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leah airey, Vancouver, CAN, about 2 months ago

Hey Guys,
I am looking to spend some time learning how to snowboard. I have been once before and learnt the basics but need to practice and don't want to go up alone! It's way more fun when you have someone laughing with you when you fall!
Anyone interested in practicing with me?

Loc Nguyen , Vancouver, CAN, about 2 months ago

Hi Leah . Not a big fan of practicing snow boarding . But can help you laugh. Along with helpful tips . There are a few regulars Cs surfers who are into snowboarding . Welcome to come along with us .

Martin Sing , Vancouver, CAN, about 2 months ago

Pretty sure it would be MONTHS before any BC mountain would be open for snowboarding.

BLUEHAPPY , Denver, USA, about 1 month ago

i'm heading to vancouver for about 4 nights starting next tuesday and was just browsing and saw this thread... are there ski resorts around vancouver that's open already? or is this just planning for when the season actually opens in late november?

anyhow, good luck to you all :D i've always wanted to snowboard at whistler but haven't had a chance yet. i can teach some of you how to snowboard if you want.

cheers :D

Albert Lin, Honolulu, USA, about 2 months ago

Aloha everyone...I'm traveling from Hawaii/California with my brother from 5/18-5/21...finishing a family cruise and enjoying Vancouver a bit before we go home!

Our AirBnB is around the Robson St area, and I'd love to hear local advice on the best nightlife/lounges/etc (especially from Wed-Saturday nights), and must-eat places that don't cost like $$$$ around there!

Also, any advice on must-see/must-do things besides hiking around Stanley Park, biking the SeaWall, night markets, and maybe a day trip to Victoria? It's our first time in Vancouver and we are excited to be there! LMK if anyone else is traveling or locals who are free to join up...

David Lenuzzi , Vancouver, CAN, about 2 months ago

Electronic nightlife

Live Music Events

Must see places .....this is debatable, but I think some places to check out that are off the beaten path include:
-Vancouver Chinatown (grab dinner at Phnom Penh and make sure to get the chicken wings)
- Lunch or dinner at The Naam (vegetarian)
-Hot Wet Art City on Main Street
- Walk down Main street from 33rd to Broadway.
-Walk down Commercial drive. Grab a pint and people watch.

Hope this helps!

Dave D , Vancouver, CAN, about 2 months ago

hey Albert. I definitely recommend bar hopping in Gastown if you like a few drinks. its my favourite area in downtown to drink. For classic cocktails go to Pourhouse (imo best bartenders in Van). For a nice daytime/patio/people watching grab a beer at Chill Winston outside. If you like scotch/whisky go to Irish Heather, then walk to the very back of the bar to a kinda hidden whisky bar called the Sheben. if you want to meet fellow travelers head to the dive bar called the Cambie. always a fun atmosphere.

If you head over to Chinatown (which is very close) go to my favourite restaurant in the city, Bao Bei. Then right beside it is an amazing cocktail bar called Keefer Bar, grab a drink there.

on the other side of downtown on Robson/Denman area my favourite italian restaurant is Nook. about 10 blocks down from there is Espana which is great spanish tapas. make sure you head to English Bay area to watch the sunset. it's gorgeous.

Milton Loo , Coquitlam, CAN, about 2 months ago

Granville island is a pretty neat tourist trap (Locals do use it). It's an area packed with art galleries, cool little shops, and a terrific farmers market.

Food wise Robson has a couple of decent Ramen places. If you're into Izakayas, Hapa Izakaya is the best of the lot.

Josh Scurll , Vancouver, CAN, about 1 month ago

I think 1000CAD might be doable, but it would be very tough and wouldn't really allow for any activities. It also depends where you want to live. If you're frugal and aren't picky about where you live (meaning you could be quite far from central or downtown Vancouver) then you could maybe scrape by, but I would suggest budgeting at least 1000CAD for food + rent and then add more for any activities / drinking / etc.

Mariam Ekizyan , Vancouver, CAN, about 1 month ago

Hi Patrick,

As mentioned, if depends mostly whether you will be renting (particularly close to downtown) or sharing a place. If renting a place alone, then 1000$ might not be enough. But if sharing and cooking at home then you might fit within the amount. You might consider increasing the budget a bit as there will be probably utility and transportation costs,

Sydney Stahl , Langley, CAN, about 1 month ago

I would strongly suggest you budget for a minimum of $1500 a month. Muito cuidado quando se olha para Craigslit, meu amigo ;) There are a LOT of scams on there. Someone else suggested you should try couch surfing for a few days and that's a really good idea. Many places don't include your utilities in the rent so you have to remember to budget for those.
Rent $600-800/month
Utilities $100/month
Cell phone $100/month
Bus pass $40-100/month
Entertainment $200/month
Food $400/month

These are only approximations. Of course you can live cheaper if you are lucky enough to find a shared apartment that includes utilities. Also, spending money is of course subjective, BUT if you are trying to live down to pennies you will not find it enjoyable or very attainable. Beer, and Food here are MUCH more expensive than Brasil. Although you can find cachaça at the liquor stores but it's CRAZY expensive lol!

It might be an easier question to answer if you ask some specific questions about food/drinks you think you would have regularly. To give you an idea, eggs are around $4/dozen mais ou menos. Good bread is around $4/loaf but you can buy cheap white bread (not healthy for you at all) for around $1/loaf. Meat can be fairly expensive here. Definitely more expensive than Brasil. If you put a lot of time into shopping though, you can find wonderful fruits and vegetables at farmers markets for a good price. Hope some of this helps :)

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Peter Pavol, Prague, CZE, about 2 months ago

What is a good website for Vancouver public transport and for finding an accommodation in Vancouver?
Let me know.

Stu Jones , Vancouver, CAN, about 2 months ago

For public transport go to

Accommodation is a bit trickier. You can try

Peter Pavol , Prague, CZE, about 2 months ago

Thank you.

Aaron Schuler , Vancouver, CAN, about 1 month ago

What type of accommodation are you looking for?
Long term (apartments/room shares/furnished rentals): Craigslist, AMSrentsline, Padmapper
Short term (hotels, short term apartments): Expedia, AirBnB
Hostels: Jericho Hostel, HI Hostels, SameSun Hostel, The Cambie Hostels

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Aayda Hassan, Kuala Lumpur, MYS, about 2 months ago

Hi planning to visit Vancouver on 25Jul to 31July..i wanna know any place i can go to shop for ice hockey equipment.. (Affordable price of course)

Shannon Gibney , Vancouver, CAN, about 2 months ago

Sports Junkies on Broadway (9th Avenue)...between Cambie & Main has used sports equipment on consignment. Good luck!

Dave D , Vancouver, CAN, about 2 months ago

hi Aayda. There's a few good options, depending on where you are staying. Here's a few popular options

Cyclone Sports (Oak st & 49th). This is outside of downtown vancouver. You can get here via the Canada Line train. Load of hockey equipment here.

The Sports Exchange. this is located in Kitsalano area, about 10 mins drive outside of downtown. They've got good prices comparable to alot of other places

Sports Check. This is a more of a Franchise store. They just opened a big fancy one in the heart of downtown Vancouver. It is probably a bit more expensive than the first two options. However sometimes they have big sales and you can get good prices.

hope this helps!

Aayda Hassan , Kuala Lumpur, MYS, about 2 months ago

Thx dave..definately will have a look..😊😊