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There are 4 questions in Novosibirsk, Russia

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Caner, Hamburg, DEU, 2 months ago

It's sunny day and I'm looking for a swimming pool in Internet I found the Neptun. İs it good there?

Светлана Новикова , Novosibirsk, RUS, 2 months ago

Yes, it's well

Sasha Komissarova , Novosibirsk, RUS, 2 months ago

The Neptune now on repair. There are open pools the Remix (zayeltsovsky park), San Jose Bar (Akadem), is good in Grand Arena fitness club)

Nata Grigorieva , Novosibirsk, RUS, 2 months ago

Remix (zayeltsovsky park) - the best

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Izabela Derlacińska, Warsaw, POL, 2 months ago

I'm looking for abandoned places in Novosibirsk and I'll be really happy for all of your advises also it will be great if someone want to join me for small trip. I'm staying here in till Thursday morning.

Valeriya Nagornykh , Novosibirsk, RUS, 2 months ago

Hello Iza! Are you planning to visit Akademgorodok? If so, I may show you some places and share a cup of coffee)))

Izabela Derlacińska , Warsaw, POL, 2 months ago

Hey Valeriya, I didn't planned to go there because is quite far from my hostel (i stay at city center) and tomorrow is my last day but if you say it's worth i'll come there with pleasure, Tomorrow I'm going for interview around 16 o'clock (I think it take me like one hour) and after it i'm free so let me know if we can meet.

Nikita Azzy , Novosibirsk, RUS, 2 months ago

if, for some reason, you have account on you can check abadonned places here:

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Benito Simatupang, , , 2 months ago

Hello Novosibirsk CSers,

My name is Benito from Indonesia. I have booked and bought my flight to Irkutsk on 14th August. I would like to visit one or 2 cities close to Irkutsk and would like to go there by train..thus I might see the scenery if I travel during day time..and also I could say, I've done the famous Transsiberian railway..even not that long..:-)
I have not checked any website about the cities in Siberia I would like to visit, I am thinking Novosibirsk is one of them. Do you have any suggestion how many days should I stay in Novosibirisksk if I visit your city? Can you suggest me where to go
and what to visit in Novosibirsksk in those suggested days? Any advices and suggestions are very welcome and much appreciated. Sposibo bolshoe! :-)
I will be more than very glad if any of you have time to show me around the city also.


Darya Lisa , Novosibirsk, RUS, 2 months ago

Hello) first you must visit our zoo, he is unique! and of course to walk on our streets now, in the summer, we have very nice on the waterfront! Maybe I can be a company in our town)

Benito Simatupang , , , 2 months ago

Hello Daria :-) thank you for your advice! so do you think 2 days in Novosibirsk will be enough? What is the temperature in middle of August?
Sure I will be glad if you can accompany around the town? Are you available in day time?
Sposibo bolshoe!

Pavel Konstantinov , Eindhoven, NLD, 2 months ago

Benito, I strongly recommend to visit akademgorodok in Novosibirsk - a kind of independent town in our city. It is a center of Siberian science and biggest scientific community in Siberia (probably, in Russia).

About temperature - it's very variable, the average value is approx. +20-22, but it may be +8 or +30. Anyway, when you're gonna in Siberia you should have something like sweater/sweatshirt and lightweight jacket - "summer" set :))

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aydemir Kusakci, , TUR, 2 months ago

Hi everybody,

This is Aydemir from Turkey. Me and my friend want to visit your city. Extually not only visiting but also snowboarding :) But I don't have any idea when the best time is. I saw there are two ski resorts. But they are so far from the city. more than 300 km. Is there any other ski resorts near the city. Because I don't want leave from the city for ski resort.

Thanks for your help,

krsk Ru , Krasnoyarsk, RUS, 15 days ago

a lot ski slopes in Krasnoyarsk and around. Most fantastik is Ski and pool in april

join event

Islom Nasirahunov , Novosibirsk, RUS, 2 months ago

yep, of course) just you have saw only far ski resorts. In the city have 1 ski resort, and also near the city have 2 ski resort.

Анна Третьякова , Novosibirsk, RUS, 2 months ago

In the city we have only one ski resort for snowboarding - It's near Studencheskaya metro station.