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Matt, , COL, 2 months ago

Hi, I am wondering where a good place to learn Spanish in the Cali area would be. I am wanting to master the language, so something longterm would be great if anyone knows of anything.


Miguel benavides , , COL, 2 months ago

Hey, you can try with local people or some institutions, when do you arrive?

Matt , , COL, 2 months ago

Cool, thanks Miguel. You don't by chance know any site I could look at things online do you? We arrive back to Medellin in July and then arrive (we are moving permanently) to Cali - probably in August.

Vivi Reyes , Cali, COL, 2 months ago

Hello Matt, I am a certified language teacher and can teach you Spanish lessons in Cali city. You can contact me through whatsapp: +57 3185157373

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Shannon West, Los Angeles, USA, 2 months ago

I leave Quito around feb. 8th for Cali...any advice? Gracias!

Manon Koningstein , Cali, COL, 2 months ago

Hola hola.. I am going back with my car from Quito to Cali. Leaving on Sunday. If you want, you can come along. I overnight in Pasto (Colombia). Probably around 20,- USD for gas, etc. Let me know.. In total I have 4 spaces left, so if you know of more people

Carlos Victoria , , COL, 2 months ago

Hello Shannon! Im planning on going by car to the Atlantic Coast on around the 10th of february. Planning on going to Tayrona and naybe further. If youre interested let ne know

Juanse-Bastián González Alonso , , COL, 2 months ago

Viva Colombia could be a good option if you prefere to fly. Its a low cost airline so they would charge you extra for over-sized luggage and things like that... Still worthed. Cheers

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Viviana Lopez, Bogotá, COL, 2 months ago

Hello dear fellow CSers,

I am visiting Cali for the weekend and Ive heard many good thinsg about the ZOO, Would anyone like to join tomorrow to visit? or do some sightseeing in the city?

Look forward to hear soon from you

Carol Cortes , Cali, COL, 2 months ago

Aquí en Cali, hacemos muchos tipos de planes: rumberos, deportistas, ir a eventos culturales, te recomiendo que estes pendiente de los post.

Dime si tienes whatsApp, yo administro varios grupos de whatsApp de CS Cali, ahí podras conocer a muchos miembros de la comunidad y enterarte más rápido de los planes y eventos que hay.

Escribe por privado tus datos.

Bienvenid@ a Cali

Guillermo Buenaventura , Cali, COL, 2 months ago

HI, Do you Still Wanna go to the Zoo?, I'm avaible today :)

Andres Ojeda , Cali, COL, 2 months ago

Si te interesa conocer los lugares historicos de la ciudad en un recorrido a pie gratis te invito a el Free Walking Tour que organizo :) puedes ver el evento que creé acá y si quieres mas info puedes ver en o en facebook: Free Tours in Cali: Alltags journey

3 total anwers to this question

Greg, Miami, USA, 2 months ago

Hi all.

I would like to know if there is any place in Cali where I would be able to get a portable WiFi device that mobile devices can connect to? Or what's the most reliable sim card to get? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Carolina Tello , Cali, COL, 2 months ago

hola consulta ETB o Tigo que vende dispositivos Wifi por tatiles

Andres Garzon B , Tuluá, COL, 2 months ago

You can get one of this everywhere, look for Movistar, Claro or Tigo. I got Movistar and it is good service. You can gat pay as you go sim card, it is around $2.000 COP (less than 1 dollar). I dont know how much is it, to pay as you go in internet service, probably is expensive in comparision to monthly pay, and for monthly pay you need to get a contract for 1 year.

Greg , Miami, USA, 2 months ago

Thank you guys!

Adam Rumjahn, Cali, COL, about 1 month ago

I wanted to open a discussion on good places for people to work in Cali for those digital nomads who are passing by or staying semi-permanently but want to be in a vibrant work place.

  • collaboration
  • coworking
  • work
  • cowork

Adam Rumjahn , Cali, COL, about 1 month ago

Here's an article written about coworking spaces in Cali.

I'm biased because I'm part of Casa O, but there's a great vibe here and lots of foreigners passing by all of the time so you can get your fix of either English or Spanish and even find Italian and Portuguese speakers here. There's also plenty of events here about entrepreneurism, networking, technology, social causes, food, art, and much more. There's a Makerspace launching soon for those who want to come and build stuff or learn about 3D printing.

Casa O Coworking