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There are 55 questions in Bangkok, Thailand

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Monika Kowalczyk, Brisbane, AUS, 2 months ago

Hey all! I was wondering what is the most sunny island at the moment which you would recommend it?

Julie Brooke , Bangkok, THA, 2 months ago

at the moment .. hmm.. maybe Ko Chang.
I was in the southern islands two weeks ago, phi phi, phuket etc, and its really rainy, I mean compared to what I saw there, bangkok is reallly nice weather.
try to stay in the gulf of thailand :-/

Prasert Tishyadhigama , Bangkok, THA, 2 months ago

Don't worry about rain in Thailand. It often rains at night or in the early morning. Please select one which you like, you can enjoy every island in Thailand.

yvonnesher , Singapore, SGP, 2 months ago

My fave is Koh Phangan, and Samui :) though flooded with Tourists :(

Maria Eugenia Bcll, Cordoba, ARG, about 1 month ago

We are 2 and we will stay 2 nights in Bangok on january. The idea is to visit the temples, the royal palace, the river market. Then we´re going to go to Kanchanaburi.
Thanks for the advice!

Prasert Tishyadhigama , Bangkok, THA, about 1 month ago

There are several hotels around Bangkok. What are your objectives staying here? How luxury would you like?
For shopping malls please consider on Sukhumvit area.
Temples and the old city tour please consider on Khao San road.
Whole sale clothing fashion markets please consider on Pratunam area.
If you look for a high-end hotel please consider on Chaopraya riverside

punam mohandas , Bangkok, THA, about 1 month ago

If you're a backpacker and looking to hang out with other westerners, then it can't get better than Khaosarn. This area is close to the Palace, temples like Wat Po, Wat Arun and Wat Phra Kiew as also close to Little India and China Town.
If you're looking at being more in the city centre, then Nana on Sukhumvit has both budget as well as luxury hotels.

Sam Sameer , Bangkok, THA, about 1 month ago

Even in Sukhumvit, it would depend if you are travelling by yourself, or with kids, etc. as there are different areas suitable for different types of tourists.

Please offer more information about who is travelling, what are you interested in (shopping, sightseeing temples, nightlife, etc.) and we can offer you correct advice.

Finally, are you looking for a bargain discounted hotel, or a luxury expensive one?

Bon Voyage!

8 total anwers to this question

Giang Quỳnh, Ho Chi Minh City, VNM, 2 months ago

Hi everyone,

I am going to Bangkok to work for one month and I want to keep my daily habit of doing yoga. I have searched for some studios but the directions are completely strange to me.
Can you please suggest a place where I can do yoga early in the morning before work-time or late evening after office hours at affordable fees and convenient to travel from my accommodation or workplace. I live in a hotel near Huaykwang MRT Station and work at Siam Center Group (SCG) near Bangsue Station.

Any suggestions are appreciated. With many thanks :D

Julie Brooke , Bangkok, THA, about 2 months ago

Hey, I know there is Yogatique studio near Asoke station, good and cheap prices, easy to get to.

Nooch Chy , Bangkok, THA, 2 months ago

I will send you a message about yoga place near MRT. check your message box

Maïa and Flo , Phnom Penh, KHM, 2 months ago

I would be interested by your message as well!
Do you know what type of yoga they do? I am looking for ashtanga yoga. Do you know a place where to practice in Bangkok?
Thanks for your answer!!

11 total anwers to this question

Antje Meyer, Daisy Hill, AUS, 2 months ago

Hi everyone,
I hope you are all having a great time in BKK! I'll be visiting for a long weekend soon and was wondering if you guys could give me some tips on nice and cheap accommodation/ hostels.
I would prefer meeting CSers and staying at someones home, but I don't want to depend on that.
Please let me know if you know some nice places, if you have a good recommendation or if you have a spare couch ;)

I'll be in BKK 8th to 12th July.

Looking forward to having a great time :)


Prasert Tishyadhigama , Bangkok, THA, 2 months ago

Hi Antje Meyer,
There is a dormitory on Sukhumvit road near BTS skytrain. It's a nice and cheap hostel. Promotion price is 350 Baht/night. It separates male/female rooms If you are interested please private message me, I'm not sure to tell you on this dashboard. Because someone may complain if it's a commercial advertising. (Hostel is not mine)
I would like to advise you if I know your intentions to see in Thailand.

Antje Meyer , Daisy Hill, AUS, 2 months ago

Thanks Prasert, I'll write you a PM :)

Sasikate S , Bangkok, THA, 2 months ago

Hi Antje Meyer,
There is a hostel 500 m from both Phrom Phong BTS Skytrain Station. There is shared kitchen, a cosy shared lounge and a co-working space. Closes to a mall and Benjasiri park. I have never stayed there but I have been there for using co-working space. I really like the decoration style. For mixed dorm is 450thb, female dorm is 500thb. If you're interested to take a look the hostel reviews , pm me.

Actually you come here around weekend, so maybe you can stay at my place and if I'm available (I'm not sure yet) , I can show you around too :)

Sze Ting Po, Hong Kong, HKG, about 1 month ago

decided not to go ( sorry, i don't know why it didn't show the remaining sentence) . =( sorry for making you guys worry .

Thanks you guys are so nice

Weeraya S , Bangkok, THA, about 1 month ago

If you come to visit Thailand, i welcome to help you if you want

Sam Sameer , Bangkok, THA, about 1 month ago

I can't read your message... she just di....

Did you mean die???


Anyway, tell me what you need, please.

Cheers, Sam.

James Reinnoldt , Bangkok, THA, about 1 month ago

anything to help with?