Yekaterinburg, Russia

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There are 10 questions in Yekaterinburg, Russia

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Robbie I, Sydney, AUS, 2 months ago

Hi, I'm from Australia & am now considering my options to visit the mysterious and exotic Russia, but I would like to avoid the clichè trip to Moscow or St Petersburg. What does your city have to offer? Is it worth it? I'm interested in street photography by day & entertainment/music/bars by night.

Elena Sozontova , Yekaterinburg, RUS, 2 months ago

Hi Robbie!

Ekaterinburg is a nice place for photography and nightlife, I think. It has a lot to offer from historical buildings and places to very modern skyscrapers to beautiful landscapes, especially in summer, and much more!
As to cultural events - we also do have a lot of things here but all depends on when exactly you'll be in the city. When are you planning to visit Ekat?

You can see more about it on the official site of the city (there's an option to translate in in English):

And yeah, I do recommend you to come visit us cause it's really worth it. I could show you around if necessary :)

Best regards,

Crazy_Ink , Yekaterinburg, RUS, about 2 months ago

Hey Robbie, there is a very cool article about our city
Actually it is a quite unique place if you want to see and explore (I don't understand people, who is so blind about their own city, saying that it is not worth visiting).
If you love street art, than you should know that Yekaterinburg is famous for street art, you can check it here

You can find interesting to play with geometry of the constructivism buildings for your photos.

Nature here is also great, from Yekat you can reach national parks and rocks, etc.

Igor Pinezhin , Yekaterinburg, RUS, 2 months ago

hey there=) Well actually If you've never been to Russia, I would suggest you to visit St Petersburg. May be it a cliche but there is some good reason for it. Like you know, some goood movies like green mile or the Lord of the Rings are somekind of cliche and tooo popular too but there is a reason for this. There are awesome. If you want something more exotic, you can visit cities like Kalliningrad or Sochi for example.

I really do not advice you visiting Yekaterinburg, cause it just an industrial provincial city in the middle of Russia.

Some of the people above told you about the city on the border of Europe and Asia. Well yes. Most travellers want to see this border. But actually it is not worth visiting. It is not picturesque. Not beautiful. Not cool or great.
I would argue also about architecture. I don't really find it nice or awesome. It is just an industrial architecture. Not very good developed. Mediocre. I would say.

About night life - well yes and no.
There is a night life here. Like in every big city around the world.
The only thing I would agree with others - it is nature. So it is beatiful. But not really in Yeakaterinburg.

May be in 100 km from it. But there is a good chance that you won't even see it, if your host is not into going out for camping too much =)

So don't get me wrong.
I don't really say that you will be dissapointed. But there are much more better options to visit. ( if we don't take in account Moscow and St Petersburg) - then Sochi, Novosibirsk, Kalliningrad - just for example)

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Ignasi Soria, Barcelona, ESP, 2 months ago

Pribet ribyata!

on april ill be with my parents in Yekaterinburg for a day and I would like them to show them as much as posible in a day. I tought to use the taxi, and I would like you could give me some tips and aprox prices.
How much could be taxi to:
Train station-Border Europe/Asia (the one of a big column)- Yanina Gama
Train station-Yanina Gama
City center-Airport
Bolshoe spasibo!

Boris Knizhnikov , Chelyabinsk, RUS, 2 months ago

1) 1000 station border
2) aiport 300

Andrey Kornilov , Yekaterinburg, RUS, 2 months ago

If you say the exact date, maybe I can meet you up and ride through the city during the day on my car for free.

Natalia Kulikova , Yekaterinburg, RUS, 2 months ago

Hi, Ignasi
It will be better if you make book a taxi for a given route.
Or you can ask the project participants to make the trip from the "Airport - the border Europe/ Asia - Ganina Yama - Airport" ;)

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Guillaume Pigeard, Rouen, FRA, 2 months ago

Hi there !
I am about to arrive in Yekaterinburg, it seems I am having an allergy to something and I am looking for a doctor.
Do you know any English speaking doctor ?
Thank you

Dmitry , Yekaterinburg, RUS, 2 months ago

May be it's more easy to find a good english translator (and russian speaking doctor).
Or, if you have an insurence polis, call them may be they know english speaking doctor.

Irina Minina , Revda, RUS, 2 months ago

I think u can try UGMK medical centre, at least they say they are European medical centre. If u need help, let me know. Good luck

Andrey Kornilov , Yekaterinburg, RUS, 2 months ago

In our city very few doctors, specializing in Allergy. I can advise to contact the But they are unlikely to speak English . You have to find a translator in a different place.

Elena Mikulasova, Breclav, CZE, 23 days ago

I am coming to Yekaterinburg on Friday and would like to explore its surroundings over the weekend 10-11 Sept. I already visited the city and Ganina Yama before so I prefer some natural beauties. Would you recommend the following?
- Petrogrom rocks & Chertovo Gorodishche
- Olenyi Ruchyi natural park
Could you please advise what is the best way to get there?

I would he happy if anyone would like to join me:)
Many thanks,

Yan Zyzo , Yekaterinburg, RUS, 20 days ago

There will be a big concert in memoriam of "Sverdlovskiy Rock-club". It will take a place on the 1905 sq. start at 18.00

Anya , Yekaterinburg, RUS, 21 days ago

From Southern Bus Terminal (южный автовокзал) goes bus to Olenyi Ruchyi. Then a couple of kilometers on foot.
maybe it's a little help

Alena Ivanova , , RUS, 21 days ago

hello, Anya, do you speak Russian?

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Frederic, Buenos Aires, ARG, 2 months ago

Hi! I am planning to go to Yekaterinburg next summer and take the opportunity to learn a bit of Russian. Anyone knows about a nice language school/language exchange system? If needed I can help with French or Spanish. Спасибо!

Veronika Portnjagina , Yekaterinburg, RUS, about 1 month ago

Hola! Maybe you could start a little bit earlier and join the online course organized by ural state university The website is in Russian, but the video has subtitles in English))) I also found some lessons for free, but the description looks crazy, because of Chinese and cyrilllic letters, but you can also check it! Have fun!!!=)

Julia Zlokazova , Yekaterinburg, RUS, 2 months ago

Hi! Try to check this language school (it is the only one I have found in English version)

Denis Iskakov , Yekaterinburg, RUS, 2 months ago

Kolumb is a nice school. A lot of foreigners work there.