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Leo Melzer, Bogotá, COL, about 2 months ago

Hola a todos,
hablo solamente un poco espanol...that's why I'll continue in English :)

Just moved to Bogotá and the apartment is missing some things in the kitchen. That's why I'm looking for:

- platos
- vasos
- hervidor de agua
- abridor de latas
- uno sartén grande

I don't need fancy stuff, used second-hand things are also great!
Do you have any recommendations on where to look / buy? I'm based in La Macarena. Noticed Exitó has quite some things but thought I should ask here first.

Muchas gracias, Leo

Philippe Herron , Bogotá, COL, about 1 month ago

Where are you living?

Andrés Garzón , Bogotá, COL, about 2 months ago

Yeah, you can buy it in Exito. However, you can go directly to Corona if you have one near you. (Idk if there is one in Macarena). But, you are close to downtown. For sure you will find there what you need and cheaper.

Ponti Cruz , Bogota, COL, about 2 months ago

Hey Leo,

Look, there are many places where you can find that kind of staff but i think it will be a good idea to go to "homecenter" cause they have variety and good prices. If you want i can go with you to check it out, just let me know.

Ainhoa Herrán, Bogota, COL, 19 days ago

Celebra el amor y la amistad comiendo salchicha y tomando cerveza pues el sábado 17 y domingo 18 de septiembre de 2016 rendiremos tributo al festival de la cerveza más grande del mundo: el Oktoberfest, el cual desde 1810 da lugar al disfrute de la cerveza, la gastronomía, la amistad y la música.
Desde el año 1819 el Oktoberfest se realiza desde septiembre para aprovechar el calor veraniego.
En 2016 el Oktoberfest en Alemania inicia también el 17 de septiembre, así que disfrutáremos paralelamente en Bogotá y en Baviera.
Salchichas, música alemana y por supuesto cerveza serán la clave en este evento y para finalizar la noche del sábado tendremos una fiesta con música internacional a cargo de nuestros DJs invitados: Quinini, Onasis osc, Sonique, Iván Panqueva y AINHOA.
Durante los dos días los asistentes tendrán la oportunidad de aprovechar una clase gratuita de alemán, y para los que ya tienen conocimientos de la lengua, habrá un taller de conversación.
Tendremos sorpresas y hasta el sorteo de una beca para aprender alemán.

*Vive la cultura alemana y celebra con nosotros*

El valor del ingreso por día (12.000 COP) incluye 1 cerveza alemana.

Carrera 24 # 73 - 09
Bogotá - Colombia

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Andres Gómez Arango , Bogota, COL, 16 days ago

Me BV apunto. Donde es?

Mao Roa , Bogota, COL, 12 days ago

Chévere, me interesa, me parece buena la.idea de armar un grupo para ir.

Sebastián Saavedra , Bogota, COL, 15 days ago

Me interesa. ¿Tienes más datos, evento?

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Jason Sheil, Bogotá, COL, about 2 months ago

Can anyone recommend a good Spanish tutor here in Bogotá? I'm looking for someone I can meet with for an hour on weekdays.


Miguel Ángel , Bogotá, COL, about 2 months ago

Hi, I'm Spanish teacher. If you want, I can teach you. I'll be helping to Spanish Club, you can come and learning.

Roberto Salazar , Bogotá, COL, about 2 months ago

You can come to our event; It's free. We'll have free Spanish workshops as well

la galeria 419

Philippe Herron , Bogotá, COL, about 1 month ago

Hola soy profe de español y me enfoco en comunicación efectiva. If you wish i could help with your learning process

Lisa Welsh, Markham, CAN, about 2 months ago


We are in search of a fellow traveller OR local who is also skilled in the area of photography to take some photos of us for an engagement shoot! Ideally, we would love to take some shots in Mid-July in Bogota, Colombia with the colourful buildings, doorways and graffiti. If interested, please send me a message. I would love to see some sample pictures. We are willing to pay!


Germán Escobar , Bogota, COL, about 2 months ago

My nephew is a well known photographer, you can contact him :

Whats app +573107587893

Karen Dayanna , Bogota, COL, about 2 months ago

Hi Lisa!
Im interesested in helping you with the photoshooting. Here I share with you some of the photos I've taken and also my whatsapp if you'd like to contact me. It would be nice to take some great photos for you :)


Yezid Peñuela , Bogotá, COL, about 2 months ago

Hola !! Seria un placer ser su fotografo! Whtsaap +57 3108758910

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Janika Berries, Jersey City, USA, about 2 months ago


My friend and I will travel to Bogota in a week, and based on local advice, I am looking for a hostel outside of La Candelaria. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Peli Ramírez , Medellin, COL, 4 days ago

Mi llave hostels is one of those, located just in Chapinero. I did a quick search on a site where you can find all type of accommodation on the internet and you can filter by location. So I put "Chapinero"..the results are all located 1.5 miles from that area. You can make it closer tho...Hope it is useful!,%20Bogot%C3%A1,%20Colombia&checkInDate=2016-09-22&checkOutDate=2016-09-23&parties=1&rooms=1&city=Bogot%C3%A1&country=Colombia&countryCode=CO&lat=4.710988599999999&lng=-74.072092&state=Bogot%C3%A1&stateCode=Bogot%C3%A1&view=list&order_by=distance&order_direction=1&skip=0&price_max=19&distance_maxDistance=1.1&distance_location=Chapinero,%20Chapinero&distance_lat=4.649656&distance_lng=-74.06309699999997

Charlie , , COL, about 1 month ago

Hay uno en la 70 con 10 tambien.

karen villegas , Bogota, COL, 2 days ago

washuwashu hostel queda en el Park Way localidad Teusaquillo, la noche cuesta 25.000 pesos con desayuno incluido, zona bar, mesa de Poker Texas Holdem, autoservicio licores, alquiler de bicicleta,BBQ, terrazas, comida gourmet, Intercambio de idiomas wifi gratis, y obsequio de cortesía hasta mas..........