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Alien_Traveller, Mumbai, IND, 2 months ago

Estoy en Monterrey. Me encantaría conocer gente. Cualquier persona para la reunión y me enseñó alrededor?

Me encanta el café, y lugares de café. Cualquier, bonitas cafeterías locales en Monterrey? ¿Alguna recomendación?


I don't speak spanish. Still learning. I got above translated stuff from google. Here is the English version. ;-)

I am in Monterrey. I would love to meet people. Anyone up for meeting and showing me around?

I love coffee, and coffee places. Any local, nice coffee places in Monterrey? Any recommendations?

Whataspp = 001-5039264926

Marco Sanroman , Monterrey, MEX, about 2 months ago

Are you still in Mty?? I can take you around to meet some coffee places or others, I would like to talk a little english with you and Spanish also if you want to learn. wpp +528110486219

guilergzz , Monterrey, MEX, 2 months ago

por el barrio antiguo hay buenas cafeterías y buen ambiente.
cuando es la reunión?

ariana Sanchez , Monterrey, MEX, 2 months ago

me apunto!!! conozco un par de cafeterías que podrían gustarte
I know a couple of cafes You Might Like!! :D

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Salomé Le Lay, Concarneau, FRA, 2 months ago

Hey All!
I am a French designer that just arrived in Monterrey for work.
I'm looking for a place/school/organization in San Pedro that gives Spanish courses. (could be during the week)
Would you know some institutions like that in the area?
Thanks is advance!

GUTZCO , Monterrey, MEX, 2 months ago

You also can lifesurf a couchsurfer, and learn on the way. There will be many surfers happy to help :) No charge.

Julio Díaz , Monterrey, MEX, 2 months ago

Hello Salome, On the company I work for there are courses for employees given by "Language Force", I asked a teacher for spanish courses and she told me you can get information at 44-44-4929 or 44-44-4050, they can get to your location I think. Regards!

CLAUDIA CASTILLO , Monterrey, MEX, about 2 months ago

Which is your level?? because Im a teacher but in the school that I teach we only have an advance class.

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Hyden, Yutz, FRA, 2 months ago

Hi All, I am looking for a home to rent in Monterrey City or a family to stay with who has plenty of room(s). Please contact me if you can help. Thanks!

GUTZCO , Monterrey, MEX, 2 months ago

You can contact to Aguila Calva, look for him among my couchsurfing friends.

Hyden , Yutz, FRA, 2 months ago

Thanks Gutzco...!

Kyno Lem , Toronto, CAN, about 2 months ago

Salut Hyden,
Let me know if you still need more options for renting and if you do have a particular area in mind. I could ask my parents to see if they still have a unit open.
A plus tard

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Omer Syed, Monterrey, MEX, 2 months ago

Hi Everyone! Thanks for the reply to my last post really turned out amazing : )

Now, anyone here know of any 'schools' or 'tutors' for learning Spanish?? I would like to at least attend 3 - 5 days where I can learn basic conversational Spanish.

Thank you so much!

Anahi Esc , Monterrey, MEX, 2 months ago

The only school I know is the one inside the UANL.
This is the link and you're still on time for this semester.

Carlos Eguia , Monterrey, MEX, 2 months ago

At the school of Political science and public administration (UANL) they have Spanish for foreigners is about to start and they have a great price!
I could help you for free too!

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Eddie Lau, Hong Kong, HKG, 2 months ago

Hi, all. I'm Eddie from Hong Kong and will go to Monterrey on 1st Jan.
It seems that Monterrey is super big, so I would like to ask how's the transportation here? Is it convenient? Indeed, what is the best way to travel from the airport to town? By taxi or bus? Thanks. :)

Majo Sanabria , Monterrey, MEX, 2 months ago

Hello, Eddie! I have a friend who also comes from Hong Kong, and she finds it to be more convenient to travel on taxi, although it is a little bit expensive, and not many buses drive by the airport. Where are you staying here? Maybe we could arrange a meet-up to take you around town :)

Mario Malibu , Monterrey, MEX, 2 months ago

Hi Eddie!

The transportation is not really good but it depends on where are you going, if you are moving around downtown you can use the metro which is great and cheap, or maybe some bus routes. The webpage Majo Sanabria told you is very useful.

From the airport you can get a bus in the terminal C (vivaaerobus) and it costs you around $65 pesos (5 dlls) it will take you downtown in less than an hour, the airport is kinda far and it's pretty safe to take this bus, there are 2 stops, one is near to the metro station called "Y" and the other one is the central bus station which is very close to the metro station "Cuauhtémoc".

The metro station "Y griega" is next to Parque Fundidora and this a must for visitors, there are museums, art expositions, you can take a look to an old big foundry, and so many more to do there, also this place has an artificial riverwalk of 2.5km that connects to downtown.

Kyno Lem , Toronto, CAN, about 2 months ago

Hi Eddie,
I will be blunt with you, you better use taxi or huber to move around this bad poorly design city. The public transportation is really bad compared with other cities/countries around the world. If you budget is low, I strongly suggested you to better meet local couchsurfers who are cool in showing you around the city in exchange of culture backgrounds, dinner, a glass of wine or drinks. But to answer your main question: Take a taxi from the Airport to your final destination in Monterrey; taking the bus option that Mario offered you (which is really well explained) it could be stressful for someone who doesn't speak Spanish and hasn't experienced a bit of Mexican culture. Cheers!