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There are 10 questions in Calgary, Canada

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Natalie Kudryk, Vancouver, CAN, 2 months ago

Hi guys,

I am from Vancouver and I got my two weeks of vacation in late May-beginning of April. Yey!!! :) I am thinking of going to Calgary and I'd love to visit Banff and lake Louise. I don't have a car so I will likely travel by air or bus. Also, this is going to be my first trip to Calgary (probably on my own) and I will be very thankful for any advise from the locals on what is the best way to plan / shape this trip. Any suggestions on what places to see & explore as well as how to get to them & how long you would suggest to stays there etc. will be appreciated. My goal is to see Banff and lake Louise, but I have planty of time and would love to turn it into a little adventure maybe...


Pattu Sandhu , Waterloo, CAN, 2 months ago

Hey, I am heading there in late April. I would be mostly doing trekking. Let me know if you need advice on that :)

RO RAMOSKY , Calgary, CAN, 2 months ago

Hi Natalie,

Great you’re traveling; funny I’ve been in few places in West Canada, except in Vancouver. Good to check flights in advance because air tickets in Canada are soo expensive, if no the option will be to take the bus.

About places to visit in Calgary (maybe around 4-5 days):

-Olympic Oval (at the University of Calgary), a 400 meters skate place used for the 1988 winter Olympics
-Heritage Park, it’s a thematic park about how it looked around 100 years ago in the Prairies, Steam train full size, old cowboy’s buildings etc. One of my favorite places in town (I go there every year when there’s not winter).
-Prince Island and St. Patrick island downtown, and Devonian gardens downtown.
-Glenmore park/Reservoir located besides Heritage park

Near Calgary (maybe around 2 days):

-Drumheller, great Dinosaur museum (people say, I never been there).
-Bragg Creek, when it’s not winter great for mountain biking

You’re welcome,

Curtis C , Calgary, CAN, 2 months ago

Dobrieden Natalie,

May I ask what attracts you to Calgary? I have some suggestions for you to visit...

Further east than Drumheller near Brooks, Alberta, is located the great Dinosaur Provincial park! This is one of my favorite places in Alberta.

Kaninaskis Provincial park is also a nice place to check out. as well as Highway 40 which has great places to hike.

If you are looking for some fun you could check out 17th ave s.w. it has lots of kool shops and bars and resto's to get your munch and drink on.

Kensington is also a groovy little place in Calgary that has a few bars and some nifty lil shops.

If you're looking for some cliché things to do there is always the Calgary tower... The zoo is pretty dope but quite expensive for admission.

If you want to msg me for more info I'll be glad to help you out.



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Egle Keidošiūtė, Vilnius, LTU, 2 months ago

Hey guys,

I know it might be a long shot but everything's worth trying.:)
So I am planing to make a summer road trip through whole Canada and I would like to buy a really cheap car for that (sounds bad but anything that would make the trip). I discovered that Calgary has quite big market for used cars but I am a girl and I don't know much about cars so it's really hard.
I thought maybe good people of couchsurfing and especially locals could help me. Anything from ideas, advice or best place to look for would be greatly appreciated! So if you have anything in your mind don't hesitate to share. Thank you!

Peace and love,

Curtis C , Calgary, CAN, 2 months ago

a good place to start would be:, or

Luke Hunt , Calgary, CAN, 2 months ago

Yes I got a very good car on there and put a hundred fifty thousand kilometres and sold for purchase price. But you need to be very careful and NEVER EVER go by yourself. There are MANY con artists in used vehicles. Lots work out of their home.

Always bring a very good mechanic that is your friend. Not the sellers mechanic

Neshat , Calgary, CAN, 2 months ago

I know some people who buy cheap older cars, fix them up and sell them around about $1,000. When you are coming to town I can put you guys in touch :)

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yesenia Oliva, Calgary, CAN, 2 months ago

Hey everyone!
I've just got here like a week ago and I'd like to go downtown but I have no clue how the bus/train work. Do you need a card?
Plus, I've been checking this website Calgary that the right one? It just keeps showing me such loooong rides :/

PS: if anyone is up for a drink/walk would be great :)

Chris Adam , Calgary, CAN, 2 months ago

Hi Yesenia
Calgary transit is the website yes. You can buy tickets on the bus or at ctrain stations or buy a monthly pass at certain stores. Depending where you live it can be a bit long. if you are near a ctrain station it is easy to get around. but if you need to take a bus also it can be a bit of a chore.

NATHAN BERNHARDT , Calgary, CAN, 2 months ago

Welcome to Calgary and our superb transportation system! I work downtown and am often thirsty for a beverage. Let me know when you plan to trek down here.

yesenia Oliva , Calgary, CAN, 2 months ago

Thanks for the replies guys!
@Nathan: I'll go downtown on Saturday, it'd be nice to meet you if that day works for you.

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Marcella Staus, Trier, DEU, 2 months ago

Hello locals or others who might have a clue!

I'll be travelling around Banff/Yoho NP in August for about 2 weeks with my boyfriend.
Travelling by bus is very complicated since not all the hostels seem to be in the city centres/near the bus stops (Brewster).

We would like to rent a car for those two weeks but we're only 18 and all big, commercial car rental pages on the internet (Avis, Budget etc) won't rent a car to us.

now to my question: are there any small "one man bands" where we could try our best?
It'd be great to get some tips! thanks in advance

Marcella Staus , Trier, DEU, 2 months ago

maybe there is also something like car sharing? we're travelling through the nationalparks from the 10th-20th of August, possibly longer

Kayla Isomura , New Westminster, CAN, 2 months ago

Try Rent a Wreck. I'm not sure their age limit but it's a lot cheaper than renting with Enterprise. I just had to put a deposit down for being under 25.

Dave Robinson , Calgary, CAN, 2 months ago

i think being 25+ is actually a canadian law but could b wrong.

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Jennifer Fioroni, Brig-Glis, CHE, 2 months ago

Hey guys
I am looking for metal concert/Festivals in alberta. For example doom/death metal or folk/neofolk. Any suggestion? I am new here and would like the know about it.


Jennifer Fioroni , Brig-Glis, CHE, 2 months ago

Thank you. Sounds great. Good advice

Jeff Sinclair , Calgary, CAN, 2 months ago

Look at (403 forum is the Calgary area, and 780 is the Edmonton area). Make sure to also look up venues like Verns, Dickens pub, Mac Hall, Niteowl and Republik (Sady the Republik is closing down at the end of June) and see if they are having any metal shows when you are in Calgary.

Just a heads up on June 21nd Goatwhore/Ringworm/BlackBreath/Theories/Wake are playing at Dickens, $21 in advance my guess is around $25 at the door (if it isn't sold out by then).

Sled Island festival will have a bunch of indie Metal bands, it takes place at multiple venues all over the city, and is always a good time.

Stephen Docksteader , Calgary, CAN, 2 months ago

Calgary Metal Fest has already passed unfortunately, but if you're looking for something close by, the Loud As Hell Metal Festival in Drumheller, AB is July 31 to Aug 2