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Nicolas N., Oslo, NOR, about 2 months ago

Hi guys!

I'm staying in Pune until 19 November, but I'm in Hinjawadi which is a bit (in my opinion) remote, and theres not much to do here. So I need a reliable cab service that can get me around city whenever.

Also any tips on what's fun to do here would be nice. I've been to Phoenix Mall, seen some things in the city and experienced Laxmi Road.

I know Diwali is coming up, so I'm definitely heading into the city to experience it to it's fullest. Unless someone has a better suggestion of course.

Barry Dunning , Sydney, AUS, about 2 months ago

Hey Nick let me know if you find out any information about what to do in Pune. I will most likely be there on Friday and Saturday.

JourneyCalledLife , Pune, IND, about 2 months ago

Hey Nick... OLA and Uber have good services and connectivity in Pune.. So u can download the app and enjoy the city... And yes wish u a very Happy and Safe Diwali !!!!

Sanjay Shetty , Pune, IND, about 2 months ago

Ola & Uber as mentioned above are reliable. Have a visit to Shaniwar wada fort, Dagdusheth (Ganpati Temple) as these are some known places you can look for. If you are a foodie, go to FC road, JM road and camp area and try out different dishes and chaats.

lhrjames, , JPN, 20 days ago

I see that many of the large hotels have Western-style buffet options but I am looking for something more specific, if possible. Something similar to this:


I would be very thankful for any guidance!

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Pinakin Ghate , Pune, IND, 16 days ago

You can check out 11 East Street Cafe at East Street, Camp

Nikhil Rao , Pune, IND, 16 days ago

Try Arthur's Theme at Koregaon Park. Can vouch for this one as I have been here before.
Or also Arthur's Theme at High Street Balewadi, depending on which side of the city you are at. Not been to this one though.

Arthur's Theme
Arthur's Theme

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Sonali Shah, Mumbai, IND, about 2 months ago

Hey, folks!

I'm a Bombay girl who's gonna be in Pune for a couple of days next week. It's my first trip to Pune!

I was wondering if anyone here knows where or from whom I could rent an Activa type gearless scooter from. That way, I could get around by myself easily, and explore the city with more freedom. Maybe you know some garage from where I could rent it?

I'm gonna stay at the FTII campus, so if there's someone closeby, that'll be great.

Also, suggestions for places to check out are more than welcome!

Thanks, guys!


Rohit Mani , Pune, IND, about 2 months ago

can share my bike

Shinku Anand , Pune, IND, about 2 months ago

Koregaon park around German bakery you should get one

Royden Fernandes , Fahaheel, KWT, about 2 months ago

Hey... You could have my DIO. its a spare. let me know.. I shall be in town too so if you wanna get around and visit a few bars, clubs, Points of interest I could show you around.

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David Carvajal, Dubai, ARE, about 2 months ago

Hi everyone! I'll be visiting Pune next week for work and I would like to know if any of you know a place to dance salsa! If someone wants to join it would be great as well! Thx

Meher-M , Pune, IND, about 2 months ago

Salsa is at Oakwood lounge koregaon park extension every Thursday night

ASHUTOSH , Pune, IND, about 2 months ago


Salsa Night happen every-
Tuesday: Red Bar at Koregaon Plaza [entry Rs.200/-]
Thursday: Oakwood, Koregaon Park [Free entry]
From 9PM onwards.
Nice to find a fellow Salsa dancer out here :)
See you there!!


Ramu Nair , Bengaluru, IND, about 2 months ago

How do you rate these two place?!
Would these two places be comfortable for 1st timers?!

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Rutwick Gangurde, Pune, IND, about 2 months ago

I am looking for a place that serves Ethiopian cuisine in Pune. Any Ethiopian nationals staying in Pune who can cook for us will do too. References are welcome.

I will pay for it! It's for a friend! Please help!

Manoj M , Pune, IND, about 2 months ago

What dish are you looking for? If you do find someone let me know as well... tks.

Nitin Balyan , Pune, IND, about 2 months ago

Sadly, hardly few people know about this cuisine and its not available in Pune as it needs special ingredients like herbs, spices, etc from Ethiopia.