice , char Siew rice) . Seafood (Chilli Crab) at Newton Circus or Jumbo restaurant at Marine Parade

Jenny Hawkin, Penampang, MYS, about 1 month ago

This spot has been taken by someone now. Sorry.

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WIDYA YUNIARTI , Singapore, SGP, about 1 month ago

Hi! Can you give some details on the trip? :)

Karyen Chai , , SGP, about 1 month ago

Hi, I'm interested to find out more. Like where is the meeting point? What does it include? Etc

En Hui Lim , Singapore, SGP, about 1 month ago

I want to go. No hesitate. I join.

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Idrees Al Amri, , OMN, 2 months ago

Salam Alikum,

Please could you advise me about the Best & Cheap Place for Honeymoon Couples?


Moataz Ali , Nusajaya, MYS, 2 months ago

Salam Aalaikom,
Have no much experiance with SIN, but try Arab Street for restaurants, Gardens by the bay for a nice walking and great photos.
for cheaper options, Malaysian side will be a good option, I'm currently located in Johor-Malaysia, so if you plan to cross the causeway and explore the other side and need some assistance, drop me a line.
Moataz Aly

Fazdli Suhaili , Singapore, SGP, 2 months ago

Waalaikumsalam brother,

Places to stay that is affordable depends on ur budget per night. One place that I ever went was Kam Leng Hotel. I find that shows singapore of yesteryear.
For a romantic night, u could take a rickshaw ride around town, walk along the padang and esplanade area and end off with a bumboat ride along the singapore river..

firman situmorang , Batam, IDN, 2 months ago

wassalamwalaikum wt wb...
u can conection trip form singapore To batam island ,,only 35 minutes by ferry form harbourfronsingapore to batam,.,.here is cheap and u can regulate ur financial, by accomodation hotel and trip or journy surrounding the beach,,,see u here sir,,u can contac me if u arrival here,,,+6281270312925,,FIRMAN S