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YK86, Jakarta, IDN, about 2 months ago

I will travel with my friends to US on August and will be in NY on 13 and 14 Aug 2016. Will anyone free on that day and can join us to go around NY?I also would like to ask if it is ok to take away and bring the food (such as pizza) inside the subway?
Thank you.

Fatah C , Bronx, USA, about 2 months ago

Ummm, born and raised here, been riding the train/subway all my life, ALL. MY. LIFE, it's public transportation, so YK86, it is a big YES, you may eat anything in the subway and on the train. You will see for yourself, it is done. Do what you feel is comfortable, it's NY, whatever is whatever. LOL, I'll admit, it is annoying for me to see or even smell if it's pungent, but/and I also eat on the train when I am hella hungry. Do you, boo. :-)....(Very good question). :-D And, yes, I will be free to hang out with you and your friends, whoo-hoo.

Eugene , , USA, about 2 months ago

Yes you can definitely carry food on the subway. As far as eating it, no gross don't do it unless you want 100 people to hate you all at once and give you death stares. Lol @Fatah C you definitely from the Bronx with advice like that.

Jorleiv , New York, USA, about 2 months ago

The obvious reason of why you should not eat or drink on a subway train is that if you suddenly spill something on the person next to you then it's going to be an ugly scene. Subway trains are well-known for lurching, wobbling, and suddenly braking. However maybe the question is whether you can transport food. Yes you can, even durians. Though you won't find many of those here. 😬

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Micha Bohnstedt-Marcussen, Copenhagen, DNK, about 2 months ago

I'm looking for advice on affordable kayak tours in (or near) NYC - maybe others who'd like to join? I'm in NYC the first two weeks of Aug

ken Wade , New York, USA, about 2 months ago

There is Kayaking on the Hudson. Free. Every day. The Downtown Boat House located on the Hudson River Park south of Canal street near Harrison.

Julia Mekler , New York, USA, about 2 months ago

Take the MetroNorth (from Grand Central) half an hour north and you'll be in the Hudson Valley... Lots of parks and places to kayak and much cleaner and prettier than anything you'll see in the city! There're also some cool historic sites, like Phillipsburg Manor.

Jorleiv , New York, USA, about 2 months ago

There is so-so kayaking in Manhattan, but if you look at the National Park Service website for Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge you will find some nice info. I am actually at the visitor center there right now. And they offer kayak tours from the Canarsie Pier throughout the summer. and also you can download their new app Gateway National Recreation Area for iOS or Android that also lists all the nearby sites ranging from Brooklyn to Staten Island to New Jersey.

Charlie Alvarez, Bellevue, USA, 22 days ago

  • kind of a stupid question lol
  • how is the weather in ny end of oct
  • first of nov
  • what to wear?

Julia Mekler , New York, USA, 21 days ago

Not stupid question!

Typically in the 50s and 40s, though of course things can vary. But IMHO it's the best time of year; I'm a cold-weather girl but winter in New York is so damn windy (plus any and all snow turns yellow the moment it hits the street!) that Autumn is indeed the best time of year for visit this city that I can tell you, as a native, has crap weather in general.

Jacket, but not a crazy-Antarctic-ready one. Just a normal jacket with some layers to apply and remove as needed!

Hope you enjoy NY in the fall!

Washington Square Park
Central Park Zoo
New York Historical Society
Korea Town

Anastasia Rudman , New York, USA, 21 days ago

Early November can be fairly warm in NYC. Likely rainy. It's basically "leather jacket" weather. There's a good chance it will still be warm & pleasant, winter in NYC truly only starts in January.

Todd Shaffer , , USA, 18 days ago

"Normally" it can be chilly but last year we were walking around in T-shirts in the middle of December. Thanks global warming! If you want something a bit more fact based I recommend the following site:

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Benoit De Jonghe, Ghent, BEL, about 2 months ago

Hey guys,

In less than a month, I'am going to visit New York with my family. So I'am preparing the trip now but I have a bit of a situation, I don't know where to eat or which restaurant to pick for lunch or dinner. Do you New Yorkers have some recommendations for several restaurants in several districts?
Friendly greetings
Benoît ;)

Kris Kemp , New York, USA, about 2 months ago

Just download the app for your smartphone and type in "restaurant NYC _______" and zip code or area. For example "thai restaurant NYC East Village" and search for it. Find one with good reviews and good prices.

Lucio Fabian , New York, USA, about 2 months ago

Hi Benoit
if you interested in trying ethnic food follow Jared blog, also a cs member

happy eating !

Curtiepie , New York, USA, about 2 months ago

You are from my favorite city!!!
I got something for you. Send me a pm or vice versa.

Alejandra Baracaldo, Bogota, COL, about 2 months ago

hi! Im looking for apartments o room clean , safe and with neighborhood nice in Manhattan for long time is good Hamilton Heights? or Upper West, hell`s kitchen thank you I appreciate you advice

NYCSTEVE , New York, USA, about 2 months ago

I know this reply is a but late, but.. hopefully it will help anyone looking to relocate within the boroughs.

For general CRIME information about any place in NY..
a quick and easy site is ..

Want to know what gangs are in the area?

For SUPER detailed CRIME information, the NYPD has given access to compstat..
All the crime statistics of gotham..

Average rent by subway stop..

Before you rent.. See what violations and complaints are on file with the housing department.


Jose Ramos , New York, USA, about 2 months ago

depends on your budget is where you are gonna end up

Tom K , , USA, about 2 months ago

Most neighbohoods are safe. As Jose asks, the important question is your budget. Cheapest is going to be Washington Heights, maybe you could get a room for $1000 or studio for $1500.