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Yevgen Zemlyanyy, Wilnis, NLD, about 2 months ago

Hi all! I will have business trip to Cairo in 4-14 April so few weekends will be free and I would like to discover Cairo, but a lot of people told me that this can be dangerous for foreigner. What would you advice to visit and is it safety? Can I use publict transport?

Passainte Assem , Cairo, EGY, about 2 months ago

Hey Yevgen,
First welcome to Egypt, and Cairo :D

Of course it's safe to walk around Cairo, don't listen to the media, they are exaggerating, and even making up stories.
Just try to avoid any tourist scams specially at touristic areas

If you will be in Cairo:
The best places to enjoy a walk are Zamalek, Maadi, and Heliopolis, they are classy, and very enjoyable to walk, and discover.
I would also recommend you to go to Al-Hussayn area -Islamic Cairo- to visit Al-Azhar Mosque -that open to the public just be dressed in long pants and t-shirts, shorts are not allowed- there you will find historical houses, and Islamic Art. You shouldn't miss the Tanoura Show -Sufi dancing- at Wekalet El-Ghoury that is on Sat, Mon, and Wed.
Old Cairo is also beautiful, this is where the Hanging Church is, Ben Ezra Synagogue, Salah El-Din Mosque, and the old cemeteries, this area is known as the "Religion Complex".
Saint Sam'aan church is also worth checking out, and the Cairo Citadel...the list is endless!
If you go to the pyramids i recommend you to go with a local, not that it's dangerous, but things can get slightly annoying because of sellers

For day trips, or weekend short trips you can always go to:
- El-Sokhna accessible by bus:
- El Fayoum: where you will have to arrange going with an agency (some info:
- Alexandria that is accessible by a two hours train, where you can take a dip in the sea, enjoy the best seafood, a walk by the corniche, along with lots of sightseeing

If you can go longer than a weekend, I would recommend a visit to Sinai, if you want something that's not very touristic camp in Dahab, Nuweibaa, or Marsa Alam. I would also recommend a trip to Aswan -could be a nile cruise or you could stay at one of the amazing hotels in Nubia.

On these lists you'll find lots of things to do and enjoy!

Hope this helps, buzz me if you need some more help!

Sarah Ali , Cairo, EGY, about 2 months ago

Hhhhhh of Course it is safety
u can visit
Pyramids of Giza
Temples of Abu Simbel
Hurghada, Red Sea
Sharm el-Sheikh
Egyptian Museum
Aswan & Philae Temple

Moustafa Al-Etreby , Cairo, EGY, about 2 months ago

if you will just stay in Cairo, you can visit the Egyptian meuseum, Cairo tower, coptic cairo & islamic cairo and khan el khalili.
you can walk in the downtown area, korba heliopolis, maadi, zamalek... its not that much bad as media exaggerate, its safe enough.
about public transportation it depends on your abilities :)

Amr El-din , Cairo, EGY, 18 days ago

1st of all I hope you enjoying your days here in Egypt. for visiting the pyramids you have the cheap option but it is not safe to go on your own without discussing details. I would recommend going with the paid tour.

Abdelmonem Abdelhameed , , EGY, 16 days ago

DONT EVER FOREVER TRY TO GO TO THE PYRAMIDS ALONE, try to find cs friends or anyone that could go with you for several reasons.

Leonie Gomell , , , 14 days ago

Thanks to all!

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Ray Mörgan, Vancouver, CAN, about 2 months ago

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Adam Azman , Cairo, EGY, about 1 month ago

Alternative way: you can request Uber or Careem( other version of Uber for Middle East) to go there.

Moody ( Mahmoud Sayed) , Cairo, EGY, about 2 months ago

If you mean by public transportation, take the metro to giza station then take a microbus to the pyramids

Ahmed Hamdy , , EGY, about 1 month ago

The best and safest way is Taxi to ensure you don't lose the way to there. Taxi should cost 50-60 egp no more.

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Bruce Garcia, Toshima, JPN, about 2 months ago

Hi CSers! I looking for some book called sidur birkat shlomo and for a shofar. Somebody knows where to find it in Cairo?
I wanna find it for my Jewish cousin who is living in Peru.
Any help will be thankful !!

Bahy Rafla , Cairo, EGY, 23 days ago

In old cairo and many places ... Contact me of you need a future help.

Mina Saba , Cairo, EGY, about 2 months ago

I don't think you can find that in Cairo, the jewish community in Cairo is fairly small.

soha Mounir , Cairo, EGY, about 2 months ago

Im not sure. But u can ask in the morning at the synagogue in downtown. I don't know exactly wher but im sure its esay to find it.

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Weidi Chen, Shanghai, CHN, 18 days ago

Hey dear CSers, I am from China and I'm coming to Egypt for a trip in October. My travel route is Israel - Jordan - Egypt - Israel. Is there a common way to go to Israel from Egypt? by train or ship? Appreciate a lot if anyone would let me know? if not, I`ll need to re-plan my route...Thanks in advance!

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Karam Sharković , Cairo, EGY, 14 days ago

yes it's daily bus from Taba to Eilat .. ticket price is about 30 Euro

Mahmoud Zidan , , EGY, 16 days ago

I'm not sure if there is a bus that goes to Israel right now, specially with the tension in Sinai, but if there isn't a direct bus to Israel I guess you might search for a bus to a border city in Egypt named "Taba" and then you may through the borders to Israel using the official Taba passageway . I don't know about sea travel. I'd recommend flying which is the safest way. I hope other experienced surfers help you, and wish you safe trip :) .


Ahmed Adel , , EGY, 16 days ago

No dude .. i guess these is No direct Bus or train or even Ship from Egypt to Israiel !
and the road from taba to israel is not granted also ! we Egyptian don't know much information about that ! but taba is a very beautiful city , you should visit and take the chance to go to israel from there ! )