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Shrawanti Saha, Chennai, IND, 2 months ago

Hi! I am arriving in Moscow, Sheremetyevo Airport at about 9 pm and from there I need to reach Arkhangelsky Pereulok, Basmanny. What is the most convenient way to reach there from airport. Is it safe enough for women to travel by herself at 2100 hours local time? Please advice. Thanks in advance.

Andrey Denisov , Moscow, RUS, 2 months ago

Yes, express train ( is the best way to get to the center from airport. But from Sheremetyevo train goes to Belorusskaya metro station (not Peveletskaya). All the rest is ok. Metro in Moscow is easy.

Anna Aliguseynova , Moscow, RUS, 2 months ago

Hi! Of course it's safe :) The best way is to get an express train direct from the airport to Paveletskaya subway station. Then you should get a train from Paveletskaya (GREEN line) to Novokuznetskaya, at Novokuznetskaya you should change to Tretyakovskaya station (orange line) ant go to Turgenevskaya. Here you exit and walk to your pace )

Dmitry Lyu , Moscow, RUS, about 1 month ago

Please check the link below and choose your Arrival Airport.
Moscow has three international airports - they all linked with the city centre by Aeroexpress trains

If you come to Sheremetyevo (most likely) - first train to the city centre is on 5.00 AM, last on 00.30 AM

Please note that Moscow Underground normally opens at 6.00 AM (schedule may differ from station to station from 5.15 AM to 6.00 AM)

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Annísa Purba, Yogyakarta, IDN, 2 months ago

Hi Guys!! I'm Annisa from Indonesia.
On 19 December, I'll go to Moscow and will continue the trip to Rostov on Don.. I'll take the train but I don't know how to book it from here.. Is anyone want to help me to give me the information or even want to pick me up from the DMV airport to the train station on that day?? Thank you very much!


Nikolay Orlov , Moscow, RUS, 2 months ago

Hi Annisa! Great, you have solved the problem! If you decide to take Russian railways in future, some useful things to know:
1. To buy tickets on-line here you should create an account. The tickets may be bought as early as 45 days before the trip (for some trains 60 days). And you will be asked to log-in some steps after you start choosing your trip. Remember the names of some stations in Russia don't correspond to the names of the cities. For example Rostov on Don is indicated as Rostov Gl in drop down menu. So it's better to check in route description if it's right destination. I haven't ever tried but it should work from abroad and with all types of cards.
2. There are two types of cars of economy class: Compartment and Reserved seat. The first one is more expensive but more comfortable. Some types of Compartment include lunch-box but there are no fridge so you need to eat everything in the evening. You can buy tea or water in the car and there is also a Restaurant car in every train but I've never used it. In old times the meal could be not so good but may be it's better nowadays. Definitely most of people prefer to take smth own. If you choose Reserved seat don't forget to mark "Pay for bed clothes" otherwise you need to pay after boarding.
3. When buying a ticket you can't choose definite place, an interval only but you can check in the car plan what places are free and take an appropriate interval of two or three seats for example.
4. Remember, the conductors in Russian trains usually don't speak English, so some knowledge of Russian will be useful!:)
Good luck with your journey!

Natalie Bakrenko , Moscow, RUS, 2 months ago

Hello, Annisa! Here you can buy tickets on the train
And in Moscow from airport to the city we have fast train Aeroexpress
Good luck!

Sergey Klos , Moscow, RUS, 2 months ago

I do not advise buying on The site is cheaper and more reliable. But you must pay by credit card. Book a ticket is impossible. You can buy a ticket directly into aeoportu.
If you could talk a little bit in Russian, it would be able to use the service blablakar. This search for free trucks in the city you want.

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Raisa Shymskaya, Moscow, RUS, 2 months ago

Dear guests of Moscow, I am glad to propose you Russian language course at home or via skype. Additionally we can visit exhibitions and sights of Moscow if you would like to get acquainted with Russian culture and history (I prepare vocabulary, tell you about this place and we learn terminology and expressions connected with visited place in parallel). So I try to divide lessons into theoretical and practical parts to make them interesting and lively. I had the same experience during my one year stay in France.

Best regards.

Сиям Сиям , Marseille, FRA, about 2 months ago

Hi ! It sounds great ! Sorry for the question, but are you offering free lessons or we have to pay for your services ?

Stef , Bologna, ITA, about 1 month ago

How much for a lesson/tour?


Giada Bevilacqua , Moscow, RUS, about 1 month ago

Hi!could you please text me additionally information about that?:)

Guillermo BA, València, ESP, 16 days ago

In Spain it’s a tradition for the last year University students to go on a trip all together, being Riviera Maya, Tunisia or Punta Cana some of the favourite destinations. We call it “viaje de fin de Grado”. It’s an about one week trip, before the final exams, with a budget of about 1000€/pp. Do you do something similar in Russia? At Uni or only at high school? I’ve found that in some countries they don’t do anything at all, while in others a “gap-year” trip is more popular. In some others they do so, but only after high school graduation. Thank you very much for the responses!

  • final year trip

Polina Lebedeva , Moscow, RUS, 14 days ago

No, never. A huge party after, and you are not a student anymore

Dianka Grig , Moscow, RUS, 14 days ago

I saw this in movies) we don't have such traditions in Russia. After school prom or university you surely can meet with your mates and even go somewhere but it just about your own initiative and close friends.

