Recife is a vibrant city where Brazilian culture is always on full display. Visitors can check out the centuries-old architecture in the historic district of Recife Antigo, before heading to the Pernambuco House of Culture, a former prison that is now home to eateries and shops selling Pernambuco art and crafts. For a unique look at one of Brazil’s strange sub-cultures, visit Embaixada Dos Bonecos Gigantes, where you’ll see 63 puppets of famous personalities, each standing 4 meters tall.

Recife’s location on the Atlantic Coast makes it an ideal place to spend some time in the sun. Make your way to Boa Viagem, one of the best shopping and dining areas in the city, to have dinner and head for the white sand beach just across the street. This beach is popular with locals and is well-lit at night, so there are always people to be found here. Another option is Paiva Beach, about 30 km south of Recife, with strong surf, calm shallow pools, and a sulphuric mud pool that many believe is an excellent form of skin therapy.


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