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Joice Vicentim, Oak Park, USA, 2 months ago

Hello everyone, I'm a Brazilian living in Chicago and instead of to go to New Orleans (the flight tickets are crazy expensive now) I decided to go to STL to enjoy the Mardi Gras weekend (arriving in Saturday February 14th - leaving on Sunday).

What's the best things to see next weekend in Saint Louis?

Ryan Buell , St Louis, USA, 2 months ago

What time do you get in?

Joice Vicentim , Oak Park, USA, 2 months ago

I'll be there in the Saturday morning, I saw this website, thank you.

Edward Hecker , St Louis, USA, 2 months ago

You are going to be outside, most of the time, so when you want to get warm, here are a couple of suggestions: 1) Square One Micropub for great beer and food 2) Bogarts for St Louis style BBQ 3) Ballpark Village in Downtown, next to the stadium. Downtown also has the City Museum (with another Micropub, Alpha Brewing, next door). Washington Ave, has lots of good places to eat, too.
Mardi Gras is in South City neighborhood called Soulard. Next to that is Lafayette Park and Downtown.

Saturday night, there is another event at the Koken Art Gallery the locals go to called "Naughty Gras", too...

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SPORKONABIKE, Saint Louis, USA, 2 months ago

So I've only ever driven in St. Louis. I'll be having my bike up there for an upcoming trip. My daily driver is 48:19 fixed (but with a F/f flipflop) on cyclocross tires. it does great here with a little extra power on some uphills. would it be okay up there? suggestions? I can change the gear ratio or just bring my hardtail instead. what about the theivery situation?

Kevin Lamb , New Orleans, USA, 2 months ago

Can't speak for the first part, but in my experience the thievery situation isn't much of a problem relative to other major metropolitan areas. Currently my bicycle has been locked up at the greyhound station in the middle of downtown for a week with just a U-lock threaded through both tired and frame. It is near the entrance, granted, but I've locked it there a half-dozen times for extended periods and never had an issue. To me it would seem most thieves don't see the potential or risk the trouble, so standard caution should suffice. That said, if you need another u-lock or cable let me know and they're yours.

When is your trip? If I'm around I'm down to take a ride, and I was thinking about biking up to the Alton River Road and Pere Marquet around 11/6 or so if the foliage is still bright-shiny beautiful. Yes.

SPORKONABIKE , Saint Louis, USA, 2 months ago

awesome. I have a pretty hefty u-lock. plan is to arrive on the 16th and leave on the 18th. (riding up with friends in a car for an event)

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Joshua Wallis, Austin, USA, 2 months ago

Hey all. My girl and I have a van so we're generally set for accommodations, but we're curious if anyone knows of any local places we can shower. The weather was pretty cool until today and now we really need to clean up. YMCA is $15/day and all the pools we've found are membership only (lame). Maybe we'll go to a state park for a day or two...

Bee Duke , Saint Louis, USA, 2 months ago

Joshua Wallis , Austin, USA, 2 months ago

Well we ended up going to Horseshoe Lake State Park and taking showers using jugs of water and camp soap. Then my girlfriend found a tick actively trying to dig into her arm and we were pretty done with it. Back to the city. Lyme disease scares the *&$% out of both of us. I know, city folk...

Neal, Rockport, USA, 2 months ago

Hey St. Louis,
On Jan. 7 I will be in the city exploring until a late bus (1:35am) leaves for KC. Megabus uses Gateway Transportation Center at 430 South 15th Street and I am currently planning to sleep in there for a few hours before my bus leaves. Does anyone have experience in doing this/knows the setup?
Thank you

NORDICGODESS , Saint Louis, USA, 2 months ago

I wasn't aware that Megabus now uses the transportation center as a terminal. I have traveled by amtrak on several occasions and find the terminal safe and clean. It is a hub for greyhound, metrolink, amtrak and now I guess Megabus. Just outside the terminal you can catch metrolink or local buses. I hope you enjoy your visit to St. Louis and have a safe journey onwards.

Neal , Rockport, USA, 2 months ago

Thanks a lot, Shannon. Ya, they just changed the MO stations they run out of. I am excited to see your city and check out the Arch while I'm there.
Thanks again,

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David Hoffman, Saint Louis, USA, 2 months ago

Fellow Yogis,

I love Saint Louis, but miss my acroyoga. Does anyone practice here, have experience, or lead a class?



David Hoffman , Saint Louis, USA, 2 months ago


Nathaniel Hourt , Kansas City, USA, about 1 month ago

I just arrived in St. Louis yesterday and I'll definitely be looking for some acro yoga groups. I know of this facebook group, but I haven't done anything with it yet:

I'm also looking for a place to crash for a night or two while I find an apartment. :)