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Jonathan Roseland, Denver, USA, 2 months ago

What's up Sofia!

This Saturday I'm planning on having lunch or dinner at Manastirska Magernitsa

This is one of the best restaurants in Sofia for for genuine Bulgarian food. It is a little pricier but checkout the food, it looks amazing!

Anyone who would like to join leave a comment and drop me short message.


Nikolay Mum , Sofia, BGR, 2 months ago

Sat will have couchsurfers and will offer the place. I know it its almost next to me.
will keep you posted

Ivaylo Grozdev , Sofia, BGR, 2 months ago

There are way much better places if you want to try some local food. Both nicer and cheaper.

Jonathan Roseland , Denver, USA, 2 months ago

Well you guys are the experts here of course... I just want to try genuine Bulgarian food, someone recommended Manastirska Magernitsa .

You are saying that Liubimoto is a better option?

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Tomislava Kopić, Zagreb, HRV, 2 months ago

Hi everyone!

A few of my friends and I plan on visiting Sofia, so I wondered if any of you could recommend us some places worth of visiting, possibly something related to Roman and Latin culture ( if not in Sofia, other suggestions anywhere in Bulgaria are welcome)

Thank you! :D

Ivaylo Ivanov , Sofia, BGR, 2 months ago

You can start from here:

Then, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Varna ... and many more.

Ivaylo Grozdev , Sofia, BGR, 2 months ago

there is a free tour here, it will take you trough some roman sights also

Tomislava Kopić , Zagreb, HRV, 2 months ago

Thank you so much guys!

Is there a website on which I could get some some informations about that free tour?

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Joao Pinto, Lisboa, PRT, 2 months ago

Hi there Sofia Couchsurfers,
Next July i will proudly visit your country for the first time ever. Usually i like to visit at least one good museum in order to get in touch with national culture and heritage. Any recommendation? :)

Ivan Lazarov , Sofia, BGR, about 2 months ago

Hi Joao! Welcome to Bulgaria! I, as a permanent resident of Lisboa, would like to present you my home town. How long are you staying?

Rayna Stoykova , Sofia, BGR, 2 months ago

Hi there! You should definitely visit the National History Museum
and I'd also recommend Boyana church which actually proves that renaissance in Europe started here in Bularia :-)
Enjoy :-)!

Rada Hipareva , Sofia, BGR, 2 months ago

And here are my recommendations:
1. Sofia History Museum - which will show you the cultural and historical development of our capital
Ticket: 6 BGN
Open doors day: Every Thursday
2. National Museum of Natural history - where you can check out the collective work of many Bulgarian expeditions.
Ticket: 4 BGN
3. SQUARE 500 - I was a bit skeptic for the so called "Bulgarian Louvre" until I went there and found out how wrong I was.
Ticket: 10 BGN
Open doors day: Every second Thursday of the month

Thyrza Coenraad, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, about 2 months ago

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Tonislav Enchev , Sofia, BGR, about 2 months ago

if you want to hike all the way, take the tram n.5 from Sofia centre to Knyajevo and go through the Zlatnite Mostove ( Golden bridges ) and then back trough zhk. Dragalevtsi. Mind you that this will take you all day so start early. Unforrtunatelly, i will be at work so can`t join you. Have a nice trip.

Golden Bridges

Miguel Pacheco , Sofia, BGR, about 2 months ago

I would like to go! Been postponing for 3 months! At what time are you planning to leave?

Boris Krumov , Sofia, BGR, about 1 month ago

In case you are still planning it, the most picturesque alternative is from East, starting from Jeleznica, Железница - buses №№ 69 or 98 get you there at the foothill, and from then on is a bit of a steep climb through a marvelous valley with the best views. Nothing compared to the climb from West or Central parts.

Makar Tereshin, Санкт-Петербург, RUS, 2 months ago

Hi everyone!
My name is Makar and I'm anthropologist/photographer. Actually my speciality is Northen Caucasus, but sometimes I'm doing photography. Here in Saint Petersbrug I've stayed in Roma community shooting their daily live.
And know I have question about Roma.

I've found great scientific article abour Ursari. I think in Bulgarian they're called мечкари. I've asked my friends did the see them?
They said yes. But it was long time ago. I've read that there was big Ursari communities in next villages: Parvomay, Razgrad, Yagoda.
I think that during the Summer they should travel around. As it was in article and as my friends told me.

So my idea that maybe it's possible to found them on fairs(it was mentioned by my friends from Gabrovo)? Also I've read that they also come to some local holidays, maybe you have some holiday during the beginnig of August?

And I'll be badass and ask about host.

If someone want to host me and my wife (she's cartoon maker, I can share the link if needed) starting from 1 of August for couple of days (like 2-3)we will be happy. Or if someone want to meet up we're also open for it)

Best regards from Saint Petersburg!

Makar Tereshin , Санкт-Петербург, RUS, 2 months ago

Here is my facebook, if needed

Tzvetelina Kamenova , Sofia, BGR, about 1 month ago

Hi Makar,

This practice is forbidden in Bulgaria. Currently all the bears are in a sanctuary.

Best regards,