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  • Thu, Oct 20 at 8:00 PM CDT
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  • Sat, Oct 22 at 9:00 PM CDT
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Karolina Kedzierska, Poznan, POL, about 2 months ago

Hello evereyone,

I am coming to Houston this weekend with a group of friends and we'd like to go dancing somewhere on Saturday. Can you recommend any good clubs? Preferably with low entrance fee and good music.

I will be really grateful for your advice :)

Arpad Szoor , Houston, USA, about 2 months ago


I prefer Midtown places close to the railline. Our favourites are ProofRoof(no entrance fee and actual dance music-party place), Howl at the Moon (7$ ent fee, piano bar-party place), bars are everywhere around Midtown. Arpi (Hungarian)

Ruddeger , Houston, USA, about 2 months ago

Depends on what you like.
Barbarella: Midtown; modern dance club
Numbers: an old Houston institution; Montrose; very mixed crowd; tonight looks like it might be gothy: http://www.numbersnightclub.com/
Gay clubs: there are a few in Montrose I don't have time to look them up atm but let me know if you're interested.

Jordan Mills , Pearland, USA, about 2 months ago

Guava Lamp and South Beach seem to be the places for gay-oriented clubbing (JR's and pacific street if you just want a drink). South beach is really popular and has been for years. I hear good things about barbarella too.

Ishan, Dallas, USA, about 2 months ago

Hey All,

A friend and I are coming to Houston to shoot photos for a photo journalism project we are starting. We are trying to capture the changing nature of cities, daily life that shows the character of a city, and some of the spread of redevelopment and gentrification. Would love any insight on places to shoot, check out.

Things we had in mind:
Conversion of the Sawyer Yards/Winter St Studios and all that Industrial Land along the tracks on Washington Ave Buffalo Bayou Cistern
Development on the East Side (near Tout Suite)

Things we are looking for:
Sights/places that are unique to Houston but a little bit undiscovered/not famous
Any location/person/brand that captures the culture of Houston (Icehouses spring to mind as an immediate example)
Abandoned buildings/reconverted spaces


Any help/tips would be awesome. If anyone wants to tag along/be interviewed or photographed send me a message!

We should be shooting Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (July 1-4).


Maritza Munoz , Nashville, USA, about 2 months ago

ok so there's this Target on Taylor st. near the heights....if you're facing it then look to the left and keep walking in that general direction, there used to be some huge beatles statues there along with president heads and stuff, although recently they may have moved them idk. but anyways maybe check it out, maybe you can find one of these iconic statues. also theres a really cool building there that my friends and i snuck into, it smelled like weed and one of the rooms had all these really cool architecture drawings. try and find some of the famous art cars (cars decorated in a really crazy way), somewhere in the heights or near it there's some sort of museum or something that I've passed by....sorry if this info is vague. on the the 60th floor of the chase tower you can go up and see the city, its pretty cool. on sundays theres slab sundays which displays the slabs (pimped out cars)/screwed up houston scene. the underground tunnel at the MFAH is pretty popular/iconic to houston, third ward/macgregor park area, east end, the heights, oak forest all have experienced or are experiencing gentrification.

Kevin Jagoe , Converse, USA, about 2 months ago

Houston Heights is a great place for redevelopment/gentrification. If you go to the Galleria area you can see total redevelopment into high rise and multiple level condos/apartments (around loop 610 west and hwy 59-I69 intersection). There are other places as well. I would bet the Houston Tourism Bureau | VisitHoustonTexas.com might give you information. Downtown to the south east side is redeveloping as well. The character of Houston is so varied from what ever part of town or suburb you are in so you have a big task on hand. If your looking for daily life then look for more neighborhood places like Montrose, H. Heights, etc. Some of the suburbs have town centers like Sugar Land which is far different than Houston. You might want to contact the local PBS station which is run by Houston Public Media. They run shorts on the history of Houston and may have contacts that you could utilize. Have fun! :-)

GEORGE AFRIFA , Accra, GHA, about 2 months ago

ok nice

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Soussino Souarit, Philadelphia, USA, about 2 months ago

i want to know all thing about life in houston...the weather?jobs?people?life is expensive or cheap?.............

mud , Houston, USA, about 2 months ago

Mild Winters and Hot and Humid Summers.

There are jobs in Houston... (http://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=&l=Houston%2C+TX)

There are lots of cool people in Houston... especially the CouchSurfers!

life expensive/cheap:
It all depends on where you live and what you do... will you need a car or use public transportation, etc...

Soussino Souarit , Philadelphia, USA, about 2 months ago

thankssssss Mud

Anatoliy Rakalin , Houston, USA, about 2 months ago

Depends on your interest and preference...
You might be interested to visit Johnson Space Center($21/adult), Museum of Fine Arts ($15, free on Thursday), Menil collection - private art collection (free), Houston Opera is very good, Alley Theatre if you like musicale. Free performances in Miller outdoor theater.
Sport events are usually expensive.
Lunch from $7 to ... A lot of good restaurants with live music at evening time. Hotel room from $60.

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María Belén Delgado, Guayaquil, ECU, about 2 months ago

Can someone tell me the best place to skydive in Houston!

I would really appreciate any advise.

Thanks in advance !!!! =)

DITLIHI , Kemah, USA, about 2 months ago

I, and many of my friends, have been to Skydive Spaceland. It's down highway 288 south of Hoston.

SuperSuly , Annecy, FRA, about 1 month ago

Hey when are you planning to go? I am interested!

Eric Yanez , Houston, USA, about 1 month ago

I went to Skydive Spaceland a couple years ago, had a wonderful experience!

Daniel, Houston, USA, 21 days ago

  • travel

elton monterroza , Houston, USA, 14 days ago

Only if it involves picking up chicks.

Wayne Shandera , Houston, USA, 15 days ago

When do you want to go?

64 year old MD, need work in am.