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There are 18 questions in Mumbai, India

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Julia Babilyuk, Kyiv, UKR, 2 months ago

Hi, friends! What interesting places there are in Mumbai to make purcahes? What is it better to buy there? Something special/traditional/unusual. It can be both - cheap and expensive options.

Darshan Lodaya , Mumbai, IND, about 2 months ago

Crawford market, Chor bazaar, Manish Market...

Aayushi J. Shah , Mumbai, IND, 2 months ago

Colaba causeway, crawford market, bandra hill road

Julia Babilyuk , Kyiv, UKR, 2 months ago

Thank you very much, dear Aayushi! :)

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Kamilla Rachwał, Alicante, ESP, 2 months ago

I have a little bit weird question, but this is important for me.
I do some reaserches in my univerisity. Are there any gardeners, architects or other people who could tell me something about how gardens, parks looks in your country?
Maybe you know some books? (In English or Spanish)
What plants do you have? Are there some styles? Some important parts?

It will really helps me :*

Satish R Bansal , Chandigarh, IND, 2 months ago

Dear kamilla

Chandigarh (Just 250 km north to New Delhi in India) is Asia's most beautiful & only French designed city. Also known as city of Gardens.
1. Asia's biggest Rose Garden------Have almost all varieties of world
2. Asia's biggest Cactus garden at Panchkula---Have almost all varieties of Asia.
3. Japnese Garden
4. Leisure Valley
6. Boganvillia Garden
7. Town Park
8. Garden of Silence at Lake
9. Terrace Garden
10. Pinjore Gardens

All gardens are very famous and celebrate annual events, flower shows, photography competitions etc.

For more info you may search online or may PM me. MY city Chandigarh is also India's first smoke free city, most clean city

Satish Bansal

Vish , Mumbai, IND, 2 months ago

Satish, She asked Gardeners, not Gardens.

Kamilla, I think the best answer can be given by a Gardener or an Architect. Unfortunately, I don't know of any. And I doubt Satish's answer did any good to you either.

Happy finding.

Kamilla Rachwał , Alicante, ESP, 2 months ago

yea, but thank you for tips :) that also helped me :)

If you can add something more, I´ll be grateful :) Some typical plants?
Are that gardens which you wrote, Satish are rather typical or they are something different in your country?

Maybe example will be easier:
-Japanese gardens are with stones, sand, lots of water. Plants typical for Japan: weigela, Acer, cedar, moss
-Italian gardens are geometrical, streight lines, fountain in the centre,plants: buxus
-In Spain there are famous Cordoba patios- with flowers on the wall :)

Do you have some specific also? :)

Artem Kryuckov, Vyazovka, RUS, 2 months ago

Hi everyone!

Does anybody know any good store in Mumbai where I can find trekking boots?


Prashant menon , Mumbai, IND, 2 months ago

Hi Artem,
Could you describe what exactly you are looking for ?

I usually buy from a chap in Mumbai who has quite a lot of inventories for outdoor
Nandu chavhan :
Give him a call and he is really friendly and helpful.

Other than this, there are :
Thane: Decathlon Stores

Mumbai :
Avi Industries, Matunga
Adventure 18
Shop @ R citi mall [top floor]


Sandeep Kamal , Mumbai, IND, 2 months ago is your best option. It's in Decathlon Thane, Big Shopping Center, Ghodbunder Road, Kasarvadawali Gaon, Thane - 400615,
Then next uption is Wildcraft store in Bandra link road end, or inorbit mall in malad.

Both are meant for outdoor adventure gears.

Adil Niazi , Thane, IND, 2 months ago

Decathlon in my opinion.

Maciej Maleszka, Poznań, POL, 23 days ago

Could somebody advise me how to find a good one. Is here a place, street where sellers have lots of the used motorcycles to choose from? Or maybe somebody from CS community could help me with this mission?

  • buying a used motorcycle

Ameet Mudnaney , Mumbai, IND, 21 days ago

If you are really planning to travel throughout India on a bike, I would suggest you go in for a bullet. They are the rough and tough ones and also have a good resale value (one you are done with your trip, you can sell them off easily).

C , Mumbai, IND, 21 days ago

I used India Bikes in Mumbai(Andy who runs it is quite helpful).Their site is :
Another one is :

If you prefer to move to Delhi and then rent an Enfield:

In Delhi,the Central Delhi area of Karol Bagh,Jhandewalan Estate has several establishments who rent these machines out with proper paperwork and support.

There's this video if it helps you choose on Enfields from Delhi:

Karol Bagh

Nigel Stephen , Mumbai, IND, 21 days ago

There are so many great motorcycles to be had for a $1000, however these will be between 125-150cc and designed for the city commuter. However they tend to be pretty well made, require little to no service and should something go wrong on the road. Most can be fixed at any mechanic: anywhere in the country.
For a little more money, a decent used ktm 200/390 or a similar bajaj 200/400. Again similar characteristics to the others but with the added benefits of better performance and horsepower.
Most people highly recommend the enfield for touring but in my personal view, I find them to be dated, cumbersome and notoriously unreliable. However, these are the bikes you most often see in the most hostile terrains all over this great country. So i could almost certainly be wrong.
You can start looking for a motorcycle online by checking out the two largest classified pages in india.

Hope this helps.

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AK09, Mumbai, IND, 2 months ago

Hi everyone! I have a friend visiting me and he wants to go on an elephant ride - i believe its not legal anymore in Mumbai but can anyone suggest a place close to Mumbai?


Asavari Gill , Mumbai, IND, 2 months ago

God! This is not even authentic Mumbai/Indian stuff! I mean, who rides elephants here? He might get lucky in Kerala though!

deepak Farmania , Mumbai, IND, 2 months ago

Horse riding yes in mumbai but doubt if elephants rides can be arranged.

Try posting on this group as well.

I think they are very big on FB in regards to Locals and foreigners connect in SE Asia and India

AK09 , Mumbai, IND, 2 months ago

Hi thanks ! We did that at Corbett Park. Growing up 25 years ago iN Delhi, i went on plenty of elephant rides in the city. Bear and monkey shows in our house gardens ocassionally during the evenings . Indian cities have changed since then but thank you all for the comments