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Damien Sergio Näcker, Kirchhain, DEU, 2 months ago

Hey everyone,

I'm heading to Israel soon and I would like to learn Arabic! A friend suggested that Jerusalem would be the best place to do so and so I am trying to find a good place to volunteer for food and accommodation where I could practice my Arabic instead of being caught in an English speaking environment which basically excludes hostels. :-(

The type of work itself isn't that important. I like working with children and I got some experiences with that, but as it's just about 5 weeks it'll be hard to find something in that direction I guess. Hence, I'm quite open to any type of work which is not too hard to pick up.

Any thought and hint is appreciated and hopefully we'll meet at some point. :-)


Hana BCN , Barcelona, ESP, 2 months ago

Heya, I also looked for a voluntary stay with food and hosting but couldn't find anything. I am now helping in two organizations but I need to pay for all my expenses. If you're still interested, let me know!

Eman Alyan , Jerusalem, ISR, 2 months ago

Hey Damien,
If you're still interested I can suggest some organizations that might help, I don't know if in accommodation but definitely in volunteering and perhaps they can link you to other organizations! If this is still relevant feel free to contact me ! :)

Sara Klatt, Hannover, DEU, 2 months ago

Dear lovely people, is anybody up for something nice in Jerusalem in the next days?

Ehud Kashi , Jerusalem, ISR, 2 months ago

hey. I'm up for a beer in the market are you in?

Wissam Shahin , Jerusalem, ISR, 2 months ago

hi, falls du noch da bist und lust auf eine tour hast sag bescheid :-)

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Yoa Ferrari, Buenos Aires, ARG, 2 months ago


I arrive tomorrow in Jerusalem wth one friend. We are both from french and want to spend one night or two in Jerusalem visit the city. We can't afford an expensive place and do not know if we ll find some host for tomorrow. So does anyone know a cheap place where to sleep in Jerusalem ?

Thank you a lots !



Josh Voss , Jerusalem, ISR, 2 months ago

Maybe you'll see this in the hostelworld link, but Abraham Hostel is great. Should be around $20 a night, and it's just a very vibrant hostel in a great location with a rooftop bar and people from all over the world.

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ON A FRIDAY, Berlin, DEU, 2 months ago

Hey there,

my name is Kai, I am 26, I live and work in Berlin, and I am hanging out in Tel Aviv at the moment.

I will first move up north for a bit and then go to Jerusalem maybe on 22nd or 23rd and would love to stay there for a bit. I had hosts already but for some stupid reasons my inbox got wiped and I cannot retrieve their contacts!

So now I am looking for a place to stay in Jerusalem for a couple of days. Anything would be appreciated really. Would be happy about any message or help ! :)



Gal Rosenberg , Jerusalem, ISR, 2 months ago

You do know it's the national memorial and indenpendence day, right? Kinda hectic to find a person who's gonna be home those days.
I currently don't have a place to host, but we can meet for a beer maybe.
Lemme know, G

Ronen Budnero , Beit Neqofa, ISR, 16 days ago

i might be able to have you for part of the time.. keep in touch with me, ill know more in a week or two..
i live outside of Jerusalem, 15 min by a car 20 by bus..