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Joseph Pascucci, Breckenridge, USA, 2 months ago

Can anyone tell me if there are any sweet swimming holes/cliff jumping around the Durham area? Other outdoor suggestions are welcome as well! Thanks!

Christopher Schwing , Colorado Springs, USA, 2 months ago

Eno River rock quarry & New Hope Creek swimming hole.

Flo Schertenleib , Oldenburg, DEU, about 1 month ago

Hi there, I am staying in chapel hill at the moment for an internship. I would love to go the the outer banks but I have no car. Anyone up for a trip this weekend??

Joseph Pascucci , Breckenridge, USA, 2 months ago

Awesome! I'm driving now so I can't check but are these easy to find? If not can you give directions?

Mary Campos, Kalamazoo, USA, 2 months ago

Hey everyone! Looks like I'll be taking a road trip down to the Carolinas the second week of March. I'm beyond excited because I've never been, and have heard great things. I've already got some friends to stay with, but they're new to town. Does anyone have any suggestions of places to see, hangout, eat, drink...? On the cheaper side and more local, non-touristy would be great.

Much obliged :)

Vickie Brooking , Wake Forest, USA, 2 months ago

Mary, the second week in March will still be pretty bare and cool here so despite the "water" suggestions you were given, you might not find those locales all that great that early. Tons of great watering holes in downtown Raleigh as well as Durham - pretty much depends on how many days you are here and how willing you are to drive around. Charlotte is 3 hrs away and the mountains are nearly 5 hrs so not sure if you want to spend that much time traveling on the interstate. For food/drink downtown Raleigh, I like Jose & Sons, The Pit (if you're into bbq), Sitti for the best Lebanese and Poole's Diner. The Natural History Museum is one of the finest on the east coast and something even a lot of locals have never seen...it's actually a really great time.

Wagner DelSalto , Apex, USA, 2 months ago

Hey Mary, how are you? local cheap thing to do, you have to go to Duke gardens, Free. and the university is pretty nice, Night life at down town Raleigh and Chapel Hill state university, good places to see. Best hole in the wall for Mexican in Durhan is the "Best Mexican food of the planet", in Raleigh "El toro" . Brier Creek shopping center is located between Durham and Raleigh. if you have to go to the beach it takes two houser and the best place in my opinion is Wrightsville, great place to see the sunrise.. are you flying in or driving here?

Scott Moreland , Durham, USA, 2 months ago

Did the same thing when I was looking at grad schools. Durham food/bar suggestions:

Breakfast: Monuts, Fosters, Rise Biscuits and Donuts, Guglhupf, Rue Cler

Sunday brunch: Vin Rouge

Dinner (too many to list): Nana Tacos, Bull City Burger, Hog Heaven, Dames Chicken & Waffles (very NC)

Coffee: Cocoa Cinnamon

Bars: Fullsteam Brewery, West End Wine Bar, Bar Virgile, Bull McCabes, Alley 26, ...

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Kari_415, Sacramento, USA, 2 months ago

Hello all,
I'll be visiting a friend in Cary next weekend. She will probably have to work one or two of the days I'll be there and I might take the car and do some exploring. Anything I shouldn't miss? :)

Thomas Nielsen , Chapel Hill, USA, 2 months ago

the fleamarket on weekends. one of carys many chinese massage places.

SEATRAVELLER , Raleigh, USA, 2 months ago

Check out indyweek.com for all the fun things happening in the area. What sort of stuff do you like to do? If you want to meet up for a beer or coffee just let me know!

Michael Sander , Raleigh, USA, 2 months ago

SparkCon is happening in downtown Raleigh. You should check that out. It's got a little bit of everything music, art, film, ideas ,etc.

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Electra Kouloumpi, Amsterdam, NLD, 2 months ago

Hi all!
I have been in Durham for a couple of days and I will be staying here till mid-August for a dance training!

I would like to visit the Outer Banks on my days off this weekend.
Does anyone have tips on how to get there? And which are nice places to visit once there?
I don't have a car, btw!

If anyone is willing to join me for the trip, it would be great!

Thanks a lot and I hope to meet you in Durham!


Tyler Gilmore , Durham, USA, 2 months ago

After doing a little research I can't really seem to find a bus or train that would get you all the way out there. Sadly, it is quite difficult to get anywhere here without your own vehicle.

I would definitely recommend Kitty Hawk, Hatteras, and Ocracoke Island.
If you are able to find a car, its about a 4 hour drive east on the highway (64 East). This route will also take you over Roanoke Island which is also worth a look.

Best of luck!

Christian . , Cary, USA, 2 months ago

I would be down with going to the OBX this weekend and I have a car, let me know if you are interested and we can discuss details.

Electra Kouloumpi , Amsterdam, NLD, 2 months ago

Dear Tyler, thanks a lot for making the effort to look for transport for me! And thanks for the tips!

Too bad there is no convenient transportation. I do really want to spend time by the ocean.

@ Dear Christian, thanks a lot for the offer. I will contact you with a private message to see if something convenient could come up.

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Guang Kang, Anyang, CHN, 2 months ago

How are you. Any lady (only lady please) here love to teach/talk with my two daughters in English by Skype?

I live in china, my kids will enter senior high school this year and I hope them two can improve English speaking and listening skills during summer vacation. They are both very good students, twins. Thank you in advance.

If you love learn basic mandarin and ok.


Hannah Huckaby , , CHN, 2 months ago

Hello! I'm a teacher who currently teaches English personally and online.
I'm now in Hainan, China.
I'd like to talk with you and see if I can help your girls learn English!
My Waixin, Wechat contact name is Hannah Huckaby.