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There are 22 questions in Thessaloniki, Greece

Annika Antwi, Hamburg, DEU, 2 months ago

Hi everybody,
my husband and I are coming to Thessaloniki in the end of May and we are currently trying to find out where it would be best to spend our week. We mainly look for a place that is good to reach by public transport from the airport (SKG), that has a nice beach and nature but still has some nice restaurants to offer. It can be a small village or a bigger city. We mainly look for some nice days to rest in the sun, at the beach, with nice food, a good wine,... Any suggestions?
Many thanks, Annika

Lina Lesgidou , Thessaloniki, GRC, 2 months ago

Chalkidiki is the nearest place with nice beaches. you can go easily by public transport. You can go to sani resort its in chalkidiki and there are many nice restaurants there but they are a little expensive. otherwise in hanioti or kalithea there are many restaurants, bars and nice beaches too. But all these places are near to each other so if you can just find a place in chalkidiki you can go to all of them.

Let's Go ! , Thessaloniki, GRC, 2 months ago


Annika Antwi , Hamburg, DEU, 2 months ago

Thank you Julien and Lina!

Daniele Zimbone, Bolzano, ITA, 2 months ago

Hey dear CSurfers,

do you have any advice on things that I should do/visit in Thessaloniki and I can't absolutely forget before leaving (places, restaurants, clubs, etc. etc)?
Your help would be very welcome and really appreciated.

Chara , Thessaloniki, GRC, 2 months ago

I will make some recommendations but it really depends on our preferences, what your budget is etc. You can let us know what you are interested in in terms of food, bars, museums.

You can try this place It's basically a neoclassic villa turned into a cade. It is beautiful whether you sit inside or outisde.

For restaurants:

1) you can try very good quality greek gyros at Γιοκ Μπαλικ which is pretty cheap and situated in the city center. Apart from Gyros, also offer a selection of meals which are nice but I suggest you go for the gyros. :)

2) To Falafel: Very close to Giok Balik, you'll find ''To Falafel'' which as the name suggests is a Falafel place, vegan option, pretty cheap and very good.

3) Also around this area there is the restaurant ''Myrsini'' which has a wide selection of cretan dishes. I highly recommend it. The staff there is really nice and polite. (

4) If you are interested, you could try Goody's Burger House for fun. It doesn't really differ from your regular fast food restaurant but it is basically the greek equivalent of McDonalds so it could be fun to try out.

5) Fo something more high end but still not extremely expensive (you can get a menu for 15) there is Αγιολι, a wonderful restaurant situated on Leoforos Nikis. Try the second floor, especially on the balcony where you get a very good view of the sea! Right next to it you have ''Το Ουζερι το Αγιολι'' which is still a restaurant but focusing on fish, fish meze and the accompanying drinks (ouzo, tsipouro). I highly recommend both of them.


The following two links have their menus in English:

6) Finally, El Burito, a mexican restaurant/cocktail bar. (
The restaurant is a bit on the pricier side but it's pretty good. The cocktails are awesome so I'd definitely recommend this for the evening.

Evangelia Vagge M , Thessaloniki, GRC, 2 months ago

General info:
This is a great map ( ) ,made from locals and says all the things you need from the city .you should print it out!! :P Also if you need to go around the city for tour there is a cheap bus only 2€ the ticket is 50 minutes and goes around the most important monuments .The tour is supported by a telematics based audio-visual material in English.

For the perfect taste journey:

If you want to try modern Greek cuisine you should visit Paparoura Restaurant &Wine bar in Ladadika.They have friendly staff. They always serve you in a little glass the soup of the day and at the end they always give you desert.Main dishes cost 7-10€

My advise ,if you want to try something in burger is don't go to Goodys Burger house and spend your money there .For a good burger with a greek spin you should go to Pax Burgers in Kalapothaki street.They have the best homemade onion rings and also have vegan menu items.They are a burger chain from NY but the owner is Greek so he extended the franchise to Greece. Burgers are around 5-6€.

now the classics:
Mpougacha :is a Greek typical breakfast especially after a night out .Its can be savory with cheese or meet or it can be sweet with cream. One famous place is "Μπουγατσα Γιαννης" in Mitropoleos 106 street.

Panorama Triangle: no its not a love triangle.Its a cone syrup drizzled pastry freshly filled with pastry cream. The most famous place to try them and one of the oldest (since 1960) is at "Elenidis" at Dimitriou Gounari 13 street.

