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There are 16 questions in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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ARNOBZH, Rennes, FRA, 2 months ago

is there sharecar in brasil ??
like in france et many europeen country
what the name of the web site ???
obrigado ;);)

Miriam Gärtner , Biberach, DEU, 2 months ago

maybe you think of something like blabla car? i read that they also offer it in brasil...

Bruno Pereira , Lille, FRA, about 1 month ago

Salut le breton XD
Tu peux essayer de louer un voiture dans le site de Localiza ou Hertz, par exemple. Une voiture simple à R$ 59/journée, vers 18 €.
Pour voyager entre les villes, le BlaBlaCar marche bien, surtout y a plus d'offres dans la région sud et sud-ouest du Brésil. Un voyage São Paulo > Rio de Janeiro vers 25 €
Bon courage!

Caroline , Sydney, AUS, 2 months ago

Sorry... but what´s sharecar?

Aurelie Boleor, Barcelona, ESP, 2 months ago

Ola everyone!

I planned to travel in Brazil for more or less 2 months in february, and as it will be my first backpacking trip alone, it will be great to have some advices of local people and travelers regarding this subject. I will arrive in Belem and planned to make all the cost until Argentina. I am really excited about this trip because I am sure it be an amazing experience. Buuut it is true that for a first trip I didn't choose the more easier country ;) so if you have any advices (places to go, places to avoid, typical food to try etc) anything that can help me for this adventure it will be awesome!


Clara Moraes Dantas , , BRA, 11 days ago

Hi =)
Well, Brazil is not the easiest country to travel, as you said, but it is also an amazing place. As it is a really big country, every area has their own characteristics. I've never been in Pará state before, so I'm going to give you some advices that I belive are pretty general.
First, be careful with sellers, mainly with hawkers. When they see that someone is a foreign, they sometimes will try to sell you things increasing their actual price.
Tap water is not proper to drink.
Be sure that the voltage of your electronic devices are the same of the place you are. The voltage is not padronized in my country, and it may vary from a state to another.

About places to go, I would suggest you to visit Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte beaches. My favorite ones are Pipa and Jericoacoara. But there are tons of amazing beaches as well.
If you want to travel from a city to another close one, take a bus is a reasonable idea. But if you are traveling to a more distant city, most of times it's better to take an airplane. Some times is cheapper and of course much more faster. Some compannies that often do tickets promotions are Latam and Azul.

About local dishes, there is the most tipical, feijoada (black beans), Acarajé (is originally from Africa, but in the colonial time it was incorporate to our culture), Baião de Dois (also with beans) and Cuscuz =)
Drinks(alcoholic) there is caipirinha and cachaça mainly. And not using alcohol, there is tons of different natural juices and Cajuína.

Aurelie Boleor , Barcelona, ESP, 2 months ago

plus if someome kwos about volunteering with animals, please inform :D

Verônica Olympio , , BRA, 2 months ago

What is the town?

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Veronika_Guzenko, İstanbul, TUR, 2 months ago

Hello everyone! :))
We are a couple of travellers - Im from Ukraine and my boyfriend is turkish. We are backpackers and hitchhikers who are desperately trying to travel the world with the budget for 1 person :)
We have traveled for almost 8 months for now and have visited 10 countries in Asia. We started from Russia where we hitchhiked almost 4000 km through Siberia, went to Mongolia by land and then flew to Hong Kong, travelled in Philippines, Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia, visited Thailand 3 times and Myanmar after :) Right now we are in India for the first time, where we stayed in Hymalayas and also will cross India from north to South by trains. We have hitchhiked 13000 km for this last 8 months and it has been an amazing time and we have great memories about it!
And on the 20th of May airplane will bring us from India to Sao Paulo where we will start our 1 year trip around Latin America!

We have many plans ahead and Im sure will enjoy new continent. But its time to settle down for a bit and relax.
We are very tired and we dont notice small things in travels as in the beginning of our trip. We see beautiful places almost everyday so its hard to get impressed with each new city/place we visit. Right now we want to sleep longer, have own kitchen, cook food, go to supermarket, do dishes, watch TV and be 'normal' person. I want to wear clean clothes, unpack my bag and have my t-shirts sorted on the shelves :) And then start travelling again with a fresh mind! ;)
Duration: 1 month.
Place: somewhere in Brazil where it wont be very cold in June, and in safe city 😂😬

Hope, someone can trust 2 homeless travellers with their house! Let's help each other!
Will be happy to hear any advice!

Denis , , BRA, 9 days ago

Veronika I am hosting a two people, a girl and a boy. The boy is from Turky and the girl is from Italy.
I am charging them like just one people... half bill.
I think they are enjoying very much, because I am taking them for tour using my car and we wil take a tour by boat also.
Yestarday we made a tour at the special track closest here!
Try to talk about that with them, Sara and Emre CSs.
I can do the same agrement for you and your friend also!
Come to Ubatuba - SP - Brazil!
You will be very wellcome !!!
See You Later!!! :)
ATT. Denis

San Santos , , BRA, 2 months ago

Hello, My name is Santos
I live in Betim-Minas Gerais, near a Belo Horizonte.
In my city dont have many think to do, but you can going to Ouro Preto, Sabará, Mariana, Tiradentes and Belo Horizonte.

With you want come. Tell me...

Veronika_Guzenko , İstanbul, TUR, 2 months ago

Thanks for your suggestions Santos! But we would go almost anywhere where we can find a house :))

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Benoît Verlinden, Brussels, BEL, 2 months ago


With a friend, we just launched a website,, which aims to reference all the local alchols in the world, country by country, region by region, area by area.

However, there are so many alcohols in the world that even if we are travellers and drinkers, we know only a few of them :-D. And it is quite difficult to find relevant information on the Internet, especially regarding the small local producers.

This is why we need your help !

It would be great if you could share some of your knowledge and experiences with us.

Moreover, in few weeks, we will create a team of ambassadors in each country to promote the site and make the links between us and alcohols producers/bars. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Thank you in advance !

Joao Neeto , , BRA, 2 months ago

And in My Region producer Alcohol , here we have many Alcohol Types and drinks derived from alcohol Would Like a lot of work there and Very Help You Live in Brazil 's state of PERNAMUCO . Waiting YOUR ANSWER .

Raquel , , BRA, 2 months ago

Hi Benoît,
here in Pernambuco (Petrolina), we had great wines:

And cachaças:

Gabriella Duarte , , BRA, 2 months ago

Hi benoît! I'd love to colaborate!
In Rio se have this amazing beer, Noi. Have u ever heard about it?

2 total anwers to this question

PINKKDAISY, London, GBR, 2 months ago

Can anyone tell me whether I can get this vaccine in Brazil and how much it costs? I am flying out from Spain on Tuesday and nowhere in Madrid has it


Silvia , São Vicente, BRA, 2 months ago

Yes, here in Brazil you will find in several clinics
average price R$ 120.00

PINKKDAISY , London, GBR, 2 months ago