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  • Sat, Nov 12 at 5:00 PM BRT
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Kasia Kowalewska & Rafal Lewandowski, Calgary, CAN, 3 months ago

Hi guys. I've seen in media in europe that there is some zika virus that you can get very easily in Brazil and other countries in south America now. Can you tell me is it a real danger and what are media saying abut it in pernambuco? cheers.

RafaelAngelo , Recife, BRA, 3 months ago

Hello Kassia and Rafal, I was ziked (?) last year, and it was so terrible. It´s like awake in the morning after climb a mountain [to the ones that had never done it before]. All the muscle hurts! And It was during the Carnival.
But I tried to keep me drunk all the time, and survived for that eexperience!
As that old song says:" Welcome to the jungle!!!" And have a nice trip.

Douglas Cândido , Recife, BRA, 2 months ago

Hi guys! I got zika in march and is so terrible! You can feel pain in your body until 3 months after you got sick. But, I think that the epidemy is passing by. The people here in Pernambuco are getting most alert and they are takin care more. But if you come someday, don't forget the repelent or anything to keep away the insects (moskitos) :)


Simon Shure , Recife, BRA, 3 months ago

It is a real danger if you're pregnant to the extent the local media are even advising against getting pregnant for the time being.

I know quite a few people that have had the zika virus and while not pleasant and often dragging on for a number of weeks it's typically not overly serious (if you're not pregnant).

You are well advised to take as many precautions as possible while travelling to avoid getten bitten by mosquitos, especially in known active zika areas.

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Paul Messina, Bariloche, ARG, 3 months ago

I'm interested in practice Surf (and any water sport) and learn portuguese.
anybody can tell me If august/september is a good season ?
and if they have any recommendations?
Thank Paul

Tainã , Olinda, BRA, 3 months ago

Porto de Galinhas and Maracaípe are good places to go surfing and/or kitesurfing for example.
September may be better than August.
What kind of help do you need to learn Portuguese? I just came back from Buenos Aires and It seems I need to practice my Spanish. :P

Paul Messina , Bariloche, ARG, 3 months ago

Thanks a lot for the info Tainã!!
Following your advice I am thinking travel in September, Maybe I will take a week in the South and other North.
About my Portuguese, I know almost nothing and I want use this vacation to begin to know the language seriously
(surely I can speak some Portuñol, but I want more)
If you want, we can exchange language practice online before I fly there.
Best Regards, Paul

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pauline Létard, Recife, BRA, 3 months ago

Hi! I am looking for good and cheap portuguese classes. Any suggestions?

I am also offering French classes.

Clarissa Soares , Recife, BRA, 3 months ago

Salut, Pauline! Comment allez-vous? Vous êtes à Recife, maintenant? :)
If your answer is "yes!" you can go to the "Language meeting", and practice portuguese with the natives, you also can help someone who is looking to learn or practice french... and...for free! :) This meeting happens every 15 days.
For more information about this meeting:

If there is anything else, just ask!


PATRICIA_BL , Recife, BRA, 3 months ago

Hi Pauline. I sent you a private message.

Marcelo Di Donato , Recife, BRA, 22 days ago

Salut Pauline. Alors, je suis native de Rio de Janeiro, j'habite à Recife et je suis professeur de Portugais pour étrangers comme professeur de français formé à l'Université Blaise Pascal à Clermont-Ferrand. Je une très bonne salle de classe avec la structure requise. Si jamais vous en avez encore besoin, h'hésitez pas à me contacter. Marcelo 98 89 5 00 02. Merci.

Professor de Francês Marcelo Di Donato

Cynthia Remolina Gutierrez, Mexico City, MEX, 3 months ago

Hello everyone,

I produce a radio show in Mexico City and we'll be transmitting it from Recife on Thursday and Friday. We're having some trouble finding a reliable, high speed internet connection, preferably via Ethernet and I'd like to know if any of you guys could give me some information as to where I can find one. Preferably not hotels as most of them require you to be a guest in order to use them and hotel rooms are extremely expensive at the moment.

Thank you!

TATIANE TIMOTEO , Paulista, BRA, 3 months ago

Hola, no sé si comprendi bien.
Yo tengo internet wi-fi y la puedes utilizarla sin problema.
Enviame un mensaje privado si te sirve de ayuda, es más facil para que yo te conteste.


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Nils Franz, Munich, DEU, 3 months ago

does anyone know a good place to watch the match today and
maybe also a place to go out after? we are germans so the fan fest is not an option anymore.

Júlia Costa , , BRA, about 2 months ago

Go to a concerts. Classic Hall is a good place.
You should search about the local bands, always has a good parties at Baile Perfumado, curupira, cachaçaria Carvalheira.
Good bands are Mundo Livre SA, Nação Zumbi, Eddie, Academia da Berlinda,

Bruno Augusto , Recife, BRA, 3 months ago

next to the fan fest in rua da moeda, a nice place to watch.