Tanya Sokolova , Moscow, RUS, 15 days ago

No, in Russia we don't do such things. Mostly after high school young people go to Uni, but if they don't study at Uni they go to work. In Russia there's no gap year fo travelling and I think it's so sad. I'm sure that gap year isn't that popular in our country because of post-soviet mentality of previous generation, you know. The majority of young people (18 - 22 years old) depend on their parents so our mamas and papas just don't allow (and often can't afford) us to take gap year and spend money on travel and stuff. As it was with me my mom said: "After your high school graduation you either go to university or go to work. There's no option for you, young lady".
So what I want to say is that such thing as "gap year" of course exists in our country but it's not so popular it's not so widespread like in other countries.
Anyway who wants to travel will always find time for it. Me and my friend study at university now but every year after exams we get the whole month for travelling.

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NADJA.BRUUN, København, DNK, 2 months ago

We are doing a school project and need some info from you guys, if you could answer some of following questions it would be great :-)

- What toys and toy stores are popular in Moscow? Why?
- Is interaction between costumer and staff in shops normal?
- What are the Russian habits (culture) in connection with the service in shops?
- What staff behavior is considered strange/rude?
- Describe the costumer care in shops?
- What are the popular flavors in candy and ice cream?

Generally we are looking to understand Russian shop culture, so any opinions and additional comments are welcome. Thanks a lot! ☺

Best Attitude , Moscow, RUS, about 2 months ago

- What toys and toy stores are popular in Moscow? Why?
soviet union ("Nu pogodi" means "i'll catch you anyway eventually, "Zolushka" Cinderella, Cheburashka, "Мама для мамонтёнка" mother for a young mammoth - actually for little kids, "Buratino", russian people familiar with "Prostokvashino", "Winnie the Pooh", "Бременские музыканты" and so on ), Disney cartoons and all other (globalization as it was said above)

- Is interaction between costumer and staff in shops normal?
Actually, we like interaction but not such way:
"hello. could i help you" (a little store 10-30sq.m with a few stands)
"no! let me see at first and choose what i want!" (self service)
"ok. please"
2 minutes later..
"Ok. you can help me. I want to know about material of T-shirt. I see such word on clothing label first time. What is X? Is it natural material or synthetic?"
"Ok. let me see" (so she starts to learn about this product in your presence just at that time).
and she continue: "sorry. i don't. " (or she try to lie to you) "there is only a few words"
"yes, i have seen it myself that there is just a few words. So what kind of help you can provide me"
"i can checkout"
brilliant! :)

- What are the Russian habits (culture) in connection with the service in shops?
Russians like to taste something just for free. Russians like get a discount everywhere even if they have enough money in pocket/purse/card. So like everywhere in Europe or USA: sale and tasting.
You should have a wide assortment line for different social groups (capitalism is russia has started recently) and the cheapest price in the world :) Quality is important of course but not the determining factor yet.

- What staff behavior is considered strange/rude?
a) then staff try to hurry customer in order to pay attention to a next customer who showed his money.
b) They look at you as owl then you ask to acquaint with certificate. They claim that you don't have enough permissions/rights. This is connected with interaction topic. Staff don't know how to explain, what to explain, they don't have enough knowledge about product and don't try to fix problem. They know that somebody else will buy it one way or another. Crisis => those shops will closed one by one.

- Describe the costumer care in shops?
It depends on business of course. In general russians try to sell product without any preparing very often. So customer can see something that attracts his or her attention but they can't understand what is it and just passing by. There is no need to say first "Hello". Who comes first greets first. It is enough to say "if you will need a help ask us/me" (north ppl are no so open and friendly at first meet)

- What are the popular flavors in candy and ice cream?
chocolate (bestseller), cherry, tutti-frutty (win lottery), nuts, vanilla, green (lime, mohito, pistachio-colored)

I've tried to give you a little more info ;) As for me I don't need any special service.

Pavel Kozhev , Moscow, RUS, 2 months ago

- What toys and toy stores are popular in Moscow? Why?

Lego, Barbie, Spider man and others Western brands. Because of globalization.

- Is interaction between costumer and staff in shops normal?

Emmm.... That depends of region. In Moscow it's ok, but in other regions vendors would look rude for European. Like any other peoples. Because life is hard etc. Also in big retails like Pyaterochka cashiers _must_ say "hello" and "thank you".

- What are the Russian habits (culture) in connection with the service in shops?

Hard to say.

- What staff behavior is considered strange/rude?

When they act rude. Like "I don't have coins for change!!!".

- Describe the costumer care in shops?

I don't know what is it. They answer question when you ask, is that it?

- What are the popular flavors in candy and ice cream?

Don't know. May be just cream or caramel? We prefer natural tastes.

Anastasia Losef , Moscow, RUS, 2 months ago

- What toys and toy stores are popular in Moscow? Why?
Teddy-bears, dolls (classic and Winx, Barbie and etc for example), constructor, toy cars. I don't know why - it's typical

- Is interaction between costumer and staff in shops normal?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Different people, different manners... But it's OK often

- What are the Russian habits (culture) in connection with the service in shops?
self-service maybe.

- What staff behavior is considered strange/rude?
Using of strong language for example

- Describe the costumer care in shops?
Like in other countries. They're offer their help if it's including, help with choose etc

- What are the popular flavors in candy and ice cream?
Vanilla and chocolate

P.s. Denmark just awesome :)