Freddo Espresso/Frappe:since i see you are from Italy i believe you have a love for coffee . Greeks are also infamous for their coffee love and the different variations of it . During summer is mandatory to drink Freddo espresso /freddo cappuccino for Greeks .Its is actually 2 servings of espresso shaken and served on ice ,very refreshing! But if you don't feel like trying espresso there is always frappe which is Nescafe firmly shaken.You can try this coffees at any place really that serves coffee like Todaylicious or Coffee Island. Price around 1-1,50€

I wish you a wonderful time !!!
feel free to contact me for anything :)

Daniele Zimbone , Bolzano, ITA, 2 months ago

Thank You Alex!

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McBangalore, Karlsruhe, DEU, 2 months ago

Hey, does any one want to recommend be some non touristic secret spots around thessalonikki, mountains, beaches nature or any underground bars, clubs, city spots in the city?

Are there any clubs with psy music, drum and base, breaks, dub or anything like that?

You're also welcome to join me or my friend during our stay.

Thanks a lot already!

Konstantinos Deinopoulos , Thessaloniki, GRC, 2 months ago

Hi McBangalore,

I would like to meet up and show you around the city.
I have done this with some other couchsurfers and i think it will be a great time.

My plan is to show you the city from it's every ankle, since Thessaloniki is a city which have been under the control of several different cultures and it has been at times poor, wealthy, strong or weak I try to cover every ounce of it's ''identity''.

What do you think about that...???
I hope we meet up, if we don't I wish you have a great time in our city.

Best regards,
Konstantinos Deinopoulos

Euripidis Kapa , Thessaloniki, GRC, 2 months ago

hey McBangalore

for the nature part of your question google the following:
platanakia panorama
chortiatis hiking
retziki climbing area

for the buses routes go to it also has an English version.

if you have any other questions feel free to ask.


Kon Filippopoulos , Thessaloníki, GRC, 2 months ago

Don't miss the after hours Berlin bar

Ravjit Singh, Munich, DEU, 2 months ago

Hey surfers,
I have to attend a greek wedding on Saturday, 20th August near Thessaloniki. I am planning to be there on 13th/14th August.
Assuming that 2 or 3 nights would be would be enough to see Thessaloniki, I would like to know what are the things that I can do near by for the remaining 3-4 days.
Like a day trip or 2 day trip to some island/beach nearby which is nice. Doesn't has to be touristic or may be some place with sports like Kayaking etc, or good photographic places or ancient buildings.

Thanasis Raki , Thessaloniki, GRC, 2 months ago

Thessaloniki is full of museums and generally because it was a multicultular city in the past ,so if you're interested in that stuff you'll find lots.
However,at that time you are coming Thessaloniki will be half empty because everyone takes a work permit and goes somewhere for vacation.
Anyway,for day trips,if you don't really wanna go far away and stuff and not use ferrys,try Halkidiki. It's very beautiful,especially the second leg of Halkidiki has some really beautiful places( google kavourotripes) and generally lots of those. :)
Halkidiki is like 2 hours from Thessaloniki max
I dont know wehre you can kayak,but i know that people kitesurf and windsurf on aggeloxori which is 20 minutes from THessaloniki. Ancient buildings you'll find far too many in Thessaloniki i think. cheers

Ravjit Singh , Munich, DEU, 2 months ago

Thanks Thanasis, really appreciate the information.
I don't mind going somewhere for couple of days also if it's bit far from Thessaloniki and I can take ferry also if it takes me to some really nice island.
Thanks again!

Chara , Thessaloniki, GRC, 2 months ago

I agree with Thanasis. You don't really have islands that close to Thessaloniki. Chalkidiki is a pretty good choice cause it is like an island in the sense that there are many beaches, the kind of nightlife you'd encounter on islands etc. but it is not an island. And it's close.

You could also try Katerini as i've heard there are some nice beaches over there as well and you could also hike on Mount Olympus. Well, not go to the top but even a bit could be nice and you'd probably be able to take nice pictures. For islands you'd either need to go as far as Thassos or Skiathos on the other side, but none would be considered close.

You can really profit from a visit to Thessaloniki, even though it is true that you won't have the full experience in August. It is populated by loads of university students so it is very vibrant, especially at night but not during summertime when everybody goes back home.

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firat Ilim, , TUR, 23 days ago

  • seafood
  • live music
  • bar
  • taverna

firat Ilim , , TUR, 23 days ago


I will be in Thessoloniki on the next Monday, so September 12th. I need some advices on Tavernas, so listen to local Greek music, drink Ouzo and eat some seafoods. I am also open for last time meetings.